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sc Exodus 8:23 tomorrow: Or, by tomorrow





Joshua 1:6 unto this people shalt thou divide for an inheritance the land: Or, thou shalt cause this people to inherit the land, etc. Joshua 1:7 prosper: Or, do wisely Joshua 1:14 armed: Heb. marshalled by five Joshua 2:1 lodged: Heb. lay Joshua 2:9 faint: Heb. melt Joshua 2:11 remain: rose up Joshua 2:14 Our life for yours: Heb. instead of you to die Joshua 2:18 bring: Heb. gather Joshua 2:24 faint: Heb. melt Joshua 3:4 heretofore: Heb. since yesterday and the third day Joshua 4:6 in time to come: Heb. tomorrow Joshua 4:13 prepared: Or, ready armed Joshua 4:18 lift up: Heb. plucked up Joshua 4:18 flowed over: Heb. went Joshua 4:21 in time to come: Heb. tomorrow Joshua 4:24 forever: Heb. all days Joshua 5:2 sharp knives: Or, knives of flints Joshua 5:3 the hill of the foreskins: Or, Gibeahharaloth Joshua 5:8 when they had done circumcising all the people: Heb. when the people had made an end to be circumcised Joshua 5:9 Gilgal: i. rolling Joshua 5:14 captain: Or, Prince Joshua 6:1 was straightly shut up: Heb. did shut up, and was shut up Joshua 6:5 flat: Heb. under it Joshua 6:9 rereward: Heb. gathering host Joshua 6:10 make any noise with your voice: Heb. make your voice to be heard Joshua 6:17 accursed: Or, devoted Joshua 6:19 consecrated: Heb. holiness Joshua 6:20 flat: Heb. under it Joshua 6:23 kindred: Heb. families Joshua 7:3 about two or three thousand men: Heb. about 2000 men. Or, about 3000 men Joshua 7:5 going down: Or, in Morad Joshua 7:8 backs: Heb. necks Joshua 7:10 liest: Heb. fallest Joshua 7:15 folly: Or, wickedness Joshua 7:21 wedge: Heb. tongue Joshua 7:23 laid: Heb. powered Joshua 7:26 Achor: That is, trouble Joshua 8:6 drawn: Heb. pulled Joshua 8:12 of the city: Or, of Ai Joshua 8:13 their liers: Heb. their lying in wait Joshua 8:20 power: Heb. hand Joshua 8:35 were conversant: Heb. walked Joshua 9:2 accord: Heb. mouth Joshua 9:11 with you: Heb. in your hand Joshua 9:14 the men took of their victuals: Or, they received the men by reason of their victuals Joshua 9:23 none of you be freed: Heb. not be cut off from you Joshua 10:2 one of the royal cities: Heb. cities of the kingdom Joshua 10:12 stand: Heb. be silent Joshua 10:13 Iasher? Or, the upright? Joshua 10:19 smite the hindmost: Heb. cut off the tail Joshua 11:5 met together: Heb. assembled by appointment Joshua 11:8 great Zidon: Or, Zidonrabbah Joshua 11:8 Misrephothmaim: Or, salt pits. Heb. burning of waters Joshua 11:11 any left to breathe: Heb. any breath Joshua 11:13 in their strength: Heb. on their heap Joshua 11:15 left nothing undone: Heb. he removed nothing Joshua 11:17 the mount Halak: Or, the smooth mountain Joshua 12:3 the South: Or, Teman Joshua 12:3 Ashdothpisgah: Or, the springs of Pisgah, or the hill Joshua 12:18 Lasharon: Or, Saron Joshua 13:1 to be possesed: Heb. to possess it Joshua 13:4 Mearah: Or, the cave Joshua 13:17 Bamothbaal and Bethbaalmeon: Or, the high places of Baal, and house of Baalmeon Joshua 13:20 Ashdothpisgah: Or, springs of Pisgah, or the hill Joshua 13:22 soothsayer: Or, diviner Joshua 14:10 wandered: Heb. walked Joshua 15:2 bay: Heb. tongue Joshua 15:3 Maalehacrabbim: Or, the going up to Acrabbim Joshua 15:13 the city of Arba: Or, Kiriatharba Joshua 15:36 and: Or, or Joshua 15:46 near: Heb. by the place of Joshua 15:53 Janum: Or, Janus Joshua 16:1 fell: Heb. went forth Joshua 17:9 river Kanah: Or, brook of reeds Joshua 17:15 giants: Or, Rephaims Joshua 18:18 Arabah: Or, the plain Joshua 18:19 bay: Heb. tongue Joshua 19:13 Methoar: Or, which is drawn Joshua 19:29 Tyre: Heb. Tzor Joshua 19:46 before: Or, over against Joshua 19:46 Japho: Or, Joppa Joshua 20:7 appointed: Heb. sanctified Joshua 21:9 mentioned: Heb. called Joshua 21:11 the city of Arbah: Or, Kiriatharbah Joshua 22:14 chief house a prince: Heb. house of the father Joshua 22:24 in time to come: Heb. tomorrow Joshua 22:30 it pleased them: Heb. it was good in their eyes Joshua 22:31 now: Heb. Then Joshua 22:34 Ed: That is, a witness Joshua 23:1 stricken in age: Heb. come into days Joshua 23:4 Westward: Heb. at the sun set Joshua 23:8 But cleave unto the: Or, for if you will cleave, etc. Joshua 23:9 For the LORD hath driven out: Or, Then the LORD will drive Joshua 23:11 selves: Heb. souls Joshua 24:31 overlived Joshua: Heb. prolonged their days after Joshua Joshua 24:32 pieces of silver: Or, lambs Judges 1:7 their thumbs and their great toes: Heb. the thumbs of their hands and of their feet Judges 1:7 gathered: Or, gleaned Judges 1:9 valley: Or, low country Judges 1:19 drave out the inhabitants of the mountain: Or, he possessed the mountain Judges 1:35 prevailed: Heb. was heavy Judges 1:36 the going up to Akrabbim: Or, MaaleAkrabbim Judges 2:1 angel: Or, messenger Judges 2:5 Bochim: that is, Weepers Judges 2:7 outlived Joshua: Heb. prolonged days after Joshua Judges 2:16 delivered: Heb. saved Judges 2:19 corrupted themselves: Or, were corrupt Judges 2:19 they ceased not from their own: Heb. they let nothing fall of their Judges 2:23 left: Or, suffered Judges 3:8 Mesopotamia: Heb. Aramnaharaim Judges 3:9 deliverer: Heb. saviour Judges 3:10 came upon: Heb. was Judges 3:10 Mesopotamia: Heb. Aram Judges 3:15 a Beniamite: Or, the son of Jemini Judges 3:15 left handed: Heb. shut of his right hand Judges 3:19 quarries: Or, graven images Judges 3:20 a summer parlour: Heb. a parlour of cooling Judges 3:22 dirt came out: Or, it came out at the fundament Judges 3:24 covereth: Or, doeth his easement Judges 3:29 lusty: Heb. fat Judges 4:13 gathered together: Heb. gathered by cry or proclamation Judges 4:16 a man: Heb. unto one Judges 4:18 mantle: Or, rug, or blanket Judges 4:21 took: Heb. put Judges 4:24 prospered and prevailed: Heb. going, went and was hard Judges 5:5 melted: Heb. flowed Judges 5:6 travellers: Heb. walkers of paths Judges 5:6 byways: Heb. crooked ways Judges 5:10 Speak: Or, meditate Judges 5:11 righteous acts: Heb. righteousnesses of the Lord Judges 5:14 handle the pen: Heb. draw with the pen, etc. Judges 5:15 foot: Heb. his feet Judges 5:15 for the divisions: Or, in the divisions, etc. Judges 5:15 thougths: Heb. impressions Judges 5:16 for: Or, in Judges 5:17 shore: Or, port Judges 5:17 breaches: Or, creeks Judges 5:18 jeoparded: Heb. exposed to reproach Judges 5:20 courses: Heb. paths Judges 5:22 pransings: Or, tramplings, or plungings Judges 5:26 smote: Heb. hammered Judges 5:27 at her: Heb. between Judges 5:27 dead: Heb. destroyed Judges 5:29 answer: Heb. words Judges 5:30 to every man: Heb. to the head of a man Judges 5:30 for the necks of them that take the spoil: Heb. for the necks of the spoil Judges 6:2 prevailed: Heb. was strong Judges 6:4 sheep: Or, goat Judges 6:8 a prophet: Heb. a man, a prophet Judges 6:11 to hide it: Gr. to cause it to fly Judges 6:15 my family is poor: Heb. my thousand is the meanest Judges 6:18 present: Or, meat offering Judges 6:19 a kid: Heb. a kid of the goats Judges 6:24 Jehovahshalom: that is, The LORD send peace Judges 6:26 rock: Heb. strong place Judges 6:26 the ordered place: Or, in an orderly manner Judges 6:34 came upon: Heb. clothed Judges 6:34 was gathered after him: Heb. was called after him Judges 7:11 armed men: Or, ranks by five Judges 7:15 the interpretation thereof: Heb. the breaking thereof Judges 7:16 a trumpet in every mans hand: Heb. trumpets in the hand of all of them Judges 7:16 lamps: Or, firebrands or torches Judges 7:22 in: Or, towards Judges 7:22 border: Heb. tip Judges 8:1 Why hast thou served us thus: Heb. what thing is this, thou hast done unto us? Judges 8:1 sharply: Heb. strongly Judges 8:3 anger: Heb. spirit Judges 8:7 tear: Heb. thresh Judges 8:10 an hundred and twenty thousand men that drew sword: Or, an hundred and twenty thousand, every one drawing a sword Judges 8:12 discomfited: Heb. terrified Judges 8:14 described: Heb. writ Judges 8:16 taught: Heb. made to know Judges 8:18 resembled: Heb. according to the form, etc Judges 8:21 ornaments: Or, ornaments like the moon Judges 8:26 collars: Or, sweet jewels Judges 8:30 of his body: Heb. going out of his thigh Judges 8:31 called: Heb. set Judges 9:2 Whether it is better: Heb. What is good? whether, etc Judges 9:3 to follow: Heb. after Judges 9:6 by the plain of the pillar: Or, by the oak of the pillar. See Josh. 24.26 Judges 9:9 go to be promoted over the trees?: Or, go up and down for other trees Judges 9:14 Bramble: Or, thistle Judges 9:17 adventured his life: Heb. cast his life Judges 9:24 aided him in the killing: Heb. strengthened his hands to kill Judges 9:27 merry: Or, songs Judges 9:30 kindled: Or, hot Judges 9:31 privily: Heb. craftily or to Tormah Judges 9:33 as thou shalt find: Heb. as thine hand shall find Judges 9:37 middle: Heb. navel Judges 9:37 Meonenim: Or, the regarders of times Judges 9:48 me do: Heb. I have done Judges 10:1 defend: Or, deliver. Heb. save Judges 10:4 Havothjair: Or, the villages of Jair Judges 10:8 oppressed: Heb. crushed Judges 10:15 seemeth good unto thee: Heb. is good in thine eyes Judges 10:16 strange gods: Heb. gods of strangers Judges 10:16 was grieved: Heb. was shortened Judges 10:17 gathered together: Heb. cried together Judges 11:1 an harlot: Heb. a woman, an harlot Judges 11:3 from: Heb. from the face Judges 11:3 in process of time: Heb. after days Judges 11:10 be witness between us: Heb. be hearer between us Judges 11:31 whatsoever cometh forth: Heb. that which cometh forth shall come forth Judges 11:31 and I will offer it: Or, I will offer it, etc. Judges 11:33 plain: Or, Abel Judges 11:34 beside her he had neither son nor daughter: Or, he had not of his own either son or daughter. Heb. of himself Judges 11:37 go up and down: Heb. go, and go down Judges 11:39 custom: Or, ordinance Judges 11:40 yearly: Heb. from year to year Judges 11:40 to lament: Or, to talk with Judges 12:1 gathered: Heb. were called Judges 12:14 nephews: Heb. sons sons Judges 13:1 did evil…: Heb. added to commit, etc Judges 13:12 How shall we order the: Heb. What shall be the manner of the, etc Judges 13:12 How shall we do unto him?: Or, what shall he do? Judges 13:15 for thee: Heb. before thee Judges 13:18 secret: Or, wonderful Judges 14:3 she pleaseth me well: She is right in mine eyes Judges 14:5 against him: Heb. in meeting him Judges 14:12 sheets: Or, shirts Judges 14:15 to take that we have?: Heb. to possess us, or to impoverish us? Judges 14:17 the seven days: Or, the rest of the seven days, etc. Judges 14:19 spoil: Or, apparel Judges 15:2 take her: Heb. let her be thine Judges 15:3 Now shall I be more blameless than the Philistines, though: Or, now shall I be blameless from the Philistines, though, etc. Judges 15:4 firebrands: Or, torches Judges 15:11 went: Heb. went down Judges 15:14 loosed: Heb. were melted Judges 15:15 new: Heb. moist Judges 15:15 heaps upon heaps: Heb. an heap, two heaps Judges 15:17 Ramathlehi: that is, the lifting up of the jawbone, or, casting away of the jawbone Judges 15:19 the jaw: Or, Lehi Judges 15:19 Enhakkore: that is, the well of him that called or cried Judges 16:1 an harlot: Heb. a woman an harlot Judges 16:2 quiet: Heb. silent Judges 16:3 bar and all: Heb. with the bar Judges 16:4 of Sorek: Or, by the brook Judges 16:5 afflict: Or, humble Judges 16:7 green withs: Or, new cords: Heb. moist Judges 16:7 another: Heb. one Judges 16:9 toucheth: Heb. smelleth Judges 16:11 that never were occupied: Heb. wherewith work hath not been done Judges 16:16 vexed: Heb. shortened Judges 16:21 put out: Heb. bored out Judges 16:22 after he was shaven: Or, as when he was shaven Judges 16:24 which slew many of us: Heb. and who multiplied our slain Judges 16:25 them: Heb. before them Judges 16:29 on which it was borne up: Or, he leaned on them Judges 16:30 me: Heb. my soul Judges 17:5 consecrated: Heb. filled the hand Judges 17:8 as he journeyed: Heb. in making his way Judges 17:10 a suit of apparel: Or, a double suit, etc: Heb. an order of garments Judges 18:2 men: Heb. sons Judges 18:7 magistrate: Heb. possessOr, or heir of restraint Judges 18:11 appointed: Heb. girded Judges 18:15 saluted him: Heb. asked him of peace Judges 18:23 that thou comest with such a company?: Heb. that thou are gathered together? Judges 18:25 angry: Heb. bitter of soul Judges 19:1 a concubine: Heb. a woman a concubine, or a wife a concubine Judges 19:2 four whole months: Or, a year and four months Judges 19:3 friendly unto her: Heb. to her heart Judges 19:5 Comfort: Heb. strengthen Judges 19:8 until afternoon: Heb. till the day declined Judges 19:9 draweth: Heb. is weak Judges 19:9 the day groweth to an end: Heb. it is the pitching time of the day Judges 19:9 home: Heb. to thy tent Judges 19:10 over against Jebus: Heb. to over against Jebus Judges 19:18 receiveth: Heb. gathereth Judges 19:24 so vile a thing: Heb. the matter of this folly Judges 20:4 the Levite: Heb. the man the Levite Judges 20:5 forced: Heb. humbled Judges 20:11 knit together: Heb. fellows Judges 20:31 to smite of the people, and kill, as at other times: Heb. to smite of the people wounded as at, etc. Judges 20:31 the house of God: Or, Bethel Judges 20:37 drew themselves along: Or, made a long sound with the trumpet Judges 20:38 sign: Or, time Judges 20:38 and: Heb. with Judges 20:38 flame: Heb. elevation Judges 20:39 to smite and kill: Heb. to smite the wounded Judges 20:40 flame: Heb. the whole consumption Judges 20:41 was come upon them: Heb. touched them Judges 20:43 with ease…: Or, from Menuchah, etc. Judges 20:43 over against: Heb. unto over against Judges 20:48 came to hand: Heb. was found Judges 20:48 they came to: Heb. were found Judges 21:11 hath lain by man: Heb. knoweth the lying with man Judges 21:12 young virgins: Heb. young women virgins Judges 21:13 to speak: Heb. and spake and called Judges 21:13 call: Or, proclaim peace Judges 21:19 yearly: Heb. from year to year Judges 21:19 East side: Or, towards the sun rising Judges 21:19 of: Or, on Judges 21:22 Be favourable unto them: Or, gratify us in them Ruth 1:1 ruled: Heb. judged Ruth 1:2 continued: Heb. were Ruth 1:12 have a husband: Or, if I were with an husband Ruth 1:13 tarry: Heb. hope Ruth 1:13 it grieveth me: Heb. I have much bitterness Ruth 1:18 was steadfastly: Heb. strengthened herself Ruth 1:16 Intreat me not to leave thee: Or, Be not against me Ruth 1:20 Naomi: that is, pleasant Ruth 1:20 Mara: That is, bitter Ruth 2:3 hap: Heb. hap happened Ruth 2:3 Boaz: Called Mat. 1.5 Booz Ruth 2:13 let me find favor: Or, I find favor Ruth 2:13 friendly: Heb. to the heart Ruth 2:15 reproach her not: Heb. shame her not Ruth 2:20 one of our next kinsmen: Or, one that hath right to redeem Ruth 2:22 meet thee: Or, fall upon thee Ruth 3:4 uncover his feet: Or, lift up the clothes that are on his feet Ruth 3:8 turned: Or, took hold on Ruth 3:9 a near kinsman: Or, one that hath right to redeem Ruth 3:11 city: Heb. gate Ruth 3:15 vail: Or, sheet, or, apron Ruth 4:4 I thought to advertise thee: Heb. I said, I will reveal in thine ear Ruth 4:11 Do thou worthily: Or, get thee riches or power Ruth 4:11 be famous: Heb. proclaim thy name Ruth 4:14 left thee: Heb. caused to cease unto thee Ruth 4:14 kinsman: Or, redeemer Ruth 4:15 a nourisher: Heb. to nourish Ruth 4:15 thine old age: Heb. thy gray hairs Ruth 4:20 Salmon: Or, Salmah 1 Samuel 1:3 yearly: Heb. from year to year 1 Samuel 1:5 a worthy portion: Or, a double portion 1 Samuel 1:6 provoked her: Heb. angered her 1 Samuel 1:7 when she went up: Or, from the time that she, etc: Heb. from her going up 1 Samuel 1:7 in bitterness of soul: Heb. bitter of soul 1 Samuel 1:11 a man child: Heb. seed of men 1 Samuel 1:12 continued praying: Heb. multiplied to pray 1 Samuel 1:15 of a sorrowful spirit: Heb. hard of spirit 1 Samuel 1:16 complaint: Or, meditation 1 Samuel 1:20 time was come about: Heb. revelation of days 1 Samuel 1:20 Samuel: That is, asked of God 1 Samuel 1:28 lent him to the LORD: Or, returned him, whom I have obtained by petition to the LORD 1 Samuel 1:28 he shall be lent to the LORD: Or, he whom I have obtained by petiotion, shall be returned 1 Samuel 2:3 arrogancy: Heb. hard 1 Samuel 2:16 presently: Heb. as on the day 1 Samuel 2:20 loan which is lent: Or, petition which he asked, etc. 1 Samuel 2:22 assembled: Heb. assembled by troops 1 Samuel 2:23 I hear of your evil dealings: Or, I hear evil words of you 1 Samuel 2:24 transgress: Or, cry out 1 Samuel 2:32 an enemy in my habitation, in all the wealth which God shall give Israel: Or, the affliction of the tabernacle, for all the wealth which God would have given Israel 1 Samuel 2:32 in the flower of their age: Heb. men 1 Samuel 2:36 Put: Heb. join 1 Samuel 2:32 one of the priests offices: Or, Somewhat about the Priesthood 1 Samuel 3:7 Now Samuel did not yet know the LORD, neither was the word of the LORD yet revealed unto him: Or, thus did Samuel, before he knew the LORD; and before the word of the LORD was revealed unto him 1 Samuel 3:12 when I begin, I will also make an end: Heb. beginning and ending 1 Samuel 3:13 for I have told him: Or, and I will tell him, etc. 1 Samuel 3:13 vile: Or, accurse 1 Samuel 3:13 restrained them not: Heb. frowned not upon them 1 Samuel 3:17 more also: so add 1 Samuel 3:17 thing: Or, word 1 Samuel 3:18 every whit: Heb. all the things, or words 1 Samuel 3:20 established: Or, faithful 1 Samuel 4:1 came: Or, came to pass. Heb. was 1 Samuel 4:2 they joined battle: Heb. the battle was spread 1 Samuel 4:2 the army: Heb. the array 1 Samuel 4:3 fetch: Heb. take unto us 1 Samuel 4:7 heretofore: Heb. yesterday, or the third day 1 Samuel 4:9 quit yourselves like men: Heb. be men 1 Samuel 4:11 were slain: Heb. died 1 Samuel 4:15 were dim: Heb. stood 1 Samuel 4:16 is there done: Heb. is the thing 1 Samuel 4:19 to be delivered: Or, to cry out 1 Samuel 4:19 came: Heb. were turned 1 Samuel 4:20 neither did she regard it: Heb. set not her heart 1 Samuel 4:21 Ichabod: that is, where is the glory? Or, There is no glory 1 Samuel 4:21 The glory is departed: Or, there is no glory 1 Samuel 5:4 the stump: Or, the filthy part 1 Samuel 6:4 you all: Heb. them 1 Samuel 6:6 wonderfully: Or, reproachfully 1 Samuel 6:6 the people: Heb. them 1 Samuel 6:9 he: Or, it 1 Samuel 6:18 great stone: Or, great stone [possibly a mistake in the KJV notes? I verified with 1611 scan] 1 Samuel 7:8 Cease not to cry: Heb. Be not silent from us from crying 1 Samuel 7:9 heard: Or, answered 1 Samuel 7:12 Ebenezer: that is, The stone of help 1 Samuel 7:16 in circuit: Heb. and he circuited 1 Samuel 8:6 displeased Samuel: Heb. was evil in the eyes of Samuel 1 Samuel 8:9 hearken: Or, obey 1 Samuel 8:9 howbeit, yet protest solemnly unto them, and show them: Or, notwithstanding, when thou has solemnly protested against them, then thou shalt show, etc. 1 Samuel 8:15 officers: Heb. eunuchs 1 Samuel 9:1 a Benjamite: Or, the son of a man of Jemini 1 Samuel 9:1 power: Or, substance 1 Samuel 9:7 is spent in: Heb. is gone out of etc. 1 Samuel 9:7 have we?: Heb. is with us? 1 Samuel 9:8 Behold I have here at hand: Heb. there is found in my hand 1 Samuel 9:10 Well said: Heb. Thy word is good 1 Samuel 9:11 the hill to the city: Heb. in the ascent of the city 1 Samuel 9:12 sacrifice: Or, feast 1 Samuel 9:13 about this time: Heb. to day 1 Samuel 9:15 told Samuel in his ear: Heb. revealed the ear of Samuel 1 Samuel 9:17 reign over: Heb. restrain in 1 Samuel 9:20 three days ago: Heb. today three days 1 Samuel 9:21 so to me?: Heb. according to this word? 1 Samuel 9:24 left: Or, reserved 1 Samuel 9:27 a while: Heb. to day 1 Samuel 10:2 the care of: Heb. the business 1 Samuel 10:4 salute thee: Heb. ask thee of peace 1 Samuel 10:7 let it be when these signs are come unto thee: Heb. and it shall come to pass that when these signs etc. 1 Samuel 10:7 that thou do as occasion serve thee: Heb. do for thee as thine hand shall find 1 Samuel 10:9 back: Heb. shoulder 1 Samuel 10:9 gave: Heb. turned 1 Samuel 10:11 one to another: Heb. a man to his neighbor 1 Samuel 10:12 of the same place: Heb. from thence 1 Samuel 10:24 God save the King: Heb. let the king live 1 Samuel 10:27 he held his peace: Or, he was, as though he had been deaf 1 Samuel 11:3 Give us: Heb. forbear us 1 Samuel 11:7 with one consent: Heb. as one man 1 Samuel 11:9 help: Or, deliverance 1 Samuel 12:3 bribe: Heb. ransom 1 Samuel 12:3 to blind mine eyes: Or, that I should hide mine eyes at at him [typo. Verified in 1611 scan] 1 Samuel 12:6 advanced: Or, made 1 Samuel 12:7 righteous acts: Heb. righteousness, or, benefits 1 Samuel 12:7 to: Heb. with 1 Samuel 12:14 commandment: Heb. mouth 1 Samuel 12:14 continue: Heb. be after 1 Samuel 12:23 in ceasing: Heb. from ceasing 1 Samuel 12:24 how great things: Or, what a great thing etc. 1 Samuel 13:1 reigned one year: Heb. the son of one year in his reigning 1 Samuel 13:3 Geba: Or, the hill 1 Samuel 13:4 was had: Heb. did stink 1 Samuel 13:7 followed him trembling: Heb. trembled after him 1 Samuel 13:10 salute him: Heb. bless him 1 Samuel 13:12 made supplication: Heb. intreated the face 1 Samuel 13:15 present: Heb. found 1 Samuel 13:21 a file for the mattocks: Heb. a file with mouths 1 Samuel 13:21 to sharpen: Heb. to set 1 Samuel 13:23 garrison: Or, standing camp 1 Samuel 14:1 it came to pass: Or, there was a day 1 Samuel 14:5 forefront: Heb. tooth 1 Samuel 14:9 Tarry: Heb. be still 1 Samuel 14:14 an half acre of land: Or, half a furrow of an acre of land 1 Samuel 14:15 a very great trembling: Heb. a trembling of God 1 Samuel 14:19 noise: Or, tumult 1 Samuel 14:20 assembled themselves: Heb. were cried together 1 Samuel 14:28 faint: Or, weary 1 Samuel 14:33 transgressed: Or, dealt treacherously 1 Samuel 14:34 with him: Heb. in his hand 1 Samuel 14:35 the same was the first altar: Heb. that Altar he began to build unto the LORD 1 Samuel 14:38 chief: Heb. corners 1 Samuel 14:41 Give: Or, shew the innocent 1 Samuel 14:41 escaped: Heb. went forth 1 Samuel 14:48 gathered an host: Or, wrought mightily 1 Samuel 15:5 laid wait: Or, fought 1 Samuel 15:9 fatlings: Or, of the second sort 1 Samuel 15:18 they be consumed: Heb. they consume them 1 Samuel 15:23 witchcraft: Heb. divination 1 Samuel 15:29 Strength: Or, eternity, or, victory 1 Samuel 16:2 with thee: Heb. in thine hand 1 Samuel 16:4 coming: Heb. meeting 1 Samuel 16:7 outward appearance: Heb. eyes 1 Samuel 16:11 down: Heb. round 1 Samuel 16:12 of a beautiful countenance: fair of eyes 1 Samuel 16:14 troubled: Or, terrified 1 Samuel 16:18 matters: Or, speech 1 Samuel 17:1 Ephesdammim: Or, the coast of Dammim 1 Samuel 17:1 set the battle: Heb. ranged the battle 1 Samuel 17:5 armed: Heb. clothed 1 Samuel 17:6 target: Or, gorget 1 Samuel 17:18 cheeses: Heb. cheeses of milk 1 Samuel 17:18 captain of their thousand: Heb. captain of a thousand 1 Samuel 17:20 trench: Or, place of the carriage 1 Samuel 17:20 the fight: Or, battle ray, or place of fight 1 Samuel 17:22 his carriage: Heb. the vessels from upon him 1 Samuel 17:22 saluted his brethren: Heb. asked his brethren of peace 1 Samuel 17:24 from him: Heb. from his face 1 Samuel 17:30 manner: Heb. word 1 Samuel 17:31 sent for him: Heb. took him 1 Samuel 17:34 lamb: Or, kid 1 Samuel 17:38 armed…with his armour: Heb. clothed, etc. with his clothes 1 Samuel 17:40 brook: Or, valley 1 Samuel 17:40 bag: Heb. vessell 1 Samuel 17:46 deliver thee: Heb. shut thee up 1 Samuel 18:5 behaved: Or, prospered 1 Samuel 18:6 Philistine: Or, Philistines 1 Samuel 18:6 instruments of music: Heb. three stringed instruments 1 Samuel 18:8 displeased him: Heb. was evil in his eyes 1 Samuel 18:14 behaved: Or, prospered 1 Samuel 18:17 valiant: Heb. a son of valour 1 Samuel 18:20 pleased him: Heb. was right in his eyes 1 Samuel 18:24 on this manner spake: Heb. according to these words 1 Samuel 18:26 expired: Heb. fulfilled 1 Samuel 18:30 much set by: Heb. precious 1 Samuel 19:7 in time past: Heb. yesterday, third day 1 Samuel 19:8 him: Heb. his face 1 Samuel 19:24 lay down: Heb. fell 1 Samuel 20:2 shew it me: Heb. uncover mine ear 1 Samuel 20:4 Whatsoever thy soul: Or, say what is thy mind, and I will do, etc. 1 Samuel 20:4 desireth: Heb. speaketh, or thinketh 1 Samuel 20:6 sacrifice: Or, feast 1 Samuel 20:12 sounded: Heb. searched 1 Samuel 20:12 shew it thee: Heb. uncover thine ear 1 Samuel 20:16 made: Heb. cut 1 Samuel 20:17 because he loved him: Or, by his love towards him 1 Samuel 20:18 empty: Heb. missed 1 Samuel 20:19 quickly: Or, diligently: Heb. greatly 1 Samuel 20:19 when the business was in hand: Heb. in the day of the business 1 Samuel 20:19 Ezel: Or, that showeth the way 1 Samuel 20:21 no hurt: Heb. not any thing 1 Samuel 20:30 Thou son of the perverse rebellious woman: Or, thou perverse rebell. Heb. son of perverse rebellion 1 Samuel 20:31 shall surely die: Heb. is the son of death 1 Samuel 20:36 beyond him: Heb. to pass over him 1 Samuel 20:40 artillery: Heb. instruments 1 Samuel 20:40 his lad: Heb. that was his 1 Samuel 20:42 forasmuch as we have sworn both of us in the Name of the LORD: Or, The LORD be witness of that which, etc. 1 Samuel 21:3 present: Heb. found 1 Samuel 21:5 yea, though it were sanctified this day in the vessel: Or, especially when this day there is other sanctified in the vessel 1 Samuel 21:13 scrabbled: Or, made marks 1 Samuel 21:14 is mad: Or, playeth the mad man 1 Samuel 22:2 was in debt: Heb. had a creditor 1 Samuel 22:2 disconnected: Heb. bitter of soul 1 Samuel 22:6 tree in Ramah: Or, grove in a high place 1 Samuel 22:8 sheweth me: Heb. uncovereth mine ear 1 Samuel 22:12 Here I am: Heb. behold me 1 Samuel 22:15 less or more: Heb. little or great 1 Samuel 22:17 footmen: Or, guard: Heb. the runners 1 Samuel 23:12 deliver me: Heb. shut up 1 Samuel 23:19 on the South: Heb. on the right hand 1 Samuel 23:19 Jeshimon?: Or, the wilderness? 1 Samuel 23:22 haunt is: Heb. foot shall be 1 Samuel 23:27 invaded: Heb. spread themselves upon, etc 1 Samuel 23:28 Selahammahlekoth: That is, the rock of divisions 1 Samuel 24:1 following: Heb. after 1 Samuel 24:4 Sauls robe: Heb. the robe, which was Sauls 1 Samuel 24:7 stayed: Heb. cut off 1 Samuel 24:15 deliver: Heb. judge 1 Samuel 24:18 delivered: Heb. shut up 1 Samuel 25:2 possessions: Or, business 1 Samuel 25:5 greet him in thy name: Heb. ask him in my name of peace 1 Samuel 25:7 hurt: Heb. shamed 1 Samuel 25:9 ceased: Heb. rested 1 Samuel 25:11 flesh: Heb. slaughter 1 Samuel 25:14 he railed on them: Heb. flew upon them 1 Samuel 25:15 hurt: Heb. shamed 1 Samuel 25:18 clusters: Or, lumps 1 Samuel 25:24 audience: Heb. ears 1 Samuel 25:25 regard: Heb. lay it to his heart 1 Samuel 25:26 avenging thy self: Heb. saving thyself 1 Samuel 25:27 blessing: Or, present 1 Samuel 25:27 follow: Heb. walk at the feet of etc. 1 Samuel 25:29 as out of the middle of a sling: Heb. in the midst of the bought of a sling 1 Samuel 25:31 no grief: Heb. no staggering, or, stumbling 1 Samuel 25:42 after her: Heb. at her feet 1 Samuel 26:5 trench: Or, midst of his carriages 1 Samuel 26:8 delivered: Heb. shut up 1 Samuel 26:16 worthy to die: Heb. the sons of death 1 Samuel 26:19 accept: Heb. smell 1 Samuel 26:19 abiding: cleaving 1 Samuel 27:1 perish: Heb. be consumed 1 Samuel 27:7 the time: Heb. the number of days 1 Samuel 27:7 a full year: Heb. a year of days 1 Samuel 27:8 Gezrites: Or, Gerzites 1 Samuel 27:10 Whither have ye made a road today: Or, did you not make a road, etc. 1 Samuel 27:12 utterly to abhor: Heb. to stink 1 Samuel 28:14 what for is he of?: Heb. what is his form? 1 Samuel 28:15 by prophets: Heb. by the hand of Prophets 1 Samuel 28:17 to him: Or, for himself 1 Samuel 28:17 me: Heb. mine hand 1 Samuel 28:20 fell straightway all along on the earth: Heb. made haste and fell with the fullness of his stature 1 Samuel 29:6 the lords favor thee not: Heb. thou art not good in the eyes of the lords 1 Samuel 29:7 displease not the lords: Heb. do not evil in the eyes of the lords 1 Samuel 29:7 with thee: Heb. before thee 1 Samuel 30:6 grieved: Heb. bitter 1 Samuel 30:17 the next day: Heb. their morrow 1 Samuel 30:21 saluted them: Or, asked them how they did 1 Samuel 30:22 those: Heb. men 1 Samuel 30:25 forward: Heb. and forward 1 Samuel 30:26 Present: Heb. blessing 1 Samuel 31:1 slain: Or, wounded 1 Samuel 31:3 and the archers: Heb. shooters, men with bows 1 Samuel 31:3 hit him: Heb. found him 1 Samuel 31:4 abuse me: Or, mock me 1 Samuel 31:11 of that which: Or, concerning him 2 Samuel 1:4 How went: Heb. What was, etc. 2 Samuel 1:7 Here am I: Heb. Behold me 2 Samuel 1:9 anguish is come upon me: Or, my coat of male (Or, my embroidered coat) hindereth me, that my, etc. 2 Samuel 1:18 Jasher: Or, of the upright 2 Samuel 1:23 pleasant: Or, sweet 2 Samuel 2:7 be ye valiant: Heb. be ye the sons of valor 2 Samuel 2:8 Sauls host: Heb. the host which was Sauls 2 Samuel 2:11 time: Heb. number of days 2 Samuel 2:13 together: Heb. them together 2 Samuel 2:16 Helkathhazzurim: that is, The field of strong men 2 Samuel 2:18 of foot: Heb. of his feet 2 Samuel 2:18 as a wild Roe: Heb. as one of the Roes that is in the field 2 Samuel 2:19 following Abner: Heb. from after Abner 2 Samuel 2:21 armour: Or, spoil 2 Samuel 2:27 in the morning: Heb. from the morning 2 Samuel 2:27 gone up: Or, gone away 2 Samuel 3:13 that is: Heb. saying 2 Samuel 3:16 along weeping: Heb. going, and weeping 2 Samuel 3:17 in times past: Heb. both yesterday, and the third day 2 Samuel 3:27 quietly: Or, peaceably 2 Samuel 3:28 blood: Heb. bloods 2 Samuel 3:29 fail: Heb. be cut off 2 Samuel 3:31 bier: Heb. bed 2 Samuel 3:34 wicked men: Heb. children of iniquity 2 Samuel 3:36 pleased them: Heb. was good in their eyes 2 Samuel 3:39 weak: Heb. tender 2 Samuel 4:2 other: Heb. second 2 Samuel 4:10 thinking to have brought good tidings: Heb. he was in his own eyes as a bringer, etc. 2 Samuel 4:10 who thought that I would have given him a reward for his tidings: Or, which was the reward I gave him for his tidings 2 Samuel 5:6 Thinking, David cannot: Or, saying, David shall not etc. 2 Samuel 5:8 Wherefore they said, The blind and the lame shall not come into the house: Or, because he had said even the blind and the lame, He shall not come into the house 2 Samuel 5:10 went on, and grew: Heb. went, going and growing 2 Samuel 5:11 Masons: Heb. hewers of the stone of the wall 2 Samuel 5:20 Baalperazim: that is, the plain of breaches 2 Samuel 5:21 burnt them: Or, took them away 2 Samuel 5:25 Geba: also called, Gibeon 2 Samuel 6:2 whose name is called by the name of the LORD of hosts: Or, at which the Name, even the Name of the LORD of hosts was called upon 2 Samuel 6:3 set: Heb. made to ride 2 Samuel 6:3 Gibeah: Or, the hill 2 Samuel 6:4 accompanying: Heb. with 2 Samuel 6:6 shook: Or, stumbled 2 Samuel 6:7 error: Or, rashness 2 Samuel 6:8 made: Heb. broken 2 Samuel 6:8 Perezuzzah: That is, the breach of Vzzah 2 Samuel 6:17 pitched: Heb. stretched 2 Samuel 6:20 shamelessly: Or, openly 2 Samuel 6:22 of the maid servants: Or, of the handmaids of my servants 2 Samuel 7:5 my servant David: Heb. to my servant to David 2 Samuel 7:7 any of the tribes: In the 1. Chro. 17.6. any of the judges 2 Samuel 7:8 from following: Heb. from after 2 Samuel 7:9 out of thy sight: Heb. from thy face 2 Samuel 7:19 manner: Heb. law 2 Samuel 7:27 revealed: Heb. opened the ear 2 Samuel 7:29 let it please thee to bless: Heb. be thou pleased and bless 2 Samuel 8:1 Methegammah: Or, the bridle of Ammah 2 Samuel 8:4 from him: Or, of his 2 Samuel 8:10 salute him: Heb. ask him of peace 2 Samuel 8:10 had wars with: Heb. was a man of wars with 2 Samuel 8:10 brought with him: Heb. in his hand were 2 Samuel 8:13 smiting: Heb. his smiting 2 Samuel 8:16 Recorder: Or, remembrancer, or writer of chronicles 2 Samuel 8:17 scribe: Or, secretary 2 Samuel 8:18 chief rulers: Or, princes 2 Samuel 10:3 Thinkest thou that David: Heb. In thine eyes doth David? 2 Samuel 11:1 after the year was expired: Heb. at the return of the year 2 Samuel 11:3 Bathsheba: Or, Bathshuah 2 Samuel 11:4 (for she was purified from her uncleanness) and she returned: Or, when she had purified herself, etc. she returned 2 Samuel 11:7 how…did: Heb. of the peace of, etc 2 Samuel 11:8 followed him: Heb. went out after him 2 Samuel 11:15 hottest: Heb. strong 2 Samuel 11:15 from him: Heb. from after him 2 Samuel 11:25 displease thee: Heb. be evil in thine eyes 2 Samuel 11:25 one as well as another: Heb. so and such 2 Samuel 11:27 displeased: Heb. was evil in the eyes of 2 Samuel 12:3 meat: Heb. morsel 2 Samuel 12:5 shall surely die: Or, is worthy to die 2 Samuel 12:16 fasted: Heb. fasted a fast 2 Samuel 12:18 vex: Heb. do hurt 2 Samuel 12:25 Jedidiah: that is, Beloved of the Lord 2 Samuel 12:28 it be called after my name: Heb. my name be called upon it 2 Samuel 12:30 in great abundance: Heb. very great 2 Samuel 13:2 Amnon thought it hard: Heb. it was marvellous or hidden in the eyes of Amnon 2 Samuel 13:4 lean: Heb. thin 2 Samuel 13:4 from day to day: Heb. morning by morning 2 Samuel 13:8 flour: Or, paste 2 Samuel 13:12 force me: Heb. humble me 2 Samuel 13:12 no such thing ought to be done: Heb. it ought not so to be done 2 Samuel 13:15 exceedingly: Heb. with great hatred greatly 2 Samuel 13:20 regard not this thing: Heb. set not thine heart 2 Samuel 13:20 desolate: Heb. and desolate 2 Samuel 13:28 have I not commanded you?: Or, will you not, since I have commanded you? 2 Samuel 13:28 valiant: Heb. sons of valour 2 Samuel 13:29 gate: Heb. rode 2 Samuel 13:32 appointment: Heb. mouth 2 Samuel 13:32 determined: Or, settled 2 Samuel 13:35 as thy servant said: Heb. according to the word of thy servant 2 Samuel 13:36 very sore: Heb. with a great weeping greatly 2 Samuel 13:37 Ammihud: Or, Ammihur 2 Samuel 13:39 longed: Or, was consumed 2 Samuel 14:4 Help: Heb. save 2 Samuel 14:6 none to part them: Heb. no deliverer between them 2 Samuel 14:7 upon the earth: Heb. upon the face of the earth 2 Samuel 14:11 that thou wouldest not suffer the revengers of blood to destroy: Heb. that the revenger of blood do not multiply to destroy 2 Samuel 14:14 neither doth God respect any person, yet doth he devise means: Or, because God hath not taken away his life, he hath also devised means, etc. 2 Samuel 14:17 comfortable: Heb. for rest 2 Samuel 14:17 to discern: Heb. to hear 2 Samuel 14:22 thanked: Heb. blessed 2 Samuel 14:22 his: Or, thy 2 Samuel 14:25 But in all Israel there was none to be so much praised as Absalom for his beauty: Heb. and as Absalom there was not a beautiful man in all Israel, to praise greatly 2 Samuel 14:30 near mine: Heb. near my place 2 Samuel 15:2 came: Heb. to come 2 Samuel 15:3 no man deputed of the king to hear thee: Or, none will hear you from the king downward 2 Samuel 15:14 bring: Heb. thrust 2 Samuel 15:15 appoint: Heb. choose 2 Samuel 15:16 after him: Heb. at his feet 2 Samuel 15:20 make thee go up and down with us?: Heb. make thee wander in going? 2 Samuel 15:23 Kidron: Called Joh. 18.1. Cedron 2 Samuel 15:30 and wept as he went up: Heb. going up and weeping 2 Samuel 16:4 I humbly beseech: Heb. I do obeisance 2 Samuel 16:5 he came forth, and cursed: Or, he still came forth and cursed 2 Samuel 16:7 bloody man: Heb. man of blood 2 Samuel 16:8 behold, thou art taken to thy mischief: Heb. behold thee in thy evil 2 Samuel 16:12 affliction: Or, tears: Heb. eye 2 Samuel 16:13 cast dust: Heb. dusted him with dust 2 Samuel 16:16 God save the king: Heb. let the king live 2 Samuel 16:23 Oracle: Heb. word 2 Samuel 17:4 pleased: Heb. was right in the eyes of, etc 2 Samuel 17:5 what he saith: Heb. what is in his mouth 2 Samuel 17:6 saying?: Heb. word 2 Samuel 17:7 given: Heb. counseled 2 Samuel 17:8 chafed in their minds: Heb. bitter of soul 2 Samuel 17:9 overthrown: Heb. fallen 2 Samuel 17:11 that thou go: Heb. that thy face or presence go, etc. 2 Samuel 17:14 appointed: Heb. commanded 2 Samuel 17:23 followed: Heb. done 2 Samuel 17:23 put his household in order: Heb. gave charge concerning his house 2 Samuel 17:28 basins: Or, cups 2 Samuel 18:3 care for us: Heb. set their heart on us 2 Samuel 18:3 worth ten thousand of us: Heb. as ten thousand of us 2 Samuel 18:3 succour: Heb. be to succour 2 Samuel 18:8 devoured: Heb. multiplied to devour 2 Samuel 18:12 receive: Heb. weigh upon mine hand 2 Samuel 18:12 Beware that: Heb. beware whosoever ye be, of etc. 2 Samuel 18:14 with thee: Heb. before thee 2 Samuel 18:14 midst: Heb. heart 2 Samuel 18:19 avenged him of his enemies: Heb. judged him from the hand etc. 2 Samuel 18:2o bear tidings: Heb. be a man of tidings 2 Samuel 18:22 howsoever: Heb. be what may 2 Samuel 18:22 ready?: Or, convenient 2 Samuel 18:27 Me thinketh the running: Heb. I see the running 2 Samuel 18:28 all is well: Or, peace be to thee. Heb. peace 2 Samuel 18:28 delivered: Heb. shut up 2 Samuel 18:29 is…safe?: Heb. Is there peace? 2 Samuel 18:31 Tidings: Heb. tidings is brought 2 Samuel 19:2 victory: Heb. salvation or deliverance 2 Samuel 19:6 in that thou lovest: Heb. by loving, etc. 2 Samuel 19:6 that thou regardest neither princes, nor servants: Heb. that princes or servants are not to thee 2 Samuel 19:7 comfortably unto thy servants: Heb. to the heart of thy servants 2 Samuel 19:10 speak ye not a word: Heb. are ye silent? 2 Samuel 19:18 what he thought good: Heb. the good in his eyes 2 Samuel 19:28 dead men: Heb. men of death 2 Samuel 19:34 How long have I to live: How many days are the years of my life? 2 Samuel 19:38 require: Heb. choose 2 Samuel 19:43 despise us: Heb. set us at light 2 Samuel 20:3 ward: Heb. a house of ward 2 Samuel 20:3 shut up: Heb. bound 2 Samuel 20:3 living in widowhood: Heb. in widowhood of life 2 Samuel 20:4 Assemble: Heb. call 2 Samuel 20:6 escape us: Heb. deliver himself from our eyes 2 Samuel 20:10 struck him not again: Heb. doubled not his stroke 2 Samuel 20:15 it stood in the trench: Or, it stood against the outmost wall 2 Samuel 20:15 battered the wall, to throw it down: Heb. marred to throw down 2 Samuel 20:18 They were wont to speak in old time, saying, They shall surely ask counsel at Abel: and so they ended the matter: Or, they plainly spake in the beginning, saying, surely they will ask of Abel; and so make an end 2 Samuel 20:21 by name: Heb. by his name 2 Samuel 20:22 retired: Heb. were scattered 2 Samuel 20:24 recorder: Or, remembrancer 2 Samuel 20:26 a chief ruler: Or, a prince 2 Samuel 21:1 enquired: Heb. sought the face, etc. 2 Samuel 21:4 We will have no silver nor gold of Saul, nor of his house, neither for us shalt thou kill: Or, it is not silver or gold that we have to do with Saul, or his house, neither pertains it to us to kill etc. 2 Samuel 21:5 devised against us: Or, cut us off 2 Samuel 21:6 whom the LORD did choose: Or, chosen of the Lord 2 Samuel 21:8 Michal: Or, Michals sister 2 Samuel 21:8 brought up for Adriel: Heb. bare to Adriel 2 Samuel 21:16 the giant: Or, Rapha 2 Samuel 21:16 spear: He. the staff, or the head 2 Samuel 21:17 light: Heb. candle, or lamp 2 Samuel 21:18 the Giant: Or, Rapha 2 Samuel 21:19 Jaareoregim: Or, Jair 2 Samuel 21:20 the Giant: Or, Rapha 2 Samuel 21:21 defied: Or, reproached 2 Samuel 22:5 waves: Or, pangs 2 Samuel 22:5 ungodly: Heb. Belial 2 Samuel 22:6 sorrows: Or, cords 2 Samuel 22:9 out of his nostrils: Heb. by 2 Samuel 22:12 dark waters: Heb. binding of waters 2 Samuel 22:17 many: Or, great 2 Samuel 22:24 before him: Heb. to him 2 Samuel 22:25 in his eye sight: Heb. before his eyes 2 Samuel 22:27 shew thyself unsavoury: Or, wrestle 2 Samuel 22:29 lamp: Or, candle 2 Samuel 22:30 run through a troop: Or, broken a troop 2 Samuel 22:31 tried: Or, refined 2 Samuel 22:33 maketh: Heb. riddeth, or, looseth 2 Samuel 22:34 maketh: Heb. equalleth 2 Samuel 22:35 to war: Heb. for the war 2 Samuel 22:36 hath made me great: Heb. multiplied me 2 Samuel 22:37 feet: Heb. ankles 2 Samuel 22:40 subdued: Heb. caused to bow 2 Samuel 22:45 Strangers: Heb. sons of the stranger 2 Samuel 22:45 submit: Or, yield fainted obedience. Heb. lie 2 Samuel 22:48 avengeth me: Heb. giveth avengement for me 2 Samuel 23:3 he that ruleth: Or, be thou ruler, etc. 2 Samuel 23:7 fenced: Heb. filled 2 Samuel 23:8 The Tachmonite…: Or, Joshebbassebet the Tachmonite, head of the three 2 Samuel 23:8 whom he slew: Heb. slain 2 Samuel 23:11 into a troop: Or, for foraging 2 Samuel 23:13 three of the thirty chief: Or, the three captains over the thirty 2 Samuel 23:18 and slew them: Heb. slain 2 Samuel 23:20 who had done many acts: Heb. great of acts 2 Samuel 23:20 lionlike men: Heb. lion of God 2 Samuel 23:21 a goodly man: Heb. a man of countenance or sight, called 1. Chro. 11.23 a man of great stature 2 Samuel 23:23 more honourable than the thirty: Or, honourable among the thirty 2 Samuel 23:23 guard: Or, council. Heb. at his command 2 Samuel 23:30 brooks: Or, valleys 2 Samuel 24:1 he: Satan. See 1. Chron. 