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Minuscule 164 (in the Gregory-Aland numbering), ε 116 (Soden), is a Greek minuscule manuscript of the New Testament, on parchment. Dated by its colophon to the year 1039.[1]



The codex contains a complete text of the four Gospels on 214 parchment leaves (size 17.4 cm by 13.7 cm).[1] Written in one column per page, in 19 lines per page.[1] The text Mt 7:12-8:4 on folios 15-16 was added by a later hand.[2]

It contains the Epistula ad Carpianum, Eusebian tables, tables of κεφαλαια, κεφαλαια, τιτλοι, Ammonian Sections (Mark 237 - 16:15), Eusebian Canons, lectionary markings, and subscriptions, στιχοι, subscriptions, and pictures.[2] The Synaxarion and Menologion were added by a later hand.[3] Menologion.[2] It has the famous Jerusalem Colophon ("from the ancient manuscripts of Jerusalem").[2]


Aland did not place it in any Category.[4] According to Black it represents the Alexandrian text-type.[5] According to Wisse in Luke 1; 10; 20 it is very close to Codex Tischendorfianus III.[6] The pericope Pericope Adulterae (John 7:53-8:11) is marked by obelus.[2]


The subscription states that it was written by Leo, a priest and caligrapher, in October 1193, and bought in 1168 by Bartholomeus, who compared it with ancient Jerusalem manuscripts on the sacred mount.[3]

It was examined by Birch and Scholz (1794-1852).

It is currently housed at the Vatican Library (Barberini gr. 319), at Rome.[1]

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