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(Textus Receptus, Novum Testamentum, Theodore Beza, 4th folio edition. Geneva. 1598)

  • Acts 1:20 For it is written in the book of Psalms, Let his habitation be desolate, and let no man dwell therein: and his bishoprick let another take.

(King James Version, Pure Cambridge Edition 1900)

  • Acts 1:20 “Because, it is written in the Book of Psalms: ‘Let his dwelling place be desolate, and let no one live in it’; and, ‘Let another take his position.’

(King James Version 2016 Edition, 2016)





In The Translators Revived by Alexander McClure he shows bias against the King James Version by saying:

"...considering the control exercised by this towering prelate, and the fact that the great majority of the Translators were of his way of thinking, it is quite surprising that the work is not deeply tinged with their sentiments. On the whole, it is certainly very far from being a sectarian version, like nearly all which have since been attemped in English. It is said that Bancroft altered fourteen places, so as to make them speak in phrase to suit him...Two of those alleged alterations are quite preposterous. To have the glorious word "bishopric" occur at least once in the volume, the office is conferred, in the first chapter of Acts, on Judas Iscariot! 'His bishopric let another take.'"

But upon close examination, we see that former English versions used the word, and only the Geneva Bible of 1557 had changed the word.


Textus Receptus

See Also Acts 1:20 Complutensian Polyglot 1514

Desiderius Erasmus


Stephanus (Robert Estienne)

Theodore Beza

See Also Acts 1:20 Beza 1598 (Beza)

  • 1604 (Beza Octavo 5th)




  • 1894 (? ????? ???T???)

Other Greek

  • 1857 (Tregelles' Greek New Testament)
  • (Tischendorf 8th Ed.)
  • 1881 (Westcott & Hort)
  • (Greek orthodox Church)

Anglo Saxon Translations

  • 1000 (Anglo-Saxon Gospels Manuscript 140, Corpus Christi College by Aelfric)
  • 1200 (Anglo-Saxon Gospels Hatton Manuscript 38, Bodleian Library by unknown author)

English Scriptures

Wiclif 1380 and it is writun in the book of salmes, the abitacioun of hem be made desert: and be there noon that dwelle in it, and another take his bischopriche,

Tyndale 1534 It is written in the boke of Psalmes: His habitacion be voyde, and no man be dwellinge therin: and his bisshoprychke let another take.

Cranmer 1539 For it is wrytten in the boke of Psalmes: hys habitacyon be voyde, and no man be dwellinge therin: and his Bisshoprycke let another take.

King James 1611 For it is written in the booke of Psalmes, Let his habitation be desolate, and let no man dwell therein: And his Bishopricke let another take.

Geneva 1557 For it is written in the boke of Psalmes, Let his habitation be voyde, and no man dwel therin: And let another take his charge.

English Translations

  • 1535 (Coverdale Bible)
  • 1745 (Mr. Whiston's Primitive New Testament)
  • 1770 (Worsley Version by John Worsley)
  • 1790 (Wesley Version by John Wesley)
  • 1795 (A Translation of the New Testament from the Original Greek by Thomas Haweis)
  • 1835 (Living Oracles by Alexander Campbell)
  • 1851 (Murdock Translation)
  • 1865 (The New Testament of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ 1865 by American Bible Union)
  • 1869 (Noyes Translation by George Noyes)
  • 1885 (Revised Version also called English Revised Version - Charles Ellicott editor)
  • 1902 (The Emphasised Bible Rotherham Version)
  • 1902 (Translation of the New Testament from the Original Greek by William Godbey)
  • 1904 (Twentieth Century New Testament by Ernest Malan and Mary Higgs)
  • 1911 (Syrus Scofield)
  • 1912 (Weymouth New Testament)
  • 1918 (The New Testament Translated from the Sinaitic Manuscript by Henry Anderson)
  • 1923 (Edgar Goodspeed)

Foreign Language Versions


  • ‎لانه مكتوب في سفر المزامير لتصر داره خرابا ولا يكن فيها ساكن وليأخذ وظيفته آخر‎. (Arabic Smith & Van Dyke)


  • (Aramaic Peshitta)


  • Ecen scribatua da Psalmuen liburuän, Eguin bedi haren habitationea desert, eta eztén han habita dadinic. Eta, Haren administrationea har deçan berce batec.


  • 1940 (Bulgarian Bible)


  • 1 因 为 诗 篇 上 写 着 , 说 : 愿 他 的 住 处 变 为 荒 场 , 无 人 在 内 居 住 ; 又 说 : 愿 别 人 得 他 的 职 分 。 (Chinese Union Version (Simplified))
  • 1 因 為 詩 篇 上 寫 著 , 說 : 願 他 的 住 處 變 為 荒 場 , 無 人 在 內 居 住 ; 又 說 : 願 別 人 得 他 的 職 分 。 (Chinese Union Version (Traditional))


  • car il est ecrit dans le livre des Psaumes: Que sa demeure soit deserte, et qu'il n'y ait personne qui y habite, et Qu'un autre prenne sa charge de surveillant. (French Darby)
  • 1744 Car il est écrit au Livre des Psaumes : que sa demeure soit déserte, et qu'il n'y ait personne qui y habite. Et, qu'un autre prenne son emploi. (Martin 1744)
  • 1744 (Ostervald 1744)


  • 1545 (Luther 1545)
  • 1871 (Elberfelder 1871)
  • 1912 Denn es steht geschrieben im Psalmbuch: "Seine Behausung müsse wüst werden, und sei niemand, der darin wohne", und: "Sein Bistum empfange ein anderer." (Luther 1912)


  • 1649 Perciocchè egli è scritto nel libro de’ Salmi: Divenga la sua stanza deserta, e non vi sia chi abiti in essa; e: Un altro prenda il suo ufficio. (Giovanni Diodati Bible 1649)
  • 1927 Poiché è scritto nel libro dei Salmi: Divenga la sua dimora deserta, e non vi sia chi abiti in essa; e: L’ufficio suo lo prenda un altro. (Riveduta Bible 1927)



  • scriptum est enim in libro Psalmorum fiat commoratio eius deserta et non sit qui inhabitet in ea et episcopatum eius accipiat alius Latin Vulgate
  • 1527 (Erasmus 1527)
  • 1527 (Erasmus Vulgate 1527)


  • 1996 (Pidgin King Jems)


  • 2010 (Biblia Traducerea Fidela în limba româna)


  • 1876 В книге же Псалмов написано: да будет двор его пуст, и да не будет живущего в нем; и: достоинство его да приимет другой. Russian Synodal Version



  • (RVG Spanish)


  • 1917 Så är ju skrivet i Psalmernas bok: 'Hans gård blive öde, och ingen må finnas, som bor däri'; och vidare: 'Hans ämbete tage en annan.' (Swedish - Svenska 1917)


  • 1905 Sapagka't nasusulat sa aklat ng Mga Awit, Bayaang mawalan nawa ng tao ang kaniyang tahanan, At huwag bayaang manahan doon ang sinoman; at, Bayaang kunin ng iba ang kaniyang katungkulan. (Ang Dating Biblia 1905)

Tok Pisin

  • 1996 (Tok Pisin King Jems)


  • 1934 Trong sách Thi Thiên cũng có chép rằng: Nguyền cho chỗ ở nó trở nên hoang loạn, Chớ có ai ở đó; lại rằng: Nguyền cho có một người khác nhận lấy chức nó. (VIET)

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