21.1 2 Samuel 24:2 go now through: Or, compass 2 Samuel 24:5 river: Or, valley 2 Samuel 24:6 land of Tahtimhodshi: Or, nether land newly inhabited 2 Samuel 24:14 great: Or, many 1 Kings 1:1 stricken in years: Heb. entered into days 1 Kings 1:2 let there be sought: Heb. let them seek 1 Kings 1:2 a young virgin: Heb. a damsel, a virgin 1 Kings 1:2 cherish him: Heb. be a cheriser unto him 1 Kings 1:5 be king: Heb. reign 1 Kings 1:6 at any time: Heb. from his days 1 Kings 1:7 conferred with Joab: Heb. his words were with Joab 1 Kings 1:7 following Adonijah, helped him: Heb. helped after Adonijah 1 Kings 1:9 Enrogel: Or, the well Rogel 1 Kings 1:14 confirm: Heb. fill up 1 Kings 1:16 what wouldest thou?: Heb. what to thee? 1 Kings 1:21 offenders: Heb. sinners 1 Kings 1:25 God save king Adonijah: Heb. let king Adonijah live 1 Kings 1:28 into the king’s presence: Heb. before the king 1 Kings 1:33 mine own: Heb. which belongeth to me 1 Kings 1:40 pipes: Or, flutes 1 Kings 2:3 prosper: Or, do wisely 1 Kings 2:4 fail thee (said he) a man on the throne: Heb. be cut off from thee from the throne 1 Kings 2:5 shed: Heb. put 1 Kings 2:8 grievous: Heb. strong 1 Kings 2:16 deny me not: Heb. turn not away my face 1 Kings 2:26 worthy of death: Heb. a man of death 1 Kings 3:6 mercy: Or, bounty 1 Kings 3:9 understanding: Heb. hearing 1 Kings 3:11 long life: Heb. many days 1 Kings 3:11 to discern: Heb. to hear 1 Kings 3:13 shall not be: Or, hath not been 1 Kings 3:26 yearned: Heb. were hot 1 Kings 3:28 in him: Heb. in the midst of him 1 Kings 4:2 the priest: Or, the chief officer 1 Kings 4:3 Scribes: Or, secretaries 1 Kings 4:3 Recorder: Or, rememberancer 1 Kings 4:6 tribute: Or, levy 1 Kings 4:8 the son of Hur: Or, Benhur 1 Kings 4:9 son of Dekar: Or, BenDekar 1 Kings 4:10 son of Heseb: Or, BenHeseb 1 Kings 4:11 son of Abinadab: Or, BenAbinadab 1 Kings 4:13 son of Geber: Or, BenGeber 1 Kings 4:14 Mahanaim: Or, to Mahanaim 1 Kings 4:22 provision: Heb. bread 1 Kings 4:22 measures: Heb. cors 1 Kings 4:25 safely: Heb. confidently 1 Kings 4:28 dromedaries: Or, mules, or swift beasts 1 Kings 5:5 purpose: Heb. say 1 Kings 5:6 appoint: Heb. say 1 Kings 5:8 considered: Heb. heard 1 Kings 5:9 appoint: Heb. send 1 Kings 5:11 measures: Heb. cors 1 Kings 5:13 levy: Heb. tribute of men 1 Kings 5:18 stone squarers: Or, Giblites, as Ezek. 27.9 1 Kings 6:4 windows of narrow lights: Or, windows broad within and narrow without, or, skewed and closed 1 Kings 6:5 against: Or, upon, or joining to 1 Kings 6:5 chambers: Heb. floors 1 Kings 6:5 chambers: Heb. ribs 1 Kings 6:5 narrowed: Heb. narrowings, or, rebatements 1 Kings 6:8 side: Heb. shoulder 1 Kings 6:9 with beams and boards of Cedar: Or, the vault beams and the ceilings with Cedar 1 Kings 6:15 both of the floor of the house, and the walls: Or, from the floor of the house unto the walls, etc. And so ver. 16 1 Kings 6:18 knops: Or, gourds 1 Kings 6:18 open flowers: Heb. openings of flowers 1 Kings 6:20 pure: Heb. shut up 1 Kings 6:23 olive tree: Or, oily. Heb. trees of oil 1 Kings 6:27 they stretched forth the wings of the cherubims: Or, the Cherubims stretched forth their wings 1 Kings 6:29 open flowers: Heb. openings of flowers 1 Kings 6:31 a fifth: Or, five square 1 Kings 6:32 two doors: Or, leaves of the doors 1 Kings 6:32 open flowers: Heb. openings of flowers 1 Kings 6:33 a fourth: Or, four square 1 Kings 6:38 throughout all the parts thereof, and according to all the fashion of it: Or, with all the appurtenances thereof, and with all the ordinances thereof 1 Kings 7:3 beams: Heb. ribs 1 Kings 7:4 light was against light: Heb. sight against sight 1 Kings 7:5 doors and posts were square, with the windows: Or, spaces and pillars were square in prospect 1 Kings 7:6 before them: Or, according to them 1 Kings 7:6 before them: Or, according to them 1 Kings 7:7 one side of the floor to the other: Heb. from floor to floor 1 Kings 7:14 a widows son: Heb. the son of a widow woman 1 Kings 7:15 cast: Heb. fashioned 1 Kings 7:21 Jachin: that is, he shall establish 1 Kings 7:21 Boaz: That is, in it is strength 1 Kings 7:23 from the one brim to the other: Heb. from his brim, to his brim 1 Kings 7:32 joined to the base: Heb. in the base 1 Kings 7:36 proportion: Heb. nakedness 1 Kings 7:39 side: Heb. shoulder 1 Kings 7:42 upon the pillars: Heb. upon the face 1 Kings 7:45 bright: Heb. made bright or scoured 1 Kings 7:46 in the clay ground: Heb. in the thickness of the ground 1 Kings 7:47 because they were exceeding many: Heb. for the exceeding multitude 1 Kings 7:47 found out: Heb. searched 1 Kings 7:50 censers: Heb. ash pans 1 Kings 7:51 things which David: Heb. things of David 1 Kings 8:1 chief: Heb. princes 1 Kings 8:8 ends: Heb. heads 1 Kings 8:8 Holy place: Or, Ark, as 2. Chron. 5.9 1 Kings 8:9 when: Or, where 1 Kings 8:25 there shall not fail thee a man in my sight: Heb. there shall not be cut off unto thee a man from my sight 1 Kings 8:25 so that: Heb. only if 1 Kings 8:29 towards this place: Or, in this place 1 Kings 8:30 toward this place: Or, in this place 1 Kings 8:31 and an oath be laid upon him: Heb. and he require an oath of him 1 Kings 8:33 in: Or, towards 1 Kings 8:37 cities: Or, jurisdiction 1 Kings 8:43 this house which I have builded, is called by thy Name: Heb. thy name is called upon this house 1 Kings 8:44 toward the city: Heb. the way of the city 1 Kings 8:45 cause: Or, right 1 Kings 8:47 bethink themselves: Heb. bring back to their heart 1 Kings 8:49 cause: Or, right 1 Kings 8:56 failed: Heb. fallen 1 Kings 8:59 at all times: Heb. the thing of a day in his day 1 Kings 8:66 blessed: Or, thanked 1 Kings 9:12 pleased him not: Heb. were not right in his eyes 1 Kings 9:13 Cabul: that is, displeasing Or, dirty 1 Kings 9:19 that which Solomon desired to build: Heb. the desire of Solomon which he desired 1 Kings 9:25 upon the: Heb. upon it 1 Kings 9:26 shore: Heb. lip 1 Kings 10:3 questions: Heb. words 1 Kings 10:5 attendance: Heb. standing 1 Kings 10:5 cupbearers: Or, Butlers 1 Kings 10:6 report: Heb. word 1 Kings 10:6 acts: Or, sayings 1 Kings 10:7 thy wisdom and prosperity exceedeth the fame: Heb. thou hast added wisdom and goodness to the fame 1 Kings 10:11 almug…: also called, algum trees 1 Kings 10:12 pillars: Or, rails: Heb. a prop 1 Kings 10:13 Solom gave her of his royal bounty: Heb. according to the hand of king Solomon 1 Kings 10:15 governors: Or, captains 1 Kings 10:19 behind: Heb. on the hinder part thereof 1 Kings 10:19 stays: Heb. hands 1 Kings 10:20 the like: Heb. so 1 Kings 10:21 none were of silver: Or, there was no silver in them 1 Kings 10:22 ivory: Or, elephants teeth 1 Kings 10:24 sought to: Heb. sought the face of 1 Kings 10:27 made: Heb. gave 1 Kings 10:28 And Solomon had horses brought out: Heb. And the going forth of the horses which was Solomons 1 Kings 10:29 by their means: Heb. by their hand 1 Kings 11:1 together with: Or, besides 1 Kings 11:6 went not fully after: Heb. fulfilled not after 1 Kings 11:11 is done of thee: Heb. is with thee 1 Kings 11:21 let me depart: Heb. send me away 1 Kings 11:22 Nothing: Heb. Not 1 Kings 11:27 repaired: Heb. closed 1 Kings 11:28 was industrious: Heb. did work 1 Kings 11:28 charge: Heb. burden 1 Kings 11:36 light: Heb. lamp or candle 1 Kings 11:41 acts: Or, words, or things 1 Kings 11:42 time: Heb. days 1 Kings 12:13 roughly: Heb. hardly 1 Kings 12:18 made speed: Heb. strengthened himself 1 Kings 12:19 rebelled: Or, fell away 1 Kings 12:32 offered upon the altar: Or, went up to the altar, etc 1 Kings 12:32 sacrificing: Or, to sacrifice 1 Kings 12:33 offered upon the altar: Or, went up to the altar, etc 1 Kings 12:33 and burnt incense: Heb. to burn incense 1 Kings 13:1 burn: Or, to offer 1 Kings 13:6 the LORD: Heb. the face of the LORD 1 Kings 13:17 it was said: Heb. a word was 1 Kings 13:26 torn: Heb. broken 1 Kings 13:28 torn: Heb. broken 1 Kings 13:33 made again: Heb. returned and made 1 Kings 13:33 consecrated him: Heb. filled his hand 1 Kings 14:3 with: Heb. in thine hand 1 Kings 14:3 cracknels: Or, cakes 1 Kings 14:3 cruse: Or, bottle 1 Kings 14:4 were set by reason of his age: Heb. stood for hoariness 1 Kings 14:6 heavy: Heb. hard 1 Kings 14:20 slept: Heb. lay down 1 Kings 14:23 images: Or, standing images, or statues 1 Kings 14:27 guard: Heb. runners 1 Kings 14:28 torn: Heb. broken 1 Kings 15:4 lamp: Or, candle 1 Kings 15:10 mothers: that is, grandmother 1 Kings 15:13 destroyed: Heb. cut off 1 Kings 15:15 things: Heb. holy 1 Kings 15:19 depart: Heb. go up 1 Kings 15:22 exempted: Heb. free 1 Kings 15:25 began to reign: Heb. reigned 1 Kings 16:9 steward: Heb. which was over 1 Kings 16:11 neither of his kinsfolks, nor of his friends 1 Kings 16:12 by: Heb. by the hand of 1 Kings 16:24 Samaria: Heb. Shomeron 1 Kings 16:31 as if it had been a light thing: Heb. was it a light thing? etc. 1 Kings 17:1 Elijah: Heb. Elijahu. Luke 4.25. he is called Elias 1 Kings 17:7 after a while: Heb. at the end of days 1 Kings 17:14 sendeth: Heb. giveth 1 Kings 17:15 many days: Or, a full year 1 Kings 17:16 by: Heb. by the hand of 1 Kings 17:21 stretched: Heb. measured 1 Kings 17:21 into him again: Heb. into his inward parts 1 Kings 18:3 Obadiah: Heb. Obadiahu 1 Kings 18:3 the governor: Heb. over his house 1 Kings 18:4 Jezebel: Heb. Izebel 1 Kings 18:5 lest not all the beasts: Heb. that we are not cut off ourselves from the beasts 1 Kings 18:21 opinions?: Or, thoughts 1 Kings 18:24 it is well spoken: Heb. the word is good 1 Kings 18:26 hear: Or, answer 1 Kings 18:26 answered: Or, heard 1 Kings 18:26 leapt upon the altar: Or, leaped up and down at the altar 1 Kings 18:27 aloud: Heb. with a great voice 1 Kings 18:27 he is talking: Or, he meditateth 1 Kings 18:27 is pursuing: Heb. hath a pursuit 1 Kings 18:28 the blood gushed out upon them: Heb. poured out blood upon them 1 Kings 18:29 offering: Heb. ascending 1 Kings 18:29 any that regarded: Heb. attention 1 Kings 18:35 ran: Heb. went 1 Kings 18:40 Take: Or, apprehend 1 Kings 18:41 a sound of abundance of rain: Or, a sound of a noise of rain 1 Kings 18:44 Prepare: Heb. tie, or bind 1 Kings 18:46 to the entrance of Jezreel: Heb. till thou come to Jezreel 1 Kings 19:4 for himself: Heb. for his life 1 Kings 19:6 head: Heb. bolster 1 Kings 19:18 I have left: Or, I will leave 1 Kings 19:20 go back again: Heb. go return 1 Kings 20:6 pleasant: Heb. desirable 1 Kings 20:7 I denied him not: Heb. I kept not back from him 1 Kings 20:10 follow me: Heb. are at my feet 1 Kings 20:12 message: Heb. word 1 Kings 20:12 pavillions: Or, Tents 1 Kings 20:12 set yourselves in aray: Or, place the engins, and they placed engins 1 Kings 20:13 came: Heb. approached 1 Kings 20:14 young men: Or, servants 1 Kings 20:14 order: Heb. bind, or, tie 1 Kings 20:25 that thou hast lost: Heb. that was fallen 1 Kings 20:26 to fight against Israel: Heb. to the war with Israel 1 Kings 20:27 were all present: Or, were victualled 1 Kings 20:30 into an inner chamber: Or, from chamber to chamber. Heb. into a chamber within a chamber 1 Kings 20:37 smiting he wounded him: Heb. smiting and wounding 1 Kings 20:39 pay: Heb. weigh 1 Kings 20:40 he was gone: Heb. he was not 1 Kings 21:2 seem good to thee: Heb. be good in thine eyes 1 Kings 21:9 on high among the people: Heb. in the top of the people 1 Kings 21:23 wall: Or, ditch 1 Kings 21:25 stirred up: Or, incited 1 Kings 22:3 still, and take it: Heb. silent from taking it 1 Kings 22:9 officer: Or, eunuch 1 Kings 22:10 void: Heb. floor 1 Kings 22:20 persuade: Or, deceive 1 Kings 22:25 into an inner chamber: Or, from chamber to chamber. Heb. chamber in a chamber 1 Kings 22:30 I will disguise myself, and enter into the battle: Or, when he was to disguise himself and enter into the battle 1 Kings 22:34 at a venture: Heb. in his simplicity 1 Kings 22:34 joints of the harness: Heb. joints and the breastplate 1 Kings 22:34 wounded: Heb. made sick 1 Kings 22:35 increased: Heb. ascended 1 Kings 22:35 midst: Heb. bosom 1 Kings 22:37 was brought: Heb. came 1 Kings 22:48 made ships: Or, had ten ships 2 Kings 1:4 Thou shalt not come down from that bed on which thou art gone up: Heb. the bed, whither thou art gone up, thou shalt not come down from it 2 Kings 1:7 what manner of man was he: Heb. what was the manner of the man? 2 Kings 1:13 fell: Heb. bowed 2 Kings 2:7 to view: Heb. in sight, or, over against 2 Kings 2:10 thou hast asked a hard thing: Heb. thou hast done hard in asking 2 Kings 2:13 bank: Heb. lip 2 Kings 2:16 strong men: Heb. sons of strength 2 Kings 2:16 some mountain: Heb. one of the mountains 2 Kings 2:19 barren: Heb. causing to miscarry 2 Kings 3:2 image: Heb. statue 2 Kings 3:9 that followed them 2 Kings 3:19 marr: Heb. grieve 2 Kings 3:21 gathered: Heb. were cried together 2 Kings 3:21 put on armour: Heb. gird himself with a girdle 2 Kings 3:23 slain: Heb. destroyed 2 Kings 3:24 they went forward smiting: Or, they smote in it, even smiting 2 Kings 3:25 only in Kirharaseth left they the stones thereof: Heb. until he left the stones thereof in Kirharaseth 2 Kings 4:3 borrow not: Or, scant not 2 Kings 4:7 debt: Or, creditor 2 Kings 4:8 it fell on a day: Heb. there was a day 2 Kings 4:8 constrained: Heb. laid hold on him 2 Kings 4:16 season: Heb. set time 2 Kings 4:23 well: Heb. peace 2 Kings 4:24 slack not thy riding: Heb. restrain not for me to ride 2 Kings 4:27 by the feet: Heb. by his feet 2 Kings 4:27 vexed: Heb. bitter 2 Kings 4:31 hearing: Heb. attention 2 Kings 4:35 to and fro: Heb. once hither, and once thither 2 Kings 4:41 harm: Heb. evil thing 2 Kings 4:42 in the husk: Or, in his scrip, or garment 2 Kings 5:1 with: Heb. before 2 Kings 5:1 honorable: Or, gracious. Heb. lifted up, or accepted in contenance 2 Kings 5:1 deliverance: Or, victory 2 Kings 5:2 waited: Heb. was before 2 Kings 5:3 with: Heb. before 2 Kings 5:3 recover: gather in 2 Kings 5:5 with him: Heb. in his hand 2 Kings 5:11 I thought, He will surely come out to me: Heb. said. Or, I said with myself, He will surely come out etc. 2 Kings 5:11 and strike: Heb. move up and down 2 Kings 5:12 Abana: Or, Amana 2 Kings 5:19 a little way: Heb. a little piece of ground 2 Kings 5:21 Is all well?: Heb. Is there peace? 2 Kings 5:24 tower: Or, secret place 2 Kings 5:25 no whither: Heb. not hither or thither 2 Kings 6:5 axe head: Heb. iron 2 Kings 6:8 camp: Or, encamping 2 Kings 6:12 None: Heb. No 2 Kings 6:14 great: Heb. heavy 2 Kings 6:15 servant: Or, minister 2 Kings 6:19 follow me: Heb. come ye after me 2 Kings 6:27 if the LORD do not help thee: Or, Let not the Lord save thee 2 Kings 6:29 next: Heb. other 2 Kings 7:2 a lord on whose hand the king leaned: Heb. a Lord which belonged to the King, leaning upon his hand 2 Kings 7:9 some mischief will come upon us: Heb. we shall find punishment 2 Kings 7:13 in the city: Heb. in it 2 Kings 8:6 officer: Or, Eunuch 2 Kings 8:9 with him: Heb. in his hand 2 Kings 8:11 steadfastly: Heb. and set it 2 Kings 8:16 began to reign: Heb. reigned 2 Kings 8:19 light: Heb. candle, or lamp 2 Kings 8:29 wounds which the Syrians: Heb. wherewith the Syrians had wounded 2 Kings 8:29 had given: Heb. wounded 2 Kings 9:2 inner chamber: Heb. chamber in a chamber 2 Kings 9:13 is king: Heb. reigneth 2 Kings 9:15 Joram: Heb. Jehoram 2 Kings 9:15 given: Heb. smote 2 Kings 9:15 let none go forth nor escape: Heb. let no escaper go, etc. 2 Kings 9:20 driving: Or, marching 2 Kings 9:20 furiously: Heb. in madness 2 Kings 9:21 Make ready: Heb. bind 2 Kings 9:21 met him: Heb. found 2 Kings 9:24 drew a bow: Heb. filled his hand with a bow 2 Kings 9:24 sunk: Heb. bowed 2 Kings 9:26 blood: Heb. bloods 2 Kings 9:26 plat: Or, portion 2 Kings 9:30 painted her face: Heb. put her eyes in painting 2 Kings 9:32 eunuchs: Or, chamberlains 2 Kings 9:36 by his: Heb. by the hand of 2 Kings 10:1 them that brought up: Heb. nourishers 2 Kings 10:6 mine: Heb. for me 2 Kings 10:10 by: Heb. by the hand of 2 Kings 10:11 kinfolks: Or, acquaintance 2 Kings 10:12 shearing house: Heb. house of shepherds binding sheep 2 Kings 10:13 met: Heb. found 2 Kings 10:13 to salute: Heb. to the peace of etc. 2 Kings 10:15 lighted: Heb. found 2 Kings 10:15 saluted: Heb. blessed 2 Kings 10:20 Proclaim: Heb. Sanctify 2 Kings 10:21 full from one end to another: Or, so full, that they stood mouth to mouth 2 Kings 10:25 edge: Heb. the mouth 2 Kings 10:26 Images: Heb. statues 2 Kings 10:31 took no heed: Heb. observed not 2 Kings 10:32 to cut: Heb. to cut off the ends 2 Kings 10:33 eastward: Heb. toward the rising of the sun 2 Kings 10:33 even Gilead and Bashan: Or, even to Gilead and Bashan 2 Kings 10:36 the time: Heb. the days were 2 Kings 11:1 seed royal: Heb. seed of the kingdom 2 Kings 11:2 Jehosheba: also called, Jehoshabeath 2 Kings 11:6 that it be not broken down: Or, from breaking up 2 Kings 11:7 parts of all you: Or, companies: Heb. hands 2 Kings 11:11 corner: Heb. shoulder 2 Kings 11:12 God save the King: Heb. let the king live 2 Kings 11:18 officers: Heb. offices 2 Kings 12:4 dedicated things: Or, holy things: Heb. holinesses 2 Kings 12:4 the money that every man is set at: Heb. the money of the souls of his estimation 2 Kings 12:4 cometh into any mans heart: Heb. ascendeth upon the heart of a man 2 Kings 12:6 in the three and twentieth year: Heb. in the twentieth year, and third year 2 Kings 12:9 door: Heb. threshold 2 Kings 12:10 scribe: Or, secretary 2 Kings 12:10 put in: Heb. bound up 2 Kings 12:11 laid it out: Heb. brought it forth 2 Kings 12:12 was laid out: Heb. went forth 2 Kings 12:18 went away: Heb. went up 2 Kings 12:20 the house of Millo: Or, Bethmillo 2 Kings 13:1 the three and twentieth year: Heb. in the twentieth year and third year 2 Kings 13:2 followed: Heb. walked after 2 Kings 13:5 as beforetime: Heb. as yesterday, and third day 2 Kings 13:6 walked: Heb. he walked 2 Kings 13:6 remained: Heb. stood 2 Kings 13:16 put thine hand upon: Heb. make thine hand to ride 2 Kings 13:21 was let down: Heb. went down 2 Kings 13:23 presence: Heb. face 2 Kings 13:25 took again: Heb. returned and took 2 Kings 14:7 Selah: Or, the rock 2 Kings 14:10 at home: Heb. at thy house 2 Kings 14:10 was put to the worse: Heb. was smitten 2 Kings 15:13 a full month: Heb. a month of days 2 Kings 15:20 exacted: Heb. caused to come forth 2 Kings 16:10 Damascus: Heb. Dammesek 2 Kings 16:13 his: Heb. which were his 2 Kings 17:3 gave: Heb. rendered 2 Kings 17:3 presents: Or, tribute 2 Kings 17:10 images: Heb. statues 2 Kings 17:13 by all the: Heb. by the hand of all 2 Kings 17:33 whom they carried away from thence: Or, who carried them ways from thence 2 Kings 18:4 images: Heb. statues 2 Kings 18:6 from following him: Heb. from after him 2 Kings 18:8 Gaza: Heb. Azzah.! [sic] 2 Kings 18:13 Sennacherib: Heb. Sanherib 2 Kings 18:16 it to the: Heb. them 2 Kings 18:17 great: Heb. heavy 2 Kings 18:18 scribe: Or, secretary 2 Kings 18:20 sayest: Or, talkest 2 Kings 18:20 vain words: Heb. word of the lips 2 Kings 18:20 I have counsel and strength for the war: Or, but counsel and strength are for the war 2 Kings 18:21 trustest upon: Heb. trustest thee 2 Kings 18:23 pledges: Or, hostages 2 Kings 18:27 own piss with you?: Heb. the water of their feet? 2 Kings 18:31 Make an agreement: Or, seek my favour. Heb. make with me a blessing 2 Kings 18:31 cistern: Or, pit 2 Kings 18:32 persuadeth: Or, deceiveth 2 Kings 19:3 blasphemy: Or, provocation 2 Kings 19:4 left: Heb. found 2 Kings 19:18 cast: Heb. given 2 Kings 19:23 By: Heb. by the hand of 2 Kings 19:23 the tall: Heb. the tallness, etc. 2 Kings 19:23 the forest of his Carmel: Or, the forest and his fruitful field 2 Kings 19:24 beseiged: Or, fenced 2 Kings 19:25 Hast thou not heard long ago how I have done it, and of ancient times that I have formed it? now have I brought it to pass, that thou shouldest be to lay waste fenced cities into ruinous heaps: Or, Hast thou not heard how I have made it long ago, and formed it of ancient times? Should I now bring it to be laid waist, and fenced cities to be ruinous heaps? 2 Kings 19:26 of small power: Heb. short of hand 2 Kings 19:27 abode: Or, sitting 2 Kings 19:30 the remnant that is escaped of the house of Judah: Heb. the escaping of the house of Judah that remaineth 2 Kings 19:31 they that escape: Heb. the escaping 2 Kings 19:37 Armenia: Heb. Ararat 2 Kings 20:1 set thine house in order: Heb. give charge concerning thine house 2 Kings 20:3 sore: Heb. with a great weeping 2 Kings 20:4 court: Or, city 2 Kings 20:11 dial: Heb. degrees 2 Kings 20:13 precious things: Or, spicery 2 Kings 20:13 armour: Or, jewels. Heb. vessells 2 Kings 20:19 is it not good if peace and truth be in my days? Or, shall there not be peace and truth? etc. 2 Kings 21:13 wiping it and turning it upside down: Heb. he wipeth and turneth it upon the face thereof 2 Kings 21:16 from one end to another: Heb. from mouth to mouth 2 Kings 22:4 door: Heb. threshold 2 Kings 22:9 gathered: Heb. melted 2 Kings 22:14 wardrobe: Heb. garments 2 Kings 22:14 in the college: Or, in the second part 2 Kings 23:2 both small and great: Heb. from small even unto great 2 Kings 23:5 put down: Heb. caused to cease. Heb. chemarim 2 Kings 23:5 Planets: Or, twelve signs or constellations 2 Kings 23:7 hangings: Heb. houses 2 Kings 23:11 chamberlain: Or, Eunuch, or Officer 2 Kings 23:12 brake them down from thence: Or, ran from thence 2 Kings 23:13 the mount of corruption: that is, the mount of Olives 2 Kings 23:14 images: Heb. statues 2 Kings 23:18 alone: Heb. to escape 2 Kings 23:20 slew: Or, sacrificed 2 Kings 23:24 images: Or, teraphim 2 Kings 23:26 provocations: Heb. angers 2 Kings 23:33 that he might not reign: Or, because he reigned 2 Kings 23:33 put the land to a tribute: Heb. set a mulct upon the land 2 Kings 24:2 by his: Heb. by the hand of 2 Kings 24:10 was beseiged: Heb. came into seige 2 Kings 24:12 officers: Or, Eunuchs 2 Kings 24:15 officers: Or, Eunuchs 2 Kings 25:6 gave judgment upon him: Heb. spake judgment with him 2 Kings 25:7 put out the eyes: Heb. made blind 2 Kings 25:8 captain of the guard: Or, chief marshal 2 Kings 25:11 fugitives: Heb. fallen away 2 Kings 25:16 one sea: Heb. the one sea 2 Kings 25:18 door: Heb. threshold 2 Kings 25:19 Officer: Or, Eunuch 2 Kings 25:19 were in the kings presence: Heb. saw the kings face 2 Kings 25:19 principle Scribe of the host: Or, scribes of the captain of the host 2 Kings 25:25 the seed royal: Heb. of the kingdom 2 Kings 25:28 kindly to him: Heb. good things with him

1 Chronicles

1 Chronicles 1:6 Riphath: Or, Diphath, as it is in some copies 1 Chronicles 1:7 Dodanim: Or, Rodanim, according to some copies 1 Chronicles 1:17 Meshech: Or, Mash. gen. 10.23 [sic] 1 Chronicles 1:19 Peleg: that is, division 1 Chronicles 1:30 Hadad: Or, Hadar, Gen. 25.14 1 Chronicles 1:36 Zephi: Or, Zepho, Gen. 36.12 1 Chronicles 1:39 Homam: Or, Heman, Gen. 36.22 1 Chronicles 1:40 Alian: Or, Alvan, Gen. 36.23 1 Chronicles 1:40 Shephi: Or, Sepho, Gen. 36.23 1 Chronicles 1:41 Amram: Or, Hemdan, Gen. 36.26 1 Chronicles 1:42 Jakan: or Akan, Gen. 36.27 1 Chronicles 1:50 Hadad: Or, Hadar, Gen. 36.39 1 Chronicles 1:50 Pai: Or, Pau, Gen. 36.39 1 Chronicles 2:1 Israel: Or, Jacob 1 Chronicles 2:6 Zimri: Or, Zabdi, Josh. 7.1 1 Chronicles 2:6 Dara: Or, Darda 1 Chronicles 2:7 Achar: Or, Achan 1 Chronicles 2:9 Ram: Or, Aram. Mat. 1.3 1 Chronicles 2:9 Chelubai: Or, Caleb. Ver. 18 1 Chronicles 2:13 Shimma: Or, Shamma, 1 Sam. 16.9 1 Chronicles 2:21 married: Heb. took 1 Chronicles 2:52 Haroeh: Or, Reaiah, chap. 4.2 1 Chronicles 2:52 half of the Manahethites: Or, half of the Manahethites, Or Hatsihammenuchoth 1 Chronicles 2:54 Ataroth, the house of Joab: Or, Atarites, or, crowns of the house of Joab 1 Chronicles 3:1 Daniel: Or, Chileab, 2. sam. 3.3 1 Chronicles 3:5 Shimea: Or, Shammua, 2. Sam. 5.14 1 Chronicles 3:5 Bathshua: Or, Bethsabe, 2. Sam. 11.13 1 Chronicles 3:5 Ammieal: Or, Eliam, 2. Sam. 11.3 1 Chronicles 3:6 Elishama: Or, Elishua 2. Sam. 5.15 1 Chronicles 3:8 Eliada: Or, Beliada, 1. Chro. 14.7 1 Chronicles 3:10 Abia: Or, Abiam, 1. king. 15.1 1 Chronicles 3:11 Ahaziah: Or, Azariah, 2. chr. 22.6 & 21.17 1 Chronicles 3:12 Azariah: Or, Uzziah 2. king. 15.30 1 Chronicles 3:15 Johanan: Or, Joachaz, 2. king. 23.30 1 Chronicles 3:15 Joakim: Or, Eliakim, 2. king. 23.34 1 Chronicles 3:15 Zedekiah: Or, Mathania, 2. king. 24.17 1 Chronicles 3:16 Jeconiah: Or, Jehoiachin, 2. king. 24.6 1 Chronicles 3:17 Jeconiah: Or, Coniah, jer. 22.34 1 Chronicles 3:17 Salathiel: Heb. Shealtiel 1 Chronicles 3:17 his son: 2. King. 24.17. being his uncle 1 Chronicles 3:23 Hezekiah: Heb. Hiskijah 1 Chronicles 4:1 Carmi: Or, Chelubai, Chap. 2.9. or Caleb, Chap. 2.18 1 Chronicles 4:2 Reaiah: Or, Haroe 1 Chronicles 4:9 Jabez: that is, sorrowful 1 Chronicles 4:10 Oh that thow wouldest: Heb. if thou wilt, etc. 1 Chronicles 4:10 keep me: Heb. do me 1 Chronicles 4:12 Irnahash: Or, the city of Nahash 1 Chronicles 4:13 Hathath and Meonothai: Or, Hathath, and Meonothai, who begat, etc. 1 Chronicles 4:14 valley: Or, inhabitants of the valley 1 Chronicles 4:14 Charasim: That is, craftsmen 1 Chronicles 4:15 even Kenaz: Or, Uknaz 1 Chronicles 4:18 Jehudijah: Or, the Jewess 1 Chronicles 4:19 Hodiah: Or, Jehudijah, mentioned before 1 Chronicles 4:24 Nemuel: Or, Jemuel 1 Chronicles 4:27 like: Heb. unto 1 Chronicles 4:29 Bilhah: Or, Bela 1 Chronicles 4:29 Tolad: Or, Eltolad 1 Chronicles 4:31 Hazarsusim: Or, Hazarsusah 1 Chronicles 4:32 Etam: Or, Ether 1 Chronicles 4:33 Baal: Or, Baalathbeer 1 Chronicles 4:33 genealogy: Or, as they divided themselves by nations among them 1 Chronicles 4:38 mentioned: Heb. coming 1 Chronicles 5:2 rulers: Or, Prince 1 Chronicles 5:6 Tilgathpilneser: Or, Tiglathpilneser 1 Chronicles 5:8 Shema: Or, Shemaiah 1 Chronicles 5:10 throughout all the East land: Heb. upon all the face of the East 1 Chronicles 5:16 their borders: Heb. their goings forth 1 Chronicles 5:18 valient men: Heb. sons of valour 1 Chronicles 5:21 took away: Heb. led captive 1 Chronicles 5:21 men: Heb. souls of men 1 Chronicles 5:24 famous men: Heb. men of names 1 Chronicles 6:1 Gershon: Or, Gershom 1 Chronicles 6:10 in the temple: Heb. in the house 1 Chronicles 6:12 Shallum: Or, Meshullam 1 Chronicles 6:16 Gershom: Or, Gershon 1 Chronicles 6:21 Joah: Or, Ethan 1 Chronicles 6:21 Iddo: Or, Adaia 1 Chronicles 6:22 Amminadab: Or, Izhar 1 Chronicles 6:26 Zophai: Or, Zuph 1 Chronicles 6:28 Vashni: called also Joel 1 Chronicles 6:33 waited: Heb. stood 1 Chronicles 6:44 Kishi: Or, Kushaiah 1 Chronicles 6:58 Hilen: or Holon 1 Chronicles 6:59 Ashan: or Ain 1 Chronicles 6:60 Alemeth: or Almon 1 Chronicles 6:78 Bezer: Or, Bozor 1 Chronicles 7:12 Ir: Or, Iri 1 Chronicles 7:12 Aher: Or, Ahiram 1 Chronicles 7:27 Non: Or, Nun 1 Chronicles 7:28 towns: Heb. daughters 1 Chronicles 7:28 Gaza: Or, Adazza, 1. mac. 7.45 1 Chronicles 8:3 Addar: Or, Ard 1 Chronicles 8:5 Shephuphan: Or, Shupham 1 Chronicles 8:21 Shimhi: Or, Shema 1 Chronicles 8:29 father of Gibeon: also called Jehiel 1 Chronicles 8:31 Zacher: Or, Zechariah 1 Chronicles 8:32 Shimeah: Or, Shimeam 1 Chronicles 8:33 Eshbaal: Or, Ishbosheth 1 Chronicles 8:34 Meribbaal: Or, Mephibosheth 1 Chronicles 8:35 Tarea: Or, Tahrea 1 Chronicles 8:36 Jehoadah: also called, Jarah 1 Chronicles 8:37 Rapha: also called, Rephaiah 1 Chronicles 9:13 very able men: mighty men of valour 1 Chronicles 9:19 gates: Heb. thresholds 1 Chronicles 9:22 did ordain: Heb. founded 1 Chronicles 9:22 set office: Or, trust 1 Chronicles 9:26 set office: Or, trust 1 Chronicles 9:26 chambers: Or, storehouses 1 Chronicles 9:28 bring them in and out by tale: Heb. bring them in by tale, and carry them out by tale 1 Chronicles 9:29 instruments: Or, vessels 1 Chronicles 9:31 set office: Or, trust 1 Chronicles 9:31 in the pans: Or, on flat plates, or, slices 1 Chronicles 9:32 shewbread: Heb. bread of ordering 1 Chronicles 9:33 they were imployed: Heb. upon them 1 Chronicles 10:1 slain: Or, wounded 1 Chronicles 10:2 Abinadab: Or, Jeshui 1 Chronicles 10:3 archers: Heb. shooters with bows 1 Chronicles 10:3 hit him: Heb. found him 1 Chronicles 10:4 abuse me: Or, mock me 1 Chronicles 10:13 committed: Heb. transgressed 1 Chronicles 10:14 Jesse: Heb. Isai 1 Chronicles 11:2 in time past: Heb. both yesterday and the third day 1 Chronicles 11:2 feed: Or, rule 1 Chronicles 11:3 by: Heb. by the hand of 1 Chronicles 11:6 chief: Heb, head 1 Chronicles 11:7 it the city of David: That is, Zion 1 Chronicles 11:8 repaired: Heb. revived 1 Chronicles 11:9 waxed greater and greater: Heb. went in going and increasing 1 Chronicles 11:10 strengthened themselves with him: Or, held strongly with him 1 Chronicles 11:11 an Hachmonite: Or, son of Hachmoni 1 Chronicles 11:13 Pasdammim: also called, Ephesdammim 1 Chronicles 11:14 set themselves: Or, stood 1 Chronicles 11:14 deliverance: Or, salvation 1 Chronicles 11:15 three of the thirty captains: Or, three captains over the thirty 1 Chronicles 11:19 that have put their lives: Heb. with their lives? 1 Chronicles 11:22 who had done many acts: Heb. great of deeds 1 Chronicles 11:23 a man of great stature: Heb. a man of measure 1 Chronicles 11:27 Harorite: Or, Harodite 1 Chronicles 11:38 the son of Haggeri: Or, the Haggerite 1 Chronicles 11:45 son of Zimri: Or, Zimrite 1 Chronicles 12:1 while he yet kept himself close: Heb. being yet shut up 1 Chronicles 12:3 Shemaah: Or, Hasmaa 1 Chronicles 12:8 of war: Heb. of the host 1 Chronicles 12:8 as swift as the Roes upon the mountains: Heb. as the Roes upon the mountains to make haste 1 Chronicles 12:14 one of the least was over an hundred, and the greatest, over a thousand: Or, one that was least could resist an hundred, and the greatest a thousand 1 Chronicles 12:15 overflown: Heb. filled over 1 Chronicles 12:17 to meet them: Heb. before them 1 Chronicles 12:17 be knit: Heb. be one 1 Chronicles 12:17 wrong: Or, violence 1 Chronicles 12:18 the spirit came upon Amasai: Heb. the Spirit clothed Amasai 1 Chronicles 12:19 to the jeopardy of our heads: Heb. on our heads 1 Chronicles 12:21 against the band: Or, with a band 1 Chronicles 12:23 bands: Or, captains, or, men. Heb. heads 1 Chronicles 12:24 armed: Or, prepared 1 Chronicles 12:29 kindred: Heb. brethren 1 Chronicles 12:29 the greatest part of them: Heb. a multitude of them 1 Chronicles 12:30 famous: Heb. men of names 1 Chronicles 12:33 expert in war: Or, rangers of battle, or ranged in battle 1 Chronicles 12:33 keep rank: Or, set the battle in array 1 Chronicles 12:33 not of double heart: Heb. without a heart and a heart 1 Chronicles 12:36 expert: Or, keeping their rank 1 Chronicles 12:40 meat: Or, victual of meal 1 Chronicles 13:2 let us send abroad: Heb. let us break forth and send 1 Chronicles 13:2 in their cities and suburbs: Heb. in the cities of their suburbs 1 Chronicles 13:3 bring again: Heb. bring about 1 Chronicles 13:7 carried the Ark: Heb. made the Ark to ride 1 Chronicles 13:8 singing: Heb. songs 1 Chronicles 13:9 Chidon: Called Nachon 1 Chronicles 13:9 stumbled: Or, shook it 1 Chronicles 13:11 Perezuzza: Heb. breach of Uzza 1 Chronicles 13:13 brought not: Heb. removed 1 Chronicles 14:3 more wives: Heb. yet 1 Chronicles 14:7 Beeliada: Or, Eliada 1 Chronicles 14:11 Baalperazim: that is, a place of breaches 1 Chronicles 14:16 Gibeon: also called, Geba 1 Chronicles 15:2 None ought to carry the ark of God, but the Levites: Heb. It is not to carry the Ark of God, but for the Levites 1 Chronicles 15:5 brethren: Or, kinsmen 1 Chronicles 15:21 Sheminith: Or, on the eight to oversee 1 Chronicles 15:22 was for song, he instructed about the song: Or, was for the carriage, he instructed about the carriage 1 Chronicles 15:22 song: Heb. lifting up 1 Chronicles 15:27 song: Or, carriage 1 Chronicles 16:5 with Psalteries and with harps: Heb. with instruments of Psalteries, and harps 1 Chronicles 16:18 the lot: Heb. the cord 1 Chronicles 16:19 few: Heb. men of number 1 Chronicles 16:40 morning and evening: Heb. in the morning and in the evening 1 Chronicles 16:42 Porters: Heb. for the gate 1 Chronicles 17:7 from following: Heb. from after 1 Chronicles 17:19 great things: Heb. greatness 1 Chronicles 18:3 Hadarezer: Or, Hadadezer in Sam 1 Chronicles 18:5 Damascus: Heb. Darmesek 1 Chronicles 18:8 Tibhath…: Called in the book of Sam. Beta, and Berothai 1 Chronicles 18:9 Tou: Or, Toi 1 Chronicles 18:10 Hadoram: Or, Joram 1 Chronicles 18:10 to enquire: Or, to salute 1 Chronicles 18:10 to congratulate: Heb. to bless 1 Chronicles 18:10 had war: Heb. was the man of wars 1 Chronicles 18:15 Recorder: Or, remembrancer 1 Chronicles 18:16 Abimelech: Called Ahimelech in Sam. 1 Chronicles 18:16 Shausha: Called Saraia in Sam. and Sisa 1 Chronicles 18:17 chief about the king: Heb. at the hand of the King 1 Chronicles 19:3 Thinkest: Heb. In thine eyes doeth David, etc. 1 Chronicles 19:6 odious: Heb. to stink 1 Chronicles 19:10 the battle was: Heb. the face of the battle was 1 Chronicles 19:10 choice: Or, young men 1 Chronicles 19:11 Abishai: Heb. Abshai 1 Chronicles 19:16 River: i. Euphrates 1 Chronicles 19:16 Shophach: Or, Shobach 1 Chronicles 20:1 after the year: Heb. at the return of the year 1 Chronicles 20:2 to weigh: Heb. the weight of 1 Chronicles 20:4 arose: Or, continued, Heb. stood 1 Chronicles 20:4 Gezer: Or, Gob 1 Chronicles 20:4 the giant: Or, Rapha 1 Chronicles 20:5 Jair: Called also Jaareoregim 1 Chronicles 20:6 man of great stature: Heb. a man of measure 1 Chronicles 20:6 the son of the giant: Heb. born to the giant, or, Rapha 1 Chronicles 20:7 defied: Or, reproached 1 Chronicles 20:7 Shimea: Called Shammah 1 Chronicles 21:7 And God was displeased with this thing: And it was evil in the eyes of the LORD concerning this thing 1 Chronicles 21:10 offer: Heb. stretch out 1 Chronicles 21:11 Choose thee: Heb. take to thee 1 Chronicles 21:13 great: Or, many 1 Chronicles 21:15 Ornan: Or, Araunah 1 Chronicles 21:20 And Ornane turned back and saw the Angel, and his four sons with him hid themselves: Or, When Ornan turned back, and saw the Angel, then he and his four sons with him, hid themselves 1 Chronicles 21:22 Grant: Heb. give 1 Chronicles 22:9 Solomon: That is, peaceable 1 Chronicles 22:14 in my trouble: Or, in my poverty 1 Chronicles 22:15 workers of stone and timber: That is, masons and carpenters 1 Chronicles 23:4 to set forward: Or, to oversee 1 Chronicles 23:6 courses: Heb. divisions 1 Chronicles 23:7 Laadan: Or, Libni 1 Chronicles 23:10 Zina: Or, Ziza 1 Chronicles 23:11 had not many sons: Heb. did not multiply sons 1 Chronicles 23:16 Shebuel: also called, Shubael 1 Chronicles 23:17 the chief: Or, the first 1 Chronicles 23:17 were very many: Heb. were highly multiplied 1 Chronicles 23:22 brethren: Or, kinsmen 1 Chronicles 23:25 that they may dwell in Jerusalem: Or, that he dwelleth in Jerusalem, etc. 1 Chronicles 23:27 numbered: Heb. number 1 Chronicles 23:17 their office was to wait on the sons of Aaron: Heb. their station was at the hand of the sons of Aaron 1 Chronicles 23:29 pan: Or, flat plate 1 Chronicles 24:6 principal household: Heb. house of the father 1 Chronicles 25:2 Asarelah: otherwise called Jesharelah [† or || symbol missing here] 1 Chronicles 25:2 according to the order of the king: Heb. by the hand of the king 1 Chronicles 25:3 Zeri: Or, Izri 1 Chronicles 25:3 six: With Shimei mentioned ver. 17 1 Chronicles 25:4 Uzziel: Or, Azareel 1 Chronicles 25:4 Shebuel: Or, Shubael 1 Chronicles 25:5 words: Or, matters 1 Chronicles 25:6 according to the kings order: Heb. by the hands of the King 1 Chronicles 26:1 Meshelemiah: Or, Shelemiah 1 Chronicles 26:1 Asaph: Or, Abiasaph 1 Chronicles 26:5 him: That is, Obededom 1 Chronicles 26:13 as well the small as the great: Or, as well for the small as for the great 1 Chronicles 26:14 Shelemiah: Called Meshelemiah 1 Chronicles 26:15 Asuppim: Heb. gatherings 1 Chronicles 26:20 dedicate things: Heb. holy things 1 Chronicles 26:21 Laadan: Or, Libni 1 Chronicles 26:21 Jehieli: Or, Jehiel 1 Chronicles 26:27 out of the spoils won in battles: Heb. out of the battles and spoils 1 Chronicles 26:30 officers: Heb. over the charge 1 Chronicles 26:32 affairs: Heb. thing 1 Chronicles 27:4 Dodai: Or, Dodo 1 Chronicles 27:5 chief priest: Or, principal officer 1 Chronicles 27:15 Heldai: Or, Heled 1 Chronicles 27:24 was the number: Heb. ascended 1 Chronicles 27:27 over the increase of the vineyards: Heb. over that which was of the vineyards 1 Chronicles 27:32 Scribe: Or, secretary 1 Chronicles 27:32 son of Hachmoni: Or, Hachmonite 1 Chronicles 28:1 possession: Or, cattle 1 Chronicles 28:1 officers: Or, Eunuchs 1 Chronicles 28:3 blood: Heb. bloods 1 Chronicles 28:7 constant: Heb. strong 1 Chronicles 28:12 of all that he had: Heb. of all that was with him 1 Chronicles 29:5 to consecrate his service: Heb. to fill his hand 1 Chronicles 29:14 be able: Heb. retain or obtain strength 1 Chronicles 29:14 thine own hand: Heb. of thine hand 1 Chronicles 29:15 abiding: Heb. expectation 1 Chronicles 29:17 present: Heb. found 1 Chronicles 29:18 prepare: Or, stablish 1 Chronicles 29:24 submitted themselves unto Solomon: Heb. gave the hand under Solomon 1 Chronicles 29:29 book: Or, history 1 Chronicles 29:29 book: Heb. words 2 Chronicles 1:5 he put: Or, was there 2 Chronicles 1:9 like the dust of the earth: Heb. much as the dust of the earth 2 Chronicles 1:15 made: Heb. gave 2 Chronicles 1:16 Solomon had horses brought out of Egypt: Heb. the going forth of the horses which was Solomons 2 Chronicles 1:17 by their means: Heb. by their hand 2 Chronicles 2:3 Huram: Or, Hiram 2 Chronicles 2:4 sweet incense: Heb. incense of spices 2 Chronicles 2:6 is able: Heb. hath retained, or obtained strength 2 Chronicles 2:7 to grave: Heb. to grave gravings 2 Chronicles 2:8 Algume: Or, Almuggim 2 Chronicles 2:9 wonderful great: Heb. great and wonderful 2 Chronicles 2:12 endued with prudance and understanding: Heb. knowing prudence and understanding 2 Chronicles 2:16 as much as thou shalt need: Heb. according to all thy need 2 Chronicles 2:16 Joppa: Heb. Japho 2 Chronicles 2:17 the strangers: Heb. the men the strangers 2 Chronicles 3:1 where the LORD appeared unto David his father: Or, which was seen of David his father 2 Chronicles 3:1 Ornan: Or, Araunah 2 Chronicles 3:3 instructed: Heb. founded 2 Chronicles 3:6 garnished: Heb. covered 2 Chronicles 3:10 image work: Or, (as some think) of moveable work 2 Chronicles 3:13 inward: Or, toward the house 2 Chronicles 3:14 wrought: Heb. caused to ascend 2 Chronicles 3:15 high: Heb. long 2 Chronicles 3:17 Jachin: That is, he shall establish 2 Chronicles 3:17 Boaz: That is, in it is strengh 2 Chronicles 4:2 from brim to brim: Heb. 2 Chronicles 4:5 with flowers of lillies: Or, like a lilyflower 2 Chronicles 4:6 burnt offering: Heb. the work of burnt offering 2 Chronicles 4:8 basons: Or, bowls 2 Chronicles 4:11 basons: Or, bowls 2 Chronicles 4:11 finished the work: Heb. finished to make 2 Chronicles 4:13 upon: Heb. upon the face 2 Chronicles 4:14 lavers: Or, caldrons 2 Chronicles 4:16 bright: Heb. made bright, or scoured 2 Chronicles 4:17 clay ground: Heb. thicknesses of the ground 2 Chronicles 4:21 perfect gold: Heb. perfections of gold 2 Chronicles 4:22 basons: Or, bowls 2 Chronicles 5:9 it is unto: Or, they are there 2 Chronicles 5:10 when: Or, where 2 Chronicles 5:11 present: Heb. found 2 Chronicles 6:13 long: Heb. the length thereof, etc 2 Chronicles 6:16 not fail thee a man: Heb. there shall not be a man cut off 2 Chronicles 6:20 towards this place: Or, in this place 2 Chronicles 6:21 make: Heb. pray 2 Chronicles 6:22 and an oath be laid upon him: Heb. and he require an oath of him 2 Chronicles 6:24 be put to the worse: Or, be smitten 2 Chronicles 6:24 in: Or, towards 2 Chronicles 6:28 in the cities of their land: Heb. in the land of their gates 2 Chronicles 6:29 in this house: Or, toward this house 2 Chronicles 6:31 so long as they live: Heb. all the days which 2 Chronicles 6:31 in the land: Heb. upon the face of the land 2 Chronicles 6:33 this house which I have built: Heb. thy Name is called upon this house 2 Chronicles 6:35 cause: Or, right 2 Chronicles 6:36 they carry away captives unto a land far off or near: Heb. they that take them captives carry them away 2 Chronicles 6:37 bethink themselves: Heb. bring back to their heart 2 Chronicles 6:39 cause: Or, right 2 Chronicles 6:40 unto the prayer that is made: Heb. to the prayer of this place 2 Chronicles 7:6 by their ministry: Heb. by their hand 2 Chronicles 7:6 a solemn: Heb. a restraint 2 Chronicles 7:14 which are called by my Name: Heb. upon whom my name is called 2 Chronicles 7:15 unto the prayer that is made in this place: Heb. to the prayer of this place 2 Chronicles 7:18 there shall not fail thee: Heb. there shall not be cut off to thee 2 Chronicles 8:6 all that Solomon desired to build: Heb. all the desire of Solomon, which he desired to build 2 Chronicles 8:11 holy: Heb. holiness 2 Chronicles 8:14 so had David the man of God commanded: Heb. so was the commandment of David the man of God 2 Chronicles 8:17 Eloth: Or, Elath 2 Chronicles 9:4 cupbearers: Or, butlers 2 Chronicles 9:5 report: Heb. word 2 Chronicles 9:5 acts: Or, sayings 2 Chronicles 9:10 algum…: also called, almug trees 2 Chronicles 9:11 terraces: Or, stairs, Heb. highways 2 Chronicles 9:14 governors: Or, captains 2 Chronicles 9:18 stays: Heb. hands 2 Chronicles 9:20 pure: Heb. shut up 2 Chronicles 9:20 none were of silver: Or, there was no silver in them 2 Chronicles 9:21 ivory: Or, elephants teeth 2 Chronicles 9:26 river: that is, Euphrates 2 Chronicles 9:27 made: Heb. gave 2 Chronicles 9:29 book: Heb. words 2 Chronicles 10:11 put: Heb. laded 2 Chronicles 10:18 made speed: Heb. strengthened himself 2 Chronicles 11:13 resorted to him: Heb. presented themselves to him 2 Chronicles 11:23 many wives: Heb. a multitude of wives 2 Chronicles 12:7 some: Or, a little while 2 Chronicles 12:12 and also in Judah things went well: Or, and yet in Judah that were good things 2 Chronicles 12:14 prepared: Or, fixed 2 Chronicles 12:15 book: Heb. words 2 Chronicles 13:3 set: Heb. bound together 2 Chronicles 13:9 consecrate himself: Heb. to fill his hand 2 Chronicles 13:22 story: Or, commentary 2 Chronicles 14:3 images: Heb. statues 2 Chronicles 14:5 images: Heb. sun images 2 Chronicles 14:11 man: Or, mortal man 2 Chronicles 14:13 destroyed: Heb. broken 2 Chronicles 15:2 to meet Asa: Heb. before Asa 2 Chronicles 15:6 destroyed: Heb. beaten in pieces 2 Chronicles 15:8 abominable: Heb. abominations 2 Chronicles 15:11 the same time: Heb. in that day 2 Chronicles 15:16 idol: Heb. horror 2 Chronicles 16:2 Damascus: Heb. Darmesek 2 Chronicles 16:4 his: Heb. which were his 2 Chronicles 16:8 huge: Heb. in abundance 2 Chronicles 16:9 to show himself: Or, strongly to hold with them, etc. 2 Chronicles 16:10 oppressed: Heb. crushed 2 Chronicles 16:14 had made: Heb. digged 2 Chronicles 17:5 brought: Heb. gave 2 Chronicles 17:6 lift up: That is, was encouraged 2 Chronicles 17:10 fell: Heb. was 2 Chronicles 17:12 castles: Or, palaces 2 Chronicles 17:15 next to him: Heb. at his hand 2 Chronicles 18:2 after certain years: Heb. at the end of years 2 Chronicles 18:6 besides: Heb. yet or more 2 Chronicles 18:8 officers: Or, Eunuchs 2 Chronicles 18:8 fetch: Heb. hasten 2 Chronicles 18:9 void: Or, floor 2 Chronicles 18:10 they be consumed: Heb. thou consume them 2 Chronicles 18:12 with one assent: Heb. with one mouth 2 Chronicles 18:17 but evil?: Or, but for evil 2 Chronicles 18:24 into an inner chamber: Or, from chamber to chamber, Heb. chamber in a