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To contact the owner of this site, email to ausclix [@] gmail.com

Textus-Receptus.Com is a wiki style site that is dedicated to providing accurate information about bible versions and manuscripts. This site is similar to Wikipedia in format, except you need to sign up (which is free) to edit protected pages. Because of spam, I have limited this ability. If you would like to edit, please email me - ausclix [@] gmail . com . I started this site because Wikipedia is not neutral in the way they police information about the bible and is oftentimes biased in the way they use information, and many of the editors try to degrade the word of God. I also started this site to create a hub of information concerning the scriptures. Many times a missionary will spend 30 years in a jungle, translating the bible for locals, and the final work sits on the shelf of 4-5 churches and many times is lost in time. We plan to make all versions based upon the Textus Receptus available online and also inspire new translations, revisions, and updates or existing bibles. I would like to make this a hub for translation. Not everyone needs to go to Africa or Papua New Guinea to translate, they can do it in their own home with the right tools, or at least support those doing so. Also I have put many other versions and perversions on this site with links to TR/KJV supportive sites, so those searching for answers can find them speedily.

This site has several features,

  • Articles from several authors such as Will Kinney, KJV Today, Phil Stringer, etc..
  • The King James Version online, with information continually growing concerning bible versions.
  • Strong's Numbers, with the opportunity to create a database of definitions and explanations favoring historical usage, rather than new biased definitions.
  • Information about biblical manuscripts including Hebrew manuscripts, Greek papyrus, minuscules, uncials, lectionaries, etc.

Some articles are copied from Wikipedia yes... if you want to see 100% accurate information here, HELP to edit :)

One article I am attempting to use as a template for all other portions of scripture is Matthew 1:1.

I know the layout can be messy, but again I am one person, if a team of people got behind this project as people do for Wikipedia, we would have a great database of information..

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