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Folio 11v, Portrait of Matthew
Folio 11v, Portrait of Matthew
Mimuscule 585 (in the numbering Gregory-Aland) ε 125 (von Soden) is an illuminated Byzantine Gospel Book. Dated paleographically to the late 10th century.



The manuscript contains the four Christian Gospels. Originally there were Evangelist portraits at the beginning of each Gospel, but the portrait of Luke is lost. Written on parchment in one column per page. It contains the Ammonian Sections (Mark 233), Eusebian Canons, Synaxarion, Menologion, and pictures.[1] The manuscript is an example of the art during the Macedonian Renaissance.


The Greek text of the codex is a representative of the Byzantine text-type. Aland placed it in Category V.[2] It belongs to the textual family Family Kx.[3]


The manuscript was in Venice in 1560, and was probably purchased by Duke Alfonso II d'Este. It was moved to Vienna in 1589 by Francesco d'Este. In 1868 it was returned to Italy under the provisions of the Convention of Florence.

Currently it is housed at tha Biblioteca Estense (Gr. I) at Modena.

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