chamber 2 Chronicles 18:32 from pursuing him: Heb. from after him 2 Chronicles 18:33 at a venture: Heb. in his simplicity 2 Chronicles 18:33 between the joints of the harness: Heb. between the joints and between the breastplate 2 Chronicles 18:33 wounded: Heb. made sick 2 Chronicles 19:4 he went out again: Heb. he returned and went out 2 Chronicles 19:6 in the judgment: Heb. in the matter of judgment 2 Chronicles 19:11 Deal courageously: Heb. take courage and do 2 Chronicles 20:3 himself: Heb. his face 2 Chronicles 20:7 who: Heb. thou 2 Chronicles 20:16 cliff: Heb. ascent 2 Chronicles 20:16 brook: Or, valley 2 Chronicles 20:21 that should praise: Heb. praisers 2 Chronicles 20:22 And when they began: Heb. And in the time that they, etc. 2 Chronicles 20:22 to sing and to praise: Heb. in singing and praise 2 Chronicles 20:22 they were smitten: Or, they smote one another 2 Chronicles 20:23 to destroy: Heb. for the destruction 2 Chronicles 20:24 none escaped: Heb. there was not an escaping 2 Chronicles 20:26 Berachah: that is, blessing 2 Chronicles 20:27 forefront: Heb. head 2 Chronicles 20:34 book: Heb. words 2 Chronicles 20:34 is mentioned: Heb. was made to ascend 2 Chronicles 21:7 light: Heb. lamp, or candle 2 Chronicles 21:8 dominion: Heb. hand 2 Chronicles 21:14 a great plague: Heb. a great stroke 2 Chronicles 21:17 carried away: Heb. carried captive 2 Chronicles 21:17 Jehoahaz: Or, ahaziah, chap. 22.1. Or, Azariah, ver. 6 2 Chronicles 21:20 without being desired: Heb. without desire 2 Chronicles 22:6 which were given him: Heb. wherewith they wounded him 2 Chronicles 22:6 Azariah: Otherwise called Ahaziah, ver. 1. & Jehoahaz chap. 21.17 2 Chronicles 22:7 the destruction: Heb. treading down 2 Chronicles 22:11 Jehoshabeath: also called, Jehosheba 2 Chronicles 23:4 doors: Heb. thresholds 2 Chronicles 23:10 side: Heb. shoulder 2 Chronicles 23:10 Temple: Heb. house 2 Chronicles 23:11 God save the King: Heb. let the king live 2 Chronicles 23:13 Treason: Heb. Conspiracy 2 Chronicles 23:18 by David: Heb. by the hands of David 2 Chronicles 24:4 to repair: Heb. to renew 2 Chronicles 24:9 a proclamation: Heb. a voice 2 Chronicles 24:13 the work was perfected: Heb. the healing went up upon the work 2 Chronicles 24:14 offer: Or, pestils 2 Chronicles 24:20 came upon: Heb. clothed 2 Chronicles 24:23 at the end of the year: Heb. in the revolution of the year 2 Chronicles 24:23 Damascus: Heb. Darmesek 2 Chronicles 24:26 Zabad: Or, Jozacher 2 Chronicles 24:26 Shimrith: Or, Shomer 2 Chronicles 24:27 repairing: Heb. founding 2 Chronicles 24:27 story: Or, Commentary 2 Chronicles 25:3 established to him: Heb. confirmed upon him 2 Chronicles 25:9 army: Heb. band 2 Chronicles 25:10 home: Heb. to their place 2 Chronicles 25:10 great anger: Heb. in heat of anger 2 Chronicles 25:13 the soldiers: Heb. the sons of the band 2 Chronicles 25:16 determined: Heb. counselled 2 Chronicles 25:18 thistle: Or, furr bush, or thorn 2 Chronicles 25:18 wild beast: Heb. a beast of the field 2 Chronicles 25:22 put to the worse: Heb. smitten 2 Chronicles 25:23 the corner gate: Heb. the gate of it that looketh 2 Chronicles 25:27 from following: Heb. from after 2 Chronicles 25:27 made a conspiracy: Heb. conspired a conspiracy 2 Chronicles 25:28 Judah: that is, the city of David, as it is 2. king. 14.20 2 Chronicles 26:1 Uzziah: Or, Azariah 2 Chronicles 26:5 in the visions of God: Heb. in the seeing of God 2 Chronicles 26:6 about Ashdod: Or, in the country of Ashdod 2 Chronicles 26:8 spread: Heb. went 2 Chronicles 26:9 fortified: Or, repaired 2 Chronicles 26:10 digged many wells: Or, cut out many cisterns 2 Chronicles 26:10 Carmel: Or, fruitful fields 2 Chronicles 26:10 husbandry: Heb. ground 2 Chronicles 26:13 an army: Heb. the power of an army 2 Chronicles 26:14 slings to cast stones: Heb. stones of slings 2 Chronicles 26:15 spread far: Heb. went forth 2 Chronicles 26:21 several: Heb. Free 2 Chronicles 27:3 Ophel: Or, the tower 2 Chronicles 27:5 so much: Heb. much 2 Chronicles 27:6 prepared: Or, established 2 Chronicles 28:3 burnt incense: Or, offered sacrifice 2 Chronicles 28:5 Damascus: Heb. Darmesek 2 Chronicles 28:6 valiant men: Heb. sons of valour 2 Chronicles 28:7 next to the King: Heb. the second to the King 2 Chronicles 28:17 captives: Heb. a captivity 2 Chronicles 28:23 Damascus: Heb. Darmesek 2 Chronicles 28:25 burn: Or, to offer 2 Chronicles 29:6 turned their backs: Heb. given the necks 2 Chronicles 29:8 trouble: Heb. commotion 2 Chronicles 29:11 be not now negligent: Or, be not now deceived 2 Chronicles 29:11 burn incense: Or, offer sacrifice 2 Chronicles 29:15 by the words of the LORD: Or, in the business of the LORD 2 Chronicles 29:23 forth: Heb. near 2 Chronicles 29:25 of the LORD: Heb. by the hand of the LORD 2 Chronicles 29:25 by: Heb. by the hand of 2 Chronicles 29:27 when: Heb. in the time 2 Chronicles 29:27 instruments: Heb. hands of instruments 2 Chronicles 29:28 singers: Heb. song 2 Chronicles 29:29 present: Heb. found 2 Chronicles 29:31 consecrated: Or, filled your hand 2 Chronicles 29:34 did help them: Heb. strengthened them 2 Chronicles 30:4 pleased the king: Heb. was right in the eyes of the king 2 Chronicles 30:6 from: Heb. from the hand 2 Chronicles 30:8 be ye not stiffnecked: Harden not your necks 2 Chronicles 30:8 yield: Heb. give the hand 2 Chronicles 30:16 stood in their place: Heb. their standing 2 Chronicles 30:21 present: Heb. found 2 Chronicles 30:21 lowd: Heb. instruments of strength 2 Chronicles 30:22 comfortably unto all: Heb. to the heart of all etc. 2 Chronicles 30:24 did give: Heb. lifted up or offered 2 Chronicles 30:27 his holy dwelling place: Heb. the habitation of his holiness 2 Chronicles 31:1 present: Heb. found 2 Chronicles 31:1 images: Heb. statues 2 Chronicles 31:1 until they had utterly destroyed: Heb. until to make an end 2 Chronicles 31:5 came abroad: Heb. brought forth 2 Chronicles 31:5 honey: Or, dates 2 Chronicles 31:6 by heaps: Heb. heaps heaps 2 Chronicles 31:11 chambers: Or, storehouses 2 Chronicles 31:13 under the hand: Heb. at the hand 2 Chronicles 31:15 next him: Heb. at his hand 2 Chronicles 31:15 set office: Or, trust 2 Chronicles 31:18 set office: Or, trust 2 Chronicles 32:1 to win them for himself: Heb. to break them up 2 Chronicles 32:2 he was purposed to fight: Heb. his face was to war 2 Chronicles 32:4 ran: Heb. overflowed 2 Chronicles 32:5 darts: Or, swords, or weapons 2 Chronicles 32:6 he spake comfortably: Heb. he spake to their heart 2 Chronicles 32:8 rested: Heb. leaned 2 Chronicles 32:9 power: Heb. dominion 2 Chronicles 32:10 in the siege: Or, in the strong hold 2 Chronicles 32:21 slew him: Heb. made him fall 2 Chronicles 32:23 presents: Heb. precious things 2 Chronicles 32:24 gave him a sign: Or, wrought a miracle for him 2 Chronicles 32:26 the pride: Heb. the lifting up 2 Chronicles 32:27 pleasant jewels: Heb. instruments of desire 2 Chronicles 32:31 ambassadors: Heb. interpreters 2 Chronicles 32:32 goodness: Heb. kindnesses 2 Chronicles 32:33 chiefest: Or, highest 2 Chronicles 33:3 he built again: Heb. he returned and built 2 Chronicles 33:11 of the king: Heb. which were the kings 2 Chronicles 33:11 fetters: Or, chains 2 Chronicles 33:14 Ophel: Or, the tower 2 Chronicles 33:19 the seers: Or, Hosai 2 Chronicles 33:23 tresspassed more and more: Heb. multiplied tresspass 2 Chronicles 34:4 the images: Or, the sun images 2 Chronicles 34:4 graves of them: Heb. face of the graves 2 Chronicles 34:6 mattocks: Or, mauls 2 Chronicles 34:7 into powder: Heb. to make powder 2 Chronicles 34:11 to floor: Or, to rafter 2 Chronicles 34:14 by: Heb. by the hand of 2 Chronicles 34:16 to: Heb. to the hand of 2 Chronicles 34:17 gathered together: Heb. poured out, or melted 2 Chronicles 34:18 it: Heb. in it 2 Chronicles 34:20 Abdon: Or, Achbor 2 Chronicles 34:22 Hasrah: Or, Harhas 2 Chronicles 34:22 wardrobe: Heb. garments 2 Chronicles 34:22 college: Or, in the school, or in the second part 2 Chronicles 34:30 great and small: Heb. from great even to small 2 Chronicles 34:32 present: Heb. found 2 Chronicles 34:33 from following: Heb. from after 2 Chronicles 35:5 families of the fathers: Heb. the house of the fathers 2 Chronicles 35:5 brethren: Heb. the sons of the people 2 Chronicles 35:7 gave: Heb. offered 2 Chronicles 35:8 gave willingly: Heb. offered, etc 2 Chronicles 35:9 gave: Heb. offered 2 Chronicles 35:13 divided them speedily: Heb. made them run 2 Chronicles 35:15 place: Heb. station 2 Chronicles 35:17 present: Heb. found 2 Chronicles 35:18 present: Heb. found 2 Chronicles 35:20 Temple: Heb. house 2 Chronicles 35:21 the house, wherewith I have war: Heb. the house of my war 2 Chronicles 35:23 sore wounded: Heb. made sick 2 Chronicles 35:24 in one of the sepulchers: Or, among the sepulchers 2 Chronicles 35:26 goodness: Heb. kindnesses 2 Chronicles 36:3 put him down: Heb. removed him 2 Chronicles 36:3 condemned: mulcted 2 Chronicles 36:6 fetters: Or, chains 2 Chronicles 36:8 Jehoiachin: Or, Jeconiah, 1. chro. 3.16. Or, Coniah, jer. 22.24 2 Chronicles 36:10 when the year was expired: Heb. at the return of the year 2 Chronicles 36:10 goodly vessels: Heb. vessels of desire 2 Chronicles 36:10 Zedekiah: Or, Mattaniah 2 Chronicles 36:15 by his messengers: Heb. by the hand of his messengers 2 Chronicles 36:15 betimes: That is, continually and carefully 2 Chronicles 36:16 remedy: Heb. healing 2 Chronicles 36:20 them that had escaped from the sword: Heb. the remainder from the sword Ezra 1:1 made a proclomation: Heb. caused a voice to pass Ezra 1:4 help him: Heb. lift him up Ezra 1:6 strengthened their hands: that is, helped them Ezra 1:11 the captivity: Heb. the transportation Ezra 2:2 Seraiah: Or, Azariah Ezra 2:10 Bani: Or, Binnui Ezra 2:18 Jorah: Or, Hariph Ezra 2:20 Gibbar: Or, Gibeon Ezra 2:24 Azmaveth: Or, Bethazmaveth Ezra 2:33 Hadid: Or, Harid, as it is in some copies Ezra 2:40 Hodaviah: Or, Judah, chap. 3.9. called also Hodevah Ezra 2:46 Shalmai: Or, Shamlai Ezra 2:52 Bazluth: Or, Bazlith, in Nehem Ezra 2:55 Peruda: Or, Perida, in Nehem. Ezra 2:57 Ami: Or, Amon, in Nehem. Ezra 2:59 seed: Or, pedegree Ezra 2:62 were they as polluted, put from the priesthood: Heb. they were polluted from the priesthood Ezra 2:63 Tirshatha: Or, governor Ezra 3:2 Jeshua: Or, Josua Ezra 3:4 as the duty of every day required: Heb. the matter of the day in his day Ezra 3:6 the foundation of the temple of the LORD was not yet laid: Heb. the Temple of the Lord was not yet founded Ezra 3:7 carpenters: Or, workmen Ezra 3:9 Judah: Or, Hodaviah Ezra 3:9 together: Heb. as one Ezra 4:1 the children of the captivity: Heb. the sons of the transportation Ezra 4:6 Ahasuerus: Heb. Ahashverosh Ezra 4:7 Bishlam: Or, in peace Ezra 4:7 companions: Heb. societies Ezra 4:8 Scribe: Or, Secretary Ezra 4:9 companions: Chald. societies Ezra 4:10 and at such a time: Chal. Cheeneth Ezra 4:12 set up: Or, finished Ezra 4:12 joined: Chal. sowed together Ezra 4:13 pay: Chal. give Ezra 4:13 revenue: Or, strength Ezra 4:14 we have maintenance from the Kings palace: Chal. we are salted with the salt of the palace Ezra 4:15 moved: Cald. made Ezra 4:15 within the same of old time: Chald. in the midst thereof Ezra 4:17 companions: Chal, societies Ezra 4:19 I commanded: Chald. by me a decree is set Ezra 4:19 made insurrection: Chald. lifted up itself Ezra 4:21 Give ye now commandement: Chal. make a decree Ezra 4:23 by force and power: Chald. by arm and power Ezra 5:4 that make this building: Chald. that build this building Ezra 5:7 wherein: Chald. in the midst whereof Ezra 5:8 great stones: Chald. stones of rolling Ezra 5:14 governor: Or, deputy Ezra 6:1 rolls: Chalde, books Ezra 6:1 laid up: Chalde, made to descend Ezra 6:2 Achmetha: Or, Ecbatana, or in a coffer Ezra 6:5 brought again: Chaldee, go Ezra 6:6 your companions: Chalde, their societies Ezra 6:8 I make a decree: Chalde, by me a decree is made Ezra 6:8 hindered: Chalde, made to cease Ezra 6:10 of sweet savours: Chalde, of rest Ezra 6:11 let him be hanged: Chalde, let him be destroyed Ezra 6:14 commandment: Chald. decree Ezra 6:16 the children of the captivity: Chald. the sons of the transportation Ezra 6:18 as it is written in the book: Chald. according to the writing Ezra 7:9 began he to go up: He was the foundation of the going up Ezra 7:121 unto Ezra the priest, a Scribe of the Law of the God of heaven, Peace: Or, to Ezra the Priest a perfect Scribe of the Law of the God of heaven, Peace, etc. Ezra 7:14 of the king: Chal. from before the King Ezra 7:22 measures: Chald, cores Ezra 7:23 Whatsoever is commanded: Heb. whatsoever is of the decree Ezra 7:26 to banishment: Chald. to rooting out Ezra 8:12 the son: Or, the youngest son Ezra 8:14 Zabbud: Or, Zaccur, as some read Ezra 8:15 abode: Or, pitched Ezra 8:17 I told them: Heb. I put words in their mouth Ezra 8:27 fine copper: Heb. yellow or shining brass Ezra 8:27 precious: Heb. desireable Ezra 9:5 heaviness: Or, affliction Ezra 9:6 trespass: Or, guiltiness Ezra 9:8 little space: Heb. moment Ezra 9:8 a nail: Or, a pinne [symbol in wrong place] Ezra 9:8 in his holy place: That is, a constant and sure abode Ezra 9:9 to repair: Heb. to set up Ezra 9:11 by thy servants: Heb. by the hand of thy servants Ezra 9:11 from one end to another: Heb. from mouth to mouth Ezra 9:13 hast punished us less, then our iniquities deserve: Heb. hast withheld beneath our iniquities Ezra 10:1 wept very sore: Heb. wept a great weeping Ezra 10:1 put away: Heb. to bring forth Ezra 10:8 forfeited: Heb. devoted Ezra 10:9 the great rain: Heb. the showers Ezra 10:10 have taken: Heb. have caused to dwell, or have brought back Ezra 10:13 we are many that have transgressed in this thing: Or, we have greatly offended in this thing Ezra 10:14 for this matter: Or, till this matter be dispatched Ezra 10:15 were employed: Heb. stood Ezra 10:40 Machnadebai: Or, Mabnadebai, according to some copies Nehemiah 2:6 Queen: Heb. wife Nehemiah 3:2 next unto him: Heb. at his hand Nehemiah 3:8 fortified Jerusalem unto the broad wall: Or, left Jerusalem unto the broad wall Nehemiah 3:11 other piece: Heb. second measure Nehemiah 3:20 Zabbai: Or, Zaccai Nehemiah 3:26 Ophel: Or, the tower Nehemiah 3:31 corner: Or, corner chamber Nehemiah 4:2 fortify themselves?: Heb. leave to themselves Nehemiah 4:4 despised: Heb. despite Nehemiah 4:7 were made up: Heb. ascended Nehemiah 4:8 to hinder it: Heb. to make an error to it Nehemiah 4:12 From all places whence ye shall return unto us: Or, that from all places ye must return to us Nehemiah 4:13 in the lower places: Heb. from the lower parts of the place, etc. Nehemiah 4:18 by his side: Heb. on his loins Nehemiah 4:23 saving that every one put them off for washing: Or, every one with with his weapon for water Nehemiah 5:7 I consulted with myself: Heb. my heart consulted in me Nehemiah 5:13 emptied: Heb. empty or void Nehemiah 6:6 Gashmu: Or, Geshem Nehemiah 6:17 sent many letters unto Tobiah: Heb. multiplied letters passing to Tobiah Nehemiah 6:19 words: Or, matters Nehemiah 7:4 large: Heb. broad in spaces Nehemiah 7:7 Azariah: Or, Seraiah Nehemiah 7:15 Binnui: Or, Bani Nehemiah 7:24 Hariph: Or, Jord Nehemiah 7:25 Gibeon: Or, Gibbar Nehemiah 7:28 Bethazmaveth: Or, Azmaveth Nehemiah 7:29 Kirjathjearim: Or, Kirjatharim Nehemiah 7:43 Hodevah: Or, Hodaviah, Ezra 2.4. Or, Judah, Ezra. 3.9 Nehemiah 7:59 Amon: Or, Ami Nehemiah 7:61 seed: Or, pedigree Nehemiah 7:65 the Tirshatha: Or, the governor Nehemiah 7:70 some: Heb. part Nehemiah 8:2 that could hear with understanding: Heb. that understood in hearing Nehemiah 8:3 from the morning: Heb. from the light Nehemiah 8:4 pulpit of wood: Heb. tower of wood Nehemiah 8:5 sight: Heb. eyes Nehemiah 8:9 the Tirshatha: Or, the governor Nehemiah 8:13 to understand the words of the Law: Or, that they might instruct in the words of the Law Nehemiah 8:14 by: Heb. by the hand of Nehemiah 8:18 a solemn: Heb. a restraint Nehemiah 9:2 strangers: Heb. strange children Nehemiah 9:4 stairs: Or, scaffold Nehemiah 9:13 true laws: Heb. laws of truth Nehemiah 9:15 which thou hadst sworn to give them: Heb. which thou hadst lift up thine hand to give them Nehemiah 9:17 a God ready to pardon: Heb. a god of pardons Nehemiah 9:24 as they would: Heb. according to their will Nehemiah 9:25 wells: Or, cisterns Nehemiah 9:25 fruit trees: Heb. tree of food Nehemiah 9:28 they did evil: Heb. they returned to do evil Nehemiah 9:29 and withdrew the shoulder: Heb. they gave a withdrawing shoulder Nehemiah 9:30 forbear them: Heb. protract over them Nehemiah 9:30 in thy Prophets: Heb. in the hand of thy Prophets Nehemiah 9:32 trouble: Heb. weariness Nehemiah 9:32 that hath come upon us: Heb. that hath found us Nehemiah 9:38 seal unto it: Heb. are at the sealing, or sealed Nehemiah 10:1 that sealed were: Heb. at the sealings Nehemiah 10:1 the Tirshatha: Or, the governor Nehemiah 10:29 by: Heb. by the hand of Nehemiah 10:31 every: Heb. every hand Nehemiah 11:14 the son of one of the great men: Or, the son of Haggedolim Nehemiah 11:14 had the oversight: Heb. were over Nehemiah 11:19 the gates: Heb. at the gates Nehemiah 11:21 Ophel: Or, the tower Nehemiah 11:23 a certain portion: Or, a sure ordinance Nehemiah 11:31 from Giba: Or, of Geba Nehemiah 11:31 at Michmash: Or, to Michmash Nehemiah 12:2 Malluch: Or, Melicu Nehemiah 12:3 Shechaniah: Or, Shebaniah Nehemiah 12:3 Rehum: Or, Harim Nehemiah 12:3 Merimoth: Or, Meraioth Nehemiah 12:4 Ginnetho: Or, Ginnethon Nehemiah 12:5 Miamin: Or, Miniamin Nehemiah 12:5 Madiah: Or, Moadiah Nehemiah 12:7 Sallu: Or, Sallai Nehemiah 12:8 the thanksgiving: That is, the Psalms of thanksgiving Nehemiah 12:25 thresholds: Or, treasuries, or assemblies Nehemiah 12:42 sang loud: Heb. made their voice to be heard Nehemiah 12:44 of the law: that is, appointed by the law Nehemiah 12:44 for Judah: Heb. for the joy of Judah Nehemiah 12:44 that waited: Heb. that stood Nehemiah 12:47 sanctified: that is, set apart Nehemiah 13:1 they read: Heb. there was read Nehemiah 13:1 audience: Heb. ears Nehemiah 13:4 having the oversight: Heb. being set over Nehemiah 13:5 commanded to be given to the Levites: Heb. the commandment of the Levites Nehemiah 13:6 after certain days: Heb. at the end of days Nehemiah 13:6 obtained I leave: Or, I earnestly requested Nehemiah 13:11 place: Heb. standing Nehemiah 13:12 treasuries: Or, storehouses Nehemiah 13:13 next to them: Heb. at their hand Nehemiah 13:13 their office: Heb. it was upon them Nehemiah 13:14 good deeds: Heb. kindnesses Nehemiah 13:14 offices: Or, observations Nehemiah 13:21 about the wall?: Heb. before the wall Nehemiah 13:22 greatness: Or, multitude Nehemiah 13:23 had married: Heb. had made to dwell with them Nehemiah 13:24 could not speak: Heb. they discerned not to speak Nehemiah 13:24 of each people: Heb. of people and people Nehemiah 13:25 cursed them: Or, reviled them Nehemiah 13:29 because they have defiled: Heb. for the defilings Esther 1:5 present: Heb. found Esther 1:6 blue: Or, violet Esther 1:6 red, and blue, and white, and black marble: Or, of porphyre, and marble, and alabaster, and stone of blue color Esther 1:7 royal wine: Heb. wine of the kingdom Esther 1:7 state of the king: Heb. according to the hand of the king Esther 1:10 chamberlains: Or, Eunuchs Esther 1:11 fair to look on: Heb. good of countenance Esther 1:12 by his chamberlains: Heb. which was by the hand of his Eunuchs Esther 1:15 what shall we do: Heb. what to do? Esther 1:19 if it please the king: Heb. if it be good with the king Esther 1:19 from him: Heb. from before him Esther 1:19 that it be not altered: Heb. that it pass not away Esther 1:19 unto another: Heb. unto her companion Esther 1:21 pleased the king: Heb. was good in the eyes of the king Esther 1:22 that it should be published according to the language of every people: Heb. that one should publish it according to the language of his people Esther 2:3 unto the custody: Heb. unto the hand Esther 2:3 Hege: Or, Hegai, ver. 8 Esther 2:7 brought up: Heb. nourished Esther 2:7 fair and beautiful: Heb. fair of form, and good of countenance Esther 2:9 such things: Heb. her portions Esther 2:9 he preferred her: Heb. he changed her Esther 2:11 to know how: Heb. to know the peace Esther 2:17 favour: Or, kindness Esther 2:17 in his sight: Heb. before him Esther 2:18 release: Heb. rest Esther 2:21 Bigthan: Or, Bigthana Esther 2:21 the door: Heb. the threshold Esther 3:8 for: Heb. meet Or, equal Esther 3:9 that they may be destroyed: Heb. to destroy them Esther 3:9 pay: Heb. weigh Esther 3:10 enemy: Or, oppressor Esther 3:12 scribes: Or, secretaries Esther 4:3 many lay in sackloth and ashes: Heb. sackcloth and ashes were laid under many Esther 4:4 chamberlains: Heb. Eunuchs Esther 4:5 whom he had appointed to attend upon her: Heb. whom he had set before her Esther 4:14 enlargement: Heb. respiration Esther 4:16 present: Heb. found Esther 4:17 went: Heb. passed Esther 5:8 to perform: Heb. to do Esther 5:10 called: Heb. caused to come Esther 5:14 gallows: Heb. tree Esther 6:1 could not the King sleep: Heb. the kings sleep fled away Esther 6:2 Bigthana: Or, Bigthan Esther 6:2 door: Heb. threshold Esther 6:6 whom the king delighted to honor?: Heb. in whose honour the King delighteth Esther 6:7 whom the king delighted to honor: Heb. in whose honour the King delighteth Esther 6:8 let the royal apparel be brought: Heb. let them bring the royal apparel Esther 6:8 which the King useth to wear: Heb. wherewith the king clotheth himself Esther 6:9 bring him on horseback: Heb. cause him to ride Esther 6:10 let nothing fail: Heb. suffer not a whit to fail Esther 7:1 to banquet: Heb. to drink Esther 7:4 to be destroyed, to be slain, and to perish: Heb. that they should destroy and kill, and cause to perish Esther 7:5 that durst presume in his heart: Heb. whose heart hath filled him Esther 7:6 The adversary: Heb. The man adversary Esther 7:6 before: Or, at the presence of Esther 7:8 before me: Heb. with me Esther 7:9 gallows: Heb. tree Esther 8:3 and besought him with tears: Heb. and she wept and besought him Esther 8:5 devised: Heb. the device Esther 8:5 which he wrote: Or, who wrote Esther 8:6 I endure to see: Heb. be able that I may see Esther 8:13 published: Heb. revealed Esther 8:15 blue: Or, violet Esther 9:3 officers of the king: Heb. those which did the business that belonged to the King Esther 9:5 what they would: Heb. according to their will Esther 9:11 was brought: Heb. came Esther 9:13 let…be hanged: Heb. let men hang Esther 9:17 of the same: Heb. in it Esther 9:24 consume: Heb. crush Esther 9:25 when Esther came: Heb. when she came Esther 9:26 Pur: that is, Lot Esther 9:27 fail: Heb. pass Esther 9:28 fail: Heb. pass Esther 9:28 perish: Heb. be ended Esther 9:29 all authority: Heb. all strength Esther 9:31 for themselves: Heb. for their souls Esther 10:2 advanced him: Heb. made him great Job 1:3 substance: Or, cattle Job 1:3 household: Or, husbandry Job 1:3 men of the East: Heb. sons of the East Job 1:5 continually: Heb. all the days Job 1:6 Satan: Heb. the adversary Job 1:6 among them: Heb. in the midst of them Job 1:8 Hast thou considered: Heb. hast thou set thy heart on Job 1:10 substance: Or, cattle Job 1:11 and he will curse thee to thy face: Heb. if he curse thee not to thy face Job 1:12 power: Heb. hand Job 1:16 The fire of God: Or, A great fire Job 1:17 fell: Heb. rushed Job 1:19 from the: Heb. from aside, etc Job 1:20 mantle: Or, robe Job 1:22 charged God foolishly: Or, attributed folly to God Job 2:3 to destroy him: Heb. to swallow him up Job 2:6 but save: Or, only Job 3:2 spake: Heb. answered Job 3:5 stain it: Or, challenge it Job 3:5 let the blackness of the day terrify it: Or, let them terrify it, as those who have a bitter day Job 3:6 let it not be joined unto the days: Or, let it not rejoice among the days Job 3:8 their mourning: Or, Leviathan Job 3:9 the dawning of the day: Heb. the eyelids of the morning Job 3:17 weary be at rest: Heb. wearied in strength Job 3:21 long: Heb. wait Job 3:24 before I eat: Heb. before my meat Job 3:25 the thing which I greatly feared is come upon me: Heb. I feared a fear, and it came upon me Job 4:2 to commune: Heb. a word Job 4:2 who can withold himself from speaking? Heb. who can refrain from words? Job 4:4 the feeble knees: The bowing knees Job 4:12 secretly: Heb. by stealth Job 4:14 came upon me: Heb. met me Job 4:14 all my bones: Heb. the multitude of my bones Job 4:16 there was silence: Or, I heard a still voice Job 4:18 and his Angels he charged: Or, nor in his Angels, in whom he put light Job 4:20 destroyed: Heb. beaten in pieces Job 5:1 turn: Or, look Job 5:2 envy: Or, indignation Job 5:6 affliction: Or, iniquity Job 5:7 trouble: Or, labour Job 5:7 the sparks fly upward: Heb. the sons of the burning coal, lift up to fly Job 5:9 and unsearchable: Heb. and there is no search Job 5:9 without number: Heb. till there be no number Job 5:10 fields: Heb. outplaces Job 5:12 cannot perform their enterprise: Or, cannot perform anything Job 5:14 meet: Or, run into Job 5:20 power: Heb. from the hands Job 5:21 from the scourge of the tongue: Or, when the tongue scourgeth Job 5:24 thy tabernacle shall be in peace: Or, peace is thy tabernacle Job 5:24 sin: Or, err Job 5:25 great: Or, much Job 5:26 cometh in: Heb. ascendeth Job 5:27 for thy good: Heb. for thyself Job 6:2 laid: Heb. lifted up Job 6:3 my words are swallowed up: That is, I want words to express my grief Job 6:5 when he hath grass?: Heb. at grass Job 6:8 the thing that I long for!: Heb. my expectation Job 6:12 of brass? Heb. brasen Job 6:14 to him that is afflicted: Heb. to him that melteth Job 6:17 they vanish: Heb. they are cut off Job 6:17 when it is hot: Heb. in the heat thereof Job 6:17 consumed: Heb. extinguished Job 6:21 for now ye are: Or, for now ye are like to them Job 6:21 nothing: Heb. not Job 6:27 ye overwhelm: Heb. ye cause to fall upon Job 6:28 evident unto you: Heb. before your face Job 6:29 is in it: that is, in this matter Job 6:30 my taste: Heb. my palate Job 7:1 an appointed time: Or, a warfare Job 7:2 earnestly desireth: Heb. gapeth after Job 7:4 the night be gone?: Heb. the evening be measured Job 7:7 shall no more: Heb. shall not return Job 7:7 see good: To see, that is, to enjoy Job 7:8 I am not: That is, I can live no longer Job 7:15 then my life: Heb. then my bones Job 8:4 for their transgression: Heb. in the hand of their transgression Job 8:9 nothing: Heb. not Job 8:14 a spiders web: Heb. a spiders house Job 8:20 help the evil doers: Heb. take the ungodly by the hand Job 8:21 rejoicing: Heb. shouting for joy Job 8:22 shall come to nought Job 9:2 with God: Or, before God Job 9:8 waves: Heb. heights Job 9:9 Arcturus, Orion and Pleiades: Heb. Ash, Cesil, and Cimah Job 9:12 who can hinder him?: Heb. who can turn him away? Job 9:13 the proud helpers: Heb. helpers of pride, or strength Job 9:26 swift ships: Heb. ships of desire. Or, ships of Ebeh Job 9:31 abhor me: Or, make me to be abhorred Job 9:33 any daysman: Heb. one that should argue. Or, Umpire Job 9:35 but it is not so with me: Heb. but I am not so with myself Job 10:1 weary of my life: Or, cut off while I live Job 10:3 the work of thine hands?: Heb. the labour of thine hands Job 10:7 thou knowest: Heb. it is upon thy knowledge Job 10:8 have made me: Heb. took pains about me Job 10:11 fenced: Heb. hedged Job 10:17 thy witnesses: That is, thy plagues Job 11:2 a man full of talk: Heb. a man of lips Job 11:3 lies: Or, devices Job 11:8 as high as heaven: Heb. the heights of heaven Job 11:10 cut off: Or, make a change Job 11:10 who can hinder him? Heb. who can turn him away? Job 11:12 vain: Heb. empty Job 11:17 shall be clearer than the noon day: Heb. shall arise above the noonday Job 11:19 make suit unto thee: Heb. intreat thy face Job 11:20 they shall not escape: Heb. flight shall perish from them Job 11:20 giving up of the ghost: Or, a puff of breath Job 12:3 understanding: Heb. an heart Job 12:3 I am not inferior to you: Heb. I fall not lower then you Job 12:3 who knoweth not such things as these?: With whom are not such as these? Job 12:10 soul: Or, life Job 12:10 all mankind: Heb. all flesh of man Job 12:11 mouth: Heb. palate Job 12:13 with him: That is, with God Job 12:14 up: Heb. upon Job 12:20 the speech of the trusty: Heb. the lip of the faithful Job 12:21 weakeneth the strength of the mighty: Or, looseth the girdle of the strong Job 12:23 straighteneth: Heb. leadeth in Job 12:25 stagger: Heb. wander Job 13:13 hold your peace: Heb. be silent from me Job 13:15 maintain: Heb. prove, or argue Job 13:27 lookest narrowly: Heb. observeth Job 13:27 heels: Heb. roots Job 14:1 of few days: Heb. short of days? Job 14:4 who can bring: Heb. who will give? Job 14:6 rest: Heb. cease Job 14:10 wasteth away: Heb. is weakened, or cut off Job 14:18 cometh: Heb. fadeth Job 14:19 washest away: Heb. overflowest Job 15:2 vain knowledge: Heb. knowledge of wind Job 15:4 thou casteth off: Heb. thou makest void Job 15:4 prayer: Or, speech Job 15:5 uttereth: Heb. teacheth Job 15:21 A dreadful sound: Heb. A sound of fears Job 15:32 accomplished: Or, cut off Job 15:35 vanity: Or, iniquity Job 16:2 miserable: Or, troublesome Job 16:3 vain words: Heb. words of wind Job 16:6 what am I eased? Heb. what goeth from me? Job 16:11 hath delivered me: Heb. hath shut me up Job 16:19 on high: Heb. in the high places Job 16:20 scorn me: Heb. are my scorners Job 16:21 neighbor: Or, friend Job 16:22 a few years: Heb. years of number Job 17:1 My breath is corrupt: Or, my spirit is spent Job 17:2 continue: Heb. lodge Job 17:6 aforetime: Or, before them Job 17:7 my members: Or, my thoughts Job 17:9 shall be stronger: Heb. shall add strength Job 17:11 the thoughts: Heb. the possessions Job 17:12 short: Heb. near Job 17:14 said: Heb. cried, or called Job 18:4 himself: Heb. his soul Job 18:6 candle: Or, lamp Job 18:10 laid: Heb. hidden Job 18:11 drive him: Heb. scatter him Job 18:13 strength: Heb. bars Job 18:18 He shall be driven: Heb. they shall drive him Job 18:20 went before: Or, lived with him Job 18:20 were afrighted: Heb. laid hold on horror Job 19:3 make yourselves strange to me: Or, harden yourselves against me Job 19:7 wrong: Or, violence Job 19:17 mine own body: Heb. my belly Job 19:18 young children: Or, the wicked Job 19:19 my inward friends: Heb. the men of my secret Job 19:20 and to: Or, as Job 19:23 Oh that my words were now written: Heb. who will give? etc. Job 19:26 And though after my skin worms destroy this body, yet in my flesh shall I see God: Or, After I shall awake though this body be destroyed, yet out of my flesh shall I see God Job 19:27 another: Heb. a stranger Job 19:27 within me: Heb. in my bosom Job 19:28 seeing the root of the matter is found in me: Or, and what root of matter is found in me? Job 20:2 I make haste: Heb. my haste is in me Job 20:5 short: Heb. from near Job 20:6 clouds: Heb. cloud Job 20:10 His children shall seek to please the poor: Or, the poor shall oppress his children Job 20:13 within his mouth: Heb. in the midst of his palate Job 20:17 the floods, the brooks: Or, streaming brooks Job 20:18 according to his substance shall the restitution be: Heb. according to the substance of his exchange Job 20:19 oppressed: Heb. crushed Job 20:20 feel: Heb. know Job 20:21 There shall none of his meat be left: Or, there shall be none left for his meats Job 20:22 wicked: Or, troublesome Job 20:29 appointed unto him by God: Heb. of his decree from God Job 21:4 troubled?: Heb. shortened Job 21:5 Mark me: Heb. Look unto me Job 21:9 safe from fear: Heb. are peace from fear Job 21:13 in wealth: Or, in mirth Job 21:17 candle: Or, lamp Job 21:18 carrieth away: Heb. stealeth away Job 21:19 his iniquity: That is, the punishment of his iniquity Job 21:23 in his full strength: Heb. in his very perfection, or in the strength of his perfection Job 21:24 breasts: Or, milk pails Job 21:28 the dwelling places: Heb. the tent of the tabernacles of the wicked Job 21:30 the day of wrath: Heb. the day of wraths Job 21:32 grave: Heb. graves Job 21:32 remain in the tomb: Heb. watch in the heap Job 21:34 falsehood: Heb. transgression Job 22:2 he that is wise may be profitable unto himself: Or, if he may be profitable, doth his good success depend thereon? Job 22:6 stripped the naked of their clothing: Heb. stripped the clothes of the naked Job 22:8 mighty man: Heb. the man of arm Job 22:8 the honorable man: Heb. eminent or accepted for countenance Job 22:12 height of the stars: Heb. the head of the stars Job 22:13 How: Or, what Job 22:16 whose foundation was overflowen: Heb. a flood was poured upon their foundation Job 22:17 for them?: Or, to them Job 22:20 substance: Or, estate Job 22:20 remnant: Or, their excellency Job 22:21 him: That is, with God Job 22:24 as dust: Or, on the dust Job 22:25 defence: Or, gold Job 22:25 plenty of silver: Heb. silver of strength Job 22:29 humble person: Heb. him that hath low eyes Job 22:30 he shall deliver the Island of the innocent: Or, the innocent shall deliver the Island Job 23:2 my stroke: Heb. my hand Job 23:10 the way that I take: Heb. the way that is with me Job 23:12 I have esteemed: Heb. I have hid, or laid up Job 23:12 my necessary food: Or, my appointed portion Job 24:2 feed thereof: Or, feed them Job 24:6 corn: Heb. mingled corn, or dredge Job 24:6 they gather the vintage of the wicked: Heb. the wicked gather the vintage Job 24:15 disguiseth his face: Heb. setteth his face in secret Job 24:19 consume: Heb. violently take it Job 24:22 and no man is sure of life: Or, he trusteth not his own life Job 24:24 are gone: Heb. are not Job 24:24 taken out: Heb. closed up Job 26:5 and the inhabitants: Or, with the inhabitants Job 26:10 until the day and night: Heb. until the end of light with darkness Job 26:12 the proud: Heb. pride Job 27:1 continued: Heb. added to take up Job 27:2 vexed my soul: Heb. made my soul bitter Job 27:3 the spirit of God: That is, the breath which God gave him Job 27:6 so long as I live: Heb. from my days Job 27:11 by the hand: Or, being in the hand etc. Job 27:22 he would fain: Heb. in fleeing he would flee Job 28:1 a vein: Or, a mine Job 28:2 earth: Or, dust Job 28:6 dust of gold: Or, gold ore Job 28:9 rock: Or, flint Job 28:11 from overflowing: Heb. from weeping Job 28:15 it cannot be gotten for gold: Heb. fine gold shall not be given for it Job 28:17 jewels of fine gold: Or, vessel of fine gold Job 28:18 Coral: Or, Ramoth Job 28:21 air: Or, heaven Job 28:27 and declare it: Or, did number it Job 29:1 continued: Heb. added to take up Job 29:3 candle: Or, lamp Job 29:6 me out: Heb. with me Job 29:10 The nobles held their peace: Heb. The voice of the nobles was hid Job 29:17 the jaws: Heb. the jawteeth or the grinders Job 29:17 plucked: Heb. I cast Job 29:19 spread out: Heb. opened Job 29:20 fresh: Heb. new Job 29:20 renewed: Heb. changed Job 30:1 that are younger than I: Heb. of fewer days than I Job 30:3 solitary: Or, dark as the night Job 30:3 in former time: Heb. yesternight Job 30:6 caves: Heb. holes Job 30:8 base men: Heb. men of no name Job 30:10 and spare not to spit in my face: Heb. and withhold not spittle from my face Job 30:15 my soul: Heb. my principal one Job 30:21 become cruel: Heb. turned to be cruel Job 30:21 thy strong hand: Heb. the strength of thy hand Job 30:22 substance: Or, wisdom Job 30:24 grave: Heb. heap Job 30:25 for him that was in trouble?: Heb. for him that was hard of day Job 30:29 owls: Or, ostriches Job 31:6 Let me be weighed in an even balance: Heb. let him weigh me in balances of Justice Job 31:15 did not one fashion us in the womb?: Or, did he not fashion us in one womb? Job 31:18 her: That is, the widow Job 31:22 bone: Or, the chanelbone Job 31:25 gotten much: Heb. found much Job 31:26 the Sun: Heb. the light Job 31:26 in brightness: Heb. bright Job 31:27 my mouth hath kissed my hand: Heb. my hand hath kissed my mouth Job 31:30 my mouth: Heb. my palate Job 31:32 to the traveller: Or, to the way Job 31:33 as Adam: Or, after the manner of men Job 31:35 behold, my desire, that the Almighty would answer me: Or, behold my sign is that the Almighty will answer me Job 31:38 complain: Heb. weep Job 31:39 the fruits thereof: Heb. the strength thereof Job 31:39 caused the owners thereof to lose their life: Heb. caused the soul of the owners thereof to expire, or breath out Job 31:40 cockle: Or, noisome weeds Job 32:1 to answer: Heb. from answering Job 32:2 himself: Heb. his soul Job 32:4 waited till Job had spoken: Heb. expected Job in words Job 32:4 elder than he: Heb. elder for days Job 32:6 young: Heb. few of days Job 32:6 durst: Heb. I feared Job 32:11 reasons: Heb. understandings Job 32:11 what to say: Heb. words Job 32:14 directed his words: Or, ordered his words Job 32:15 they let off speaking: Heb. they removed speeches from themselves Job 32:18 matter: Heb. words Job 32:18 spirit within me: Heb. the spirit of my belly Job 32:19 hath no vent: Heb. is not opened Job 32:20 that I may be refreshed: Heb. that I may breath Job 33:2 in my mouth: Heb. in my palate Job 33:6 according to thy wish: Heb. according to thy mouth Job 33:6 formed out of the clay: Heb. cut out of the clay Job 33:8 in mine hearing: Heb. in mine ears Job 33:13 he giveth not account: Heb. he answereth not Job 33:16 he openeth the ears: Heb. he revealeth, or uncovereth Job 33:17 purpose: Heb. work Job 33:18 from perishing by the sword: Heb. from passing by the sword Job 33:20 dainty meat: Heb. meat of desire Job 33:24 a ransom: Or, an atonement Job 33:25 then a childs: Heb. then childhood Job 33:27 He looketh upon men, and if any say, I have sinned: Or, he shall look upon men, and say, I have sinned, etc. Job 33:28 He will deliver his soul: Or, he hath delivered my soul etc. and my life Job 33:29 oftentimes: Heb. twice and thrice Job 34:3 mouth: Heb. palate Job 34:6 my wound: Heb. mine arrow Job 34:10 men of understanding: Heb. men of heart Job 34:13 the whole: Heb. all of it Job 34:14 upon man: Heb. upon him Job 34:17 govern? Heb. binde Job 34:20 the mighty shall be taken: Heb. they shall take away the mighty Job 34:23 enter: Heb. go Job 34:24 without number: Heb. without searching out Job 34:25 destroyed: Heb. crushed Job 34:26 in the open sight of others: Heb. in the place of beholders Job 34:27 from him: Heb. from after him Job 34:33 Should it be according to thy mind? Heb. Should it be from with thee? Job 34:34 of understanding: Heb. of heart Job 34:36 My desire is that Job may be tried: Or, My father, let Job be tried Job 35:3 if I be cleansed from my sin? Or, if by it more then by my sin Job 35:4 I will answer thee: Heb. I will return to thee words Job 35:15 he: That is God Job 35:15 he: That is Job Job 36:2 that I have yet to speak of Gods behalf: Heb. that there are yet words for God Job 36:5 wisdom: Heb. heart Job 36:6 poor: Or, afflicted Job 36:12 they shall perish by the sword: Heb. they shall pass away by the sword Job 36:14 They die: Heb. Their soul dieth Job 36:14 unclean: Or, Sodomites Job 36:15 poor: Or, afflicted Job 36:16 that which should be set on thy table: Heb. the rest of thy table Job 36:17 judgment and justice take hold on thee: Or, judgment and justice should uphold thee Job 36:18 deliver thee: Heb. turn thee aside Job 36:30 the bottom: Heb. the roots Job 36:33 the Vapour: Heb. that which goeth up Job 37:2 Hear attentively: Heb. Hear in hearing Job 37:3 lightning: Heb. light Job 37:3 ends of the earth: Heb. wings of the earth Job 37:6 likewise to the small rain, and to the great rain of his strength: Heb. and to the shower of rain, and to showers of rain of his strength Job 37:9 Out of the south: Heb. out of the chamber Job 37:9 North: Heb. scattering winds Job 37:11 his bright cloud: Heb. the cloud of his light Job 37:13 correction: Heb. a rod Job 37:22 fair: Heb. gold Job 38:3 answer thou me: Heb. make me know Job 38:4 if thou hast understanding: Heb. if thou knowest understanding Job 38:6 foundations: Heb. sockets Job 38:6 fastened?: Heb. made to sink Job 38:10 brake up for it my decreed place: Or, established my decree upon it Job 38:6 thy proud waves: Heb. the pride of thy waves Job 38:13 ends: Heb. wings Job 38:20 to: Or, at Job 38:30 is frozen: Heb. is taken Job 38:31 Pleiades?: Or, the seven stars. Heb. Cimah Job 38:31 Orion?: Heb. Cesil Job 38:32 Mazzaroth: Or, the twelve signs Job 38:32 guide: Heb. guide them Job 38:35 here we are?: Heb. behold us Job 38:37 who can stay: Heb. who can cause to lie down Job 38:38 when the dust: Or, when the dust is turned into mire: Job 38:38 groweth: Heb. is poured Job 38:39 the appetite: Heb. the life Job 39:6 the barren land: Heb. salt places Job 39:7 of the driver: Heb. of the exactor Job 39:13 wings and feathers unto the Ostrich?: Or, the feathers of the Stork and Ostrich Job 39:20 terrible: Heb. terror Job 39:21 He paweth: Or, His feet dig Job 39:21 the armed men: Heb. the armour Job 39:27 at thy command?: Heb. by thy mouth Job 40:15 behemoth: Or, the elephant, as some think Job 40:17 he moveth: Or, he settleth up Job 40:23 he drinketh: Heb. he oppresseth Job 40:24 He taketh it with his eyes: his nose pierceth through snares: Or, will any take him in his sight? or bore his nose with a ginn? Job 41:1 leviathan: That is, a whale or a whirlpool Job 41:1 which thou lettest down?: Heb. which thou drownest Job 41:13 with: Or, within Job 41:15 scales: Heb. strong pieces of shields Job 41:22 sorrow is turned into joy: Heb. sorrow rejoiceth Job 41:23 the flakes: Heb. the fallings Job 41:26 habergeon: Or, breastplate Job 41:30 Sharp stones: Heb. Sharp pieces, of potsherd Job 41:33 who is made without fear: Or, who behave themselves without fear Job 42:2 no thought can be withholden: Or, no thought of thine can be hindered Job 42:8 him: Heb. his face or person Job 42:9 Job: Heb. the face of Job Job 42:10 gave Job twice as much: Heb. added to Job unto the double Psalm 1:1 ungodly: Or, wicked Psalm 1:3 wither: Heb. fade Psalm 2:1 rage: Or, tumultuously assemble? Psalm 2:1 imagine: Heb. mediate Psalm 2:5 vex: Or, trouble Psalm 2:6 my King: Heb. anointed Psalm 2:6 upon my holy hill of Zion: Heb. upon Zion, the