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Minuscule 1813, designated by number 1813 (in the Gregory-Aland numbering), ε 3047 (Soden), is a Greek minuscule manuscript of the New Testament, written on 235 parchment leaves (22.5 cm by 14.9 cm). Paleografically it had been assigned to the 11th century (or 12th).[1]



It contains a complete text of the four Gospels. Written in a roundish cursive hand. Written in one column per page, in 26-27 lines per page. It contains Synaxarion and Menologion.


The name of scribe was Hierotheos.[2] Formerly it was kept in the monastary in Soumela (Ms. 82), in Trebizond. Purchased on 1961 for $ 2 380.

Currently the codex is located in the Kenneth Willis Clark Collection of the Duke University (Gk MS 25) at Durham.[1]

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Further reading

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