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Minuscule 404 (in the Gregory-Aland numbering), α 467 (in the Soden numbering), is a Greek minuscule manuscript of the New Testament, on parchment. Paleographically it had been assigned to the 13th century.[1] Formerly it was designated by the symbols 63a and 68p.



The codex contains a complete text of the Acts of the Apostles, Catholic epistles, and Pauline epistles (Epistle to the Hebrews placed between 2 Thessalonians and 1 Timothy),[2] on 157 parchment leaves (17 cm by 12.1 cm). Written in one column per page, in 26 lines per page.[1] It contains Prolegomena, tables of κεφαλαια, Synaxarion, subscriptions, στιχοι, and scholia.[2][3]


The Greek text of the codex is a representative of the Byzantine text-type. Aland placed it in Category V.[4]


The manuscript once belonged to John Sambucky (together with codex 124). It was presented to Octavio Ferrari in Milano in 1562.[2] It was examined by Treschow, Alter, Andrew Birch, and Burgon. Alter used it in his edition of the Greek New Testament (vol. 2, pp. 741-788). Birch collated some of its readings. Gregory saw it in 1887.[2]

The manuscript is currently housed at the Austrian National Library (Theol. gr. 313) in Vienna.[1]

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