hill of my Holiness Psalm 2:7 the decree: Or, for a decree Psalm 3:3 for: Or, about Psalm 4:1 chief: Or, overseer Psalm 4:1 have mercy upon me: Or, be gracious unto me Psalm 5:5 in thy sight: Heb. before thine eyes Psalm 5:6 bloody and deceitful man: Heb. man of bloods and deceit Psalm 5:7 thy holy temple: Heb. the temple of thy holiness Psalm 5:8 mine enemies: Heb. those which observe me Psalm 5:9 faithfulness: Or, steadfastness Psalm 5:9 in their mouth: Heb. in his mouth i. in the mouth of any of them Psalm 5:9 very wickedness: Heb. wickedness Psalm 5:10 Destroy thou them: Or, make them guilty Psalm 5:10 by their own counsels: Or, from their counsels Psalm 5:11 defendest them: Heb. thou coverest over, or protectest them Psalm 5:12 compass him: Heb. crown him Psalm 6:1 upon: Or, upon the eight Psalm 6:6 all the night: Or, every night Psalm 7:1 words: Or, business Psalm 7:2 none to deliver Psalm 7:10 my defense is of God: Heb. my buckler is upon God Psalm 7:11 God judgeth the righteous: Or, God is a righteous Judge Psalm 7:15 He made a pit and digged it: Heb. he hath digged a pit Psalm 8:2 ordained: Heb. founded Psalm 8:7 all sheep and oxen: Heb. flocks and oxen, all of them Psalm 9:4 thou hast maintained my right: Heb. thou hast made my judgment Psalm 9:4 right: Heb. in righteousness Psalm 9:6 O thou enemy, destructions are come to a perpetual end; and thou hast destroyed cities: Or, the destructions of the enemy are come to a perpetuall end; and their cities hast thou destroyed, etc. Psalm 9:9 a refuge: Heb. an high place Psalm 9:12 humble: Or, afflicted Psalm 10:2 The wicked in his pride doth persecute the poor: Heb. in the pride of the wicked he doth persecute Psalm 10:3 hearts: Heb. souls Psalm 10:3 and blesseth: Or, the coveteous blesseth himself, he abborreth the Lord Psalm 10:6 never: Heb. unto generation and generation Psalm 10:7 deceit: Heb. deceits Psalm 10:7 vanity: Or, iniquity Psalm 10:8 are priviley set: Heb. hide themselves Psalm 10:9 secretly: Heb. in the secret places Psalm 10:10 He croucheth: Heb. he breaketh himself Psalm 10:10 by his strong ones: Or, into his strong parts Psalm 10:12 humble: Or, afflicted Psalm 10:14 committeth: Heb. leaveth Psalm 10:17 prepare: Or, establish Psalm 10:18 oppress: Or, terrify Psalm 11:2 privily: Heb. in darkness Psalm 11:6 an horrible tempest: Or, a burning tempest Psalm 12:1 Help: Or, save Psalm 12:2 a double heart: Heb. an heart, and an heart Psalm 12:3 proud things: Heb. great things Psalm 12:4 are our own: Heb. are with us Psalm 12:5 puffeth at him: Or, would ensnare him Psalm 12:7 him. i. every one of them Psalm 12:8 vilest men are exalted: Heb. the vilest of the sons of the men are exalted Psalm 14:3 filthy: Heb. stinking Psalm 14:5 There were they in great fear: Heb. they feared a fear Psalm 14:7 O that: Heb. who will give? etc. Psalm 15:1 abide: Heb. sojourn Psalm 15:3 taketh up: Or, receiveth, or endureth Psalm 16:4 hasten after another: Or, give gifts to another Psalm 16:5 of mine: Heb. of my part Psalm 16:9 rest in hope: Heb. dwell confidently Psalm 17:1 the right: Heb. justice Psalm 17:1 not out of fainted lips: Heb. without lips of deceit Psalm 17:5 slip not: Heb. be not moved Psalm 17:7 that savest by thy right hand, them which put their trust in thee, from those that rise up against them: Or, that savest them which trust in thee from these that rise up against thy right hand Psalm 17:9 that oppress me: Heb. that waste me Psalm 17:9 deadly enemies: Heb. my enemies against the soul Psalm 17:12 Like as a lion: Heb. The likeness of him (i. of every one of them) is as a lion that desireth to ravin Psalm 17:12 lurking: Heb. sitting Psalm 17:13 disappoint him: Heb. prevent his face Psalm 17:13 which is thy sword: Or, by thy sword Psalm 17:14 from men which are thy hand: Or, from men by thine hand Psalm 17:14 they are full of children: Or, their children are full Psalm 18:2 my strength: Heb. my rock Psalm 18:4 ungodly men: Heb. Belial Psalm 18:5 sorrows: Or, cords Psalm 18:8 out of his: Heb. by his Psalm 18:16 many waters: Or, great waters Psalm 18:23 before him: Heb. with Psalm 18:24 in his eyesight: Heb. before his eyes Psalm 18:26 shew thyself froward: Or, wrestle Psalm 18:28 candle: Or, lamp Psalm 18:29 run through: Or, broken Psalm 18:30 tried: Or, refined Psalm 18:35 thy gentleness hath made me great: Or, with thy meekness thou hast multiplied me Psalm 18:36 my feet: Heb. mine ankles Psalm 18:39 hast subdued: Heb. caused to bow Psalm 18:44 as soon as they heard: Heb. at the hearing of the ear Psalm 18:44 the strangers: Heb. the sons of the stranger Psalm 18:44 submit: Or, yield feigned obedience Psalm 18:47 avengeth: Heb. giveth avengements for me Psalm 18:47 subdueth: Or, destroyeth Psalm 18:48 violent man: Heb. man of violence Psalm 18:49 give: Or, confess Psalm 19:3 their voice is not heard: Or, without these their voice is heard. Heb. without their voice heard Psalm 19:4 line: Or, their rule, or direction Psalm 19:7 law: Or, doctrine Psalm 19:7 converting: Or, restoring Psalm 19:9 true: Heb. truth Psalm 19:10 the honeycomb: Heb. the dropping of honeycombs Psalm 19:13 the great: Or, much Psalm 19:14 my strength: Heb. my rock Psalm 20:1 defend thee: Heb. set thee on an high place Psalm 20:2 thee help: Heb. thy help Psalm 20:2 strengthen thee: Heb. support thee Psalm 20:3 accept: Heb. turn to ashes, or, make fat Psalm 20:6 from his holy heaven: Heb. from the heaven of his holiness Psalm 20:6 with the saving strength of his right hand: Heb. by the strength of the salvation of his right hand Psalm 21:6 made him most blessed: Heb. set him to be blessings Psalm 21:6 made him exceeding glad: Heb. gladded him with joy Psalm 21:12 shalt thou make them turn: Or, thou shalt set them as a butte Psalm 21:12 back: Heb. shoulder Psalm 22:1 from helping me: Heb. from my salvation Psalm 22:2 am not silent: Heb. there is no silence to me Psalm 22:7 shoot: Heb. open Psalm 22:8 He trusted on the LORD: Heb. He rolled himself on the Lord Psalm 22:8 seeing he delighted in him: Or, if he delight in him Psalm 22:9 didst make me hope: Or, keptest me in safety Psalm 22:11 none to help: Heb. not a helper Psalm 22:13 gaped upon me with their mouths: Heb. opened their mouths against me Psalm 22:14 out of joint: Or, sundry Psalm 22:20 my darling: Heb. my only one Psalm 22:20 from the power: Heb. from the hand Psalm 23:2 green pastures: Heb. pastures of tender grass Psalm 23:2 still waters: waters of quietness Psalm 23:5 anointest: Heb. makest fat Psalm 23:6 forever: Heb. to length of days Psalm 24:4 He that hath clean hands: Heb. the clean of hands Psalm 24:6 O Jacob: Or, O God of Jacob Psalm 25:13 thy tender: thy bowels Psalm 25:13 shalt dwell at ease: Heb. shall lodge in goodness Psalm 25:14 and he will show them his covenant: Or, and his covenant to make them know it Psalm 25:15 pluck: Heb. bring forth Psalm 25:19 cruel hatred: Heb. hatred of violence Psalm 26:8 where thine honor dwelleth: Heb. of the Tabernacle of thy honor Psalm 26:9 Gather not: Or, take not away Psalm 26:9 bloody men: Heb. men of blood Psalm 26:10 full of bribes: Heb. filled with Psalm 27:2 came upon me: Heb. approached against me Psalm 27:4 the beauty: Or, the delight Psalm 27:6 of joy: Heb. of shouting Psalm 27:8 When thou saidst, Seek ye my face; my heart said unto thee: Or, my heart said unto thee, let my face seek thy face, etc. Psalm 27:10 will take me up: Heb. will gather me Psalm 27:11 a plain path: Heb. a way of plainness Psalm 27:11 enemies: Heb. those which observe me Psalm 28:1 to me: Heb. from me Psalm 28:2 toward thy holy Oracle: Or, towards the Oracle of thy Sanctuary Psalm 28:8 their strength: Or, his strength Psalm 28:8 saving strength: Heb. strength of salvations Psalm 28:9 feed: Or, rule Psalm 29:1 ye mighty: Heb. ye sons of the mighty Psalm 29:2 the glory due unto his Name: Heb. the honour of his name Psalm 29:2 in the beauty of holiness: Or, in his glorious Sanctuary Psalm 29:3 many waters: Or, great waters Psalm 29:4 powerful: Heb. in power Psalm 29:4 full of Majesty: Heb. in Majesty Psalm 29:7 divideth: Heb. cutteth out Psalm 29:8 shaketh: Or, to be in pain Psalm 29:9 every one speak: Or, every whit of it uttereth etc. Psalm 30:4 at the rememberance: Or, to the memorial Psalm 30:5 his anger endureth but a moment: Heb. there is but a moment in his anger Psalm 30:5 for a night: Heb. in the evening Psalm 30:5 joy: Heb. singing Psalm 30:6 prosperity: [marginal note missing in original] Psalm 30:7 made my mountain to stand strong: Heb. settled strength Psalm 30:12 my glory: That is, my tongue, or my soul Psalm 31:2 my strong rock: Heb. to me for a rock of strength Psalm 31:12 a broken vessel: Heb. a vessel that perisheth Psalm 31:17 let them be silent in the grave: Or, let them be cut off for the grave Psalm 31:18 grievous: Heb. a hard thing Psalm 31:21 strong city: Or, fenced city Psalm 32:6 in a time when thou mayest be found: Heb. in a time of finding Psalm 32:8 I will guide thee with mine eye: Heb. I will counsel thee, mine eye shall be upon thee Psalm 33:5 goodness: Or, mercy Psalm 33:10 bringeth: Heb. maketh frustrate Psalm 33:11 to all generations: Heb. to generation and generation Psalm 34:5 They looked unto him: Or, they flowed unto him Psalm 34:18 unto them that are of a broken heart: Heb. to the broken of heart Psalm 34:18 of a contrite spirit: Heb. contrite of spirit Psalm 34:21 shall be desolate: Or, shall be guilty Psalm 35:6 dark and slippery: Heb. darkness and slipperiness Psalm 35:8 at unawares: Heb. which he knoweth not of Psalm 35:11 False witnesses: Heb. Witnesses of wrong Psalm 35:11 they laid: Heb. they asked me Psalm 35:12 spoiling: Heb. depriving Psalm 35:13 humbled: Or, afflicted Psalm 35:14 behaved: Heb. walked Psalm 35:14 my friend, or brother: Heb. as a friend, as a brother to me Psalm 35:15 adversity: Heb. halting Psalm 35:17 my darling: Heb. my only one Psalm 35:18 much: Heb. strong Psalm 35:19 wrongfully: Heb. falsely Psalm 35:25 Ah, so would we have it: Heb. Ah, ah, our soul Psalm 35:27 my righteous cause: Heb. my righteousness Psalm 36:2 until his iniquity be found to be hateful: Heb. to find his iniquity to hate Psalm 36:4 mischief: Or, vanity Psalm 36:6 the great mountains: Heb. the mountains of God Psalm 36:7 excellent: Heb. precious Psalm 36:8 abundantly: Heb. watered Psalm 36:10 continue: Heb. draw out at length Psalm 37:3 verily: Heb. in truth and stableness Psalm 37:5 Commit thy way unto the LORD: Heb. roll thy way upon the Lord Psalm 37:7 rest in the LORD: Heb. be silent to the LORD Psalm 37:12 plotteth: Or, practiseth Psalm 37:14 such as be of upright conversation: Heb. the upright of way Psalm 37:20 the fat of lambs: Heb. the preciousness of Lambs Psalm 37:23 ordered: Or, established Psalm 37:26 ever: Heb. all the day Psalm 37:31 steps: Or, goings Psalm 37:35 a green bay tree: Or, a green tree, that groweth in his own soil Psalm 38:3 rest: Heb. peace, or health Psalm 38:6 troubled: Heb. worried Psalm 38:10 is gone from me: Heb. is not with me Psalm 38:11 sore: Heb. stroke Psalm 38:11 my kinsmen: Or, my neighbors Psalm 38:15 in thee: Or, thee do I wait for Psalm 38:15 hear: Or, answer Psalm 38:17 to halt: Heb. for halting Psalm 38:19 are lively: Heb. being living, are strong Psalm 39:1 my mouth with a bridle: Heb. a bridle, or muzzle for my mouth Psalm 39:2 stirred: Heb. troubled Psalm 39:4 how frail: Or, what time I have here Psalm 39:5 at his best state: Heb. settled Psalm 39:6 a vain show: Heb. image Psalm 39:10 blow: Heb. conflict Psalm 39:11 his beauty to consume away: Heb. that which is to be desired in him, to melt away Psalm 40:1 I waited patiently: Heb. In waiting I waited Psalm 40:2 an horrible pit: Heb. a pit of noise Psalm 40:5 they cannot be reckoned up in order unto thee: Or, none can order them unto thee Psalm 40:6 opened: Heb. digged Psalm 40:8 within my heart: Heb. in the midst of my bowels Psalm 40:12 faileth: Heb. forsaketh Psalm 41:1 the poor: Or, the weak, or sick Psalm 41:1 in time of trouble: Heb. in the day of evil Psalm 41:2 thou wilt not deliver him: Or, do not now deliver Psalm 41:3 make: Heb. turn Psalm 41:7 my hurt: Heb. evil to me Psalm 41:8 an evil disease: Heb. a thing of Belial Psalm 41:9 mine own familiar friend: Heb. the man of my peace Psalm 41:9 lift up: Heb. magnify Psalm 42:1 panteth: Heb. brayeth Psalm 42:5 cast down: Heb. bowed down Psalm 42:5 praise: Or, give thanks Psalm 42:5 for the help of his countenance: Or, his presence is salvation Psalm 42:6 the hill Missar: Or, the little hill Psalm 42:10 sword: Or, killing Psalm 43:1 ungodly: Or, unmerciful Psalm 43:1 from the deceitful and unjust man: Heb. from a man of deceit, and iniquity Psalm 43:4 my exceeding joy: Heb. the gladness of my joy Psalm 44:11 sheep appointed for meat: Heb. as sheep of meat Psalm 44:12 for nought: Heb. without riches Psalm 44:18 steps: Or, goings Psalm 44:26 for our help: Heb. a help for us Psalm 45:1 inditing: Heb. boileth or bublleth up Psalm 45:4 ride prosperously: Heb. prosper thou, ride thou Psalm 45:12 thy favour: Heb. thy face Psalm 46:2 midst of the sea: Heb. heart of the seas Psalm 46:5 and that right early: Heb. when the morning appeareth Psalm 46:7 our refuge: Heb. an high place for us Psalm 47:7 with understanding: Or, every one that hath understanding Psalm 47:9 The princes of the people are gathered together , even the people of the God of Abraham: Or, the voluntary of the people are gathered unto the people of the God of Abraham Psalm 48:13 Mark ye well her bulwarks: Heb. Set your heart to her bulwarks Psalm 48:13 consider: Or, raise up Psalm 49:11 to all generations: Heb. to generation and generation Psalm 49:13 approve their sayings: Heb. delight in their mouth Psalm 49:14 beauty: Or, strength Psalm 49:14 in the grave, from their dwelling: Or, the grave being an habitation to every one of them Psalm 49:15 from the power: Heb. from the hand of the grave Psalm 49:15 grave: Or, hell Psalm 49:18 whiles he lived: Heb. in his life Psalm 49:19 he shall go: Heb. the soul shall go Psalm 50:11 mine: Heb. with me Psalm 50:18 hast been partaker with adulterers: Heb. thy portion was with adulterers Psalm 50:19 Thou givest: Heb. thou sendest Psalm 50:23 that ordereth his conversation: Heb. that disposeth his way Psalm 51:5 conceive me: Heb. warm me Psalm 51:10 a right spirit: Or, a constant spirit Psalm 51:14 bloodguiltiness: Heb. bloods Psalm 51:16 else would I give it: Or, that I should give it Psalm 52:4 O thou deceitful tongue: Or, and the deceitful tongue Psalm 52:5 destroy thee: Heb. beat thee down Psalm 52:7 wickedness: Or, substance Psalm 53:5 were they in great fear: Heb. they feared a fear Psalm 53:6 Oh that the salvation: Heb. Who will give salvation, etc. Psalm 54:5 mine enemies: Heb. those that observe me Psalm 55:5 overwhelmed me: Heb. covered me Psalm 55:13 a man, mine equal: Heb. a man according to my rank Psalm 55:14 We took sweet counsel: Heb. who sweetened counsel Psalm 55:15 hell: Or, the grave Psalm 55:19 they have no changes, therefore they fear not God: Or, with whom also there be no changes, yet they fear not God Psalm 55:20 he hath broken: Heb. he hath profaned Psalm 55:22 burden: Or, gift Psalm 55:23 bloody and deceitful men: Heb. men of bloods and deceit Psalm 55:23 shall not live out half their days: Heb. shall not half their days Psalm 56:2 mine enemies: Heb. mine observers Psalm 57:3 from the reproach of him, that would swallow me up: Or, he reproacheth him that would swallow me up Psalm 57:7 fixed: Or, prepared Psalm 58:3 as soon as they be born: Heb. from the belly Psalm 58:4 like the: Heb. according to the likeness Psalm 58:4 adder: Or, asp Psalm 58:5 charming never so wisely: Or, be the charmer never so cunning Psalm 58:9 both living, and in his wrath: Heb. as living, as wrath Psalm 58:11 a reward for: Heb. fruit of the etc. Psalm 59:1 defend me: Heb. set me on high Psalm 59:4 to help me: Heb. to meet me Psalm 59:9 my defence: Heb. my high place Psalm 59:10 mine enemies: Heb. mine observers Psalm 59:15 for meat: Heb. to eat Psalm 59:15 and grudge if they be not satisfied: Or, if they be not satisfied, then they will stay all night Psalm 60:1 scattered: Heb. broken Psalm 60:8 triumph thou because of me: Or, triumph thou over me: (by an irony) Psalm 60:9 strong city: Heb. city of strength Psalm 60:11 help of man: Heb. salvation Psalm 61:4 trust: Or, make my refuge Psalm 61:6 Thou wilt prolong the kings life: Heb. thou shalt add days to the days of the King Psalm 61:6 as many generations: Heb. as generation and generation Psalm 62:1 Truly: Or, only Psalm 62:1 waiteth: Heb. is silent Psalm 62:2 defence: Heb. high place Psalm 62:4 inwardly: Heb. in their inward parts Psalm 62:9 altogether: Or, alike Psalm 62:11 power: Or, strength Psalm 63:1 thirsty: Heb. weary Psalm 63:1 where no water is: Heb. without water Psalm 63:5 marrow: Heb. fatness Psalm 63:10 They shall fall by the sword: Heb. They shall make him run out like water by the hands of the sword Psalm 64:5 matter: Or, speech Psalm 64:5 laying snares: Heb. to hide snares Psalm 64:6 They search out iniquities, they accomplish: Or, we are consumed by that which they have thoroughly searched Psalm 64:6 a diligent search: Heb. a search, searched Psalm 64:7 shall they be wounded: Heb. their wound shall be Psalm 65:1 waiteth: Heb. is silent Psalm 65:3 Iniquities prevail: Heb. words or matters of iniquities Psalm 65:8 to rejoice: Or, to sing Psalm 65:9 waterest it: Or, after thou hadst made it to desire rain Psalm 65:10 thou settlest: Or, thou causest rain to descend into the furrows thereof Psalm 65:10 thou makest it soft: Heb. thou dissolvest it Psalm 65:11 the year with thy goodness: Heb. the year of thy goodness Psalm 65:12 rejoice on every side: Heb. are girded with joy Psalm 66:1 all ye lands: Heb. all the earth Psalm 66:3 submit themselves: Or, yield feigned obedience, Heb. lie Psalm 66:9 holdeth: Heb. putteth Psalm 66:12 wealthy: Heb. moist Psalm 66:14 uttered: Heb. opened Psalm 66:15 fatlings: Heb. marrow Psalm 67:1 upon us: Heb. with us Psalm 67:4 govern: Heb. lead Psalm 68:1 before him: Heb. from his face Psalm 68:3 exceedingly rejoice: Heb. rejoice with gladness Psalm 68:6 in families: Heb. in a house Psalm 68:9 send: Heb. shake out Psalm 68:9 confirm: Heb. confirm it Psalm 68:11 company: Heb. army Psalm 68:12 did flee apace: Heb. did flee, did flee Psalm 68:14 in it, it was: Or, for her, she was Psalm 68:17 even thousands: Or, even many thousands Psalm 68:18 for men: Heb. in the man Psalm 68:23 dipped: Or, red Psalm 68:26 from the fountain of Israel: Or, ye that are of the fountain of Israel Psalm 68:27 and their Council: Or, with their company Psalm 68:30 the company of spearmen: Or, the beast of the reeds Psalm 68:30 scatter thou: Or, he scattereth Psalm 68:33 send out: Heb. give Psalm 68:34 clouds: Or, heavens Psalm 69:2 deep mire: Heb. the mire of depth Psalm 69:2 deep waters: Heb. depth of waters Psalm 69:5 sins: Heb. guiltiness Psalm 69:12 drunkards: Heb. drinkers of strong drink Psalm 69:17 hear me speedily: Heb. make haste to hear me Psalm 69:20 to take pity: Heb. to lament with me Psalm 69:25 their habitation: Heb. their palace Psalm 69:25 let none dwell: Heb. let there not be a dweller Psalm 69:26 those whom thou hast wounded: Heb. thy wounded Psalm 69:27 iniquity unto their iniquity: Or, punishment of iniquity Psalm 69:32 humble: Or, meek Psalm 69:34 moveth: Heb. creepeth Psalm 70:1 to help me: Heb. to my help Psalm 71:3 Be thou my strong habitation: Heb. be thou to me for a rock of habitation Psalm 71:10 lay wait: Heb. watch, or observe Psalm 71:18 when I am old and gray headed: Heb. unto old age, and gray hairs Psalm 71:18 thy strength: Heb. thine arm Psalm 71:22 with the psaltery: Heb. with the instrument of psaltery Psalm 72:7 so long as: Heb. till there be no moon Psalm 72:15 shall be given: Heb. one shall give Psalm 72:17 shall endure: Heb. shall be Psalm 72:17 his name shall be continued as long as the sun, and men shall be blessed in him: Heb. shall be as a son to continue his fathers name for ever Psalm 73:1 Truly: Or, yet Psalm 73:1 of a clean heart: Heb. clean of heart Psalm 73:4 firm: Heb. fat Psalm 73:5 in trouble as other men: Heb. in the trouble of other men Psalm 73:5 like: Heb. with Psalm 73:7 they have more then heart could wish: Heb. they pass the thoughts of the heart Psalm 73:14 chastened: Heb. my chastisement was Psalm 73:16 it was too painful for me: Heb. it was labour in mine eyes Psalm 73:22 and ignorant: Heb. I knew not Psalm 73:22 before thee: Heb. with thee Psalm 73:26 strength: Heb. rock Psalm 74:2 rod: Or, tribe Psalm 74:7 They have cast fire into thy sanctuary: Heb. they have sent thy sanctuary into the fire Psalm 74:8 destroy: Heb. break Psalm 74:13 divide: Heb. break Psalm 74:13 dragons: Or, whales Psalm 74:15 mighty rivers: Heb. rivers of strength Psalm 74:17 made: Heb. made them Psalm 74:23 increaseth: Heb. ascendeth Psalm 75:2 When I shall receive: Or, when I shall take a set time Psalm 75:6 South: Heb. desert Psalm 76:11 unto him that ought to be feared: Heb. to Fear Psalm 77:2 my sore: Heb. my hand Psalm 77:8 for ever more?: Heb. to generation and generation Psalm 77:17 the clouds poured out water: Heb. the clouds were poured forth with water Psalm 78:8 that set not their heart aright: Heb. that prepared not their heart Psalm 78:9 carrying: Heb. throwing forth Psalm 78:19 furnish: Heb. order Psalm 78:25 Man did eat Angels food: Or, Every one did eat the bread of the mighty Psalm 78:26 to blow: Heb. to go Psalm 78:27 feathered foels: Heb. fowl of wing Psalm 78:31 smote down: Heb. made to bow Psalm 78:31 chosen men: Or, young men Psalm 78:40 provoke him: Or, rebel against him Psalm 78:42 from the enemy: Or, from affliction Psalm 78:43 wrought: Heb. set Psalm 78:47 destroyed: Heb. killed Psalm 78:47 frost: Or, great hail stones Psalm 78:48 He gave up: Heb. he shut up Psalm 78:48 hot thunderbolts: Or, lightnings Psalm 78:50 He made a way: Heb. He weighed a path Psalm 78:50 their life over to the pestilence: Or, their beasts, to the murreine Psalm 78:53 overwhelmed: Heb. covered Psalm 78:63 given: Heb. praised Psalm 78:69 established: Heb. founded Psalm 78:71 From following: Heb. from after Psalm 79:8 former iniquities: Or, the iniquities of them that were before us Psalm 79:10 revenging: Heb. vengeance Psalm 79:11 thy power: Heb. thine arm Psalm 79:11 preserve thou those that are appointed to die: Heb. reserve the children of death Psalm 79:13 to all generations: Heb. to generation and generation Psalm 80:2 come and save us: Heb. come for salvation to us Psalm 80:4 wilt thou be angry: Heb. wilt thou smoke? Psalm 80:10 the goodly cedars: Heb. the Cedars of God Psalm 81:5 through: Or, against Psalm 81:6 were delivered: Heb. passed away Psalm 81:7 Meribah: Or, strife Psalm 81:12 unto their own hearts lust: Or, to the hardness of their hearts, or imagination Psalm 81:15 submitted themselves: Or, yielded feigned obedience, Heb. lied Psalm 81:16 with the finest of the wheat: Heb. with the fat of wheat Psalm 82:3 Defend: Heb. judge Psalm 82:5 out of course: Heb. moved Psalm 83:5 consent: Heb. heart Psalm 83:8 they have holpen the children of Lot: Heb. they have been an arm to the children of Lot Psalm 84:6 of Baca, make it a well: Or, of mulberry trees make him a well etc. Psalm 84:6 filleth: Heb. covereth Psalm 84:7 from strength to strength: Or, from company to company Psalm 84:10 I had rather be a doorkeeper: Heb. I would choose rather to sit at the threshhold Psalm 85:1 favorable: Or, well pleased Psalm 85:3 thou hast turned thyself from the fierceness of thine anger: Or, thou hast turned thine anger from waxing hot Psalm 86:2 holy: Or, one whom thou favourest Psalm 86:3 daily: Or, all the day Psalm 86:13 hell: Or, grave Psalm 86:14 violent: Heb. terrible Psalm 88:5 from thy hand: Or, by thy hand Psalm 88:17 daily: Or, all the day Psalm 89:1 to all generations: Heb. to generation and generation Psalm 89:4 to all generations: Heb. to generation and generation Psalm 89:10 Rahab: Or, Egypt Psalm 89:10 with thy strong arm: Heb. with the arm of thy strength Psalm 89:13 a mighty arm: Heb. an arm with might Psalm 89:14 habitation: Or, establishment Psalm 89:18 the LORD is our defense, and the holy One of Israel is our king: Or, our shield is of the LORD, and our king is of the holy One of Israel Psalm 89:31 break my statutes: Heb. profane my statutes Psalm 89:33 suffer my faithfullness: Heb. I will not make void from him Psalm 89:33 to fail: Heb. to lie Psalm 89:35 that I will not lie: if I lie Psalm 89:44 glory: Heb. brightness Psalm 90:1 in all generations: Heb. in generation and generation Psalm 90:4 when it is past: Or, when he hath passed them Psalm 90:5 groweth up: Or, is changed Psalm 90:9 passed away: Heb. turned away Psalm 90:9 as a tale that is old Psalm 90:10 The days of our years are threescore years and ten: Heb. As for the days of our years, in them are seventy years Psalm 90:12 apply: Heb. cause to come Psalm 91:1 abide: Heb. lodge Psalm 91:13 adder: Or, asp Psalm 91:16 long life: Heb. length of days Psalm 92:2 every night: Heb. in the nights Psalm 92:3 upon the harp with a solemn sound: Or, upon the solemn sound with the harp. Heb. Higgaion Psalm 92:14 flourishing: Heb. green Psalm 93:2 of old: Heb. from then Psalm 93:5 forever: Heb. to length of days Psalm 94:1 God, to whom vengeance belongeth: Heb. God of revenges Psalm 94:1 shew: Heb. shine forth Psalm 94:15 shall follow it: Heb. shall be after it Psalm 94:17 almost: Or, quickly Psalm 95:2 come before his presence: Heb. prevent his face Psalm 95:4 In his: Heb. in whose Psalm 95:4 the strength of the hills is his also: Or, the heights of the hills, are his Psalm 95:5 The sea is his: Heb. Whose the sea is Psalm 95:8 provocation: Heb. contention Psalm 95:11 that they should not enter into my rest: Heb. if they enter into my rest Psalm 96:8 due unto his name: Heb. of his name Psalm 96:9 in the beauty of holiness: Or, in the glorious sanctuary Psalm 97:1 multitude of Isles: Heb. many, or, great Isles Psalm 97:2 habitation: Or, establishment Psalm 97:12 at the remembrance: Or, to the memorial Psalm 98:2 openly showed: Or, revealed Psalm 99:5 he is holy: Or, it is holy Psalm 100:1 all ye lands: Heb. all the earth Psalm 100:3 not we ourselves: Or, and his we are Psalm 100:5 to all generations: Heb. to generation, and generation Psalm 101:3 wicked thing: Heb. thing of Belial Psalm 101:6 in a perfect way: Or, perfect in the way Psalm 101:7 shall not tarry: Heb. shall not be established Psalm 102:3 like smoke: Or, (as some read) into smoke Psalm 102:5 skin: Or, flesh Psalm 102:20 those that are appointed to death: Heb. the children of death Psalm 102:23 weakened: Heb. afflicted Psalm 102:26 endure: Heb. stand Psalm 103:8 plenteous in mercy: Heb. great of mercy Psalm 103:11 as the heaven is high: Heb. according to the height of the heaven Psalm 103:16 it is gone: Heb. it is not Psalm 103:20 that excel in strength: Heb. mighty in strength Psalm 104:5 Who laid the foundations of the earth: Heb. he hath founded the earth upon her bases Psalm 104:8 They go up by the mountains: Or, The mountains ascend, the valleys descend Psalm 104:10 He sendeth: Heb. who sendeth Psalm 104:10 run: Heb. walk Psalm 104:11 quench: Heb. break Psalm 104:12 sing: Heb. give a voice Psalm 104:15 oil to make his face to shine: Heb. to make his face shine with oil, or more then oil Psalm 104:20 all the beasts of the forest do creep forth: Heb. all the beasts thereof do trample on the forest Psalm 104:26 made: Heb. formed Psalm 104:31 shall endure: Heb. shall be Psalm 105:11 the lot: Heb. the cord Psalm 105:18 he was laid in iron: Heb. his soul came into iron Psalm 105:21 substance: Heb. possession Psalm 105:27 signs: Heb. words of his signs Psalm 105:32 he gave them hail for rain: Heb. he gave their rain, hail Psalm 105:43 gladness: Heb. singing Psalm 106:1 Praise ye: Heb. Hallelujah Psalm 106:13 They soon forgat: Heb. They made haste, they forgat Psalm 106:14 lusted exceedingly: Heb. lusted a lust Psalm 106:24 the pleasant land: Heb. a land of desire Psalm 106:27 to overthrow: Heb. to make them fall Psalm 106:43 brought low: Or, impoverished, or weakened Psalm 107:3 from the South: Heb. from the sea Psalm 107:22 rejoicing: Heb. singing Psalm 107:25 raiseth: Heb. maketh to stand Psalm 107:27 are at their wits end: Heb. all their wisdom is swallowed up Psalm 107:34 barrenness: Heb. saltiness Psalm 107:40 wilderness: Or, void place Psalm 107:41 from: Or, after Psalm 108:4 clouds: Or, skies Psalm 109:2 mouth of the deceitful: Heb. of deceit Psalm 109:2 are opened: Heb. have opened themselves Psalm 109:6 Satan: Or, an adversary Psalm 109:7 be condemned: Heb. go out guilty, or wicked Psalm 109:8 office: Or, charge Psalm 109:18 into his bowels: Heb. within him Psalm 109:31 from those that condemn his soul: Heb. from the judges of his soul Psalm 110:3 from the womb of the morning, thou hast: Or, more then the womb of the morning, thou shalt have, etc. Psalm 110:6 many: Or, great Psalm 111:1 Praise ye: Heb. Hallelujah Psalm 111:5 meat: Heb. prey Psalm 111:8 stand fast: Heb. are established Psalm 111:10 a good understanding: Or, good success Psalm 111:10 that do his commandments: Heb. that do them Psalm 112:1 Praise ye: Heb. Hallelujah Psalm 112:5 discretion: Heb. judgment Psalm 113:1 Praise ye: Heb. Hallelujah Psalm 113:5 dwelleth on high: Heb. exalteth himself to dwell Psalm 113:9 to keep house: Heb. to dwell in an house Psalm 115:13 both: Heb. with Psalm 116:3 gat hold: Heb. found me Psalm 118:5 in distress: Heb. out of distress Psalm 118:6 on my side: Heb. for me Psalm 118:10 destroy them: Heb. cut them off Psalm 118:12 destroy: Heb. cut down Psalm 118:23 This is the LORDs doing: Heb. this is from the LORD Psalm 119:1 undefiled: Or, perfect, or sincere Psalm 119:7 thy righteous judgments: Heb. judgments of thy righteousness Psalm 119:18 Open: Heb. Reveal Psalm 119:24 my counsellors: Heb. men of my counsel Psalm 119:28 melteth: Heb. droppeth Psalm 119:37 Turn away: Heb. make to pass Psalm 119:42 So shall I have werewith to answer him that reproacheth me: Or, so shall I answer him that reproveth me in a thing Psalm 119:45 at liberty: Heb. at large Psalm 119:58 favour: Heb. face Psalm 119:61 bands: Or, companies Psalm 119:75 right: Heb. righteousness Psalm 119:76 for my comfort: Heb. to comfort me Psalm 119:86 faithful: Heb. faithfulness Psalm 119:90 unto all generations: Heb. to generation and generation Psalm 119:90 abideth: Heb. standeth Psalm 119:98 they are ever with me: Heb. it is ever with me Psalm 119:103 taste!: Heb. palate Psalm 119:105 lamp: Or, candle Psalm 119:112 to perform: Heb. to do Psalm 119:119 puttest away: Heb. causeth to cease Psalm 119:132 as thou usest to do unto those: Heb. according to the custom towards those, etc. Psalm 119:138 righteous: Heb. righteousness Psalm 119:138 faithful: Heb. faithfulness Psalm 119:139 consumed me: Heb. cut me off Psalm 119:140 pure: Heb. tried or refined Psalm 119:143 taken hold: Heb. found me Psalm 119:146 and I shall keep thy testimonies: Or, that I may keep Psalm 119:156 Great: Or, many Psalm 119:160 Thy word is true from the beginning: Heb. The beginning of thy word is true Psalm 119:165 nothing shall offend them: Heb. they shall have no stumbling block Psalm 120:3 What shall be given unto thee?: Or, what shall the deceitful tongue give unto thee? or what shall it profit thee? Psalm 120:3 done: Heb. added Psalm 120:4 Sharp arrows of the mighty, with coals of juniper: Or, It is as the sharp arrows of the mighty man with coals of juniper Psalm 120:7 for peace: Or, a man of peace Psalm 121:1 I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help: Or, shall I lift up mine eyes to the hills? whence should my help come? Psalm 122:5 are set: Heb. do set Psalm 125:3 the wicked: Heb. wickedness Psalm 126:1 turned again the captivity of Zion: Heb. returned the returning of Zion Psalm 126:2 hath done great things for them: Heb. hath magnified to do with them Psalm 126:5 joy: Or, singing Psalm 126:6 precious seed: Or, seed basket Psalm 127:1 that build it: Heb. are builders of it in it Psalm 127:5 hath his quiver full of them: Heb. hath filled his quiver with them Psalm 127:5 shall speak: Or, shall subdue, as Psal. 18 .45. Or, destroy Psalm 129:1 Any: Or, much Psalm 130:6 I say, more then they that watch for the morning: Or, which watch unto the morning Psalm 131:1 exercise: Heb. walk Psalm 131:1 high: Heb. wonderful Psalm 131:2 myself: Heb. my soul Psalm 131:3 from henceforth: Heb. from now Psalm 132:5 an habitation: Heb. habitations Psalm 132:11 thy body: Heb. thy belly Psalm 132:15 abundantly: Or, surely Psalm 132:17 lamp: Or, candle Psalm 133:1 together: Heb. even together Psalm 134:2 in the sanctuary: Or, in holiness Psalm 135:8 both of man and beast: Heb. from man unto beast Psalm 135:13 throughout all generations: Heb. to generation and generation Psalm 136:8 to rule by day: Heb. for the rulings by day Psalm 136:15 overthrew: Heb. shaked off Psalm 137:3 a song: Heb. the words of a song Psalm 137:3 wasted us: Heb. laid us on heaps Psalm 137:4 strange land?: Heb. land of a stranger Psalm 137:6 my chief joy: Heb. the head of my joy Psalm 137:7 raise it: Heb. make bear Psalm 137:8 destroyed: Heb. wasted Psalm 137:8 that rewardeth thee, as thou hast served us: Heb. that recompenseth unto thee thy deed which thou didst to us Psalm 137:9 the stones: Heb. the rock Psalm 139:3 compassest: Or, winnowest Psalm 139:12 hideth not: Heb. darkeneth not Psalm 139:12 the darkness and the light: Heb. as is the darkness so is the light Psalm 139:14 right: Heb. greatly Psalm 139:15 substance: Or, strength or body Psalm 139:16 all my members: Heb. all of them Psalm 139:16 which in continuance were fashioned: Or, what days they should be fashioned Psalm 139:24 wicked way: Heb. way of pain, or grief Psalm 140:1 violent man: Heb. man of violences Psalm 140:8 lest they exalt themselves: Or, let them not be exalted Psalm 140:11 evil speaker be established in the earth, evil shall hunt the violent man to overthrow him: Heb. a man of tongue, or, an evil speaker, a wicked man of violence be established in the earth, let him be hunted to his overthrow Psalm 141:1 set forth: Heb. directed Psalm 141:5 Let the righteous smite me, it shall be a kindness, and let him reprove me, it shall be an excellent oil, which shall not break my head: Or, let the righteous smite me kindly, and reprove me, let not their precious oil break my head, etc. Psalm 141:8 leave not my soul destitute: Heb. make not my soul bare Psalm 141:10 escape: Heb. pass over Psalm 142:4 I looked on my right hand, and beheld: Or, Look on the right hand, and see Psalm 142:4 failed me: Heb. perished from me Psalm 142:4 no man cared for my soul: Heb. no man sought after my soul Psalm 143:7 lest I be like: Or, for I am become like. etc. Psalm 143:9 I fly unto thee to hide me: Heb. hid me with thee Psalm 144:1 my strength: Heb. my rock Psalm 144:1 to war: Heb. to the war, etc. Psalm 144:2 My goodness: Or, my mercy Psalm 144:7 hand: Heb. hands Psalm 144:10 salvation: Or, victory Psalm 144:12 polished: Heb. cut Psalm 144:13 all manner of store: Heb. from kind to kind Psalm 144:14 strong to labour: Heb. able to bear burdens, or loaden with flesh Psalm 145:3 and his greatness is unsearchable: Heb. and of his greatness there is no search Psalm 145:5 works: Heb. things or words Psalm 145:6 declare: Heb. declare it Psalm 145:8 of great mercy: Heb. great in mercy Psalm 145:13 an everlasting kingdom: Heb. a kingdom of all ages Psalm 145:15 wait upon thee: Or, look unto thee Psalm 145:17 holy: Or, merciful, or bountiful Psalm 146:1 Praise ye: Heb. Hallelujah Psalm 146:3 help: Or, salvation Psalm 147:3 wounds: Heb. griefs Psalm 147:5 his understanding is infinite: Heb. of his understanding there is no number Psalm 147:14 He maketh peace in thy borders: Heb. who maketh thy border peace Psalm 147:19 his word: Heb. his words Psalm 148:1 Praise ye: Heb. Hallelujah Psalm 148:10 flying foul: Heb. birds of wing Psalm 148:13 excellent: Heb. exalted Psalm 149:1 Praise ye: Heb. Hallelujah Psalm 149:3 in the dance: Or, with the pipe Psalm 149:6 in their mouth: Heb. in their throat Psalm 150:1 Praise ye: Heb. Hallelujah Psalm 150:3 Trumpet: Or, Cornet Psalm 150:4 dance: Or, Pipe Proverbs 1:3 equity: Heb. equities Proverbs 1:4 discretion: Or, advisement Proverbs 1:6 the interpretation: Or, an eloquent speech Proverbs 1:7 the beginning: Or, the principal part Proverbs 1:9 an ornament: Heb. an adding Proverbs 1:17 in the sight of any bird: Heb. in the eyes of everything that hath a wing Proverbs 1:20 Wisdom: Heb. Wisdoms, that is, excellent wisdom Proverbs 1:32 turning away of the simple: Or, ease of the simple Proverbs 2:3 liftest up thy voice: Heb. givest thy voice Proverbs 2:22 rooted out: Or, plucked up Proverbs 3:2 long life: Heb. years of life Proverbs 3:4 good understanding: Or, good success Proverbs 3:8 health: Heb. medicine Proverbs 3:8 marrow: Heb. watering, or moistening Proverbs 3:13 the man that getteth understanding: Heb. the man that draweth out understanding Proverbs 3:19 established: Or, prepared Proverbs 3:27 to whom it is due: Heb. the owners thereof Proverbs 3:29 Devise not evil: Or, practise no evil Proverbs 3:31 the oppressor: Heb. a man of violence Proverbs 3:35 shall be the promotion of fools: Heb. exalteth the fools Proverbs 4:9 a crown of glory shall she deliver to thee: Or, she shall compass thee with a crown of glory Proverbs 4:22 health: Heb. medicine Proverbs 4:23 with all diligence: Heb. above all keeping Proverbs 4:24 a froward mouth, and perverse lips: Heb. frowardness of mouth and perverseness of lips Proverbs 4:26 and let all thy ways be established: Or, all thy ways shall be ordered aright Proverbs 5:3 mouth: Heb. palate Proverbs 5:10 thy wealth: Heb. thy strength Proverbs 5:19 satisfy thee: Heb. water thee Proverbs 5:19 and be thou ravished always with her love: Heb. err thou always in her love Proverbs 5:22 sins: Heb. sin Proverbs 6:3 make sure thy friend: Or, so shalt thou prevail with thy friend Proverbs 6:14 soweth: Heb. casteth forth Proverbs 6:16 unto him: Heb. of his soul Proverbs 6:17 A proud look: Heb. haughty eyes Proverbs 6:23 lamp: Or, candle Proverbs 6:24 of the tongue of a strange woman: Or, of the strange tongue Proverbs 6:26 the adulteress: Heb. the woman of a man, or a mans wife Proverbs 6:32 understanding: Heb. heart Proverbs 6:35 He will not regard any ransom: Heb. he will not accept the face of any ransom Proverbs 7:7 the youths: Heb. the sons Proverbs 7:9 In the evening: Heb. in the evening of the day Proverbs 7:13 with an impudent face, said unto him: Heb. she strengthened her face and said Proverbs 7:14 peace offerings with me: Heb. peace offerings are upon me Proverbs 7:20 with him: Heb. in his hand Proverbs 7:20 the day appointed: Or, the New moon Proverbs 7:22 straightway: Heb. suddenly Proverbs 8:7 an abomination to my lips: Heb. the abomination of my lips Proverbs 8:8 froward: Heb. wreathed Proverbs 8:12 prudence: Or, subtilty Proverbs 8:20 lead: Or, walk Proverbs 8:26 fields: Or, open places Proverbs 8:26 highest: Or, the chief part Proverbs 8:27 a compass: Or, a circle Proverbs 8:35 obtain: Heb. bring forth Proverbs 9:2 her beasts: Heb. her killing Proverbs 9:17 eaten in secret: Heb. of secrecies Proverbs 10:3 the substance of the wicked: Or, the wicked for their wickedness Proverbs 10:8 a prating fool: Heb. a fool of lips Proverbs 10:10 shall fall: Or, shall be beaten Proverbs 10:10 shall fall: Or, shall be beaten Proverbs 10:13 understanding: Heb. heart Proverbs 10:17 erreth: Or, causeth to err Proverbs 10:21 of wisdom: Heb. of heart Proverbs 10:27 prolongeth: Heb. addeth Proverbs 10:32 frowardness: Heb. frowardnesses Proverbs 11:1 A false balance: Heb. balances of deceit Proverbs 11:1 a just weight: Heb. a perfect stone Proverbs 11:5 direct: Heb. rectify Proverbs 11:12 void of wisdom: Heb. destitute of heart Proverbs 11:13 A talebearer: Heb. he that walketh being a talebearer Proverbs 11:15 smart: Heb. be sore broken Proverbs 11:15 suretiship: Heb. those that strike hands Proverbs 11:22 is without: Heb. departeth from Proverbs 11:25 The liberal soul: Heb. the soul of blessing Proverbs 11:30 winneth: Heb. taketh Proverbs 12:8 of a perverse heart: Heb. perverse of heart Proverbs 12:10 tender: Or, bowels Proverbs 12:12 the net: Or, the fortress Proverbs 12:13 The wicked is snared by the transgression of their lips: Heb. The snare of the wicked is in the transgression of lips Proverbs 12:16 presently: Heb. in that day Proverbs 12:24 slothful: Or, deceitful Proverbs 12:26 excellent: Or, abundant Proverbs 13:6 the sinner: Heb. sin Proverbs 13:9 lamp: Or, candle Proverbs 13:11 by labour: Heb. with the hand Proverbs 13:13 shall be rewarded: Or, shall be in peace Proverbs 13:16 layeth: Heb. spreadeth Proverbs 13:20 shall be destroyed: Heb. shall be broken Proverbs 14:10 his own bitterness: Heb. the bitterness of his soul Proverbs 14:20 the rich hath many friends: Heb. many are the lovers of the rich Proverbs 14:29 hasty of spirit: Heb. short of spirit Proverbs 14:34 to any people: Heb. to nations Proverbs 15:2 poureth: blecheth, or bubbleth Proverbs 15:4 A wholesome tongue: Heb. The healing of the tongue Proverbs 15:10 Correction: Or, instruction, etc. Proverbs 15:19 plain: Heb. is raised up as a causey Proverbs 15:21 destitute of wisdom: Heb. void of heart Proverbs 15:23 in due season: Heb. in his season Proverbs 15:26 pleasant words: Heb. words of pleasantness Proverbs 15:32 instruction: Or, correction Proverbs 15:32 heareth: Or, obeyeth Proverbs 15:32 getteth understanding: Posseseth an heart Proverbs 16:1 preparations: Or, disposings Proverbs 16:3 Commit: Heb. roll Proverbs 16:5 unpunished: Heb. held innocent Proverbs 16:10 divine: Heb. divinationProverbs 16:11 all the weights: Heb. all the stones Proverbs 16:20 he that handleth a matter: Or, he that understandeth a matter Proverbs 16:23 teacheth: Heb. maketh wise Proverbs 16:26 He that laboureth: