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Minuscule 233 (in the Gregory-Aland numbering), ε 173 (Soden), is a Greek minuscule manuscript of the New Testament, on parchment and paper. Paleographically it had been assigned to the 13th century.[1]



The codex contains the text of the four Gospels, on 279 leaves (size 26.7 cm by 20 cm), with some lacunae.[1] Written partly on parchment, partly on paper, in two columns per page, 37 lines per page.[1] The leaves are arranged in octavo. It contains a commentary, in catena quotations of church fathers, Prolegomena to the four Gospels, the Eusebian tables, κεφαλαια, ρηματα, and στιχοι to the first two Gospels.[2] [3] It has ligatures. The paper is in bad condition. It is hard to read.[3]


Kurt Aland the Greek text of the codex did not place in any Category.[4]


The manuscript once belonged to Matthew Dandolo, a Venetian noble.[3]

It was described by Daniel Gotthilf Moldenhawer, who collated it about 1783 for Birch.[5]

It is currently housed at the Escurial (Cod. Escurialensis, Y. II. 8).[1]

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