Heb. The soul of him that laboureth Proverbs 16:26 craveth it of him: Heb. boweth unto him Proverbs 16:27 an ungodly man: Heb. a man of Belial Proverbs 16:28 soweth: Heb. sendeth forth Proverbs 17:1 sacrifices: Or, good cheer Proverbs 17:5 unpunished: Heb. held innocent Proverbs 17:7 Excellent speech: Heb. A lip of excellency Proverbs 17:7 lying lips: Heb. a lip of lying Proverbs 17:8 a precious stone: Heb. a stone of grace Proverbs 17:9 seeketh: Or, procureth Proverbs 17:10 A reproof entereth more into a wise man, than an hundred stripes into a fool: Or, a reproof aweth more a wise man, then to strike a fool an hundred times Proverbs 17:18 understanding: Heb. heart Proverbs 17:20 He that hath a froward heart: Heb. The froward of heart Proverbs 17:22 like a medicine: Or, to a medicine Proverbs 17:27 an excellent spirit: Or, a cool spirit Proverbs 18:1 having separated himself, seeketh and intermeddleth with all wisdom: Or, he that seperateth himself, seeketh according to his desire, and intermedleth in every business Proverbs 18:8 talebearer: Or, whisperer Proverbs 18:8 as wounds: Or, like as when men are wounded Proverbs 18:8 innermost parts: Heb. chambers Proverbs 18:10 safe: Heb. set aloft Proverbs 18:13 answereth a matter: Heb. returneth a word Proverbs 19:5 unpunished: Heb. held innocent Proverbs 19:6 him that giveth gifts: Heb. a man of gifts Proverbs 19:8 wisdom: Heb. an heart Proverbs 19:11 discretion: Or, prudence Proverbs 19:17 that which he hath given: Or, his deed Proverbs 19:18 for his crying: Or, to his destruction Or, to cause him to die Proverbs 19:19 do it again: Heb. add Proverbs 19:25 will beware: Heb. will be cunning Proverbs 19:28 an ungodly witness: Heb. a witness of Belial Proverbs 20:4 cold: Or, winter Proverbs 20:6 goodness: Or, bounty Proverbs 20:10 Divers weights: Heb. A stone and a stone Proverbs 20:10 measures: Heb. an ephah, and an ephah Proverbs 20:17 bread of deceit: Heb. bread of lying, or falsehood Proverbs 20:19 flattereth: Or, enticeth Proverbs 20:20 lamp: Or, candle Proverbs 20:23 a false balance: Heb. balance of deceit Proverbs 20:27 candle: Or, lamp Proverbs 20:30 cleanseth away evil: Heb. is a purging medicine against evil Proverbs 21:4 An high look: Heb. haughtiness of eyes Proverbs 21:4 the plowing of the wicked: Or, the light of the wicked Proverbs 21:7 destroy them: Heb. saw them, or, dwell with them Proverbs 21:9 a brawling woman: Heb. a woman of contentions Proverbs 21:9 a wide house: Heb. an house of society Proverbs 21:10 findeth no favor: Heb. is not favored Proverbs 21:17 pleasure: Or, sport Proverbs 21:19 in the wilderness: Heb. in the land of the desert Proverbs 21:24 in proud wrath: Heb. in the wrath of pride Proverbs 21:27 with a wicked mind? Heb. in wickedness Proverbs 21:28 a false witness: Heb. a witness of lies Proverbs 21:29 directeth: Or, considereth Proverbs 21:31 safety: Or, victory Proverbs 22:1 loving favor: Or, favour is better then, etc. Proverbs 22:4 By humility: Or, The reward of humility, etc. Proverbs 22:6 train up a child: Or, catechize Proverbs 22:6 in the way: Heb. in his way Proverbs 22:7 to the lender: Heb. to the man that lendeth Proverbs 22:8 and the rod of his anger shall fail: Or, and with the rod of his anger he shall be consumed Proverbs 22:9 He that hath a bountiful eye: Heb. good of eye Proverbs 22:11 for the grace of his lips: Or, and hath grace in his lips Proverbs 22:12 the words: Or, the matters Proverbs 22:18 within thee: Heb. in thy belly Proverbs 22:19 even to thee: Or, trust thou also Proverbs 22:21 to them that send unto thee? Or, to those that send thee Proverbs 22:28 landmark: Or, bound Proverbs 22:29 mean men: Heb. obscure men Proverbs 23:5 Wilt thou set thine eyes upon that which is not?: Heb. wilt thou cause thine eyes to fly upon? Proverbs 23:10 landmark: Or, bound Proverbs 23:15 even mine: Or, even I will rejoice Proverbs 23:18 end: Or, reward Proverbs 23:20 of flesh: Heb. of their flesh Proverbs 23:28 as for a prey: Or, as a robber Proverbs 23:32 an adder: Or, a cockatrice Proverbs 23:34 in the midst of the sea: Heb. in the heart of the sea Proverbs 23:35 I felt it not: Heb. I knew it not Proverbs 24:5 is strong: Heb. is in strength Proverbs 24:5 increased strength: Heb. strengtheneth might Proverbs 24:10 small: Heb. narrow Proverbs 24:14 to thy taste: Heb. upon thy palate Proverbs 24:18 it displease him: Heb. it be evil in his eyes Proverbs 24:19 Fret not thyself because of evil men: Or, keep not company with the wicked Proverbs 24:20 candle: Or, lamp Proverbs 24:21 them that are given to change: Heb. changers Proverbs 24:25 a good blessing: Heb. a blessing of good Proverbs 24:26 giveth a right answer: Heb. that answereth right words Proverbs 24:32 considered it well: Heb. set my heart Proverbs 24:34 an armed man: Heb. a man of shield Proverbs 25:3 unsearchable: Heb. there is no searching Proverbs 25:6 Put not forth thyself: Heb. set not out thy glory Proverbs 25:9 discover not a secret to another: Or, discover not the secret of another Proverbs 25:11 fitly spoken: Heb. spoken upon his wheels Proverbs 25:14 of a false gift: Heb. in a gift of falsehood Proverbs 25:17 Withdraw thy foot from thy neighbors house: Or, let thy foot be seldom in thy neighbors house Proverbs 25:17 weary of thee: Heb. full of thee Proverbs 25:23 The North wind driveth away rain, so doeth an angry countenance a backbiting tongue: Or, The North wind bringeth forth rain, so doeth a backbiting tongue, an angry countenance Proverbs 26:5 his own conceit: Heb. his own eyes Proverbs 26:6 damage: Or, violence Proverbs 26:7 are not equal: Heb. are lifted up Proverbs 26:8 As he that bindeth a stone in a sling, so is he that giveth honour to a fool: Or, as he that putteth a precious stone in an heap of stones Proverbs 26:10 The great God that formed all things both rewardeth the fool, and rewardeth transgressors: Or, a great man grieveth all, and he hireth the fool, he hireth also transgressors Proverbs 26:11 returneth to his folly: Heb. iterateth his folly Proverbs 26:15 it grieveth him: Or, he is weary Proverbs 26:17 meddleth: Or, is enraged Proverbs 26:18 firebrands: Heb. flames or sparks Proverbs 26:20 Where no wood is: Heb. without wood Proverbs 26:20 talebearer: Or, whisperer Proverbs 26:20 ceaseth: Heb. is silent Proverbs 26:22 innermost parts: Heb. chambers Proverbs 26:24 dissembleth: Or, is known Proverbs 26:25 speaketh fair: Heb. maketh his voice gracious Proverbs 26:26 Whose hatred is covered by deceit: Or, hatred is covered into secret Proverbs 27:1 tomorrow: Heb. tomorrow day Proverbs 27:3 heavy: Heb. heaviness Proverbs 27:4 Wrath is cruel, and anger is outrageous: Heb. Wrath is cruelty, and anger an overflowing Proverbs 27:4 envy?: Or, jealousy Proverbs 27:6 deceitful: Or, earnest, or frequent Proverbs 27:7 loatheth: Heb. treadeth under foot Proverbs 27:9 by hearty counsel: Heb. from the counsel of the soul Proverbs 27:20 never: Heb. not Proverbs 27:23 look well: Heb. set thy heart Proverbs 27:24 riches: Heb. strength Proverbs 27:24 to every generation?: Heb. to generation and generation Proverbs 27:27 maintenance: Heb. life Proverbs 28:2 but by a man of understanding: Or, by men of understanding and wisdom shall they likewise be prolonged Proverbs 28:3 which leaveth no food: Heb. without food Proverbs 28:7 is a companion of riotous men: Or, feedeth gluttons Proverbs 28:8 unjust gain: Heb. by increase Proverbs 28:11 in his own conceit: Heb. in his eyes Proverbs 28:12 hidden: Or, sought for Proverbs 28:20 innocent: Or, unpunished Proverbs 28:22 He that hasteth to be rich, hath an evil eye: Or, he that hath and evil eye hasteth to be rich, ver, 20 Proverbs 28:24 a destroyer: Heb. a man destroying Proverbs 29:1 He that being often reproved: Heb. a man of reproofs Proverbs 29:2 in authority: Or, increased Proverbs 29:4 he that receiveth gifts: Heb. a man of oblations Proverbs 29:8 bring a city into a snare: Or, set a city on fire Proverbs 29:10 The bloodthirsty: Heb. men of blood Proverbs 29:13 the deceitful man: Or, the usurer Proverbs 29:18 perish: Or, is made naked Proverbs 29:20 in his words?: Or, in his matters? Proverbs 29:25 shall be safe: Heb. shall be set on high Proverbs 29:26 the rulers favor: Heb. the face of a ruler Proverbs 30:3 have: Heb. know Proverbs 30:5 is pure: Heb. purified Proverbs 30:7 deny me them not: Heb. withhold not from me Proverbs 30:8 convenient for me: Heb. of my allowance Proverbs 30:9 deny thee: Heb. belie thee Proverbs 30:10 Accuse not: Heb. hurt not with thy tongue Proverbs 30:10 It is enough: Heb. wealth Proverbs 30:17 the valley: Or, the brook Proverbs 30:19 midst: Heb. heart Proverbs 30:24 exceeding wise: Heb. wise made wise Proverbs 30:27 by bands: Heb. gathered together Proverbs 30:31 A greyhound: Or, horse. Heb. girt in the loins Proverbs 31:5 pervert: Heb. alter Proverbs 31:5 of any of the afflicted: Heb. of all of the sons of affliction Proverbs 31:6 of heavy hearts: Heb. bitter of soul Proverbs 31:8 appointed to destruction: Heb. the sons of destruction Proverbs 31:16 buyeth: Heb. taketh Proverbs 31:18 She perceiveth: Heb. she tasteth Proverbs 31:20 She stretched out: Heb. she spreadeth Proverbs 31:21 scarlet: Or, double garments Proverbs 31:29 have done virtuously: Or, have gotten riches Ecclesiastes 1:5 hasteth: Heb. panteth Ecclesiastes 1:7 return again: Heb. return to go Ecclesiastes 1:13 to be exercised therewith: Or, to afflict them Ecclesiastes 1:15 that which is wanting: Heb. defect Ecclesiastes 1:16 had great experience: Heb. had seen much Ecclesiastes 2:3 to give myself unto wine: Heb. to draw my flesh with wine Ecclesiastes 2:3 all the days of their life: Heb. the number of the days of their life Ecclesiastes 2:7 servants born in my house: Heb. sons of my house Ecclesiastes 2:8 as musical instruments: , and that of all sorts: Heb. musical instrument, and instruments Ecclesiastes 2:12 even that which hath been already done: Or, in those things which have been already done Ecclesiastes 2:13 that wisdom excelleth folly: Heb. that there is an excellency in Wisdom more then in folly, etc Ecclesiastes 2:15 happeneth even to me: Heb. happeneth to me, even to me Ecclesiastes 2:18 taken: Heb. laboured Ecclesiastes 2:21 leave: Heb. give Ecclesiastes 2:24 should make his soul enjoy: Or, delight his senses Ecclesiastes 2:26 in his sight: Heb. before him Ecclesiastes 3:1 to be born: Heb. to bear Ecclesiastes 3:5 to refrain: Heb. to be far from Ecclesiastes 3:6 get: Or, seek Ecclesiastes 3:15 that which is past: Heb. that which is driven away Ecclesiastes 3:18 that God might manifest them: Or, that they might clear God, and see, etc. Ecclesiastes 3:21 of man: Heb. of the sons of man Ecclesiastes 3:21 goeth upward: Heb. is ascending Ecclesiastes 4:1 side: Heb. hand Ecclesiastes 4:4 every right work: Heb. all the rightness of work Ecclesiastes 4:4 for this a man is envied of his neighbour: Heb. this is the envy of a man from his neighbour Ecclesiastes 4:13 who will no more be admonished: Heb. who knoweth not to be admonished Ecclesiastes 5:2 thing: Or, word Ecclesiastes 5:8 at the matter: Heb. at the will or purpose Ecclesiastes 5:18 it is good and comely: Heb. there is a good which is comely, etc. Ecclesiastes 5:18 all the days of his life: Heb. the number of the days Ecclesiastes 5:18 [symbol missing in 1611 edition]: Or, though he give not much, yet he remembreth etc. Ecclesiastes 6:7 appetite: Heb. soul Ecclesiastes 6:9 then the wandering of the desire: Heb. then the walking of the soul Ecclesiastes 6:12 all the days of his vain life: Heb. the number of the days of the life of his vanity Ecclesiastes 7:3 Sorrow: Or, anger Ecclesiastes 7:6 crackling: Heb. sound Ecclesiastes 7:10 wisely: Heb. out of wisdom Ecclesiastes 7:11 is good with an inheritance: Or, as good as an inheritance, yea, better too Ecclesiastes 7:12 defence: Heb. shadow Ecclesiastes 7:14 set: Heb. made Ecclesiastes 7:16 destroy thyself?: Heb. be desolate? Ecclesiastes 7:17 before thy time? Heb. not in thy time? Ecclesiastes 7:21 take no heed: Heb. give not thine heart Ecclesiastes 7:25 I applied mine heart: Heb. I and mine heart compassed Ecclesiastes 7:26 who so pleaseth God: He that is good before God Ecclesiastes 7:27 counting one by one to find out the account: Or, weighing one thing after another to find out the reason Ecclesiastes 8:1 the boldness: Heb. the strength Ecclesiastes 8:5 shall feel: Heb. shall know Ecclesiastes 8:7 when it shall be?: Or, how it shall be? Ecclesiastes 8:8 discharge: Or, casting of weapons Ecclesiastes 9:1 I considered in my heart: Heb. I gave, or set to my heart Ecclesiastes 9:9 Live joyfully: Heb. see, or enjoy life Ecclesiastes 10:1 Dead flies: Heb. Flies of death Ecclesiastes 10:3 his wisdom: Heb. his heart Ecclesiastes 10:5 from: Heb. from before Ecclesiastes 10:6 in great dignity: Heb. in great heights Ecclesiastes 10:11 a babbler: Heb. the master of the tongue Ecclesiastes 10:12 gracious: Heb. grace Ecclesiastes 10:13 his talk: Heb. his mouth Ecclesiastes 10:14 is full of words: Heb. multiplieth words Ecclesiastes 10:19 merry: Heb. maketh glad the life Ecclesiastes 10:20 thought: Or, conscience Ecclesiastes 11:1 upon the waters: Heb. upon the face of the waters Ecclesiastes 11:6 shall prosper: Heb. shall be right Ecclesiastes 11:10 sorrow: Or, anger Ecclesiastes 12:3 the grinders cease, because they are few: Or, the grinders fail, because they grind little Ecclesiastes 12:9 moreover, because the preacher was wise: Or, the more wise the preacher was, etc. Ecclesiastes 12:10 acceptable words: Heb. words of delight Ecclesiastes 12:12 study: Or, reading Ecclesiastes 12:13 Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Or, the end of the matter, even all that hath been heard, is Song of Solomon 1:2 thy Love: Heb. thy loves Song of Solomon 1:4 the upright love thee: Or, they love thee uprightly Song of Solomon 1:7 as one that turneth aside: Or, as one that is vailed Song of Solomon 1:14 Camphire: Or, Cypress Song of Solomon 1:15 my love: Or, my companion Song of Solomon 1:17 rafters: Or, galleries Song of Solomon 2:3 I sat down under his shadow with great delight: Heb. I delighted and sat down, etc. Song of Solomon 2:3 taste: Heb. palate Song of Solomon 2:4 banqueting house: Heb. house of wine Song of Solomon 2:5 comfort me with apples: Heb. straw me with apples Song of Solomon 2:7 I charge you: Heb. I adjure you Song of Solomon 2:9 shewing himself: Heb. flourishing Song of Solomon 2:17 of Bether: Or, of division Song of Solomon 3:9 a chariot: Or, a bed Song of Solomon 4:1 that appear: Or, that eat of, etc. Song of Solomon 4:6 break: Heb. breathe Song of Solomon 4:9 ravished: Or, taken away my heart Song of Solomon 4:12 enclosed: Heb. barred Song of Solomon 4:13 Camphire: Or, Cypress Song of Solomon 5:1 yea drink abundantly, O beloved!: Or, and be drunken with loves Song of Solomon 5:4 for him: Or, (as some read) in me Song of Solomon 5:5 sweet smelling: Heb. passing, or running about Song of Solomon 5:8 that: Heb. what Song of Solomon 5:10 the chiefest: Heb. a standard bearer Song of Solomon 5:11 bushy: Or, curled Song of Solomon 5:12 fitly set: Heb. sitting in fullness, that is fitly placed, and set as a precious stone in the foil of a ring Song of Solomon 5:13 sweet flowers: Or, towers of perfumes Song of Solomon 5:16 his mouth: Heb. his palate Song of Solomon 6:5 overcome me: Or, they have puffed me up Song of Solomon 6:12 or ever I was aware: Heb. I knew not Song of Solomon 6:12 made me like the chariots of Amminadab: Or, set me on the chariot of my willing people Song of Solomon 6:13 of two armies: Or of Mahanaim Song of Solomon 7:2 liquor: Heb. mixture Song of Solomon 7:5 Carmel: Or, crimson Song of Solomon 7:5 held: Heb. bound Song of Solomon 7:9 sweetly: Heb. straightly Song of Solomon 7:9 of those that are asleep: Or, of the ancient Song of Solomon 7:12 appear: Heb. open Song of Solomon 8:1 I should not be despised: Heb. they should not despise me Song of Solomon 8:4 that ye stir not up: Heb. why should ye stir up, or why, etc.? Song of Solomon 8:6 cruel: Heb. hard Song of Solomon 8:10 favour: Heb. peace Song of Solomon 8:14 make haste: Heb. flee away Isaiah 1:4 laden: Heb. of heaviness Isaiah 1:4 gone away backward: Heb. alienated, or seperated Isaiah 1:5 revolt more and more: Heb. increase revolt Isaiah 1:6 ointment: Or, oil Isaiah 1:7 as overthrown by strangers: Heb. as the overthrow of strangers Isaiah 1:11 he goats: Heb. great he goats Isaiah 1:12 to appear: Heb. to be seen Isaiah 1:13 iniquity: Or, grief Isaiah 1:15 make many prayers: Heb. multiply prayer Isaiah 1:15 blood: Heb. bloods Isaiah 1:17 relieve: Or, righten Isaiah 1:25 purely: Heb. according to pureness Isaiah 1:27 her converts: Or, they that return of her Isaiah 1:28 destruction: Heb. breaking Isaiah 1:31 and the maker: Or, and his work Isaiah 2:2 established: Or, prepared Isaiah 2:4 pruninghooks: Or, scythes Isaiah 2:6 from the East: Or, more then the East Isaiah 2:6 please themselves in the children: Or, abound with the children. etc. Isaiah 2:16 pleasant pictures: Heb. pictures of desire Isaiah 2:18 the idols he shall utterly abolish: Or, the idols shall utterly pass away Isaiah 2:19 the earth: Heb. the dust Isaiah 2:20 his idols of silver: Heb. the idols of his silver, etc. Isaiah 2:20 which they made each one for himself: Or, which they made for him Isaiah 3:3 the honourable man: Heb. a man eminent in countenance Isaiah 3:3 eloquent orator: Or, skillfull of speech Isaiah 3:7 shall he swear: Heb. lift up the hand Isaiah 3:7 healer: Heb. binder up Isaiah 3:11 given him: Heb. done to him Isaiah 3:12 they which lead thee: Or, they which call thee blessed Isaiah 3:12 destroy: Heb. swallow up Isaiah 3:14 eaten: Or, burnt Isaiah 3:16 wanton eyes: Heb. deceiving with their eyes Isaiah 3:16 mincing: Or, tripping nicely Isaiah 3:17 discover: Heb. make naked Isaiah 3:18 cauls: Or, networks Isaiah 3:19 chains: Or, sweet balls Isaiah 3:19 mufflers: Or, spangled ornaments Isaiah 3:20 tablets: Heb. houses of the soul Isaiah 3:25 mighty: Heb. might Isaiah 3:26 desolate: Or, emptied, Heb. cleansed Isaiah 4:1 let us be called by thy name: Heb. let thy name be called upon us Isaiah 4:1 to take away: Or, take thou away Isaiah 4:2 beautiful and glorious: Heb. beauty and glory Isaiah 4:2 for them that are escaped of Israel: Heb. for the escaping of Israel Isaiah 4:3 among: Or, to life Isaiah 4:5 upon: Or, above Isaiah 4:5 a defense: Heb. a covering Isaiah 5:2 very fruitful hill: Heb. the horn of the son of oil Isaiah 5:2 fenced it: Or, made a wall about it Isaiah 5:2 made: Heb. hewed Isaiah 5:5 trodden: Heb. for a tredding Isaiah 5:7 his pleasant plant: Heb. plant of his pleasures Isaiah 5:7 oppression: Heb. a scab Isaiah 5:9 in mine ears said the LORD: Or, this is in mine ears saith the LORD, etc. Isaiah 5:9 of a truth: Heb. if not, etc. Isaiah 5:11 inflame them: Or, pursue them Isaiah 5:13 their honourable men are famished: Heb. their glory are men of famine Isaiah 5:16 God that is holy: Or, the holy God, Heb. The God the holy Isaiah 5:20 that call evil good: Heb. that say concerning evil, It is good, etc. Isaiah 5:21 in their own sight: before their face Isaiah 5:24 the fire: Heb. the tongue of fire Isaiah 5:25 torn: or as dung Isaiah 5:30 sorrow: Or, distress Isaiah 5:30 and the light is darkened in the heavens thereof: Or, when it is light it shall be dark in the destructions thereof Isaiah 6:1 train: Or, the skirts thereof Isaiah 6:3 one cried unto another: Heb. this cried to this Isaiah 6:3 the whole earth if full of his glory Isaiah 6:4 door: Heb. thresholds Isaiah 6:5 undone: Heb. cut off Isaiah 6:6 having a live coal: Heb. and in his hand a live coal Isaiah 6:7 he laid it: Heb. caused it to touch Isaiah 6:8 Here am I: Heb. behold me Isaiah 6:9 indeed, but understand not: Or, without ceasing, etc. Heb. hear ye in hearing, etc. Isaiah 6:11 utterly desolate: Heb. desolate with desolation Isaiah 6:13 and it shall return, and shall be eaten: Or, when it is returned and hath been bruised Isaiah 6:13 substance: Or, stock, or stem Isaiah 7:2 confederate with Ephraim: Heb. resteth on Ephraim Isaiah 7:3 Shearjashub: that is, The remnant shall return Isaiah 7:3 in the highway: Or, causeway Isaiah 7:4 neither be fainthearted: Heb. let not thine heart be tender Isaiah 7:6 vex: Or, waken Isaiah 7:8 that it be not a people: Heb. from a people Isaiah 7:9 if ye will not believe, surely ye shall not be established: Or, do ye not believe? it is because ye are not stable Isaiah 7:10 moreover the LORD spake: Heb. and the Lord added to speak Isaiah 7:11 ask it either in the depth: Or, make thy petion deep Isaiah 7:14 a virgin…shall call: Or, thou, O virgin, shalt call Isaiah 7:19 bushes: Or, commendable trees Isaiah 7:22 in the land: Heb. in the midst of the land Isaiah 8:1 Mahershalalhashbaz: Heb. In making speed to the spoil he hasteneth the prey. Or, make speed, etc Isaiah 8:3 went unto: Heb. approached unto Isaiah 8:4 the riches of Damascus, and the spoil of Samaria shall be taken away before the king of Assyria: Or, He that is before the King of Assyria shall take away the riches etc. Isaiah 8:8 the stretching out of his wings shall fill the breadth of thy land: Heb. the fullness of the breadth of thy land shall be the stretching out of his wings Isaiah 8:9 and ye: Or, yet Isaiah 8:11 with a strong hand: Heb. in strength of hand Isaiah 8:20 no light: Heb. no morning Isaiah 9:1 of the nations: Or, populous Isaiah 9:11 join: Heb. mingle Isaiah 9:16 the leaders: Or, they that call them blessed Isaiah 9:17 folly: Or, villany Isaiah 9:19 fuel: Heb. meat Isaiah 9:20 snatch: Heb cut Isaiah 10:1 that write grivousness: Or, to the writers that write grievousness Isaiah 10:5 O Assyrian: Or, woe to the Assyrian: Heb. Asshur Isaiah 10:5 Assyrian: Heb. Ashur Isaiah 10:5 and the: Or, though Isaiah 10:6 to tread them down: Heb. to lay them a treading Isaiah 10:12 punish: Heb. visit upon Isaiah 10:12 of the stout heart: Heb. of the greatness of the heart Isaiah 10:13 like a valiant man: Or, like many people Isaiah 10:15 as if the rod should shake itself against them: Or, as if a rod should shake them that lift it up Isaiah 10:15 itself, as if it were no wood: Or, that which is not wood Isaiah 10:18 both soul and body: Heb. from the soul and even to the flesh Isaiah 10:19 few: Heb. number Isaiah 10:22 of them: Heb. in or amongst Isaiah 10:22 with: Or, in Isaiah 10:24 and shall lift up his staff against thee: Or, but he shall lift up his staff for thee Isaiah 10:27 shall be taken away: Heb. shall remove Isaiah 10:30 lift up thy voice: Heb. cry shrill with thy voice Isaiah 10:34 by a mighty one: Or, mightily Isaiah 11:3 quick: Heb. sent or smell Isaiah 11:4 reprove: Or, argue Isaiah 11:8 cockatrice: Or, adders Isaiah 11:10 glorious: Heb. glory Isaiah 11:12 corners: Heb. wings Isaiah 11:14 them of the East: Heb. the children of the East Isaiah 11:14 they shall lay their hand upon Edom and Moab: Heb. Edom and Moab shall be the laying on of their hand Isaiah 11:14 and the children of Ammon shall obey them: Heb. the children of Ammon their obedience Isaiah 11:15 dryshod: Heb. in shoes Isaiah 12:4 call upon his name: Or, proclaim his name Isaiah 12:6 inhabitant: Heb. inhabitress Isaiah 13:4 like as of: Heb. the likeness of Isaiah 13:7 be faint: Or, fall down Isaiah 13:8 amazed: Heb. wonder Isaiah 13:8 one at another: Heb. every man at his neighbor Isaiah 13:8 flames: Heb. faces of the flames Isaiah 13:19 as when…overthrew: Heb. as the overthrowing Isaiah 13:21 wild beasts: Heb. ziim Isaiah 13:21 dolefull creatures: Heb. Ochim Isaiah 13:21 owels: Or, ostriches Isaiah 13:21 [symbol missing here in 1611 edition] Heb. daughters of the owle Isaiah 13:22 beasts of the Islands: Heb. Zim Isaiah 13:22 desolate: Or, palaces Isaiah 14:2 whose captives they were: Heb. that had taken them captives Isaiah 14:4 proverb: Or, Taunting speech Isaiah 14:4 golden city ceased?: Or, exactresse of gold Isaiah 14:6 a continual stroke: Heb. a stroke without removing Isaiah 14:9 Hell: Or, the grave Isaiah 14:9 chief ones: Heb. leaders, or great goats Isaiah 14:12 O Lucifer: Or, O day star Isaiah 14:17 that opened not the house of his prisoners? : Or, did not let his prisoners loose homeward Isaiah 14:29 cockatrice: Or, adder Isaiah 14:31 none shall be alone: Or, he shall not be alone Isaiah 14:31 appointed: Or, assemblies Isaiah 14:32 trust in it: Or, betake themselves unto it Isaiah 15:1 brought to silence: Or, cut off Isaiah 15:3 weeping abundantly: Heb. descending into weeping, or, coming down with weeping Isaiah 15:5 his fugitives shall flee unto Zoar, an heifer: Or, to the borders thereof even to Zoar as an heifer Isaiah 15:5 destruction: Heb. breaking Isaiah 15:6 desolate: Heb. desolations Isaiah 15:7 brook of the willows: Or, valley of the Arabians Isaiah 15:9 more: Heb. additions Isaiah 16:1 Sela: Or, Petra, Heb. a rock Isaiah 16:2 cast out of the nest: Or, a nest forsaken Isaiah 16:3 Take: Heb. bring Isaiah 16:4 extortioner: Heb. wringer Isaiah 16:4 the oppressors: Heb. the treaders down Isaiah 16:5 established: Or, prepared Isaiah 16:7 mourn: Or, mutter Isaiah 16:8 stretched out: Or, plucked up Isaiah 16:9 the shouting for: Or, the alarm is fallen upon, etc. Isaiah 16:14 feeble: Or, not many Isaiah 17:8 images: Or, sun images Isaiah 17:11 heap in the day of grief, and of desperate sorrow: Or, removed in the day of inheritance, and there shall be deadly sorrow Isaiah 17:12 multitude: Or, noise Isaiah 17:12 mighty: Or, many Isaiah 17:13 rolling: Or, thistledown Isaiah 18:2 scattered and peeled: Or, outspread and polished Isaiah 18:2 a nation meted out and trodden down: Or, a nation that meteth out, and treadeth down. Heb. a nation of line line, and treading under foot Isaiah 18:2 whose land the rivers have spoiled: Or, whose land the rivers despise Isaiah 18:4 consider in my dwelling place: Or, regard my set dwelling Isaiah 18:4 upon herbs: Or, after rain Isaiah 18:7 scattered and peeled: Or, outspread and polished. etc. Isaiah 19:2 set: Heb. mingle Isaiah 19:3 shall fail: Heb. shall be emptied Isaiah 19:3 destroy: Heb. swallow up Isaiah 19:4 give over: Or, shut up Isaiah 19:7 and be no more: Heb. and shall not be Isaiah 19:9 networks: Or, white works Isaiah 19:10 purposes: Heb. foundations Isaiah 19:10 for fish: Heb. of living things Isaiah 19:13 they that are the stay: Or, governors. Heb. corners Isaiah 19:14 a perverse spirit: Heb. a spirit of perversities Isaiah 19:18 the language: Heb. the lip Isaiah 19:18 of destruction: Or, of Heres, or of the sun Isaiah 20:2 by Isaiah: Heb. by the hand of Isaiah Isaiah 20:4 the Egyptians…: Heb. the captivity of Egypt Isaiah 20:4 shame: Heb. nakedness Isaiah 20:6 isle: Or, country Isaiah 21:2 grievous: Heb. hard Isaiah 21:4 my heart panted: Or, my mind wandered Isaiah 21:4 turned: Heb. put Isaiah 21:8 He cried, a lion: Or, cried as a lion Isaiah 21:8 whole nights: Or, every night Isaiah 21:10 corn: Heb. son Isaiah 21:14 brought: Or, bring ye Isaiah 21:15 from the drawn sword: Or, for fear. Heb. from the face Isaiah 21:17 archers: Heb. bows Isaiah 22:3 by the archers: Heb. of the bow Isaiah 22:4 I will weep bitterly: Heb. I will be bitter in weeping Isaiah 22:6 uncovered: Heb. made naked Isaiah 22:7 choicest valleys: Heb. the choice of the valleys Isaiah 22:7 at the gate: Or, towards Isaiah 22:16 as he: Or, O he Isaiah 22:17 the LORD will carry thee away with: Or, the Lord who covered thee with an excellent covering, and clothed thee gorgeously, v. 18. shall surely, etc. Isaiah 22:17 the mighty captive: Heb. the captivity of a man Isaiah 22:18 large: Heb. large of spaces Isaiah 22:24 vessels of flagons: Or, instruments of viols Isaiah 23:2 still: Heb. silent Isaiah 23:7 afar off: Heb. from afar off Isaiah 23:9 to stain: Heb. to pollute Isaiah 23:10 strength: Heb. girdle Isaiah 23:11 against the merchant city: Or, concerning a merchant man Isaiah 23:11 strong holds: Or, strengths Isaiah 23:15 shall Tyre sing as an harlot: Heb. it shall be unto Tyre as the song of an harlot Isaiah 23:18 durable: Heb. old Isaiah 24:1 turneth it upside down: Heb. perverteth the face thereof Isaiah 24:2 priest: Or, Prince Isaiah 24:4 the haughty people: Heb. the height of the people Isaiah 24:15 fires: Or, valleys Isaiah 24:16 uttermost: Heb. wing Isaiah 24:16 My leanness, my leanness, woe unto me: Heb. leanness to me or my secret to me Isaiah 24:21 punish: Heb. visit upon Isaiah 24:22 as prisoners: Heb. with the gathering of prisoners Isaiah 24:22 pit: Or, dungeon Isaiah 24:22 visited: Or, found wanting Isaiah 24:23 before his ancients gloriously: Or, there shall be glory before his ancients Isaiah 25:7 destroy: Heb. swallow up Isaiah 25:7 cast over: Heb. covered Isaiah 25:10 troden down: Or, threshed Isaiah 25:10 troden down for the dunghill: Or, threshed in Madmenah Isaiah 26:2 truth: Heb. truths Isaiah 26:3 perfect peace: Heb. peace, peace Isaiah 26:3 mind: Or, thought, or imagination Isaiah 26:4 everlasting strength: Heb. the rock of ages Isaiah 26:11 at the people: Or, towards thy people Isaiah 26:12 in us: Or, for us Isaiah 26:16 prayer: Heb. secret speech Isaiah 26:21 blood: Heb. bloods Isaiah 27:1 piercing: Or, crossing like a bar Isaiah 27:4 go through: Or, march against Isaiah 27:7 as he smote those: Heb. according to the stroke of those Isaiah 27:8 when it shootest forth: Or, when thou sendest it forth Isaiah 27:8 he stayeth: Or, when he removeth it Isaiah 27:9 images: Or, sun images Isaiah 28:1 overcome: Heb. broken Isaiah 28:3 under feet: Heb. with feet Isaiah 28:4 eateth it up: Heb. swalloweth Isaiah 28:9 doctrine?: Heb. the hearing Isaiah 28:10 must be: Or, hath been Isaiah 28:11 stammering lips: Heb. stammerings of lip Isaiah 28:11 will he speak: Or, he hath spoken Isaiah 28:18 trodden down by it: Heb. a treading down to it Isaiah 28:19 to understand the report: Or, when he shall make you to understand doctrine Isaiah 28:25 the principal wheat: Or, the wheat in the principal place, and barley in the appointed place Isaiah 28:25 rye: Or, spelt Isaiah 28:25 place?: Heb. border Isaiah 28:26 For his God doth instruct him to discretion: Or, and he bindeth it in such sort as God doth teach him Isaiah 29:1 Woe to Arial, to Ariel the city: Or, oh Ariel, that is the lion of God. Or, of the city Isaiah 29:1 kill: Heb. out of the heads Isaiah 29:4 whisper: Heb. peep or chirp Isaiah 29:9 cry ye out, and cry: Or, take your pleasure and riot Isaiah 29:10 rulers: Heb. heads Isaiah 29:11 book: Or, letter Isaiah 29:14 I will proceed: Heb. I will add Isaiah 29:19 shall increase: Heb. shall add Isaiah 29:24 shall come to understanding: Heb. shall know understanding Isaiah 30:7 concerning this: Or, to her Isaiah 30:8 the time to come: Heb. the latter day Isaiah 30:12 oppression: Or, fraud Isaiah 30:14 vessel: Heb. the bottle of potters Isaiah 30:17 a beacon: Or, a tree bereft of branches, or boughs, or a mast Isaiah 30:20 affliction: Or, oppression Isaiah 30:22 thy graven images of silver: Heb. the graven images of thy silver Isaiah 30:22 cast them: Heb. scatter Isaiah 30:24 clean: Or, savoury. Heb. leavened Isaiah 30:25 high hill: Heb. lifted up Isaiah 30:27 and the burden thereof: Or, and the grievousness of flame Isaiah 30:27 heavy: Heb. heaviness Isaiah 30:29 mighty one: Heb. rock Isaiah 30:30 his glorious voice: Heb. the glory of his voice Isaiah 30:32 in every place where the grounded staff shall pass: Heb. every passing of the rod founded Isaiah 30:32 lay upon him: Heb. cause to rest upon him Isaiah 30:32 with it: Or, against them Isaiah 30:33 of old: Heb. from yesterday Isaiah 31:2 call back: Heb. remove Isaiah 31:4 noise: Or, multitude Isaiah 31:7 his idols of gold: Heb. the idols of his gold Isaiah 31:8 from the sword: Or, for fear of the sword Isaiah 31:8 discomfited: Or, tributarie. Heb. for melting, or tribute Isaiah 31:9 his strong hold for fear: Or, his strength. Heb. rock shall pass away for fear Isaiah 32:2 great: Heb. heavy Isaiah 32:4 rash: Heb. hasty Isaiah 32:4 plainly: Or, elegantly Isaiah 32:7 when the needy speaketh right: Or, he speaketh against the poor in judgment Isaiah 32:8 stand: Or, be established Isaiah 32:10 days and years: Heb. days above a year Isaiah 32:12 the pleasant fields: Heb. the fields of desire Isaiah 32:13 yea upon: Or, burning upon. etc. Isaiah 32:14 forts and towers: Or, clifts and watchtowers Isaiah 32:19 and the city shall be in a low place: Or, and the city shall be utterly abased Isaiah 33:6 salvation: Heb. salvations Isaiah 33:7 valiant ones: Or, messengers Isaiah 33:9 hewen down: Or, withered away Isaiah 33:15 righteously: Heb. in righteousnesses Isaiah 33:15 uprightly: Heb. uprightnesses Isaiah 33:15 opressions: Or, deceits Isaiah 33:15 blood: Heb. bloods Isaiah 33:16 high: Heb. heights, or high places Isaiah 33:17 the land that is very far off: Heb. the land of far distances Isaiah 33:18 receiver? Heb. weigher Isaiah 33:19 stammering: Or, ridiculous Isaiah 33:21 broad rivers and streams: Heb. broad of spaces or hands Isaiah 33:22 lawgiver: Heb. statutemaker Isaiah 33:23 Thy tacklings are loosed: Or, they have forsaken thy tacklings Isaiah 34:1 all that is therein: Heb. the fulness thereof Isaiah 34:7 unicorns: Or, rhinocerots Isaiah 34:7 soaked: Or, drunken Isaiah 34:11 cormorant: Or, pelican Isaiah 34:13 owls: Or, ostriches: Heb. daughters of the owl Isaiah 34:14 beasts: Heb. Ziym Isaiah 34:14 wild beasts: Heb. Iiym Isaiah 34:14 shrichowle: Or, night monster Isaiah 35:4 fearful: Heb. hasty Isaiah 35:7 grass with reeds: Or, a court for reeds etc. Isaiah 35:8 but it shall be for those: Or, for he shall be with them Isaiah 36:3 scribe: Or, secretary Isaiah 36:5 vain words: Heb. a word of lips Isaiah 36:5 I have counsell and strength for war: Or, but counsell and strength are for the war Isaiah 36:8 pledges: Or, hostages Isaiah 36:16 Make an agreement with me by a present: Or, seek my favour by a present. Heb. make with me a blessing Isaiah 37:3 blasphemy: Or, provocation Isaiah 37:4 left: Heb. found Isaiah 37:7 send a blast upon him: Or, put a spirit into him Isaiah 37:18 nations: Heb. lands Isaiah 37:19 cast: Heb. given Isaiah 37:24 By thy servants: Heb. by the hand of thy servants Isaiah 37:24 the tall cedars thereof: Heb. the tallness of the cedars thereof, and the choice of the firr trees thereof Isaiah 37:24 forest of his Carmel: Or, the forest and his fruitful field Isaiah 37:25 beseiged places: Or, fenced and closed Isaiah 37:26 Hast thou not heard long ago, how I have done it; and of ancient times, that I have formed it? now have I brought it to pass, that thou shouldest be to lay waste defenced cities into ruinous heaps: Or, Hast thou not heard how I have made it long ago, and formed it of ancient times? Should I now bring it to be laid waste, and defenced cities to be ruinous heaps? Isaiah 37:27 of small power: Heb. short of hand Isaiah 37:28 abode: Or, sitting Isaiah 37:31 the remnant that is escaped of the house of Judah: Heb. the escaping of the house of Judah that remaineth Isaiah 37:38 Armenia: Heb. Ararat Isaiah 38:1 Set thine house in order: Heb. give charge concerning thy house Isaiah 38:3 sore: Heb. with great weeping Isaiah 38:8 degress which is gone down in the sun dial: Heb. degrees by, or with the Sun Isaiah 38:12 with a pining sickness: Or, From the thrum Isaiah 38:14 undertake for me: Or, ease me Isaiah 38:17 for peace I had great bitterness: Or, on my peace came great bitterness Isaiah 38:17 thou hast in love to my soul delivered it from the pit: Heb. thou hast loved me from the pit Isaiah 39:2 precious things: Or, spicery Isaiah 39:2 armor: Or, jewels. Heb. vessels or instruments Isaiah 40:2 comfortably: Heb. to the heart Isaiah 40:2 warfare: Or, appointed time Isaiah 40:4 straight: Or, a straight place Isaiah 40:4 places plain: Or, a plain place Isaiah 40:9 O Zion, that bringest good tidings: Or, O thou that tellest good tidings to Zion Isaiah 40:9 O Jersulem, that bringest good tidings: Or, O thou that tellest good tidings to Jerusalem Isaiah 40:10 with strong hand: Or, against the strong Isaiah 40:10 his work before him: Or, recompence for his work Isaiah 40:11 that are with young: Or, that give suck Isaiah 40:12 a measure: Heb. a Tierce Isaiah 40:13 his counselor: Heb. man of his counsel Isaiah 40:14 instructed him: Heb. made him understand Isaiah 40:14 understanding?: Heb. understandings Isaiah 40:20 is so impoverished: Heb. I poor of oblation Isaiah 40:22 it is he that sitteth: Or, him that sitteth, atc. Isaiah 40:31 renew: Heb. change Isaiah 41:2 the righteous man: Heb. righteousness Isaiah 41:3 Isaiah 41:3 safely: Heb. in peace Isaiah 41:6 Be of good courage: Heb. be strong Isaiah 41:7 goldsmith: Or, founder Isaiah 41:7 him that smote: Or, the smiting Isaiah 41:7 saying: , It is ready for the sodering: Or, saying of the soder, it is good Isaiah 41:11 they that strive with thee: Heb. the men of thy strife Isaiah 41:12 them that contended: Heb. the men of thy contention Isaiah 41:12 they that war against thee: Heb. the men of thy war Isaiah 41:14 men: Or, few men Isaiah 41:15 teeth: Heb. mouths Isaiah 41:21 Produce: Heb. cause to come near Isaiah 41:22 consider them, and know: Heb. set our heart upon them Isaiah 41:24 of nothing: Or, worse than nothing Isaiah 41:24 of naught: Or, worse then of a viper Isaiah 41:28 answer: Heb. return Isaiah 42:3 smoking: Or, dimly burning Isaiah 42:3 quench: Heb. quench it Isaiah 42:4 discouraged: Heb. broken Isaiah 42:10 all that is therein Isaiah 42:13 prevail: Or, behave himself mightily Isaiah 42:14 devour: Heb. swallow or sup up Isaiah 42:16 straight: Heb. into straightness Isaiah 42:21 it: Or, him Isaiah 42:22 they are all of them snared: Or, in snaring all the young men of them Isaiah 42:22 for a spoil: Heb. a treading Isaiah 42:23 for the time to come? Heb. for the after time Isaiah 43:4 life: Or, person Isaiah 43:10 no God formed: Or, nothing formed of God Isaiah 43:13 let it?: Heb. turn it back Isaiah 43:14 nobles: Heb. bars Isaiah 43:20 owls: Or, ostriches. Heb. daughters of the owl Isaiah 43:23 small cattle: Heb. lambs or kids Isaiah 43:24 filled me: Heb. made me drunk, or, abundantly moistened Isaiah 43:27 teachers: Heb. interpreters Isaiah 43:28 princes of the Sanctuary: Or, holy princes Isaiah 44:8 God: Heb. rock Isaiah 44:9 delectable: Heb. desireable Isaiah 44:12 with the tongs: Or, with an axe Isaiah 44:14 strengtheneth: Or, taketh courage Isaiah 44:18 shut: Heb. daubed Isaiah 44:19 considereth in his heart: Heb. setteth to his heart Isaiah 44:19 to the stock of a tree? Heb. that which comes of a tree Isaiah 44:26 decayed: Heb. wastes Isaiah 45:1 have holden: Or, strengthened Isaiah 45:13 direct: Or, make straight Isaiah 45:24 Surely, shall one say, In the LORD have I righteousness and strength: Or, Surely he shall say of me, In the LORD is all righteousness and strength. Heb. righteousness Isaiah 46:2 themselves: Heb. their soul Isaiah 46:11 Heb. the man of my counsel Isaiah 47:10 perverted thee: Or, caused thee to turn away Isaiah 47:11 from whence it riseth: Heb. the morning thereof Isaiah 47:11 put it off: Heb. expiate Isaiah 47:13 astrologers: Heb. viewers of the heavens Isaiah 47:13 the monthly prognosticators: Heb. that give knowledge concerning the months Isaiah 47:14 themselves: Heb. their souls Isaiah 48:4 obstinate: Heb. hard Isaiah 48:10 with silver: Or, for silver Isaiah 48:13 my right hand hath spanned the heavens: Or, the palm of my right hand hath spread out Isaiah 49:4 my work: Or, my reward Isaiah 49:5 Though Israel be not gathered, yet shall I: Or, that Israel may be gathered to him, and I may etc. Isaiah 49:6 it is a light thing that thou shouldst: Or, art thou lighter, then that thou shouldest etc. Isaiah 49:6 preserved: Or, desolations Isaiah 49:7 to him whom man despiseth: Or, to him that is despised in soul Isaiah 49:8 establish: Or, raise up Isaiah 49:15 that she should not have compassion: Heb. from having compassion Isaiah 49:22 arms: Heb. bosom Isaiah 49:23 nursing fathers: Heb. nourishers Isaiah 49:23 queens: Heb. Princesses Isaiah 49:24 the lawful captive: Heb. the captivity of the just Isaiah 49:25 captives: Heb. captivity Isaiah 49:26 sweet wine: Or, new wine Isaiah 50:8 mine adversary?: Heb. the master of my cause Isaiah 51:13 were ready: Or, made himself ready Isaiah 51:19 are come: Heb. happened Isaiah 51:19 destruction: Heb. breaking Isaiah 52:12 be your rereward: Heb. gather you up Isaiah 52:13 deal prudently: Or, prosper Isaiah 53:1 report? Or, doctrine. Heb. hearing Isaiah 53:3 he hid as it were our faces from him: Or, he hid as it were his face from us. Heb. as a hiding of faces from him or from us Isaiah 53:5 wounded: Or, tormented Isaiah 53:5 stripes: Heb. bruise Isaiah 53:6 laid on him the iniquity of us all: Heb. he hath made the iniquity of us all to meet on him Isaiah 53:8 He was taken from prison, and from judgment: Or, he was taken away my distress and judgment, but etc. Isaiah 53:8 was he stricken: Heb. was the stroke upon him Isaiah 53:9 death: Heb. deaths Isaiah 53:10 when thou shalt make his soul on offering: Or, when his soul shall make an offering Isaiah 55:2 spend: Heb. weigh Isaiah 55:7 the unrighteous man: Heb. the man of iniquity Isaiah 55:7 abundantly pardon: Heb. he will multiply to pardon Isaiah 56:1 judgment: Or, equity Isaiah 56:8 besides: Heb. to his gathered Isaiah 56:10 sleeping: Or, dreaming or talking in their sleep Isaiah 56:11 greedy: Heb. strong of appetite Isaiah 56:11 can never have enough: Heb. Know not to be satisfied Isaiah 57:1 merciful men: Heb. men of kindness or godliness Isaiah 57:1 from the evil to come: Or, from that which is evil Isaiah 57:2 enter into peace: Or, go in peace Isaiah 57:2 in his: Or, before him Isaiah 57:5 with idols: Or, among the okes Isaiah 57:8 made a covenant with them: Or, hewed it for thyself larger than theirs Isaiah 57:8 where thou sawest it: Or, thou providest room Isaiah 57:9 thou wentest to the king: Or, thou respectedst the King Isaiah 57:10 life: Or, living Isaiah 57:17 frowardly: Heb. turning away Isaiah 58:1 aloud: Heb. with the throat Isaiah 58:3 labours: Or, things wherewith ye grieve others: Heb. griefs Isaiah 58:4 ye shall not fast as ye do this day: Or, ye fast not as this day Isaiah 58:5 day for a man to afflict his soul?: Or, to afflict his soul for a day? Isaiah 58:6 the heavy burdens: Heb. the bundles of the yoke Isaiah 58:6 oppressed: Heb. broken Isaiah 58:7 cast out: Or, afflicted Isaiah 58:8 shall be thy rereward: Heb. shall gather thee up Isaiah 58:11 drought: Heb. droughts Isaiah 58:11 fail not: Heb. lie, or deceive Isaiah 59:2 have hid: Or, have made him hide Isaiah 59:5 cockatrice: Or, adders Isaiah 59:5 that which is crushed breaketh out into a viper: Or, that which is sprinkled is as if there brake out a viper Isaiah 59:7 destruction: Heb. breaking Isaiah 59:8 judgment: Or, right Isaiah 59:15 maketh himself a prey: Or, is accounted mad Isaiah 59:15 it displeased him: Heb. it was evil in his eyes Isaiah 59:18 deeds: Heb. recompences Isaiah 59:19 lift up a standard: Or, put him to flight Isaiah 60:1 shine, for thy light is come: Or, be enlightened, for thy light cometh Isaiah 60:5 abundance of the Sea shall be converted unto thee: Or, noise of the Sea shall be turned toward thee Isaiah 60:5 forces: Or, wealth Isaiah 60:11 forces: Or, wealth Isaiah 61:10 decketh: Heb. decketh as a priest Isaiah 62:4 Hephzibah: That is, my delight is in her Isaiah 62:4 Beulah: That is, married Isaiah 62:5 as the bridegroom rejoiceth: Heb. with the joy of the bridegroom Isaiah 62:6 ye that make mention of the LORD: Or, ye that are the Lords remembrancers Isaiah 62:7 rest: Heb. silence Isaiah 62:8 Surely, I will no more give: Heb. if he give, etc. Isaiah 62:11 work: Or, recompense Isaiah 63:1 glorious: Heb. decked Isaiah 63:11 shepherd: Or, shepherds, as Psal. 77.21 Isaiah 63:15 the sounding: Or, the multitude Isaiah 63:16 our Redeemer, thy Name is from everlasting: Or, our redeemer, from everlasting is thy name Isaiah 63:19 they were not called by thy Name: Heb. thy name was not called upon them Isaiah 64:2 the melting fire: Heb. the fire of meltings Isaiah 64:4 seen, O God, besides thee, what he hath prepared for him: Or, seen a God beside thee which doeth so for him, etc. Isaiah 64:7 consumed: Heb. melted Isaiah 65:3 upon altars of brick Isaiah 65:4 broth: Or, pieces Isaiah 65:5 nose: Or, anger Isaiah 65:11 troop: Or, Gad Isaiah 65:11 number: Or, Meni Isaiah 65:14 vexation: Heb. breaking Isaiah 65:17 come into mind: Heb. come upon the heart Isaiah 65:22 shall long enjoy the work of their hands: Heb. shall make them continue long, or shall wear out Isaiah 66:3 lamb: Or, kid Isaiah 66:3 burneth incense: Heb. maketh a memorial of Isaiah 66:4 delusions: Or, devices Isaiah 66:9 bring to the birth: Or, beget Isaiah 66:11 abundance: Or, brightness Isaiah 66:17 behind one tree: Or, one after another Isaiah 66:20 litters: Or, coaches Isaiah 66:23 from one new Moon to another, and from one Sabbath to another: Heb. from new Moon to his new Moon, and from Sabbath to his Sabbath Jeremiah 1:5 ordained: Heb. gave Jeremiah 1:13 towards the North: Heb. from the face of the North Jeremiah 1:14 shall break forth: Heb. shall be opened Jeremiah 1:17 confound: Or, break to pieces Jeremiah 2:2 thee: Or, for thy sake Jeremiah 2:10 over: Or, over to Jeremiah 2:14 spoiled?: Heb. become a spoil Jeremiah 2:15 yelled: Heb. gave out their voice Jeremiah 2:16 broken the crown: Or, feed on thy crown, deut. 33.12 Isai. 8.8 Jeremiah 2:20 transgress: Or, serve Jeremiah 2:23 thou art a swift dromedaire: Or, O swift dromedaire Jeremiah 2:24 A wild ass: Or, O wild ass etc. Jeremiah 2:24 used: Heb. taught Jeremiah 2:24 her pleasure: Heb. the desire of her heart Jeremiah 2:24 turn: Or, reverse it Jeremiah 2:25 there is no hope: Or, is the case desperate? Jeremiah 2:27 brought me forth: Or, begotten me Jeremiah 2:27 their back unto me: Heb. the hinder part part [sic] of the neck Jeremiah 2:28 trouble: Heb. evil Jeremiah 2:31 We are Lords: Heb. we have dominion Jeremiah 2:34 secret search: Heb. digging Jeremiah 3:1 They say: Heb. Saying Jeremiah 3:9 lightness: Or, fame Jeremiah 3:10 feignedly: Heb. in falsehood Jeremiah 3:16 come to mind: Heb. come upon the heart Jeremiah 3:16 that be done: Or, it be magnified Jeremiah 3:17 imagination: Or, stubbornness Jeremiah 3:18 with: Or, to Jeremiah 3:18 given for an inheritance unto your fathers: Or, caused your fathers to possess Jeremiah 3:19 pleasant land: Heb. land of desire Jeremiah 3:19 from me: Heb. from after me Jeremiah 3:20 husband: Heb. friend Jeremiah 4:6 retire: Or, strengthen Jeremiah 4:6 destruction: Heb. breaking Jeremiah 4:12 a full wind from those places: Or, a fuller wind then those Jeremiah 4:12 give sentence against them: Heb. utter judgments Jeremiah 4:19 at my very heart: Heb. the walls of my heart [symbol in wrong place] Jeremiah 4:30 face: Heb. eyes Jeremiah 5:6 evenings: Or, deserts Jeremiah 5:6 are increased: Heb. are strong Jeremiah 5:21 understanding: Heb. heart Jeremiah 5:26 they lay wait as he that setteth snares: Or, they pry as foulers lie in wait Jeremiah 5:27 cage: Or, coop Jeremiah 5:30 A wonderful and horrible thing: Or, astonishment and filthiness Jeremiah 5:31 bear rule: Or, take into their hands Jeremiah 6:2 comely: Or, dwelling at home Jeremiah 6:6 cast a mount: Or, pour out the engine of shot Jeremiah 6:8 depart: Heb. be loosed or disjointed Jeremiah 6:14 hurt: Heb. bruise or breach Jeremiah 6:30 Reprobate silver: Or, refuse silver Jeremiah 7:10 which is called by my Name: Heb. whereupon my Name is called Jeremiah 7:18 Queen of heaven: Or, frame, or workmanship of heaven Jeremiah 7:22 concerning: Heb. concerning the matter of Jeremiah 7:24 imagination: Or, stubbornness Jeremiah 7:24 went: Heb. were Jeremiah 7:28 correction: Or, instruction Jeremiah 7:31 came it into my heart: Heb. came it upon my heart Jeremiah 8:8 certainly, in vain made he it, the pen of the scribes is in vain: Or, the false pen of the scribes worketh for falsehood Jeremiah 8:9 The wise men are ashamed: Or, have they been ashamed, etc. Jeremiah 8:9 what wisdom is in them? Heb. the wisdom of what thing Jeremiah 8:13 I will surely consume them: Or, in gathering I will consume Jeremiah 8:14 gall: Or, poison Jeremiah 8:16 all that is in it: Heb. the fullness thereof Jeremiah 8:18 in: Heb. upon Jeremiah 8:19 because of them that dwell in a far country: Heb. because of the country of them that are far off Jeremiah 8:22 recovered?: Heb. gone up Jeremiah 9:1 that my head were waters: Heb. who will give my head etc. Jeremiah 9:4 neighbour: Or, friend Jeremiah 9:5 deceive: Or, mock Jeremiah 9:8 in heart: Heb. in the midst of him Jeremiah 9:8 his wait: Or, wait for him Jeremiah 9:10 habitations: Or, pastures Jeremiah 9:10 burnt up: Or, desolate Jeremiah 9:10 both the fowel of the heavens: Heb. from the fowel even to etc. Jeremiah 9:11 desolate: Heb. desolation Jeremiah 9:14 imagination: Or, stubbornness Jeremiah 9:25 punish: Heb. visit upon Jeremiah 9:26 in the utmost corners: Heb. cut off into corners, or having the corners of their hair polled Jeremiah 10:3 customs of the people are vain: Heb. statutes, or, ordinances are vanity Jeremiah 10:7 to thee doeth it: Or, it liketh thee Jeremiah 10:8 altogether: Heb. in one, or at once Jeremiah 10:10 true God: Heb. God of truth Jeremiah 10:10 everlasting King: Heb. King of eternity Jeremiah 10:13 multitude: Or, noise Jeremiah 10:13 with rain: Or, for rain Jeremiah 10:14 brutish is his knowledge: Or, is more brutish, then to know: Jeremiah 10:17 inhabitant: Heb. inhabitress Jeremiah 10:24 bring me to nothing: Heb. diminish me Jeremiah 11:5 so be it: Heb. Amen Jeremiah 11:8 imagination: Or, stubbornness Jeremiah 11:11 to escape: Heb. to go forth of Jeremiah 11:12 trouble: Heb. evil Jeremiah 11:13 shameful: Heb. shame Jeremiah 11:14 trouble: Heb. evil Jeremiah 11:15 What hath my beloved to do in mine house: Heb. what is to my beloved in my house? Jeremiah 11:15 when thou doest evil: Or, when thy evil is Jeremiah 11:19 the tree with the fruit thereof: Heb. the stalk with his bread Jeremiah 11:22 punish: Heb. visit upon Jeremiah 12:1 yet let me talk with thee: Or, let me reason the case with thee Jeremiah 12:2 they grow: Heb. they go on Jeremiah 12:3 towards thee: Heb. with thee Jeremiah 12:6 they have called a multitude after thee: Or, they cried after thee fully Jeremiah 12:6 fair words: Heb. good things Jeremiah 12:7 the dearly beloved: Heb. the love Jeremiah 12:8 crieth out against me: Or, yelleth. Heb. giveth out his voice Jeremiah 12:9 speckled: Or, taloned Jeremiah 12:9 come to devour: Or, cause them to come Jeremiah 12:10 pleasant portion: Heb. portion of desire Jeremiah 13:10 imagination: Or, stubbornness Jeremiah 13:14 one against another: Heb. a man against his brother Jeremiah 13:14 but destroy them: Heb. from destroying them Jeremiah 13:18 principalities: Or, head tires Jeremiah 13:21 punish: Heb visit upon’ Jeremiah 13:22 made bear: Or, shall be violently taken away Jeremiah 13:23 accustomed: Heb. taught Jeremiah 13:27 when shall it once be?: Heb. after when yet? Jeremiah 14:1 the dearth: Heb. the words of the dearths or restraints Jeremiah 14:9 by thy Name, leave us not: Heb. thy Name is called upon us Jeremiah 14:13 assured peace: Heb. peace of truth Jeremiah 14:18 go about into a land that they know not: Or, make merchandise against a land, and men acknowledge it not, Chap. 5.31 Jeremiah 15:3 kinds: Heb. families Jeremiah 15:4 I will cause them to be removed: Heb. I will give them for a moving Jeremiah 15:5 ask how thou doest?: Heb. to ask of thy thy peace Jeremiah 15:7 children: Or, whatsoever is dear Jeremiah 15:8 against the mother of the young me: Or, against the mother city, a young man spoiling, etc. Or, against the mother and the young men Jeremiah 15:11 I will cause the enmity to entreat thee well: Or, I will entreat the enemy for thee Jeremiah 15:16 I am call by thy Name: Heb. thy Name is called upon me Jeremiah 15:18 fail?: Heb. be not sure? Jeremiah 16:5 mourning: Or, mourning feast Jeremiah 16:7 tear themselves for them: Or, break bread for them, as Ezek. 24.17 Jeremiah 16:12 imagination: Or, stubbornness Jeremiah 16:21 The LORD: Or, JEHOVAH Jeremiah 17:1 point: Heb. nail Jeremiah 17:4 even thyself: Heb. in thyself Jeremiah 17:8 drought: Or, restraint Jeremiah 17:11 sitteth on eggs, and hatcheth them not: Or, gathereth young which she hath not brought forth Jeremiah 17:16 follow thee: Heb. after thee Jeremiah 17:18 destroy them with double destruction: Heb. break them with a double breach Jeremiah 18:3 wheels: Or, frames or seats Jeremiah 18:4 that he made of clay, was marred in the hand of the potter: Or, that he made, was marred as clay in the hand of the potter Jeremiah 18:4 made it again: Heb. returned and made Jeremiah 18:14 the snow of Lebanon which cometh from the rock of the field? or shall the cold flowing waters that come from another place be forsaken?: Or, my fields for a rock, or for the snow of Lebanon? shall the running waters be forsaken for the strange cold waters? Jeremiah 18:18 with the tongue: Or, for the tongue Jeremiah 18:21 pour out their blood: Heb. pours them out Jeremiah 18:23 to slay me: Heb. for death Jeremiah 19:2 the East gate: Heb. the Sun gate Jeremiah 19:11 be made whole: Heb. be healed Jeremiah 20:3 Magormissabib: That is, fear round about Jeremiah 20:7 deceived: Or, enticed Jeremiah 20:10 all my familiars: Heb. every man of my peace Jeremiah 21:12 Execute: Heb. judge Jeremiah 21:13 inhabitant: Heb. inhabitress Jeremiah 21:14 punish: Heb. visit upon Jeremiah 22:4 upon the throne of David: Heb. for David upon his throne Jeremiah 22:14 large: Heb. through aired Jeremiah 22:14 windows: Or, my windows Jeremiah 22:17 violence: Or, incursion Jeremiah 22:21 prosperity: Heb. prosperities Jeremiah 22:23 inhabitant: Heb. inhabitress Jeremiah 22:27 desire: Heb. lift up their mind Jeremiah 23:6 The LORD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS: Heb. Jehovahtsidkenu Jeremiah 23:10 swearing: Or, cursing Jeremiah 23:10 course: Or, violence Jeremiah 23:13 folly: Or, an absurd thing, Heb. unsavoury Jeremiah 23:14 an horrible thing: Or, filthiness Jeremiah 23:15 profaneness: Or, hypocrisy Jeremiah 23:17 imagination: Or, stubbornness Jeremiah 23:18 counsel: Or, secret Jeremiah 23:28 that hath a dream: Heb. with whom is Jeremiah 23:31 use their tongues: Or, that smooth their tongues Jeremiah 23:34 punish: Heb. visit upon Jeremiah 24:2 they were so bad: Heb. for badness Jeremiah 24:5 captive: Heb. captivity Jeremiah 24:9 to be removed: Heb. for removing or vexation Jeremiah 25:10 I will take from them: Heb. I will cause to perish from them Jeremiah 25:12 punish: Heb. visit upon Jeremiah 25:22 isles: Or, region by the Sea side Jeremiah 25:23 that are in the utmost corners: Heb. cut off into corners, or having the corners of the hair polled, chap. 9.28 Jeremiah 25:29 which is called by my name: Heb. upon which my Name is called Jeremiah 25:34 the days of your slaughter: Heb. your days for slaughter Jeremiah 25:34 a pleasant vessel: Jeremiah 25:35 And the shepherds shall have no way to flee, nor the principal of the flock to escape: Heb. flight shall perish from the shepherds, and escaping from, etc. Jeremiah 25:38 desolate: Heb. a desolation Jeremiah 26:10 in the entry: Or, at the door Jeremiah 26:11 This man is worthy to die: Heb. The judgment of death is for this man Jeremiah 26:14 as seemeth good and meet unto you: Heb. as it is good and right in your eyes Jeremiah 26:19 the LORD: Heb. the face of the LORD Jeremiah 26:23 common people: Heb. sons of the people Jeremiah 27:4 say unto your masters: Or, concerning their masters, saying Jeremiah 27:9 dreamers: Heb. dreams Jeremiah 27:15 a lie: Heb. in a lie, or lyingly Jeremiah 28:3 two full years: Heb. two years of days Jeremiah 28:4 captives: Heb. captivity Jeremiah 28:16 rebellion: Heb. revolt Jeremiah 29:2 eunuchs: Or, chamberleins Jeremiah 29:9 falsely: Heb. in a lie Jeremiah 29:11 expected end: Heb. end and expectation Jeremiah 29:18 to be a curse: Heb. for a curse Jeremiah 29:24 Nehelamite: Or, dreamer Jeremiah 29:32 rebellion: Heb. revolt Jeremiah 30:5 of fear, and not of peace: Or, there is fear, and not peace Jeremiah 30:6 a man: Heb. a male Jeremiah 30:13 that thou mayest be bound up: Heb. for binding up, or pressing Jeremiah 30:18 heap: Or, little hill Jeremiah 30:23 continuing: Heb. cutting Jeremiah 30:23 fall: Or, remain Jeremiah 31:3 of old: Heb. from afar Jeremiah 31:3 with lovingkindness have I drawn thee: Or, have I extended lovingkindness unto thee Jeremiah 31:4 tabrets: Or, timbrels Jeremiah 31:5 eat them: Heb. profane them Jeremiah 31:9 supplications: Or, favours Jeremiah 31:20 sound: are troubled Jeremiah 31:32 although I was an husband unto them: Or, should I have continued a husband unto them? Jeremiah 32:9 seventeen shekels of silver: Or, seven shekels and ten pieces of silver Jeremiah 32:10 subscribed the evidence: Heb. wrote in the book Jeremiah 32:17 too hard for thee: Or, hid from thee Jeremiah 32:19 work: Heb. doing Jeremiah 32:24 mounts: Or, engines of shot Jeremiah 32:31 a provocation: Heb. for my anger Jeremiah 32:33 back: Heb. neck Jeremiah 32:39 forever: Heb. all days Jeremiah 32:40 from them: Heb. from after them Jeremiah 32:41 assuredly: Heb. in truth, or stability Jeremiah 33:3 mighty: Or, hidden Jeremiah 33:16 The LORD our righteousness: Heb. Jehovatsidkenu Jeremiah 33:17 David shall never want: Heb. There shall not be cut off from David Jeremiah 34:1 his dominion: Heb. the dominion of his hand Jeremiah 34:3 he shall speak with thee mouth to mouth: Heb. his mouth shall speak to thy mouth Jeremiah 34:14 hath been sold unto thee: Or, hath sold himself Jeremiah 34:15 now: Heb. today Jeremiah 34:15 which is called by my Name: Heb. whereupon my name is called Jeremiah 34:17 to be removed: Heb. for a removing Jeremiah 35:4 door: Heb. threshold or vessel Jeremiah 35:19 shall not want a man to stand before me: Heb. There shall not a man be cut off from, etc Jeremiah 36:7 they will present their supplication: Heb. their supplication shall fall Jeremiah 36:10 entry: Or, door Jeremiah 36:26 of Hammelech: Or, of the king Jeremiah 36:31 punish: Heb. visit upon Jeremiah 36:32 like: Heb. as they Jeremiah 37:2 by the prophet: Heb. by the hand of the prophet Jeremiah 37:9 selves: Heb. souls Jeremiah 37:10 wounded: Heb. thrust through Jeremiah 37:11 broken up: Heb. made to ascend Jeremiah 37:12 to separate himself thence in the midst of the people: Or, to slip away from thence in the midst of the people Jeremiah 37:14 false: Heb. falsehood or lie Jeremiah 37:16 cabins: Or, cells Jeremiah 37:20 let my supplication: Heb. let my supplication fall Jeremiah 38:4 welfare: Heb. peace Jeremiah 38:6 of Hammelech: Or, of the king Jeremiah 38:9 he is like to die: Heb. he will die Jeremiah 38:10 with thee: Heb. in thine hand Jeremiah 38:14 third: Or, principal Jeremiah 38:22 Thy friends: Heb. men of thy peace Jeremiah 38:23 thou shalt cause…burnt: Heb. thou shalt burn, etc. Jeremiah 38:27 they left off speaking with him: Heb. they were silent from him Jeremiah 39:5 gave judgment upon him: Heb. spake with him judgments Jeremiah 39:7 with chains: Heb. with two brasen chains, or fetters Jeremiah 39:9 the captain of the guard: Or, chief Marshal. Heb. chief of the executioners or slaughtermen. And so verse 10. 11, etc. Jeremiah 39:10 at the same time: Heb. in that day Jeremiah 39:11 to: Heb. by the hand of Jeremiah 39:12 look well to him: Heb. set thine eyes upon him Jeremiah 40:1 chains: Or, manicles [error in location of symbol in marginal notes. The symbol should be for the word chains and not captain] Jeremiah 40:4 I will look well unto thee: Heb. I will set mine eye upon thee Jeremiah 40:9 to serve: Heb. to stand before. And so verse 10 Jeremiah 40:14 to slay thee?: Heb. to strike thee in soul? Jeremiah 41:6 weeping all along as he went, Heb. in going and weeping Jeremiah 41:9 because of Gedaliah: Or, near Gedaliah: Heb. by the hand or by the side of Gedaliah Jeremiah 42:2 Let, we beseech thee, our supplication be accepted before thee: Or, let our supplication fall before thee Jeremiah 42:16 shall follow close: Heb. shall cleave after you Jeremiah 42:17 so shall it be with all the men: Heb. so shall all the men be Jeremiah 42:19 admonished you: Heb. testified against you Jeremiah 42:20 ye dissembled in your hearts: Or, you have used deceit against your souls Jeremiah 43:13 images: Heb. statues, or standing images Jeremiah 43:13 Bethshemesh: Or, The house of the Sun Jeremiah 44:7 out of Judah: Heb. out of the midst of Judah Jeremiah 44:9 wickedness: Heb. wickednesses, or, punishments etc. Jeremiah 44:10 humbled: Heb. contrite Jeremiah 44:14 have a desire: Heb. lift up their soul Jeremiah 44:17 queen…of heaven: Or, frame of heaven Jeremiah 44:17 vitailes: Heb. bread Jeremiah 44:19 men?: Or, husbands Jeremiah 44:28 mine or theirs: Heb. from me or from them Jeremiah 46:5 beaten down: Heb. broken in pieces Jeremiah 46:5 fled apace: Heb. fled a flight Jeremiah 46:9 Ethiopians: Heb. Cush Jeremiah 46:9 Lybians: Heb. Put Jeremiah 46:11 not be cured: Heb. no cure shall be unto thee Jeremiah 46:16 he made many to fall: Heb. multiplied the faller Jeremiah 46:19 furnish thyself to go into captivity: Heb. make thee instruments of captivity Jeremiah 46:21 fatted bullocks: Heb. bullocks of the stall Jeremiah 46:25 multitude: Or, nourisher, Heb. Amon Jeremiah 46:28 yet will I not leave thee: Or, not utterly cut thee off Jeremiah 47:1 Gaza: Heb. Azzah Jeremiah 47:2 all that is therein: Heb. the fulness thereof Jeremiah 47:4 the country: Heb. the isle Jeremiah 47:6 put up thyself: Heb. gather thyself Jeremiah 47:7 how can it be: Heb. how canst thou? Jeremiah 48:1 Misgab: Or, the high place Jeremiah 48:2 cut down: Or, be brought to silence Jeremiah 48:2 pursue thee: Heb. go after thee Jeremiah 48:5 continual weeping: Heb. weeping with weeping Jeremiah 48:6 heath: Or, a naked tree Jeremiah 48:10 deceitfully: Or, negligently Jeremiah 48:11 remained: Heb. stood Jeremiah 48:15 his chosen: Heb. the choice of Jeremiah 48:19 inhabitant: Heb. inhabitress Jeremiah 48:27 skippedst for joy: Or, movedst thyself Jeremiah 48:30 his lies shall not so affect it: Or, those on whom he stayeth (Heb. his bars) do not right Jeremiah 48:34 desolate: Heb. desolations Jeremiah 48:37 clipped: Heb. diminished Jeremiah 48:39 back: Heb. neck Jeremiah 48:41 Kerioth: Or, the cities Jeremiah 48:45 tumultuous ones: Heb. children of noise Jeremiah 48:46 captives: Heb. in captivity Jeremiah 49:1 Concerning: Or, against Jeremiah 49:1 their king: Or, Melcom Jeremiah 49:3 their king: Or, Melcom Jeremiah 49:4 thy flowing valley: Or, thy valley floweth away Jeremiah 49:8 turn back: Or, they are turned back Jeremiah 49:9 till they have enough: Heb. their sufficiency Jeremiah 49:19 appoint me: Or, convent me in judgment Jeremiah 49:21 red sea: Heb. weedy Sea Jeremiah 49:23 fainthearted: Heb. melted Jeremiah 49:23 on the sea: Or, as on the sea Jeremiah 49:30 get you far off: Heb. flit greatly Jeremiah 49:31 wealthy: Or, that is at ease Jeremiah 49:32 utmost corners: Heb. cut off into corners, or that have the corners of their hair pulled Jeremiah 50:1 by Jeremiah: Heb. by the hand of Jeremiah Jeremiah 50:2 set up: Heb. lift up Jeremiah 50:6 resting place: Heb. place to lie down in Jeremiah 50:9 expert man: Or, destroyer Jeremiah 50:11 fat: Heb. big or corpulent Jeremiah 50:16 sickle: Or, scythe Jeremiah 50:21 of Merathaim: Or, of the rebels Jeremiah 50:21 of Pekod: Or, visitation Jeremiah 50:26 from the uttermost border: Heb. from the end Jeremiah 50:26 cast her: Or, tread her Jeremiah 50:31 proud: Heb. pride Jeremiah 50:32 proud: Heb. pride Jeremiah 50:36 liars: Or, chief stays. Heb. bars Jeremiah 50:44 appoint me: Or, convent me to plead Jeremiah 51:1 midst: Heb. heart Jeremiah 51:11 bright: Heb. pure Jeremiah 51:12 ambushes: Heb. liers in wait Jeremiah 51:14 by himself: Heb. by his soul Jeremiah 51:14 lift up: Heb. utter Jeremiah 51:16 multitude: Or, noise Jeremiah 51:17 is brutish by his knowledge: Or, is more brutish then to know Jeremiah 51:20 with thee: Or, in thee, or by thee Jeremiah 51:26 desolate forever: Heb. everlasting desolations Jeremiah 51:33 it is time to thresh her: Or, in the time that he thresheth her Jeremiah 51:35 The violence done to me: Heb. my violence Jeremiah 51:35 flesh: Or, remainder Jeremiah 51:35 inhabitant: Heb. inhabitress Jeremiah 51:38 yell: Or, shake themselves Jeremiah 51:47 do judgment: Heb. visit upon Jeremiah 51:49 As Babylon hath caused the slain of Israel to fall: Or, both Babylon is to fall, O ye slain of Israel, and with Babylon, etc. Jeremiah 51:49 the earth: Or, the country Jeremiah 51:58 The broad wall of Babylon: Or, The walls of broad Babylon Jeremiah 51:58 broken: Or, made naked Jeremiah 51:59 with: Or, on the behalf of Jeremiah 51:59 quiet prince: Or, prince of Menucha or chief chamberlain Jeremiah 51:62 desolate: Heb. desolations Jeremiah 52:11 put out: Heb. blinded Jeremiah 52:11 in chains: Or, fetters Jeremiah 52:11 prison: Heb. house of the wards Jeremiah 52:12 captain of the guard: Or, chief Marshal. Heb. chief of the executioners or slaughtermen. And so vers. 14. etc. Jeremiah 52:12 served: Heb. stood before Jeremiah 52:18 shovels: Or, instruments to remove the ashes Jeremiah 52:18 bowles: Or, basons Jeremiah 52:19 firepans: Or, censers Jeremiah 52:20 the brass: Heb. their brass Jeremiah 52:21 fillet: Heb. thread Jeremiah 52:24 door: Heb. threshold Jeremiah 52:25 were near the kings person: Heb. saw the face of the king Jeremiah 52:25 principal scribe: Or, scribe of the captain of the host Jeremiah 52:29 persons: Heb. souls Jeremiah 52:32 kindly unto him: Heb. good things with him Jeremiah 52:34 every day a portion: Heb. the matter of the day in his day


Lamentations 1:3 because of great servitude: Heb. for the greatness of servitude Lamentations 1:7 pleasant: Or, desireable Lamentations 1:8 is removed: Heb. is become a removing or wandering Lamentations 1:10 pleasant: Or, desireable Lamentations 1:11 relieve the soul: Or, to make the soul to come again Lamentations 1:12 Is it nothing to you: Or, is it nothing Lamentations 1:12 pass by? Heb. pass by the way Lamentations 1:15 the virgin…as in a winepress: Or, the winepress of the virgin, etc. Lamentations 1:16 relieve: Heb. bring back Lamentations 1:18 commandment: Heb. mouth Lamentations 1:21 called: Or, proclaimed Lamentations 2:2 brought them down: Heb. made to couch Lamentations 2:4 pleasant to the eye: Heb. all the desirable of the eye Lamentations 2:6 tabernacle: Or, hedge Lamentations 2:7 given up: Heb. shut up Lamentations 2:8 destroying: Heb. swallowing up Lamentations 2:11 swoon: Or, faint Lamentations 2:15 by: Heb. by the way Lamentations 2:20 span long?: Or, swadled with their hands Lamentations 3:13 arrows: Heb. sons Lamentations 3:15 bitterness: Heb. bitternesses Lamentations 3:16 covered me with ashes: Or, rolled me in the ashes Lamentations 3:17 prosperity: Heb. good Lamentations 3:19 Remembering: Or, remember Lamentations 3:20 humbled: Heb. bowed Lamentations 3:21 recall to my mind: Heb. make to return to my heart Lamentations 3:33 willingly: Heb. from his heart Lamentations 3:35 most high: Or, a superior Lamentations 3:36 approveth not: Or, seeth not Lamentations 3:39 complain: Or, murmur Lamentations 3:51 mine heart: Heb. my soul Lamentations 3:51 because of all: Or, more then all Lamentations 3:65 sorrow of the heart: Or, obstinacy of heart Lamentations 4:3 sea monsters: Or, sea calves Lamentations 4:6 punishment of the iniquity: Or, iniquity Lamentations 4:8 blacker then a cole: Heb. darker than blackness Lamentations 4:9 pine away: Heb. flow out Lamentations 4:14 so that men could not touch: Or, in that they could not but touch Lamentations 4:15 it is unclean: Or, ye polluted Lamentations 4:16 anger: Or, face Lamentations 4:22 punishment of thine iniquity: Or, thine iniquity Lamentations 4:22 discover thy sins: Or, carry thee captive for thy sins Lamentations 5:4 is sold unto us: Heb. cometh for price Lamentations 5:5 Our necks are under persecution: Heb. on our necks are we persecuted Lamentations 5:10 terrible: Or, terrors or storms Lamentations 5:16 The crown is fallen from our head: Heb. the crown of our head is fallen [† symbol is missing in 1611 text] Lamentations 5:20 so long time?: Heb. for length of days Lamentations 5:22 But thou hast utterly rejected us: Or, for wilt thou utterly reject us? Ezekiel 1:1 captives: Heb. captivity Ezekiel 1:3 Ezekiel: Heb. Jehezkel Ezekiel 1:4 infolding itself: Heb. catching itself Ezekiel 1:7 straight feet: Heb. a straight foot Ezekiel 1:11 stretched upward: Or, divided above Ezekiel 1:18 rings: Or, strakes Ezekiel 1:20 of the living: Or, of life Ezekiel 1:21 of the living: Or, of life Ezekiel 2:3 nation: Heb. nations Ezekiel 2:4 impudent: Heb. hard of face Ezekiel 2:6 briers: Or, rebels Ezekiel 2:7 rebellious: Heb. rebellion Ezekiel 3:5 strange speech, and of an hard language: Heb. deep of lips, and heavy of tongue, and so ver. 6 Ezekiel 3:6 strange speech and of an hard language: Heb. deep of lip, and heavy language Ezekiel 3:6 surely had I sent thee to them, they would have hearkened unto thee: Or, if I had sent thee etc. would they not have hearkened unto thee? Ezekiel 3:7 impudent and hard hearted: Heb. stiff of forehead, and hard of heart Ezekiel 3:13 touched: Heb. kissed Ezekiel 3:14 bitterness: Heb. bitter Ezekiel 3:14 heat of my spirit: Heb. hot anger Ezekiel 3:20 righteousness: Heb. righteousnessess Ezekiel 3:26 a reprover: Heb. a man reproving Ezekiel 4:2 battering rams: Or, chief leaders Ezekiel 4:3 iron pan: Or, a flat plate, or slice Ezekiel 4:6 each day for a year: Heb. a day for a year, a day for a year Ezekiel 4:8 from one side to another: Heb. from thy side to thy side Ezekiel 4:9 fitches: Or, spelt Ezekiel 5:3 skirts: Heb. wings Ezekiel 6:4 images: Or, sun images, and so vers. 6 Ezekiel 6:5 lay: Heb. give Ezekiel 6:5 desolate then the wilderness: Or, desolate from the wilderness Ezekiel 7:3 recompense: Heb. give Ezekiel 7:6 watcheth for thee: Heb. awaketh against thee Ezekiel 7:7 sounding: Or, echo Ezekiel 7:9 thee: Heb. upon thee Ezekiel 7:11 their multitude: Or, their tumultuous persons. Heb. tumult Ezekiel 7:13 although they were yet alive: Heb. though their life were yet among the living Ezekiel 7:13 in the iniquity of his life: Or, whose life is in his iniquity. Heb. his iniquity Ezekiel 7:17 shall be weak as water: Heb. go into water Ezekiel 7:19 removed: Heb. for a separation or uncleanness Ezekiel 7:19 because it is the stumbling block of their iniquity: Or, because their iniquity is their stumbling block Ezekiel 7:20 set it far from them: Or, made it unto them an unclean thing Ezekiel 7:22 robbers: Or, buglers Ezekiel 7:24 their holy places shall be defiled: Or, they shall inherit their holy places Ezekiel 7:25 Destruction: Heb. cutting off Ezekiel 7:27 according to: Heb. with their judgments Ezekiel 8:17 Is it a light thing..that they commit here?: Or, is there anything lighter then to commit? Ezekiel 9:2 which lieth: Heb. which is turned Ezekiel 9:2 a slaughter weapon: Heb. a weapon of his breaking in pieces Ezekiel 9:2 by his side: Heb. upon his loins Ezekiel 9:4 set a mark: Heb. mark a mark Ezekiel 9:5 mine hearing: Heb. mine ears Ezekiel 9:6 utterly: Heb. to destruction Ezekiel 9:9 full of: Heb. filled with Ezekiel 9:9 perverseness: Or, wrestling of judgment Ezekiel 9:11 reported the matter: Heb. returned the word Ezekiel 10:2 fill thine hand: Heb. the hollow of thine hand Ezekiel 10:4 went up: Heb. was lifted up Ezekiel 10:7 stretched forth: Heb. sent forth Ezekiel 10:12 body: Heb. flesh Ezekiel 10:13 it was cried unto them in my hearing, O wheel: Or, they were called in my hearing, wheel, or Galgal Ezekiel 10:17 living: Or, of life Ezekiel 11:3 It is not near, let us build houses: Or, it is not for us to build houses near Ezekiel 11:12 ye have not walked: Or, which have not walked Ezekiel 12:3 stuff: Or, instruments Ezekiel 12:4 as they that go forth into captivity: Heb. as the goings forth of captivity Ezekiel 12:5 Dig thou: Heb. Dig for thee Ezekiel 12:7 I digged: Heb. digged for me Ezekiel 12:11 they shall remove and go into captivity Ezekiel 12:16 a few men: Heb. men of number Ezekiel 12:19 all that is therein: Heb. the fullness thereof Ezekiel 13:2 prophecy out of their own hearts: Heb. them that are prophets out of their own hearts Ezekiel 13:3 follow: Heb. walk after Ezekiel 13:3 and have seen nothing: Or, and things which they have not seen Ezekiel 13:5 gaps: Or, breaches Ezekiel 13:5 made up the hedge: Heb. hedged the hedge Ezekiel 13:9 assembly: Or, secret or counsel Ezekiel 13:10 a wall: Or, a slight wall Ezekiel 13:18 armholes: Or, elbows Ezekiel 13:20 to make them fly: Or, into gardens Ezekiel 13:22 by promising him life: Or, that I should save his life. Heb. by quickening him Ezekiel 14:6 yourselves: Or, others Ezekiel 14:15 spoil: Or, bereave Ezekiel 14:16 in it: Heb. in the midst of it Ezekiel 14:21 how: Or, also when Ezekiel 15:4 Is it meet: Heb. will it prosper? Ezekiel 15:5 meet: Heb. made fit Ezekiel 15:8 committed a trespass: Heb. trespassed a trespass Ezekiel 16:3 birth: Heb. cutting out, or habitation Ezekiel 16:4 supple thee: Or, when I looked upon thee Ezekiel 16:6 polluted: Or, trodden under foot Ezekiel 16:7 caused thee to multiply: Heb. made thee a million Ezekiel 16:7 excellent ornaments: Heb. ornaments of ornaments Ezekiel 16:9 blood: Heb. bloods Ezekiel 16:12 forehead: Heb. nose Ezekiel 16:17 of men: Heb. of a male Ezekiel 16:19 a sweet savour: Heb. a savour of rest Ezekiel 16:20 to be devoured: Heb. to devour Ezekiel 16:24 eminent place: Or, brothel house Ezekiel 16:27 daughters: Or, cities Ezekiel 16:31 that thou buildest: Or, in thy daughters is thine etc. Ezekiel 16:33 hirest: Heb. bribest Ezekiel 16:38 as women: Heb. with judgments of Ezekiel 16:39 thy fair jewels: Heb. instruments of thine ornament Ezekiel 16:46 younger: Heb. lesser than thou Ezekiel 16:47 that were a very little thing: Or, that was lothed as a small thing Ezekiel 16:56 mentioned: Heb. for a report or hearing Ezekiel 16:56 pride: Heb. pride or excellencies Ezekiel 16:57 Syria: Heb. Aram Ezekiel 16:57 despise: Or spoil Ezekiel 16:58 borne: Heb. borne them Ezekiel 17:3 divers: Heb. embroidering Ezekiel 17:5 planted it in a fruitful field: Heb. put it in a field of seed Ezekiel 17:8 soil: Heb. field Ezekiel 17:13 taken an oath of him: Heb. brought him to an oath Ezekiel 17:14 but that by keeping of his Covenant it might stand: Heb. to keep his covenant to stand to it Ezekiel 18:5 lawful and right: Heb. judgment and justice Ezekiel 18:10 robber: Or, breaker up of an house Ezekiel 18:10 that doth the like to any one of these things: Or, that doeth to his brother, besides any of these Ezekiel 18:13 blood: Heb. bloods Ezekiel 18:16 hath not withholden the pledge: Heb. hath not pledged the pledge or taken to pledge Ezekiel 18:32 yourselves: Or, others Ezekiel 19:7 desolate: Or, their widows Ezekiel 19:9 in chains: Or, in hooks Ezekiel 19:10 in thy blood: Or, in thy quietness or in thy likeness Ezekiel 20:4 judge them: Or, plead for them Ezekiel 20:5 lifted up: Or, sware, and so verse 6, etc. Ezekiel 20:11 shewed them: Heb. made them to know Ezekiel 20:27 committed a trespass: Heb. trespassed a trespass Ezekiel 20:29 I said unto them, What is the high place: Or, I told them what the high place was, or Bamah Ezekiel 20:37 bond: Or, delivering Ezekiel 20:40 firstfruits: Or, chief Ezekiel 20:41 sweet savour: Heb. savour of rest Ezekiel 21:7 shall be weak as water: Heb. shall go into water Ezekiel 21:10 it contemneth the rod of my son, as every tree: Or, it is the rod of my son, it despiseth every tree Ezekiel 21:12 terrors, by reason of the sword, shall be upon my people: Or, they are thrust down to the sword with my people Ezekiel 21:13 Because it is a trial, and what if the sword contemn even the rod?: Or, When the trial hath been, what then? shall they not also belong to the despising rod? Ezekiel 21:14 hands together: Heb. hand to hand Ezekiel 21:15 point: Or, glittering, or fear Ezekiel 21:15 wrapped: Or, sharpened Ezekiel 21:16 or on the left, whithersoever thy face is set: Heb. set thyself, take the left hand Ezekiel 21:21 parting of the way: Heb. mother of the way Ezekiel 21:21 arrows: Or, knives Ezekiel 21:21 images: Heb. Teraphim Ezekiel 21:22 captains: Or, battering rams. Heb. rams Ezekiel 21:23 to them that have sworn oaths: Or, for the oaths made unto them Ezekiel 21:27 I will overturn, overturn, overturn it: Heb. Perverted, perverted, perverted will I make it Ezekiel 21:30 Shall I cause it to return: Or, cause to it to return Ezekiel 21:31 brutish: Or, burning Ezekiel 22:2 judge: Or, plead for Ezekiel 22:2 bloody city?: Heb. city of bloods Ezekiel 22:2 shalt show her: Heb. make her know Ezekiel 22:5 infamous, and much vexed: Heb. polluted of name, much in vexation Ezekiel 22:6 power: Heb. arm Ezekiel 22:7 oppression: Or, deceit Ezekiel 22:9 men that carry tales: Heb. men of slanders Ezekiel 22:11 one: Or, every one Ezekiel 22:11 another: Or, every one Ezekiel 22:11 lewdly: Or, by lewdness Ezekiel 22:16 shalt take thine inheritance: Or, shalt be prophaned Ezekiel 22:18 dross: Heb. drosses Ezekiel 22:20 as they gather: Heb. according to the gathering Ezekiel 22:26 violated: Heb. offered violence to Ezekiel 22:29 oppression: Or, deceit Ezekiel 22:29 wrongfully: Heb. without right Ezekiel 23:7 she committed her whoredoms with them: Heb. bestowed her whoredoms upon them Ezekiel 23:7 chose men of Assyria: Heb. the choice of the children of Asshur Ezekiel 23:10 famous: Heb. a name Ezekiel 23:11 she was more corrupt in her inordinate love then she: Heb. she corrupted her inordinate love more then etc. Ezekiel 23:11 more then her sister in her whoredoms: Heb. more then the whoredoms of her sister Ezekiel 23:16 as soon as she saw: Heb. at the sight of her eyes Ezekiel 23:17 Babylonians: Heb. children of Babel Ezekiel 23:17 alienated from them: Heb. tossed or disjointed Ezekiel 23:26 fair jewels: Heb. instruments of thy decking Ezekiel 23:36 judge: Or, plead for Ezekiel 23:40 to come: Heb. coming Ezekiel 23:41 stately: Heb. honourable Ezekiel 23:42 common sort: Heb. of the multitude of men Ezekiel 23:42 Sabeans: Or, drunkards Ezekiel 23:43 whoredoms with her: Heb. Her whoredoms Ezekiel 23:46 to be removed and spoiled: Heb. for a removing and spoil Ezekiel 23:47 dispatch them: Or, single them out Ezekiel 24:5 burn: Or, heap Ezekiel 24:16 run down: Heb. go Ezekiel 24:17 Forbear: Heb. be silent Ezekiel 24:17 lips: Heb. upper lip. And so vers. 22 Ezekiel 24:21 that which your soul pitieth: Heb. the pity of your soul Ezekiel 24:25 that whereupon the set their minds: Heb. the lifting up of the soul Ezekiel 25:4 men: Heb. children Ezekiel 25:6 hands: Heb. hand Ezekiel 25:6 feet: Heb. foot Ezekiel 25:6 heart: Heb. soul Ezekiel 25:7 spoil: Or, meat Ezekiel 25:9 the side of Moab: Heb. shoulder of Moab Ezekiel 25:10 with the Ammonites: Or, against the children of Ammon Ezekiel 25:12 by taking vengeance: Heb. by revenging revengement Ezekiel 25:13 they of Dedan shall fall by the sword: Or, they shall fall by the sword unto Dedan Ezekiel 25:15 for the old hatred: Or, with perpetual hatred Ezekiel 25:16 Sea coast: Or, haven of the Sea Ezekiel 25:17 vengeance: Heb. great vengeances Ezekiel 26:8 cast a mount against thee: Or, pour out the engine of shot Ezekiel 26:10 as men enter into a city wherein is made a breach Ezekiel 26:12 thy pleasant houses: Heb. houses of thy desire Ezekiel 26:16 trembling: Heb. tremblings Ezekiel 26:17 Seafaring: Heb. of the seas Ezekiel 26:21 a terror: Heb. terrors Ezekiel 27:3 of perfect beauty: Heb. perfect of beauty Ezekiel 27:4 midst: Heb. heart Ezekiel 27:5 made: Heb. built Ezekiel 27:6 oars…have made thy benches of Ivory: Or, they have made thy hatches of ivory well trodden Ezekiel 27:6 the company: Heb. the daughter Ezekiel 27:7 blue and purple: Or, purple and scarlet Ezekiel 27:9 calkers: Or, stoppers of chinks. Heb. strengtheners Ezekiel 27:13 market: Or, merchandise Ezekiel 27:16 wares: Heb. works Ezekiel 27:16 Agate: Or, Chrysoprase Ezekiel 27:17 balm: Or, rosin Ezekiel 27:19 going to and fro: Or, Meuzall Ezekiel 27:20 precious clothes: Heb. clothes of freedom Ezekiel 27:21 they occupied with thee: Heb. they were the merchants of thy hand Ezekiel 27:24 sorts of things: Or, excellent things Ezekiel 27:24 clothes: Heb. followings Ezekiel 27:26 midst: Heb. heart Ezekiel 27:27 and in: Or, even withall Ezekiel 27:27 middest: Or, heart Ezekiel 27:28 suburbs: Or, waves Ezekiel 27:36 a terror: Heb. terrors Ezekiel 27:36 never shalt be any more: Heb. shalt not be forever Ezekiel 28:2 midst: Heb. heart Ezekiel 28:5 By thy great wisdom: Heb. by the greatness of thy wisdom Ezekiel 28:9 slayeth: Or, woundeth Ezekiel 28:13 Sardius: Or, ruby Ezekiel 28:13 Beril: Or, chrysolite Ezekiel 28:13 Emeraude: Or, Chysoprase Ezekiel 28:19 a terror: Heb. terrors Ezekiel 28:26 safely: Or, with confidence Ezekiel 28:26 despise: Or, spoil Ezekiel 29:5 open fields: Heb. face of the field Ezekiel 29:10 utterly waste: Heb. wastes of waste Ezekiel 29:10 Syene: Heb. Seveneh Ezekiel 29:14 habitation: Or, birth Ezekiel 29:14 base: Heb. low Ezekiel 29:19 take her spoil, and take her prey: Heb. spoil her spoil and prey her prey Ezekiel 29:20 for his labor: Or, for his hire Ezekiel 30:4 pain: Or, fear Ezekiel 30:5 Libya: Heb. Phut Ezekiel 30:5 men: Heb. children Ezekiel 30:8 destroyed: Heb. broken Ezekiel 30:12 dry: Heb. drought Ezekiel 30:12 all that is therein: Heb. the fullness thereof Ezekiel 30:14 Zoan: Or, Tanis Ezekiel 30:15 Sin: Or, Pelusium Ezekiel 30:17 Aven: Or, Heliopolis Ezekiel 30:17 Phibeseth: Or, Pubastum Ezekiel 30:18 darkened: Or, restrained Ezekiel 31:3 with fair branches: Heb. fair of branches Ezekiel 31:4 made him great: Or, nourished Ezekiel 31:4 set him up: Or, brought him up Ezekiel 31:4 little rivers: Heb. conduits Ezekiel 31:5 when he shot forth: Or, when it sent them forth Ezekiel 31:11 deal with him: Heb. in doing he shall do unto him Ezekiel 31:14 their trees stand up: Or, stand upon themselves for their height Ezekiel 31:15 to mourn: Heb. to be black Ezekiel 32:2 a whale: Or, dragon Ezekiel 32:6 the land wherein thou swimmest: Or, the land of thy swimming Ezekiel 32:7 put thee out: Or, extinguish Ezekiel 32:8 bright lights of heaven: Heb. lights of the light in heaven Ezekiel 32:8 dark over thee: Heb. them dark Ezekiel 32:9 vex: Heb. provoke to anger, or grief Ezekiel 32:15 destitute of that whereof it was full: Heb. desolate from the fullness thereof Ezekiel 32:20 to the sword: Or, the sword is laid Ezekiel 32:23 terror: Or, dismaying Ezekiel 32:27 with their weapons of warfare: Heb. with weapons of their war Ezekiel 32:29 laid: Heb. given or put Ezekiel 33:2 When I bring the sword upon a land: Heb. a land when I bring a sword upon her Ezekiel 33:4 whosoever heareth: Heb. he that hearing heareth Ezekiel 33:14 lawful and right: Heb. judgment and justice Ezekiel 33:27 to be devoured: Heb. to devour him Ezekiel 33:28 most desolate: Heb. desolation and desolation Ezekiel 33:31 as the people cometh: Heb. according to the coming of the people Ezekiel 33:31 sit before thee as my people: Or, my people sit before thee Ezekiel 33:31 they show much love: Heb. they make loves or jests Ezekiel 33:32 a very lovely song: Heb. a song of loves Ezekiel 34:5 because there is no shepherd: Or, without a shepherd, and so verse 8 Ezekiel 34:12 As…seeketh: Heb. according to the seeking Ezekiel 34:17 cattle: Heb. small cattle of lambs and kids Ezekiel 34:17 he goats: Heb. great he goats Ezekiel 34:29 of renown: Or, for renown Ezekiel 34:29 consumed: Heb. taken away Ezekiel 35:3 most desolate: Heb. desolation and desolation Ezekiel 35:5 perpetual hatred: Or, hatred of old Ezekiel 35:5 shed the blood of the children: Heb. powered out the children Ezekiel 35:5 force: Heb. hands Ezekiel 35:7 most desolate: Heb. desolation and desolation Ezekiel 35:10 whereas the LORD was there: Or, though the Lord was there Ezekiel 35:12 to consume: Heb. to devour Ezekiel 35:13 boasted: Heb. magnified Ezekiel 36:3 Because they have: Heb. because for because Ezekiel 36:3 ye are taken up in the lips: Or, ye are made to come up on the lip of the tongue Ezekiel 36:4 rivers: Or, bottoms or dales Ezekiel 36:14 bereave: Or, cause to fall Ezekiel 36:23 their: Or, your Ezekiel 36:38 holy flock: Heb. flock of holy things Ezekiel 37:2 valley: Or, champian Ezekiel 37:9 wind: Or, breath Ezekiel 38:2 the chief prince: Or, prince of the chief Ezekiel 38:5 Libya: Or, Phut Ezekiel 38:10 think an evil thought: Or, conceive a mischievous purpose Ezekiel 38:11 safely: Or, confidently Ezekiel 38:12 To take a spoil, and to take a prey: Heb. to spoil the spoil, and to prey the prey Ezekiel 38:12 midst: Heb. navel Ezekiel 38:17 by: Heb. by the hand of Ezekiel 38:20 steep places: Or, towers. Or stairs Ezekiel 39:2 leave but the sixth part of thee: Or, strike thee with six plagues, or, draw thee back, with an hook of six teeth, as chap. 38.4 Ezekiel 39:2 North parts: Heb. the sides of the North Ezekiel 39:4 sort: Heb. wing Ezekiel 39:4 to be devoured: Heb. to devour Ezekiel 39:5 the open field: Heb. the face of the field Ezekiel 39:6 carelessly: Or, confidently Ezekiel 39:9 handstaves: Or, javelins Ezekiel 39:9 burn them with fire: Or, make a fire of them Ezekiel 39:11 noses: Or, mouths Ezekiel 39:11 Hamongog: That is, the multitude of Gog Ezekiel 39:14 men of continual: Heb. men of continuance Ezekiel 39:15 set up: Heb. build Ezekiel 39:16 Hamonah: That is, the multitude Ezekiel 39:17 unto every feathered fowel: Heb. to the fowel of every wing Ezekiel 39:17 sacrifice: Or, slaughter Ezekiel 39:18 goats: Heb. great goats Ezekiel 39:28 which caused them: Heb. by my causing of them etc. Ezekiel 40:2 by which: Or, upon which Ezekiel 40:6 which looketh toward the East: Heb. whose face was the way toward the East Ezekiel 40:12 space: Heb. limit, or bound Ezekiel 40:16 narrow: Heb. closed Ezekiel 40:16 arches: Or, galleries, or porches Ezekiel 40:16 inward: Or, within Ezekiel 40:19 without: Or, from without Ezekiel 40:20 that looked: Heb. whose face was Ezekiel 40:21 arches: Or, galleries or porches Ezekiel 40:30 broad: Heb. breadth Ezekiel 40:40 as one goeth: Or, at the step Ezekiel 40:43 hooks: Or, and irons or the two hearthstones Ezekiel 40:45 charge: Or, ward, or, ordinance, and so ver. 46 Ezekiel 41:2 door: Or, entrance Ezekiel 41:6 side chambers were…one over another: Heb. side chamber over side chamber Ezekiel 41:6 thirty: Or, three and thirty times, or foot Ezekiel 41:6 have hold: Heb. be holden Ezekiel 41:7 there was an enlarging: Heb. it was made broader and went round Ezekiel 41:15 galleries: Or, several walks, or, walks with pillars Ezekiel 41:16 cieled with wood: Heb. cieling of wood Ezekiel 41:16 and from the ground up to the windows: Or, the ground unto the windows Ezekiel 41:17 measure: Heb. measures Ezekiel 41:21 posts: Heb. post Ezekiel 42:5 were higher then these: Or, did eat of these Ezekiel 42:5 then the lower, and then the middlemost of the building: Or, and the building consisted of the lower and the middlemost Ezekiel 42:9 from under: Or, from the place Ezekiel 42:9 was the entry: Or, he that brought me Ezekiel 42:9 as one goeth: Or, as he came Ezekiel 42:16 side: Heb. wind Ezekiel 43:3 the vision that I saw, when I came to destroy the city: Or, when I came to prophecy that the city should be destroyed. See chap. 9. 2,5 Ezekiel 43:8 and the wall between me and them: Or, for there was but a wall between me and them Ezekiel 43:10 pattern: Or, sum, or number Ezekiel 43:13 bottom: Heb. bosom Ezekiel 43:13 edge: Heb. lip Ezekiel 43:15 Altar: Heb. Marel, that is, the Mountain of God Ezekiel 43:15 Altar: Heb. altar: Heb. Ariel, that is, the Lion of God Ezekiel 43:26 consecrate: Heb. fill their hands Ezekiel 43:27 peace offerings: Or, thank offerings Ezekiel 44:5 mark well: Heb. set thine heart Ezekiel 44:7 strangers: Heb. children of a stranger Ezekiel 44:8 charge: Or, ward, or ordinance. And so verse 14. and 16 Ezekiel 44:12 caused…to fall into iniquity: Heb. were for a stumbling block of iniquity unto etc. Ezekiel 44:18 that causeth sweat: Or, in sweating places. Heb. in, or with sweat Ezekiel 44:22 put away: Heb. thrust forth Ezekiel 44:22 that had a priest before: Heb. from a priest Ezekiel 44:29 dedicate: Or, devoted Ezekiel 44:30 first: Or, chief Ezekiel 45:1 when ye shall divide by lot the land: Heb. when ye cause the land to fall Ezekiel 45:1 an holy: Heb. holiness Ezekiel 45:2 suburbs: Or, void places Ezekiel 45:9 exactions: Heb. expulsions Ezekiel 45:15 lamb: Or, kid Ezekiel 45:15 peace offerings: Or, thank offerings Ezekiel 45:16 shall give: Heb. shall be for Ezekiel 45:16 for: Or, with Ezekiel 45:17 peace offerings: Or, thank offerings Ezekiel 46:5 as he shall be able: Heb. the gift of his hand Ezekiel 46:13 the first year: Heb. of his year Ezekiel 46:13 every morning: Heb. morning by morning Ezekiel 46:21 in every corner of the court there were courts: Heb. a court in a corner of a court, and a court in a corner of a court Ezekiel 46:22 joined: Or, made with chimneys Ezekiel 46:22 corners: Heb. cornered Ezekiel 47:5 waters to swim: Heb. waters of swimming Ezekiel 47:7 bank: Heb. lip Ezekiel 47:8 desert: Or, plain Ezekiel 47:9 rivers: Heb. two rivers Ezekiel 47:11 shall not be healed: Or, and that which shall not be healed Ezekiel 47:12 shall grow: Heb. shall come up Ezekiel 47:12 new: Or, principal Ezekiel 47:12 for medicine: Or, for bruises and sores Ezekiel 47:14 lifted: Or, swore Ezekiel 47:16 Hazarhatticon: Or, the middle village Ezekiel 47:18 from: Heb. from between Ezekiel 47:19 strife: Or, Meribah Ezekiel 47:19 river: Or, valley Ezekiel 47:19 Southward: Or, toward Teman Ezekiel 48:11 for the Priests that are sanctified: Or, the sanctified portion shall be for the priests Ezekiel 48:11 my charge: Or, ward, or, ordinance Ezekiel 48:23 a portion: Heb. one portion Ezekiel 48:28 strife in Kadesh: Or, Meribahkadesh Ezekiel 48:35 The LORD is there: Heb. Jehovahshammah Daniel 1:5 the wine which he drank: Heb. the wine of his drink Daniel 1:10 worse: Heb. sadder Daniel 1:10 sort?: Or, term, or continuance Daniel 1:11 Melzar: Or, the steward Daniel 1:12 pulse: Heb. of pulse Daniel 1:12 to eat: Heb. that we may eat, etc. Daniel 1:17 Daniel had understanding: Or, he made Daniel understand Daniel 1:20 wisdom and understanding: Heb. wisdom of understanding Daniel 2:5 cut in pieces: Cald. made pieces Daniel 2:6 rewards: Or, Fee Daniel 2:8 gain: Cald. buy Daniel 2:14 answered: Cald. returned Daniel 2:14 captain: Or, chief marshall. Cald. chief of the executioners or slaughtermen Daniel 2:18 of the God: Cald. from before God Daniel 2:18 should not perish: Or, that they should not destroy Daniel, etc. Daniel 2:25 I have found: Cald. that I have found Daniel 2:25 captivities of Judah: Cald. children of the captivity of Judah Daniel 2:28 maketh known: Cald. hath made known Daniel 2:29 came: Cald. came up Daniel 2:31 sawest: Cald. wast seeing Daniel 2:32 thighs: Or, sides Daniel 2:34 without hands: Or, which was not in hands. As verse 45 Daniel 2:42 broken: Or, brittle Daniel 2:43 one to another: Cald. this with this Daniel 2:44 the days: Cald. their days Daniel 2:44 the Kingdom: Cald. kingdom thereof Daniel 2:45 without hands: Or, which was not in hand Daniel 2:45 hereafter: Cald. after this Daniel 3:4 aloud: Cald. with might Daniel 3:4 it is commanded: Cald. they commanded Daniel 3:5 dulcimer: Or, singing. Cald. Symphony Daniel 3:12 have not regarded thee: Cald. have set no regard upon thee Daniel 3:14 true: Or, of purpose, as Exodus 21.13 Daniel 3:19 full: Cald. filled Daniel 3:20 most mighty: Cald. mighty of strength Daniel 3:21 coats: Or, mantles Daniel 3:21 hats: Or, turbant Daniel 3:22 commandment: Cald. word Daniel 3:22 flame: Or, spark Daniel 3:24 counsellors: Or, governors Daniel 3:25 they have no hurt: Cald. there is no hurt in them Daniel 3:26 mouth: Cald. door Daniel 3:29 I make a decree: Cald. a decree is made by me Daniel 3:29 anything amiss: Cald. error Daniel 3:30 promoted: Cald. made to prosper Daniel 4:2 I thought it good: Cald. it was seemly before me Daniel 4:10 I saw: Cald. I was seeing Daniel 4:14 aloud: Cald. with might Daniel 4:27 a lengthening of thy tranquility: Or, an healing of thine error Daniel 4:29 in: Or, upon Daniel 5:2 taken out: Cald. brought forth Daniel 5:6 countenance: Cald. brightnesses Daniel 5:6 was changed: Cald. changed it Daniel 5:6 joints: Or, girdles. Cald. bindings or knots Daniel 5:7 aloud: Cald. with might Daniel 5:7 scarlet: Or, purple Daniel 5:9 countenance: Cald. brightnesses Daniel 5:11 father: Or, grandfather Daniel 5:11 thy father: Or, grandfather Daniel 5:12 interpreting: Or, of an interpreter, etc. Daniel 5:12 disolving: Or, of a dissolver Daniel 5:12 doubts: Cald. knots Daniel 5:13 father: Or, grandfather Daniel 5:16 make interpretations: Cald. interpret Daniel 5:17 rewards: Or, fee, as chap. 2.6 Daniel 5:20 in pride: Or, to deal proudly Daniel 5:20 deposed: Cald. made to come down Daniel 5:21 his heart was made like: Or, he made his heart equal, etc. Daniel 5:31 being: Cald. he as the Son of, etc. Daniel 5:31 about: Or, now Daniel 6:6 assembled together: Or, came tumultously Daniel 6:7 decree: Or, interdict Daniel 6:8 altereth not: Cald. passeth not Daniel 6:18 instruments of music: Or, table Daniel 6:27 power: Cald. hand Daniel 7:1 had: Cald. saw Daniel 7:1 matters: Or, words Daniel 7:4 and it was: Or, wherewith Daniel 7:5 it raised up itself on one side: Or, it raised up one dominion Daniel 7:12 their lives were prolonged: Cald. a prolonging in life was given them Daniel 7:15 body: Cald. sheath Daniel 7:18 most high: Cald. high ones, i. things Or, places Daniel 7:19 from all the others: Cald. from all those Daniel 7:27 dominions: Or, rulers Daniel 8:3 the other: Heb. the second Daniel 8:5 touched not the ground: Or, none touched him in the earth Daniel 8:5 a notable horn: Heb. a horn of sight Daniel 8:10 to the host: Or, against the host Daniel 8:11 to: Or, against Daniel 8:11 by him: Or, from him Daniel 8:12 an host was given him against the daily sacrifice by reason of transgression: Or, the host was given over for the transgression against the daily sacrifice Daniel 8:13 that certain: The number of secrets, or, the wonderful numberer. Heb. Palmoni Daniel 8:13 of desolation: Or, making desolate Daniel 8:14 days: Heb. evening morning Daniel 8:14 cleansed: Heb. justified Daniel 8:18 set me upright: Heb. made me stand upon my standing Daniel 8:23 are come to the full: Heb. are accomplished Daniel 8:24 holy people: Heb. people of the holy ones Daniel 8:25 peace: Or, prosperity Daniel 9:1 which was: Or, in which he, etc. Daniel 9:7 belongeth: Or, thou hast, etc. Daniel 9:13 made we not our prayer before: Heb. intreated the face Daniel 9:15 gotten thee renown: Heb. made thee a name Daniel 9:18 which is called by thy name: Heb. whereupon thy Name is called Daniel 9:18 present: Heb. cause to fall Daniel 9:21 swiftly: Heb. with weariness or flight Daniel 9:22 to give thee skill and understanding: Heb. to make thee skillful of understanding Daniel 9:23 commandment: Heb. word Daniel 9:23 greatly beloved: Heb. a man of desires Daniel 9:24 to finish: Or, to restrain Daniel 9:24 prophecy: Heb. prophet Daniel 9:25 shall be built again: Heb. shall return and be built Daniel 9:25 wall: Or, breach or ditch Daniel 9:25 in troublous times: Heb. in strait of times Daniel 9:26 but not for himself: Or, shall have nothing Daniel 9:26 desolations are determined: Or, it shall be cut off by desolations Daniel 9:27 for the overspreading of abominations: Or, with the abominable armies Daniel 10:1 long: great Daniel 10:2 full weeks: Heb. weeks of days Daniel 10:3 pleasant bread: Heb. bread of desires Daniel 10:5 a certain man: Heb. one man Daniel 10:8 comeliness: Or, vigour Daniel 10:10 set: Heb. moved Daniel 10:11 a man greatly beloved: Heb. a man of desires Daniel 10:11 stand upright: Heb. stand upon thy standing Daniel 10:13 one of the: Or, the first Daniel 10:17 the servant of this my Lord: Or, this servant of my Lord Daniel 10:21 holdeth: Heb. strengtheneth himself Daniel 11:6 join themselves: Heb. shall associate themselves Daniel 11:6 an agreement: Heb. rights Daniel 11:6 he that begat her: Or, who she brought forth Daniel 11:8 their precious vessels: Heb. vessels of their desire Daniel 11:10 shall be stirred: Or, shall war Daniel 11:13 come (after certain years): Heb. at the end of times of years Daniel 11:14 the robbers: Heb. the children of robbers Daniel 11:15 the most fenced cities: Heb. the city of munitions Daniel 11:15 his chosen people: Heb. the people of his choices Daniel 11:16 glorious land: Or, goodly land. Heb. land of ornament Daniel 11:17 upright: Or, much uprightneous, or equal conditions Daniel 11:17 corrupting: Heb. to corrupt Daniel 11:18 for his: Heb. for him Daniel 11:18 the reproach: Heb. his reproach Daniel 11:20 a raiser of taxes: Heb. one that causeth an exactour to pass over Daniel 11:20 anger: Heb. angers Daniel 11:21 estate: Or, place Daniel 11:24 peaceably even upon the fattest: Or, into the peaceable or fat, etc. Daniel 11:24 forecast: Heb. think thoughts Daniel 11:27 hearts: Heb. their hearts Daniel 11:31 maketh desolate: Or, astonisheth Daniel 11:32 corrupt: Or, cause to dissemble Daniel 11:35 them: Or, by them Daniel 11:38 forces: Or, munitions. Heb. Mauzzin, or, as for the almighty God in his seat he shall honor, yea he shall honor a God, etc. Daniel 11:38 pleasant things: Heb. things desired Daniel 11:39 most strongholds: Heb. fortresses of munitions Daniel 11:39 gain: Heb. a price Daniel 11:41 glorious land: Or, goodly land. Heb. land of delight, or ornament Daniel 11:42 stretch forth: Heb. send forth Daniel 11:45 glorious holy mountian: Or, goodly. Heb. mountain of delight of holiness Daniel 12:3 wise: Or, teachers Daniel 12:5 bank: Heb. lip Daniel 12:6 upon: Or, from above Daniel 12:7 an half: Or, part Daniel 12:11 the abomination: Heb. to set up the abomination, etc. Daniel 12:11 that maketh: Or, astonisheth Daniel 12:13 for: Or, and thou, etc. Hosea 1:4 avenge: Heb. visit Hosea 1:6 Loruhamah: That is, not having obtained mercy Hosea 1:6 I will no more: Heb. I will not add any more to Hosea 1:6 but I will utterly take them away: Or, that I should altogether pardon them Hosea 1:9 Loammi: That is, not my people Hosea 1:10 in: Or, instead of that Hosea 2:1 Ammi: That is, my people Hosea 2:1 Ruhamah: That is, having obtained mercy Hosea 2:5 drink: Heb. drinks Hosea 2:6 make a wall: Heb. wall a wall Hosea 2:8 wine: Heb. new wine Hosea 2:8 which they prepared for Baal: Or, wherewith they made Baal Hosea 2:9 recover: Or, take away Hosea 2:10 lewdness: Heb. folly or villany Hosea 2:12 destroy: Heb. make desolate Hosea 2:14 comfortably: Or, friendly. Heb. to her heart Hosea 2:16 Ishi: that is, my husband Hosea 2:16 Baali: That is, my Lord Hosea 3:1 of wine: Heb. of grapes Hosea 3:2 half homer: Heb. lethech Hosea 3:4 an image: Heb. a standing or statue Hosea 4:2 blood: Heb. bloods Hosea 4:5 destroy: Heb. cut off Hosea 4:6 destroyed: Heb. cut off Hosea 4:8 set their heart on their iniquity: Heb. lift up their soul to their iniquity Hosea 4:9 punish: Heb. visit upon Hosea 4:9 reward: Heb. cause to return Hosea 4:14 I will not: Or, shall I not? etc. Hosea 4:14 shall fall: Or, be punished Hosea 4:18 is sour: Heb. is gone Hosea 4:18 rulers: Heb. shields Hosea 5:2 though: Or, and, etc. Hosea 5:2 a rebuker: Heb. a correction Hosea 5:4 they will not frame: Heb. they will not give Hosea 5:4 will not frame…doings: Or, their doings will not suffer them Hosea 5:12 rottenness: Or, a worm Hosea 5:13 to king Jareb: Or, to the king of Jareb: Or, to the king that should plead Hosea 5:15 till they acknowledge their offence: Heb. till they be guilty Hosea 6:4 goodness: Or, mercy, or, kindness Hosea 6:5 and thy judgments are as: Or, that thy judgments might be, etc. Hosea 6:7 like men: Or, like Adam Hosea 6:8 polluted with blood: Or, cunning for blood Hosea 6:9 by consent: Heb. with one shoulder. Or, to Sichem Hosea 6:9 lewdness: Or, enormity Hosea 7:1 wickedness: Heb. evils Hosea 7:1 spoileth: Heb. strippeth Hosea 7:2 consider not: Heb. say not to Hosea 7:4 who ceaseth: Or, the raiser will cease Hosea 7:4 from raising: Or, from waking Hosea 7:5 with bottles of wine: Or, with heat through wine Hosea 7:6 made ready: Or, applied Hosea 7:9 here and there: Heb. sprinkled Hosea 7:13 destruction: Heb. spoil Hosea 7:15 have bound: Or, chastened Hosea 8:1 thy mouth: Heb. the roof of thy mouth Hosea 8:7 stalk: Or, standing corn Hosea 8:9 lovers: Heb. loves Hosea 8:10 sorrow: Or, begin Hosea 8:13 for the sacrifice of mine offerings: Or, in the sacrifices of mine offerings, they etc. Hosea 9:1 upon: Or, in, etc. Hosea 9:2 winepress: Or, winefat Hosea 9:6 destruction: Heb. spoil Hosea 9:6 the pleasant places for their silver, nettles: Or, their silver shall be desired, the nettle etc. Heb. the desire Hosea 9:7 the spiritual man: Heb. man of the spirit Hosea 9:8 in: Or, against Hosea 9:14 miscarrying: Heb. that casteth the fruit Hosea 9:16 the beloved: Heb. the desires Hosea 10:1 an empty vine, he bringeth forth fruit: Or, a vine emptying the fruit which it giveth Hosea 10:1 images: Heb. statues, or standing images Hosea 10:2 Their heart is divided: Or, he hath divided their heart Hosea 10:2 break: Heb. behead Hosea 10:5 priests…: Or, Chemarims Hosea 10:7 the water: Heb. the face of the water Hosea 10:10 when they shall bind themselves in their two furrowes: Or, when I shall bind them for their two transgressions, or in their two habitations Hosea 10:11 her fair neck: Heb. the beauty of her neck Hosea 10:15 your great wickedness: Heb. the evil of your evil Hosea 11:4 take off: Heb. lift up Hosea 11:7 none at all would exalt him: Heb. together they exalted not Hosea 11:12 with the Saints: Or, with the most holy Hosea 12:2 punish: Heb. visit upon Hosea 12:3 had power with God: Heb. was a prince, or behaved himself princely Hosea 12:7 a merchant: Or, Canaan Hosea 12:7 oppress: Or, deceive Hosea 12:8 in all my labours they shall find none iniquity in me, that were sin: Or, all my labours suffice me not, he shall have punishment of iniquity in whom is sin Hosea 12:10 by the ministry: Heb. by the handHosea 12:14 most bitterly: Heb. with bitterness Hosea 12:14 blood: Heb. bloods Hosea 13:2 they sin more and more: Heb. they add to sin Hosea 13:2 men that sacrifice: Or, the sacrificers of men Hosea 13:5 great drought: Heb. droughts Hosea 13:8 the wild beast: Heb. the beast of the field Hosea 13:9 is thine help: Heb. in thy help Hosea 13:10 I will…: rather, Where is thy king? Hosea 13:13 long: Heb. a time Hosea 13:14 power: Heb. the hand Hosea 13:15 pleasant vessels: Heb. vessels of desire Hosea 14:2 receive us graciously: Or, give good Hosea 14:5 grow: Or, blossom Hosea 14:5 cast forth: Heb. strike Hosea 14:6 spread: Heb. shall go Hosea 14:7 grow: Or, blossom Hosea 14:7 sent: Or, memorial Joel 1:4 That which the palmerworm hath left: Heb. The residue of the palmerworm Joel 1:7 barked my fig tree: Heb. laid my fig tree for a barking Joel 1:10 dried up: Or, ashamed Joel 1:14 solemn assembly: Or, day of restrain Joel 1:17 seed: Heb. grains Joel 1:19 pastures: Or, habitations Joel 2:1 trumpet: Or, cornet Joel 2:2 of many generations: Heb. of generation and generation Joel 2:6 blackness: Heb. pot Joel 2:8 sword: Or, dart Joel 2:17 rule over them: Or, use a byword against them Joel 2:20 he hath done great things: Heb. he hath magnified to do Joel 2:23 former rain: Or, a teacher of righteousness Joel 2:23 moderately: Heb. according to righteousness Joel 3:5 pleasant things: Heb. desireable Joel 3:6 the Grecians: Heb. the sons of the Grecians Joel 3:9 prepare: Heb. sanctify Joel 3:10 pruninghooks: Or, scythes Joel 3:11 cause thy mighty ones to come down, O LORD: Or, the Lord shall be brought down Joel 3:14 decision: Or, concision, or threshing Joel 3:16 hope: Heb. place of repair, or harbour Joel 3:17 holy: Heb. holiness Joel 3:18 flow: Heb. go Joel 3:20 dwell: Or, abide Joel 3:21 for the LORD dwelleth in Zion: Or, Even I the Lord that dwelleth in Zion


  • Amos 1:3 for four: Or, he for four
  • Amos 1:3 turn away the punishment: Or, convert it, or let it be quiet. And so ver. 6
  • Amos 1:5 the plain of Aven: Or, Bikathaven
  • Amos 1:5 house of Eden: Or, Betheden
  • Amos 1:6 carried away captive the whole captivity: Or, carried them away with an entire captivity
  • Amos 1:9 the brotherly covenant: Heb. the covenant of brethren
  • Amos 1:11 cast off all pity: Heb. corrupted his compassions
  • Amos 1:13 ript up the women: Or, divided the mountains
  • Amos 2:7 maid: Or, young woman
  • Amos 2:8 the condemned: Or, such as have fined or mulcted
  • Amos 2:13 I am pressed under you, as a cart is pressed that is full of sheaves: Or, I will press your place as a cart full of sheaves presseth
  • Amos 2:14 himself: Heb. his soul or life
  • Amos 2:16 courageous: Heb. strong of his heart
  • Amos 3:2 punish: Heb. visit upon
  • Amos 3:4 cry out: Heb. give forth his voice
  • Amos 3:6 not be afraid? Or, not run together
  • Amos 3:6 and the LORD hath not done it?: Or, and shall not the L. do somewhat?
  • Amos 3:9 oppressed: Or, oppressions
  • Amos 3:10 robbery: Or, spoil
  • Amos 3:12 taketh: Heb. delivereth
  • Amos 3:12 in a couch: Or, on the beds feet
  • Amos 3:14 visit the transgressions of Israel: Or, punish Israel for
  • Amos 4:3 ye shall cast them in the palace: Or, ye shall cast away the things of the palace
  • Amos 4:4 three years: Heb. three years of days
  • Amos 4:5 offer a sacrifice: Heb. offer by burning
  • Amos 4:5 this liketh: Heb. so ye love
  • Amos 4:9 when your gardens… increased, the palmer worm: Or, the multitude of your gardens etc. did the palmerworm etc.
  • Amos 4:10 after the manner: Or, in the way
  • Amos 4:10 have taken away your horses: Heb. with the captivity of your horses
  • Amos 4:13 wind: Or, spirit
  • Amos 5:9 spoiled: Heb. spoil
  • Amos 5:11 pleasant vineyards: Heb. vineyards of desire
  • Amos 5:12 a bribe: Or, a ransom
  • Amos 5:21 smell in your solemn assemblies: Or, smell your holy days
  • Amos 5:22 peace offerings: Or, thank offerings
  • Amos 5:24 run down: Heb. rule
  • Amos 5:26 the tabernacle of your Moloch: Or, Siccuth your king
  • Amos 6:1 are at ease: Or, are secure
  • Amos 6:1 chief: Or, firstfruits
  • Amos 6:3 seat: Or, habitation
  • Amos 6:4 stretch themselves: Or, abound with superfluities
  • Amos 6:5 chant: Or, quaver
  • Amos 6:6 wine in the bowls: Or, in bowls of wine
  • Amos 6:6 affliction: Heb. breach
  • Amos 6:8 all that is therein: Heb. the fullness thereof
  • Amos 6:3 we may not make mention: Or, they will not, or have not
  • Amos 6:11 breaches: Or, droppings
  • Amos 6:14 river: Or, valley
  • Amos 7:1 grasshoppers: Or, green worms
  • Amos 7:2 by whom shall Jacob arise?: Or, who of (or for) Jacob shall stand?
  • Amos 7:13 chapel: Or, sanctuary
  • Amos 7:13 Kings Court: Heb. house of the kingdom
  • Amos 7:14 Sycamore fruit: Or, wild figs
  • Amos 7:15 as I followed: Heb. from behind
  • Amos 8:3 shall be howlings: Heb. shall howl
  • Amos 8:3 with silence: Heb. be silent
  • Amos 8:5 new Moon: Or, month
  • Amos 8:5 set forth: Heb. open
  • Amos 8:5 falsifying the balances by deceit?: Heb. perverting the balances of deceit
  • Amos 9:1 lintel: Or, chapiter, or knop
  • Amos 9:1 cut them: Or, wound them
  • Amos 9:6 stories: Or, spheres Heb. ascensions
  • Amos 9:6 troupe: Or, bundell
  • Amos 9:9 sift: Heb. cause to move
  • Amos 9:9 grain: Heb. stone
  • Amos 9:11 close up the breaches: Heb. hedge, or wall
  • Amos 9:12 which are called by my name: Heb. upon whom my name is called
  • Amos 9:13 soweth: Heb. draweth forth
  • Amos 9:13 sweet wine: Or, new wine



Jonah 1:1 Jonah: Called Matth. 12.39 Jonas Jonah 1:4 sent out: Heb. cast forth Jonah 1:4 was like to be broken: Heb. thought to be broken Jonah 1:9 the LORD: Or, JEHOVAH Jonah 1:10 exceedingly afraid: Heb. with great fear Jonah 1:11 may be calm unto us?: Heb. may be silent unto us Jonah 1:11 wrought and was tempestuous: Or grew more and more tempestuous. Heb. went Jonah 1:13 rowed: Heb. digged Jonah 1:15 ceased: Heb. stood Jonah 1:16 offered a sacrifice unto the LORD, and made vows: Heb. sacrifice unto the LORD, and vowed vows Jonah 1:17 belly: Heb. bowels Jonah 2:2 by reason of mine affliction: Or, out of mine affliction Jonah 2:2 hell: Or, the grave Jonah 2:3 midst: Heb. heart Jonah 2:6 bottoms: Heb. cuttings off Jonah 2:6 corruption: Or, the pit Jonah 3:3 exceeding: Heb. of God Jonah 3:7 published: Heb. said Jonah 3:7 nobles: Heb. great men Jonah 4:4 doest thou well to be angry?: Or, art thou greatly angry? Jonah 4:6 gourd: Or, palmcrist. Heb. Kikajon Jonah 4:6 exceeding glad: Heb. rejoiced with great joy Jonah 4:8 vehement: Or, silent Jonah 4:9 Doest thou well to be angry: Or, art thou greatly angry? Jonah 4:9 I do well to be angry: Or, I am greatly angry Jonah 4:10 had pity: Or, spared Jonah 4:10 came up in a night: Heb. was the son of the night Micah 1:2 Hear all ye people: Heb. hear ye people all of them Micah 1:2 all that therein is: Heb. the fullness thereof Micah 1:4 a steep place: Heb. a descent Micah 1:8 owls: Heb. daughters of the owl Micah 1:9 her wound is incurable: Or, she is greviously sick of her wounds Micah 1:10 Aphrah: That is, dust Micah 1:11 inhabitant: Heb. inhabitress Micah 1:11 Saphir: Or, thou that dwellest fairly Micah 1:11 Zaanan: Or, the country of flocks Micah 1:11 Bethezel: Or, a place near Micah 1:12 waited: Or, was grieved Micah 1:14 to: Or, for Micah 1:14 Achzib: That is, a lie Micah 1:15 he shall come unto Adullam, the glory of Israel: Or, the glory of Israel shall come etc. Micah 2:2 oppress: Or, defraud Micah 2:4 a doleful lamentation: Heb. with a lamentation of lamentations Micah 2:4 turning away he hath divided: Or, instead of restoring Micah 2:6 Prophesy ye not: Or, prophesy not, as they prophesy Micah 2:6 Prophesy: Heb. drop, etc. Micah 2:7 straightened: Or, shortened Micah 2:7 uprightly?: Heb. upright Micah 2:8 Even of late: Heb. yesterday Micah 2:8 with the garment: Heb. over against a garment Micah 2:9 women: Or, wives Micah 2:11 walking in the spirit and falsehood: Or, walk with the wind, and lie falsely Micah 3:6 that ye shall not have a vision: Heb. from a vision Micah 3:6 that ye shall not divine: Heb. from divining Micah 3:7 lips: Heb. upper lip Micah 3:10 blood: Heb. bloods Micah 3:11 and say: Heb. saying Micah 4:3 pruninghooks: Or, scythes Micah 5:2 from everlasting: Heb. the days of eternity Micah 5:4 feed: Or, rule Micah 5:5 principal men: Heb. princes of men Micah 5:6 waste: Heb. eat up Micah 5:6 with the sword: Or, with her own naked swords [symbol in wrong place in verse] Micah 5:8 sheep: Or, goats Micah 5:13 standing images: Or, statues Micah 5:14 cities: Or, enemies Micah 6:1 before: Or, with Micah 6:6 of a year old? Heb. sons of a year Micah 6:7 body: Heb. belly Micah 6:8 walk humbly: Heb. humble thyself to walk Micah 6:9 the man of: Or, thy name shall see that which is Micah 6:10 Are there yet the treasures of wickedness in the house of the wicked: Or, is there yet unto every man an house of the wicked? etc. Micah 6:10 scant measure that is abominable: Heb. measure of leanness Micah 6:11 Shall I count them pure: Or, shall I be pure with, etc. Micah 6:16 the statues: Or, he doth much keep the etc. Micah 6:16 desolation: Or, astonishment Micah 7:1 summer fruits: Heb. the gatherings of summer Micah 7:2 good: Or, godly, or merciful Micah 7:3 mischevious desire: Heb. the mischief of the soul Micah 7:10 She that is mine enemy shall see it, and shame shall cover her: Or, and thou wilt see her that is mine enemy and cover her with shame Micah 7:10 she be trodden down: Heb. she shall be for a treading down Micah 7:12 from: Or, even to Micah 7:13 Notwithstanding: Or, after that it hath been Micah 7:14 Feed: Or, rule Micah 7:17 worms: Or, creeping things Nahum 1:2 God is jelous, and the LORD revengeth: Or, the Lord is a jealous God, and a revenger, etc. Nahum 1:2 furious: Heb. that hath fury Nahum 1:6 abide: Heb. stand up Nahum 1:7 strong hold: Or, strength Nahum 1:11 a wicked counselor: Heb. a counsellor of Belial Nahum 1:12 Though they be quiet, and likewise many, yet thus shall they be cut down: Or, if they would have been at peace, so should they have been many, and so should they have been shorn, and he should have passed away Nahum 1:12 cut down: Heb. shorn Nahum 1:15 keep: Heb. feast Nahum 1:15 wicked: Heb. Belial Nahum 2:1 He that dasheth: Or, the disperser or hammer Nahum 2:2 excellency of Jacob, as the excellency of Israel: Or, the pride of Jacob and the pride of Israel Nahum 2:3 in scarlet: Or, dyed scarlet Nahum 2:3 flaming torches: Heb. fiery torches Nahum 2:4 they shall seem: Heb. their show Nahum 2:5 worthies: Or, gallants Nahum 2:5 defense: Heb. covering or coverer Nahum 2:6 dissolved: Or, molten Nahum 2:7 Huzzab: Or, That which was established, or, there was a stand made Nahum 2:7 led away: Or, discovered Nahum 2:8 of old: Or, from the days that she hath been Nahum 2:8 look back: Or, cause to turn Nahum 2:9 for there is none end of the store: Or, And their infinite store, etc. Nahum 2:9 pleasant furniture: Heb. vessels of desire Nahum 3:1 bloody City: Heb. city of bloods Nahum 3:3 the bright sword, and the glittering spear: Heb. the flame of the sword and the lightning of the spear Nahum 3:8 populous No,: Or, nourishing. Heb. No Amon Nahum 3:9 thy helpers: Heb. in thy help Nahum 3:16 spoileth: Or, spreadeth himself Nahum 3:18 nobles: Or, valiant ones Nahum 3:19 healing: Heb. wrinkling Habakkuk 1:4 wrong: Or, wrested Habakkuk 1:6 breadth: Heb. breadths Habakkuk 1:7 their judgment and their dignity shall proceed of themselves: Or, from them shall proceed the judgment of these, and the captivity of these Habakkuk 1:8 fierce: Heb. sharp Habakkuk 1:9 their faces shall sup up as the East: Heb. the supping up of their faces, etc. Or, their faces shall look toward the East. Heb. the opposition of their faces toward the East Habakkuk 1:12 mighty: Heb. rock Habakkuk 1:12 established: Heb. founded Habakkuk 1:13 iniquity: Or, grievance Habakkuk 1:14 creeping: Or, moving Habakkuk 1:15 drag: Or, flue net Habakkuk 1:16 plenteous: Or, dainty. Heb. fat Habakkuk 2:1 tower: Heb. fenced place Habakkuk 2:1 unto me: Or, in me Habakkuk 2:1 when I am reproved: Or, when I am argued with. Heb. upon my reproof or arguing Habakkuk 2:5 Yea also: Or, how much more Habakkuk 2:6 Woe to him: Or, Ho, he Habakkuk 2:8 blood: Heb. bloods Habakkuk 2:9 coveteth an evil countenance: Or, gaineth an evil gain Habakkuk 2:9 power of evil: Heb. palm of the hand Habakkuk 2:11 beam: Or, piece, or, fastening Habakkuk 2:11 shall answer it: Or, witness against it Habakkuk 2:12 blood: Heb. bloods Habakkuk 2:13 very vanity?: Or, in vain Habakkuk 2:14 with the knowledge of the glory of the LROD: Or, by knowing the glory of the Lord Habakkuk 2:16 with shame for glory: Or, more with shame then with glory Habakkuk 2:18 the maker of his work: Heb. the facioner of his facion Habakkuk 2:20 let all the earth keep silence before him: Heb. be silent all the earth before him Habakkuk 3:1 upon Sigionoth: Or, according to variable songs or tunes called in Hebrew Shigianoth Habakkuk 3:2 thy speech: Heb. thy report or thy hearing Habakkuk 3:2 revive: Or, preserve alive Habakkuk 3:3 Teman: Or, the South Habakkuk 3:4 horns coming out of his hand: Or, bright beams out of his side Habakkuk 3:5 burning coals: Or, burning diseases Habakkuk 3:7 Cushan: Or, Ethiopia Habakkuk 3:7 in affliction: Or, under affliction or vanity Habakkuk 3:8 thy chariots of salvation?: Or, thy chariots were salvation Habakkuk 3:9 Thou didst cleave the earth with rivers: Or, thou didst cleave the rivers of the earth Habakkuk 3:11 at the light of thine arrows: Or, thine arrows walked in the light, etc. Habakkuk 3:13 by discovering: Heb. making naked Habakkuk 3:14 came out as a whirlwind: Heb. were tempestuous Habakkuk 3:15 heap: Or, mud Habakkuk 3:16 invade them: Or, cut them in pieces Habakkuk 3:17 fail: Heb. lie Habakkuk 3:19 stringed instruments: Heb. Neginoth Zephaniah 1:2 will utterly consume: Heb. by taking away I will make an end Zephaniah 1:2 the land: Heb. the face of the land Zephaniah 1:3 stumblingblocks: Or, idols Zephaniah 1:5 by the LORD: Or, to the Lord Zephaniah 1:7 bid: Heb. sanctified or prepared Zephaniah 1:8 punish: Heb. visit upon Zephaniah 1:12 settled: Heb. curded, or thickened Zephaniah 2:1 not desired: Zephaniah 2:7 for: Or, when, etc. Zephaniah 2:11 famish: Heb. make lean Zephaniah 2:14 Cormorant: Or, pelican Zephaniah 2:14 upper lintels: Or, knops, or chapiters Zephaniah 2:14 for he shall uncover: Or, when he hath uncovered Zephaniah 3:1 filthy: Or, gluttenous. Heb. craw Zephaniah 3:2 correction: Or, instruction Zephaniah 3:5 every morning: Heb. morning by morning Zephaniah 3:6 towers: Or, corners Zephaniah 3:9 language: Heb. lip Zephaniah 3:9 consent: Heb. shoulder Zephaniah 3:11 because of mine holy: Heb. in my holy Zephaniah 3:16 slack: Or, faint Zephaniah 3:17 he will rest: Heb. he will be silent Zephaniah 3:18 reproach of it was a burden: Heb. the burden upon it was reproach Zephaniah 3:19 I will get them praise: Heb. I will set them for a praise Zephaniah 3:19 where they have been put to shame: Heb. of their shame Haggai 1:1 by Haggai: Heb. by the hand of Haggai Haggai 1:1 governor: Or, captain Haggai 1:5 Consider your ways: Heb. set your heart on your ways Haggai 1:6 with holes: Heb. pierced through Haggai 1:7 Consider…: Heb. Set your heart on your ways Haggai 1:9 blow upon it: Or, blow it away Haggai 2:1 by the: Heb. by the hand of Zechariah 1:2 sore displeased: Heb. with displeasure Zechariah 1:6 take hold: Or, overtake Zechariah 1:8 speckled: Or, bay Zechariah 1:17 prosperity: Heb. good Zechariah 2:13 his holy habitation: Heb. the habitation of his holiness Zechariah 3:1 Satan: That is, an adversary Zechariah 3:1 to resist him: Heb. to be his advesary Zechariah 3:7 charge: Or, ordinance Zechariah 3:7 places: Heb. walks Zechariah 3:8 men wondered: Heb. men of wonder Zechariah 4:2 with a bowl: Heb. with her bowl Zechariah 4:2 seven pipes: Or, seven several pipes to the lamps etc. Zechariah 4:6 might: Or, army Zechariah 4:10 for they shall rejoice…those seven…eyes of the LORD: Or, sith the seven eyes of the Lord shall rejoice Zechariah 4:10 plummet: Heb. stone of tin Zechariah 4:12 through: Heb. by the hand Zechariah 4:12 empty…golden oil out: Or, empty out of themselves oil into the gold Zechariah 4:12 the golden: Heb. the gold Zechariah 4:14 anointed ones: Heb. sons of oil Zechariah 5:3 every one that stealeth shall be cut off as on this side: Or, every one of this people that stealeth, holdeth himself guiltless as it doth Zechariah 5:7 talent: Or, weighty piece Zechariah 6:3 bay: Or, strong Zechariah 6:5 spirits: Or, winds Zechariah 6:12 grow up out of his place: Or, branch up from under him Zechariah 7:2 to pray before the LORD: Heb. to intreat the face of the Lord Zechariah 7:6 did not ye: Or, be not ye they that etc. Zechariah 7:7 Should ye not hear the words: Or, are not these the words Zechariah 7:7 by the: Heb. by the hand of, etc. Zechariah 7:9 Execute true judgment: Heb. judge judgment of truth Zechariah 7:11 pulled away the shoulder: Heb. they gave a backsliding shoulder Zechariah 7:11 stopped: Heb. made heavy Zechariah 7:12 by the: Heb. by the hand of Zechariah 7:14 pleasant land: Heb. land of desire Zechariah 8:4 for very age: Heb. multitude of days Zechariah 8:6 marvellous: Or, hard or difficult Zechariah 8:7 the West country: Heb. the country of the going down of the Sun Zechariah 8:10 no hire for man: Or, the hire of man became nothing. etc. Zechariah 8:12 prosperous: Heb. of peace Zechariah 8:16 execute the judgment of truth and peace: Heb. judge truth, and the judgment of peace Zechariah 8:19 feasts: Heb. solemn, or set times Zechariah 8:21 speedily: Or, continually. Heb. going Zechariah 8:21 pray before: Heb. to intreat the face Zechariah 9:7 blood: Heb. bloods Zechariah 9:9 having salvation: Or, saving himself Zechariah 9:11 by the blood of thy Covenant: Or, whose Covenant is by blood Zechariah 9:15 subdue with sling stones: Or, subdue the slings of the stone Zechariah 9:15 shall be filled like bowls: Or, shall fill both the bowls, etc. Zechariah 9:17 cheerful: Or, grow, or speak Zechariah 10:1 bright: Or, lightnings Zechariah 10:2 idols: Heb. teraphims Zechariah 10:2 were troubled: Or, answered that etc. Zechariah 10:3 punished: Heb. visited upon Zechariah 10:5 the riders on horses shall be confounded: Or, they shall make the riders on horses ashamed Zechariah 11:2 mighty: Or, gallants Zechariah 11:2 forest of the vintage: Or, the defenced forest Zechariah 11:6 deliver: Heb. make to be found Zechariah 11:7 poor: Or, verily the poor Zechariah 11:7 bands: Or, binders Zechariah 11:8 lothed them: Heb. was straightened for them Zechariah 11:9 of another: Heb. of his fellow or neighbour Zechariah 11:11 the poor of the flock…knew: Or, the poor of the flock, etc. certainly knew Zechariah 11:12 if ye think good: Heb. if it be good in your eyes Zechariah 11:14 Bands: Or, binders Zechariah 11:16 cut off: Or, hidden Zechariah 11:16 feed: Or, bear Zechariah 12:2 trembling: Or, slumber or poison Zechariah 12:2 when they shall be in the seige both against Judah and against Jerusalem: Or, and also against Judah shall he be which shall be in seige against Jerusalem Zechariah 12:5 The inhabitants…shall be my strength: Or, there is strength to me and to the inhabitants, etc. Zechariah 12:8 feeble: Or, abject. Heb. fallen Zechariah 12:12 every family: Heb. families, families Zechariah 13:1 uncleanness: Heb. separation for uncleanness Zechariah 13:4 a rough garment: Heb. a garment of hair Zechariah 13:4 to deceive: Heb. to lie Zechariah 14:5 the mountains: Or, my mountains Zechariah 14:5 for the valley of the mountains: Or, when he shall touch the valley of the mountains to the place he separated Zechariah 14:6 clear: Heb. precious Zechariah 14:6 dark: Heb. thickness Zechariah 14:7 it shall be one day: Or, the day shall be one Zechariah 14:8 former: Or, Eastern Zechariah 14:10 turned: Or, compassed Zechariah 14:10 inhabited: Or, shall abide Zechariah 14:11 shall be safely inhabited: Or, shall abide Zechariah 14:14 Judah also shall: Or, thou also, O Judah shalt Zechariah 14:14 at: Or, against Zechariah 14:18 have no: Heb. upon whom there is not Zechariah 14:19 punishment: Or, sin Zechariah 14:20 bells: Or, bridles Malachi 1:1 by Malachi: Heb. by the hand of Malachi Malachi 1:5 from: Or, upon. Heb. from upon Malachi 1:7 Ye offer: Or, bring unto etc. Malachi 1:8 for sacrifice: Heb. to sacrifice Malachi 1:9 God: Heb. the face of God Malachi 1:9 by your means: Heb. from your hand Malachi 1:13 ye have snuffed at it: Or, whereas you might have blown it away Malachi 1:14 which hath in his flock: Heb. in whose flock is Malachi 2:3 corrupt: Or, reprove Malachi 2:3 spread: Heb. scatter Malachi 2:3 one shall take you away with it: Or, it shall take you away to it Malachi 2:8 stumble at the law: Or, fall in the law Malachi 2:9 have been partial: Or, lifted up the face against. Heb. accepted faces Malachi 2:11 he loved: Or, ought to love Malachi 2:12 the Master and the scholar: Or, him that waketh and him that answereth Malachi 2:15 residue: Or, excellency Malachi 2:15 a godly seed: Heb. a seed of God Malachi 2:15 treacherously: Or, unfaithfully Malachi 2:16 he hateth: Or, if he hate her, put her away Malachi 2:16 putting away: Heb. to put away Malachi 3:4 former: Or, ancient Malachi 3:5 oppress: Or, defraud Malachi 3:5 pour you out: Heb. empty out Malachi 3:11 destroy: Heb. corrupt Malachi 3:14 ordinance: Heb. observation Malachi 3:14 mournfully: Heb. in black Malachi 3:15 are set up: Heb. are built Malachi 3:17 jewels: Or, special treasure


  • Matthew 1:11 Josias begat Jechonias and his brethren: some read, Josias begat Jakim, and Jakim begat Jechonias
  • Matthew 1:23 they shall call his name: Or, his name shall be called
  • Matthew 2:6 rule: Or, feed
  • Matthew 2:11 presented: Or, offered
  • Matthew 3:8 meet for repentance: Or, answerable to amendment of life
  • Matthew 4:12 cast: Or, delivered up
  • Matthew 5:11 falsely: Gr. lying
  • Matthew 5:15 a bushel: [symbol in wrong place in 1611] the word in the original signifieth a measure containing about a pint less than a peck
  • Matthew 5:21 by them: Or, to them
  • Matthew 5:29 offend thee: Or, do cause thee to offend
  • Matthew 6:1 of: Or, with
  • Matthew 6:2 do not sound a trumpet: Or, cause not a trumpet to be sounded
  • Matthew 9:16 new cloth: Or, raw, or unwrought cloth
  • Matthew 9:17 bottles: Or, sacks of skin, or, leather
  • Matthew 9:26 the fame hereof: Or, this fame
  • Matthew 9:36 fainted, and were scattered abroad: Or, were tired and lay down
  • Matthew 10:9 Provide: Or, get
  • Matthew 10:16 harmless: Or, simple
  • Matthew 10:23 have gone: Or, end or finish
  • Matthew 10:29 farthing?: It is in value half penny farthing, in the original, as being the tenth part of the Roman penny
  • Matthew 11:12 suffereth violence: Or, is gotten by force, and they that thrust men
  • Matthew 12:14 held a counsel: Or, took counsel
  • Matthew 13:33 measures: the word in the Greek is a measure containing about a peck and an half, wanting little more then a pint
  • Matthew 13:41 things that offend: Or, scandals
  • Matthew 14:2 do show forth themselves in him: Or, are wrought by him
  • Matthew 14:30 boisterous: Or, strong
  • Matthew 17:24 tribute money: called in the original Didrachma, being in value fifteen pence
  • Matthew 17:27 a piece of money: Or, a stater. It is half an ounce of silver, in value two shillings six pence, after five shillings the ounce
  • Matthew 18:24 talents: a talent is 750 ounces of silver, which after five shillings the ounce is 10.s.
  • Matthew 18:26 worshipped him: Or, besought him
  • Matthew 18:28 pence: the Roman penny is the eighth part of an ounce, which after 5. shillings the ounce is 7.d. ob.
  • Matthew 20:2 penny: the Roman penny is the eighth part of an ounce, which after five shillings the ounce, is seven pence halfpenny
  • Matthew 20:12 have wrought but one hour: Or, have continued one hour only
  • Matthew 22:19 penny: in value seven pence halfpenny, chap. 20.2
  • Matthew 22:20 superscription?: Or, inscription
  • Matthew 23:18 guilty: Or, a debtOr, or bound
  • Matthew 24:31 with a great sound of a trumpet: Or, with a Trumpet and a great voice
  • Matthew 24:51 cut him asunder: Or, cut him off
  • Matthew 25:8 gone out: Or, going out
  • Matthew 25:15 talents: a talent is 187. pound 10. Shillings, chap. 18.24
  • Matthew 26:26 blessed it: Many Greek copies have, gave thanks
  • Matthew 26:30 hymn: Or, psalm
  • Matthew 26:67 the palms: Or, rods
  • Matthew 27:9 whom they of the children of Israel did value: Or, whom they bought of the children of Israel
  • Matthew 27:27 common hall: Or, governors house
  • Matthew 28:2 was: Or, had been


Mark 1:4 for: Or, unto Mark 1:10 opened: Or, cloven, or rent Mark 1:34 to speak, because they knew him: Or, to say that they knew him Mark 2:14 at the receipt of Custom: Or, at the place where the Custom was received Mark 2:21 new: Or, raw, or unwrought Mark 3:5 hardness: Or, blindness Mark 3:10 pressed: Or, rushed Mark 3:19 into an house: Or, home Mark 3:21 friends: Or, kinsmen Mark 4:21 bushel: The word, in the original, signifieth a less measure as Mat. 5.15 Mark 4:29 brought forth: Or, ripe Mark 6:8 money: the word signifieth a piece of brass money, in value somewhat less than a farthing, mat. 10.9 but here it is taken in general for money Mark 6:19 a quarrel: Or, an inward grudge Mark 6:20 observed him: Or, kept him or saved him Mark 6:27 an executioner: Or, one of his guard Mark 6:37 pennyworth: the Rom. penny is sevenpence halfpenny as Mat. 18.28 Mark 6:45 unto Bethsaida: Or, over against Bethsaida Mark 6:56 him: Or, it Mark 7:2 defiled: Or, common Mark 7:3 oft: Or, diligently, in the Original, with the fist, Theophylact, up to the elbow Mark 7:4 pots: Or, beds Mark 7:4 tables: Sextarius, is about a pint and an half Mark 7:9 reject: Or, frustrate Mark 7:26 Greek: Or, Gentile Mark 9:16 with them?: Or, among yourselves Mark 9:18 teareth him: Or, dasheth him Mark 9:43 offend thee: Or, cause thee to offend Mark 9:47 offend thee: Or, cause thee to offend Mark 10:42 are accompted: Or, think good Mark 10:52 made thee whole: Or, saved thee Mark 11:22 Have faith in God: Or, have the faith of God Mark 11:29 question: Or, thing Mark 12:15 penny: Valuing of our money seven pence halfpenny, as Mat. 18.28 Mark 12:41 money: A piece of brass money, see Matth. 10.9 Mark 12:42 mites: It is the seventh part of one piece of that brass money Mark 13:8 sorrows: The word in the original, importeth, the pains of a woman in travail Mark 14:3 spikenard: Or, pure nard, or liquid nard Mark 14:5 See Matt. 18.28 Mark 14:12 killed: Or, sacrificed Mark 14:26 hymn: Or, psalm Mark 14:72 he wept: Or, he wept abundantly, or he began to wept [sic] Mark 16:14 at meat: Or, together


Luke 1:17 to: Or, by Luke 1:28 highly favored: Or, graciously accepted, or much graced, see verse 30 Luke 1:45 that believed, for there: Or, which believed, that there Luke 1:65 sayings: Or, things Luke 1:77 by: Or, for Luke 1:78 tender mercy: Or, bowels of the mercy Luke 1:87 day spring: Or, sun rising, or branch, Zac. 3.8 esay 11.1 malach. 4.2. numb. 24.17 Luke 2:1 taxed: Or, enrolled Luke 2:8 watch: Or, the night watches Luke 2:38 Jerusalem: Or, Israel Luke 2:52 stature: Or, age Luke 3:8 worthy: Or, meet for Luke 3:14 Do violence to no man: Or, put no man in fear Luke 3:14 wages: Or, allowance Luke 3:15 in expectation: Or, in suspense Luke 3:15 mused: Or, reasoned or debated Luke 4:7 worship me: Or, fall down before me Luke 4:29 brow: Or, edge Luke 4:34 Let us alone: Or, away Luke 4:41 to speak, for they knew that he was Christ: Or, to say that they knew him to be Christ Luke 6:40 that is perfect shall be as his master: Or, shall be perfected as his master Luke 7:14 bier: Or, coffin Luke 7:30 rejected: Or, frustrated Luke 7:30 against themselves: Or, within themselves Luke 7:41 pence: See Mat. 18.28 Luke 8:18 seemeth to have: Or, thinketh that he hath Luke 9:28 sayings: Or, things Luke 10:22 All these: Many ancient copies add these words, and turning to his Disciples he said Luke 10:35 pence: See Matt. 20.2 Luke 11:3 day by day: Or, for the day Luke 11:6 in his journey: Or, out of his way Luke 11:33 bushell: See Matt. 5.15 Luke 11:41 as you have: Or, as you are able Luke 11:52 hindered: Or, forbade Luke 12:6 farthing: See Matt. 10.29 Luke 12:20 thy soul shall be required: Gr. do they require thy soul Luke 12:29 neither be ye of doubtful mind: Or, live not in careful suspense Luke 12:46 cut him in sunder: Or, cut him off Luke 12:50 straitened: Or, pained Luke 12:59 mite: See Mar. 12.42 Luke 13:4 sinners: Or, debtors Luke 13:21 measures: See Mat. 13.33 Luke 15:8 pieces of silver: Drachma here translated a piece of silver, is the eighth part of an ounce, which cometh to seven pence half penny, and is equal to the Roman penny, Mat. 18.28 Luke 16:6 measures: the word Batus in the original containeth nine gallons 3. quarts Luke 16:7 measures: the word here interpreted a measure, in the original containeth about fourteen bushels and a pottle Luke 16:9 Mammon: Or, riches Luke 16:11 Mammon: Or, riches Luke 17:20 with observation: Or, with outward shew Luke 17:21 within you: Or, among you Luke 17:36 Two men shall be in the field, the one shall be taken, and the other left: This 36. verse is wanting in most of the Greek copies Luke 18:9 that they were righteous: Or, as being righteous Luke 19:13 pounds: Mina here translated a pound, is twelve ounces and an half, which according to five shillings the ounce, is 3. pounds two shillings sixpence Luke 19:48 very attentive: Or, hanged on him Luke 20:21 truly: Or, of a truth Luke 20:24 penny: See Matt. 18.28 Luke 21:2 mites: See Mark 12.42 Luke 22:6 in the absence of the multitude: Or, without tumult Luke 22:15 With desire I have desired: Or, I have heartily desired Luke 22:42 willing, remove: Gr. willing to remove Luke 23:24 gave sentence: Or, assented Luke 23:33 Calvary: Or, the place of a skull Luke 23:44 earth: Or, land Luke 24:5 the living: Or, him that liveth Luke 24:31 vanished out of their sight: Or, ceased to be seen of them


John 1:12 power: Or, the right or privilege John 1:21 that Prophet?: Or, a Prophet John 1:29 taketh away: Or, beareth John 1:38 dwellest: Or, abidest John 1:39 about the tenth hour: That was two hours before night John 1:41 the Christ: Or, the anointed John 1:42 a stone: Or, Peter John 3:3 again: Or, from above John 3:7 again: Or, from above John 3:20 reproved: Or, discovered John 3:27 receive: Or, take unto himself John 4:46 nobleman: Or, courtier, or ruler John 5:2 market: Or, gate John 5:13 a multitude being in that: Or, from the multitude that was John 6:27 Labour not: Or, work not John 7:15 letters: Or, learning John 7:23 that the Law of Moses should not be broken: Or, without breaking the Law of Moses John 7:35 Gentiles: Or, Greeks John 7:50 to Jesus: Gr. to him John 9:6 anointed the eyes of the blind man with the clay: Or, spread the clay upon the eyes of the blind man John 9:34 cast him out: Or, excommunicated him John 10:24 make us to doubt?: Or, hold us in suspense John 11:18 about fifteen furlongs: that is, about two miles John 11:33 was troubled: Gr. He troubled himself John 13:19 Now: Or, From henceforth John 13:26 sop: Or, morsel John 14:18 comfortless: Or, orphans John 15:5 without me: Or, severed from me John 15:22 cloke: Or, excuse John 16:8 reprove: Or, convince John 16:25 proverbs: Or, parables John 16:25 proverbs: Or, parables John 16:29 proverb: Or, parable John 16:32 his own: Or, his own home John 17:19 sanctified through the truth: Or, truly sanctified John 18:13 year: And Annas sent Christ bound unto Caiaphas the high priest, ver. 24 John 18:22 with the palm: Or, with a rod John 18:28 the hall of judgment: Or, Pilats house John 19:23 woven: Or, wrought John 19:25 Cleophas: Or, Clopas John 21:5 Children: Or, Sirs Acts 1:4 being assembled together with them: Or, eating together with them Acts 1:8 power after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: Or, the power of the holy Ghost coming upon you Acts 1:20 bishoprick: Or, office, or, charge Acts 2:6 when this was noised: Gr. When this voice was made Acts 2:6 confounded: Or, troubled in mind Acts 2:29 let me: Or, I may Acts 2:46 from house to house: Or, at home Acts 3:15 Prince: Or, author Acts 4:1 captain: Or, ruler Acts 5:3 to lie: Or, to deceive Acts 5:15 into the streets: Or, in every street Acts 5:17 indignation: Or, envy Acts 5:36 obeyed: Or, believed Acts 6:14 Customs: Or, rites Acts 7:20 exceeding fair: Or, fair to God Acts 7:37 like unto me: Or, as myself Acts 9:38 delay: Or, be grieved Acts 11:26 with the Church: Or, in the Church Acts 12:1 stretched: Or, began Acts 12:5 prayer was made without ceasing: Or, instant and earnest prayer was made Acts 12:13 to hearken: Or, to ask who was there Acts 12:20 was highly displeased: Or, bare an hostile mind intending war Acts 12:20 the kings chaberlaine: Gr. that was over the kings bedchamber Acts 12:25 ministry: Or, charge, chap. 11.29, 30 Acts 13:1 brought up with Herod: Or, Herods foster brother Acts 13:18 suffered: Gr. [Greek characters] as a nurse beareth or feedeth her child, Deut. 1.31. 2. Macc 7.27. according to the Sept. and so Chrysost. Acts 13:34 mercies: Gr. [Greek characters] holy or just things, which word the Sept. both in the place of Esai 55.3. and in many others, use for that which is in the Hebrew, Mercies Acts 13:36 own generation by the will of God: Or, after he had in his own age served the will of God Acts 13:42 the next Sabbath: Or, in the week between, or in the Sabbath between Acts 15:31 consolation: Or, exhortation Acts 16:12 the chief: Or, the first Acts 16:16 of divination: Or, of Python Acts 16:19 marketplace: Or, court Acts 17:16 wholly given to idolatry: Or, full of idols Acts 17:18 babbler: Or, base fellow Acts 17:19 Areopagus: Or, Mars hill. It was the highest court in Athens Acts 17:22 Mars hill: Or, the court of the Areopagites Acts 17:23 devotions: Or, gods that you worship, 2 Thess. 2.4 Acts 17:31 hath given assurance: Or, offered faith Acts 18:11 continued: Or, sat there Acts 19:35 a worshipper: Gr. the temple keeper Acts 19:38 the law is open: Or, the Court days are kept Acts 19:39 lawful: Or, ordinary Acts 20:23 abide me: Or, wait for me Acts 22:29 examined him: Or, tortured him Acts 23:12 under a curse: Or, with an oath of execration Acts 25:6 more then ten days: Or, as some copies read, no more than eight or ten days Acts 25:20 I doubted of such manner of questions: Or, I was doubtful how to enquire hereof Acts 25:21 hearing: Or, judgment Acts 27:7 Crete: Or, Candy Acts 27:10 hurt: Or, injury Acts 27:14 arose: Or, beat Acts 27:40 taken up the anchors, they committed themselves unto the sea: Or, cut the anchors, they left them in the sea, etc. Romans 1:4 declared: Gr. determined Romans 1:5 for obedience to the faith: Or, to the obedience of faith Romans 1:9 with my spirit: Or, in my spirit Romans 1:12 with you: Or, in you Romans 1:13 among you: Or, in you Romans 1:19 in them: Or, to them Romans 1:20 so that they are: Or, that they may be Romans 1:28 to retain: Or, to acknowledge Romans 1:28 a reprobate mind: Or, a mind void of judgment Romans 1:31 without natural: Or, unsociable Romans 1:32 have pleasure in them: Or, consent with them Romans 2:9 Gentile: Gr. Greek Romans 2:10 Gentile: Gr. Greek Romans 2:15 their conscience also bearing witness: Or, the conscience witnessing with them Romans 2:15 the meanwhile: Or, between themselves Romans 2:18 approves the things that are more excellent: Or, triest the things that differ Romans 3:9 proved: Gr. charged Romans 3:19 guilty before God: Or, subject to the judgment of God Romans 3:25 set forth: Or, foreordained Romans 3:25 remission: Or, passing over Romans 4:17 before him: Or, like unto him Romans 5:6 in due time: Or, according to the time Romans 5:12 for that: Or, in whom Romans 5:17 by one mans offence: Or, by one offence Romans 5:18 by the offence of one: Or, by one offence Romans 5:18 righteousness of one: Or, by one righteousness Romans 6:3 were: Or, are Romans 6:7 freed: Gr. justified Romans 6:13 instruments: Gr. arms, or weapons Romans 6:17 which was delivered you: Gr. whereto ye were delivered Romans 6:20 from righteousness: Gr. to righteousness Romans 7:5 motions: Gr. passions Romans 7:6 that being dead wherein: Or, being dead to that Romans 7:7 lust: Or, concupiscence Romans 7:15 allow: Gr. know Romans 7:24 the body of this death: Or, this body of death Romans 8:3 for sin: Or, by a sacrifice for sin Romans 8:6 to be carnally minded: Gr. the minding of the flesh Romans 8:6 to be spiritually minded: Gr. the minding of the spirit Romans 8:7 the carnal mind: Gr. the minding of the flesh Romans 8:11 by his spirit: Or, because of his spirit Romans 8:22 the whole creation: Or, every creature Romans 8:27 because: Or, that Romans 9:3 accursed: Or, separated Romans 9:4 covenants: Or, testaments Romans 9:12 elder: Or, greater Romans 9:12 younger: Or, lesser Romans 9:20 repliest against God?: Or, answereth again, or disputest with God? Romans 9:22 fitted: Or, made up Romans 9:28 the work: Or, the account Romans 9:33 ashamed: or confounded Romans 10:16 report?: Or, preaching. Gr. the hearing of us Romans 11:7 blinded: Or, hardened Romans 11:8 slumber: Or, remorse Romans 11:12 diminishing: Or, decay, or loss Romans 11:17 among them: Or, for them Romans 11:25 blindness: Or, hardness Romans 11:30 believed: Or, obeyed Romans 11:31 believed: Or, obeyed Romans 11:32 concluded them all: Or, shut them all up together Romans 11:36 whom: Gr. him Romans 12:3 soberly: Gr. to sobriety Romans 12:8 giveth: Or, imparteth Romans 12:8 with simplicity: Or, liberally Romans 12:10 with brotherly love: Or, in the love of the brethren Romans 12:16 condescend to men of low estate: Or, be contented with mean things Romans 13:1 ordained: Or, ordered Romans 13:13 honestly: Or, decently Romans 14:1 not to doubtful disputations: Or, not to judge his doubtful thoughts Romans 14:5 fully persuaded: Or, fully assured Romans 14:6 regardeth: Or, observeth Romans 14:14 unclean: Gr. common Romans 14:15 charitably: Gr. according to charity 1. Cor. 8.11 Romans 14:23 doubteth: Or, discerneth, and putteth a difference between meats Romans 15:5 according: Or, after the example of Romans 15:16 offering up: Or, sacrificing Romans 15:22 much: Or, many ways, or oftentimes Romans 15:24 with your company: Gr. with you. Ver. 32 Romans 15:31 do not believe: Or, are disobedient Romans 16:10 household: Or, friends Romans 16:11 household: Or, friends Romans 16:19 simple: Or, harmless Romans 16:20 bruise: Or, tread 1 Corinthians 1:7 coming: Gr. revelation 1 Corinthians 1:10 divisions: Gr. schisms 1 Corinthians 1:17 words: Or, speech 1 Corinthians 2:4 enticing: Or, persuasible 1 Corinthians 2:5 stand: Gr. be 1 Corinthians 2:15 judgeth: Or, discerneth 1 Corinthians 2:15 judged: Or, discerned 1 Corinthians 2:16 may: Gr. shall 1 Corinthians 3:3 divisions: Or, factions 1 Corinthians 3:3 as men?: Gr. according to man 1 Corinthians 3:9 husbandry: Or, tillage 1 Corinthians 3:13 shall be revealed: Gr. is revealed 1 Corinthians 3:17 defile: Or, destroy 1 Corinthians 4:3 judgment: Gr. day 1 Corinthians 4:7 maketh thee to differ from another?: Gr. distinguisheth thee? 1 Corinthians 4:9 spectacle: Gr. theater 1 Corinthians 5:3 judged: Or, determined 1 Corinthians 5:7 is sacrificed: Or, is slain 1 Corinthians 5:8 the Feast: Or, holiday 1 Corinthians 6:12 expedient: Or, profitable 1 Corinthians 7:15 to peace: Gr. in peace 1 Corinthians 7:22 free man: Gr. made free 1 Corinthians 7:26 distress: Or, necessity 1 Corinthians 8:6 in him: Or, for him, Rom. 11.36 1 Corinthians 8:8 are we the better: Or, have we the more 1 Corinthians 8:8 are we the worse: Or, have we the less 1 Corinthians 8:9 liberty: Or, power 1 Corinthians 8:10 emboldened: Gr. edified 1 Corinthians 9:5 wife: Or, woman 1 Corinthians 9:13 live: Or, feed 1 Corinthians 10:6 followed them: Or, went with them 1 Corinthians 10:6 our examples: Gr. our figures 1 Corinthians 10:11 ensamples: Or, Types 1 Corinthians 10:13 common: Or, moderate 1 Corinthians 10:30 grace: Or, thanksgiving 1 Corinthians 10:32 Gentiles: Gr. Greeks 1 Corinthians 11:2 ordinances: Or, traditions 1 Corinthians 11:10 power: That is, a covering, in sign that she is under the power of her husband 1 Corinthians 11:15 covering: Or, veil 1 Corinthians 11:18 divisions: Or, schisms 1 Corinthians 11:19 heresies: Or, sects 1 Corinthians 11:20 not to eat: Or, ye cannot eat 1 Corinthians 11:22 them that have not?: Or, them that are poor 1 Corinthians 11:24 in remembrance: Or, for a remembrance 1 Corinthians 11:26 ye do show: Or, shew ye 1 Corinthians 11:29 damnation: Or, judgment 1 Corinthians 11:34 condemnation: Or, judgment 1 Corinthians 12:3 accursed: Or, Anathema 1 Corinthians 12:5 administrations: Or, ministries 1 Corinthians 12:13 Gentiles: Gr. Greeks 1 Corinthians 12:23 bestow: Or, put on 1 Corinthians 12:25 schism: Or, division 1 Corinthians 12:28 diversities: Or, kinds 1 Corinthians 12:29 workers: Or, powers 1 Corinthians 13:4 vaunteth not: Or, is not rash 1 Corinthians 13:6 in the truth: Or, with the truth 1 Corinthians 13:11 thought: Or, reasoned 1 Corinthians 13:12 darkly: Gr. in a riddle 1 Corinthians 14:2 understandeth: Gr. heareth 1 Corinthians 14:7 sounds: Or, tunes 1 Corinthians 14:9 easy: Gr. Significant 1 Corinthians 14:12 of spiritual: Gr. of spirits 1 Corinthians 14:20 men: Gr. perfect or of a ripe age 1 Corinthians 14:27 two…: by two or three sentences separately 1 Corinthians 14:33 confusion: Gr. tumult, or unquietness 1 Corinthians 15:2 keep in memory: Or, hold fast 1 Corinthians 15:2 what I preached: Gr. by what speech 1 Corinthians 15:8 one born: Or, an abortive 1 Corinthians 15:31 your: Some read, our 1 Corinthians 15:32 after the manner of men: Or, to speak after the manner of men 1 Corinthians 15:55 grave: Or, hell 1 Corinthians 16:3 liberality: Gr. gift 2 Corinthians 1:6 is effectual: Or, is wrought 2 Corinthians 1:9 sentence: Or, answer 2 Corinthians 1:15 benefit: Or, grace 2 Corinthians 1:18 word: Or, preaching 2 Corinthians 2:6 punishment: Or, censure 2 Corinthians 2:10 the person: Or, in the sight 2 Corinthians 2:17 corrupt: Or, deal deceitfully with 2 Corinthians 3:6 giveth life: Or, quickeneth 2 Corinthians 3:12 plainness: Or, boldness 2 Corinthians 3:18 by the spirit of the Lord: O, of the Lord the spirit 2 Corinthians 4:2 dishonesty: Gr. shame 2 Corinthians 4:8 in despair: Or, altogether without help or means 2 Corinthians 5:9 labour: Or, endeavour 2 Corinthians 5:12 in appearance: Gr. in the face 2 Corinthians 5:17 he is: Or, let him be 2 Corinthians 5:19 committed unto us: Gr. put in us 2 Corinthians 6:4 approving: Gr. commending 2 Corinthians 6:5 in tumults: Or, in tossings to and fro 2 Corinthians 7:9 after a godly manner: Or, according to God 2 Corinthians 7:15 inward: Gr. bowels 2 Corinthians 8:10 forward: Gr. willing 2 Corinthians 8:19 grace: Or, gift 2 Corinthians 8:22 I have: Or, he hath 2 Corinthians 9:5 bounty: Gr. blessing 2 Corinthians 9:5 whereof ye had notice before: Or, which hath been so much spoken of before 2 Corinthians 10:1 in presence: Or, in outward appearance 2 Corinthians 10:2 think: Or, reckon 2 Corinthians 10:4 through God: Or, to God 2 Corinthians 10:5 imaginations: Or, reasonings 2 Corinthians 10:12 are not wise: Or, understand it not 2 Corinthians 10:13 rule: Or, line 2 Corinthians 10:15 enlarged by you: Or, magnified in you 2 Corinthians 10:16 line: Or, rule 2 Corinthians 11:1 bear with me: Or, you do bear with me 2 Corinthians 11:10 no man shall stop me in this boasting: Gr. this boasting shall not be stopped in me 2 Corinthians 11:16 receive: Or, suffer 2 Corinthians 12:4 lawful: Or, possible 2 Corinthians 12:15 you: Gr. your souls 2 Corinthians 13:4 in him: Or, with him Galatians 1:14 equals: Gr. equals in years Galatians 1:18 went up: Or, returned Galatians 2:2 privately: Or, severally Galatians 3:4 so many: Or, so great Galatians 3:6 accounted: Or, imputed Galatians 3:15 covenant: Or, testament Galatians 4:3 Elements: Or, rudiments Galatians 4:9 again: Or, back Galatians 4:9 Elements: Or, rudiments Galatians 4:15 Where is then: Or, What was then? Galatians 4:17 you: Or, us Galatians 4:20 stand in doubt of you: Or, I am perplexed for you Galatians 4:24 Covenants: Or, testaments Galatians 4:24 answereth…which now is: Or, is in the same rank with Galatians 5:7 who did hinder you: Or, who did drive you back? Galatians 5:16 ye shall not fulfill: Or, fulfill not Galatians 5:24 affections: Or, passions Galatians 6:1 if: Or, although Galatians 6:14 by whom: Or, whereby Ephesians 1:3 places: Or, things Ephesians 1:10 heaven: Gr. the heavens Ephesians 1:12 trusted: Or, hoped Ephesians 1:17 in the knowledge: Or, for the acknowledgement Ephesians 1:19 of his might power: Gr. of the might of his power Ephesians 2:3 the desires: Gr. the wills Ephesians 2:10 ordained: Or, prepared Ephesians 2:16 thereby: Or, in himself Ephesians 3:3 afore: Or, a little before Ephesians 4:1 of the Lord: Or, in the Lord Ephesians 4:8 captivity captive: Or, a multitude of captives Ephesians 4:10 fill: Or, fulfill Ephesians 4:13 in the unity: Or, into the unity Ephesians 4:13 stature: Or, age Ephesians 4:15 speaking: Or, being sincere Ephesians 4:18 blindness: Or, hardness Ephesians 4:24 true holiness: Or, holiness of truth Ephesians 4:28 to give: Or, to distribute Ephesians 4:29 to use of the edifying: Or, to edify profitably Ephesians 5:6 disobedience: Or, unbelief Ephesians 5:13 reproved: Or, discovered Ephesians 6:9 forbearing: Or, moderating Ephesians 6:9 your master also: Some read, both your, and their master Ephesians 6:12 spiritual wickedness: Gr. wicked spirits Ephesians 6:12 high places: Or, heavenly Ephesians 6:13 having done all: Or, having overcome all Ephesians 6:20 in bonds: Or, in a chain Ephesians 6:20 therein: Or, thereof Ephesians 6:24 in sincerity: Or, with incorruption Philippians 1:3 remembrance: Or, mention Philippians 1:6 will perform it: Or, will finish it Philippians 1:7 I have you in my heart: Or, you have me in your heart Philippians 1:7 partakers of my grace: Or, partakers with me of grace Philippians 1:9 judgment: Or, sense Philippians 1:10 approve: Or, try Philippians 1:10 are excellent: Or, differ Philippians 1:13 in Christ: Or, for Christ Philippians 1:13 palace: Or, Ceasars Court Philippians 1:13 all other places: Or, to all others Philippians 2:7 likeness: Or, habit Philippians 2:15 harmless: Or, sincere Philippians 2:15 ye shine: Or, shine ye Philippians 2:17 offered: Gr. poured forth Philippians 2:19 But: Or, moreover Philippians 2:20 likeminded: Or, so dear unto me Philippians 2:29 hold such: Or, honour such Philippians 4:8 honest: Or, venerable Philippians 4:10 hath flourished: Or, is revived Philippians 4:18 I have all: Or, I have received all Colossians 1:13 his dear Son: Gr. the Son of his love Colossians 1:18 in all things: Or, among all Colossians 1:20 having made peace: Or, making peace Colossians 1:21 in your mind by wicked works: Or, by your mind in wicked works Colossians 1:25 to fulfill the word of God: Or, fully to preach the word of God, Rom. 1.19 Colossians 1:27 in you: Or, amongst you Colossians 2:1 conflict: Or, fear or care Colossians 2:3 In whom: Or, wherein Colossians 2:8 rudiments: Or, elements Colossians 2:15 in it: Or, in himself Colossians 2:16 in meat, or in drink: Or, for eating and drinking Colossians 2:16 respect: Or, in part Colossians 2:18 beguile you: Or, judge against you Colossians 2:18 in a voluntary humility: Gr. being a voluntary in humility Colossians 2:20 rudiments: Or, elements Colossians 2:23 neglecting: Or, punishing, or not sparing Colossians 3:2 affection: Or, mind Colossians 3:13 quarrel: Or, complaint Colossians 4:12 laboring: Or, striving Colossians 4:12 complete: Or, filled 1 Thessalonians 1:4 beloved, your election of God: Or, beloved of God, your election 1 Thessalonians 2:6 burdensome: Or, used authority 1 Thessalonians 2:15 persecuted us: Or, chased us out 1 Thessalonians 2:19 rejoicing?: Or, glorying 1 Thessalonians 3:11 direct: Or, guide 1 Thessalonians 4:1 beseech: Or, request 1 Thessalonians 4:1 exhort: Or, beseech 1 Thessalonians 4:6 defraud: Or, oppress, or, overreach 1 Thessalonians 4:6 in any matter: Or, in the matter 1 Thessalonians 4:8 despiseth: Or, rejecteth 1 Thessalonians 4:12 nothing: Or, of no man 1 Thessalonians 4:18 comfort: Or, exhort 1 Thessalonians 5:11 comfort: Or, exhort 1 Thessalonians 5:14 exhort: Or, beseech 1 Thessalonians 5:14 unruly: Or, disorderly 1 Thessalonians 5:27 charge: Or, adjure 2 Thessalonians 1:7 his mighty angels: Gr. the angels of his power 2 Thessalonians 1:8 taking: Or, yielding 2 Thessalonians 1:11 count: Or, vouchsafe 2 Thessalonians 2:6 withholdeth: Or, holdeth 2 Thessalonians 3:1 may have free: Gr. may run 2 Thessalonians 3:2 unreasonable: Gr. absurd 2 Thessalonians 3:5 the patient waiting for Christ: Or, the patience of Christ 2 Thessalonians 3:13 be not weary: Or, faint not 2 Thessalonians 3:14 by this Epistle note that man: Or, signify that man by an Epistle 1 Timothy 1:6 having swarved: Or, not aiming at 1 Timothy 2:1 Exhort: Or, desire 1 Timothy 2:2 authority: Or, eminent place 1 Timothy 2:6 to be testified: Or, a testimony 1 Timothy 2:9 broided: Or, plaited 1 Timothy 3:2 of good behavior: Or, modest 1 Timothy 3:3 Not given to wine: Or, not ready to quarrel and offer wrong as one in wine 1 Timothy 3:6 a novice: Or, one newly come to the faith 1 Timothy 3:13 have used: Or, ministered 1 Timothy 3:15 ground: Or, stay 1 Timothy 4:8 little: Or, for a little time 1 Timothy 4:15 to all: Or, in all things 1 Timothy 5:4 piety: Or, kindness 1 Timothy 5:6 in pleasure: Or, delicately 1 Timothy 5:8 house: Or, kindred 1 Timothy 5:9 taken: Or, chosen 1 Timothy 5:14 to speak reproachfully: Gr. for their railing 1 Timothy 5:19 before: Or, under 1 Timothy 5:21 without preferring: Or, without prejudice 1 Timothy 6:2 faithful: Or, believing 1 Timothy 6:4 proud: Or, a fool 1 Timothy 6:4 doting: Or, sick 1 Timothy 6:5 Perverse disputing: Or, gallings one of another 1 Timothy 6:10 erred: Or, been seduced 1 Timothy 6:13 Confession: Or, profession 1 Timothy 6:17 uncertain riches: Gr. uncertainty of riches 1 Timothy 6:18 willing: Or, sociable 2 Timothy 1:12 believed: Or, trusted 2 Timothy 2:2 among: Or, by 2 Timothy 2:6 The husbandman that laboureth, must be first partaker of the fruits: Or, the husbandman laboring first must be partaker of the fruits 2 Timothy 2:17 canker: Or, gangrene 2 Timothy 2:19 sure: Or, steady 2 Timothy 2:24 patient: Or, forbearing 2 Timothy 2:26 recover: Gr. awake 2 Timothy 2:26 taken captive: Gr. taken alive 2 Timothy 3:3 false accusers: Or, makebates 2 Timothy 3:8 reprobate: Or, of no judgment 2 Timothy 3:10 Thou hast fully known: Or, thou hast been a diligent follower of 2 Timothy 4:5 make full proof: Or, fulfill 2 Timothy 4:15 our words: Or, our preachings


Titus 1:2 In: Or, for Titus 1:5 are wanting: Or, left undone Titus 1:8 good men: Or, good things Titus 1:9 as he hath been taught: Or, in teaching Titus 1:16 reprobate: Or, void of judgment Titus 2:2 sober: Or, vigilant Titus 2:3 holiness: Or, holy women Titus 2:3 false accusers: Or, makebates Titus 2:4 sober: Or, wise Titus 2:6 sober minded: Or, discreet Titus 2:9 answering again: Or, gain saying Titus 2:11 that bringeth salvation hat appeared to all men: Or, that bringeth salvation to all men, hath appeared Titus 3:4 love: Or, pity Titus 3:6 abundantly: Gr. richly Titus 3:14 maintain good works: Or, profess honest trades Hebrews 1:8 righteousness: Gr. rightness, or straightness Hebrews 2:1 let them slip: Gr. run out as leaking vessels Hebrews 2:4 gifts: Or, distributions Hebrews 2:7 little lower then: Or, a little while inferior to Hebrews 2:9 for: Or, by Hebrews 2:16 took not on him the nature of Angels, but he took on him the seed of Abraham: Gr. he taketh not hold of Angels, but of the seed of Abraham he taketh hold Hebrews 3:2 appointed: Gr. made, 1 Sam. 12.6 Hebrews 3:11 they shall not enter: Gr. if they shall enter Hebrews 4:2 the word preached: Gr. the word of hearing Hebrews 4:2 not being mixed with faith in them: Or, because they were not united by faith to Hebrews 4:6 it was first preached: Or, the Gospel was first preached Hebrews 4:8 Jesus: that is, Joshua Hebrews 4:9 rest: Or, keeping of a Sabbath Hebrews 4:11 unbelief: Or, disobedience Hebrews 5:2 can have compassion: Or, can reasonably bear with Hebrews 5:7 in that he feared: Or, for his piety Hebrews 5:13 unskillful: Gr. hath no experience Hebrews 5:14 of full age: Or, perfect Hebrews 5:14 of use: Or, of an habit, or perfection Hebrews 6:1 principles of the doctrine of Christ: Or, the word of the beginning of Christ Hebrews 6:7 by: Or, for Hebrews 6:17 confirmed it by an oath: Gr. interposed himself by an oath Hebrews 7:3 without descent: Gr. without pedigree Hebrews 7:6 descent: Or, pedigree Hebrews 7:19 but the bringing in: Or, but it was the bringing in Hebrews 7:21 without an oath: Or, without swearing of an oath Hebrews 7:24 unchangeable: Or, which passeth not from one to another Hebrews 7:25 to the uttermost: Or, evermore Hebrews 7:28 consecrated: Gr. perfected Hebrews 8:2 of the Sanctuary: Or, of holy things Hebrews 8:4 there are Priests: Or, they are Priests Hebrews 8:6 Covenant: Or, Testament Hebrews 8:10 put: Gr. give Hebrews 8:10 in: Or, upon Hebrews 9:1 ordinances: Or, ceremonies Hebrews 9:2 the Sanctuary: Or, holy Hebrews 9:10 ordinances: Or, rites, or ceremonies Hebrews 9:14 spot: Or, fault Hebrews 9:16 be: Or, be brought in Hebrews 9:18 dedicated: Or, purified Hebrews 9:19 scarlet: Or, purple Hebrews 10:5 prepared me: Or, thou hast fitted me Hebrews 10:19 boldness: Or, liberty Hebrews 10:20 consecrated: Or, new made Hebrews 11:1 substance: Or, ground, or confidence Hebrews 11:4 yet speaketh: Or, is yet spoken of Hebrews 11:7 moved: Or, being weary Hebrews 11:13 in faith: Gr. according to faith Hebrews 11:18 Of: Or, To Hebrews 11:22 made mention: Or, remembered Hebrews 11:26 of Christ: Or, for Christ Hebrews 11:31 that believeth not: Or, that were disobedient Hebrews 11:40 provided: Or, foreseen Hebrews 12:2 Author: Or, beginner Hebrews 12:13 straight: Or, even Hebrews 12:15 fail: Or, fall from Hebrews 12:17 place of repentance: Or, way to change his mind Hebrews 12:23 written: Or, enrolled Hebrews 12:24 Covenant: Or, Testament Hebrews 12:27 are shaken: Or, may be shaken Hebrews 12:28 let us have: Or, let us hold fast Hebrews 13:7 have the rule: Or, are the guides Hebrews 13:15 giving thanks: Gr. confessing to Hebrews 13:17 have the rule: Or, guide Hebrews 13:20 Covenant: Or, Testament Hebrews 13:21 working: Or, doing James 1:9 rejoice: Or, glory James 1:13 evil: Or, evils James 1:25 deed: Or, doing James 2:2 assembly: Gr. synagogue James 2:3 in a good place: Or, well, or seemly James 2:5 the: Or, that James 2:11 that said: Or, that Law which said James 2:17 alone: Gr. by itself James 2:18 without: Some copies read, by thy works James 2:22 seest thou: Or, thou seest James 2:26 spirit: Or, breath James 3:1 condemnation: Or, judgment James 3:5 a matter: Or, wood James 3:6 course: Gr. wheel James 3:7 kind: Gr. nature James 3:7 mankind: Gr. nature of man James 3:11 place: Or, hole James 3:15 sensual: Or, natural James 3:16 confusion: Gr. tumult or unquietness James 3:17 without partiality: Or, without wrangling James 4:1 fightings: Or, brawling James 4:1 lusts: Or, pleasures James 4:3 lusts: Or, pleasures James 4:5 to envy?: Or, enviously James 4:14 It is even: Or, for it is James 5:7 Be patient: Or, be long patient, or suffer with long patience James 5:9 Grudge not: Or, groan, or grieve not James 5:17 earnestly: Or, in his prayer 1 Peter 1:3 abundant: Gr. much 1 Peter 1:4 for you: Or, for us 1 Peter 1:13 to the end: Gr. perfectly 1 Peter 1:24 For: Or, for that 1 Peter 2:5 are built up: Or, be ye built 1 Peter 2:7 he is precious: Or, he is an honour 1 Peter 2:9 peculiar people: Or, a purchased people 1 Peter 2:9 praises: Or, virtues 1 Peter 2:12 whereas: Or, wherein 1 Peter 2:16 using: Gr. having 1 Peter 2:17 Honour: Or, esteem 1 Peter 2:20 acceptable: Or, thank 1 Peter 2:21 for us: Some read, for you 1 Peter 2:23 committed himself: Or, committed his cause 1 Peter 2:24 on: Or, to 1 Peter 3:6 daughters: Gr. children 1 Peter 3:8 love as brethren: Or, loving to the brethren 1 Peter 3:12 against: Gr. upon 1 Peter 3:15 fear: Or, reverence 1 Peter 4:8 shall: Or, will 1 Peter 5:2 which is among you: Or, as much as in you is 1 Peter 5:3 being lords over: Or, overruling 2 Peter 1:3 to: Or, by 2 Peter 1:21 in old time: Or, at any time 2 Peter 2:2 pernicious ways: Or, lascivious ways, as some copies read 2 Peter 2:10 government: Or, dominion 2 Peter 2:11 against them: some read against themselves 2 Peter 2:14 adultery: Gr. an adulteress 2 Peter 2:18 clean: Or, for a little, or a while as some read 2 Peter 3:5 standing: Gr. consisting 2 Peter 3:12 hasting unto the coming: Or, hasting the coming 1 John 2:10 stumbling: Gr. scandal 1 John 2:27 him: Or, it 1 John 2:29 ye know: Or, know ye 1 John 3:11 message: Or, commandment 1 John 3:19 assure: Gr. persuade 1 John 4:17 our love: Gr. love with us 1 John 5:14 in him: Or, concerning him 2 John 1:8 wrought: Or, gained. Some copies read, which ye have gained, but that ye receive, etc. 2 John 1:12 face to face: Gr. mouth to mouth 3 John 1:1 in the truth: Or, truly 3 John 1:2 wish: Or, pray 3 John 1:14 face to face: Gr. mouth to mouth Jude 1:6 first estate: Or, principality Jude 1:7 strange: Gr. other


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