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(Textus Receptus, Novum Testamentum, Theodore Beza, 4th folio edition. Geneva. 1598)

  • Acts 8:37 And Philip said, If thou believest with all thine heart, thou mayest. And he answered and said, I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.

(King James Version, Pure Cambridge Edition 1900)

  • Acts 8:37 Then Philip said, “If you believe with all your heart, you may.” And he replied and said, “I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.”

(King James Version 2016 Edition, 2016)




The NIV totally omits this verse.

So half of modern scholarship want it and hald don't? Isn't that utter confusion over what is the word of God? who can we trust on these issues?

(NIV) Omitted

(ESV) Omitted

(RSV) Omitted

(NWT-Jehovah’s Witnesses) - Omitted

(NAB-Roman Catholic) - Omitted - “Look, there is some water right there. What is to keep me from being baptized?” (This verse is half of verse 36)

(NASB) [And Philip said, "If you believe with all your heart, you may." And he answered and said, "I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God."] (NASB adds footnote stating “Early mss do not contain this verse”

(NKJV) Then Philip said, "If you believe with all your heart, you may." And he answered and said, "I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God." (NKJV adds the following center footnote (“8:37 NU-Text and M-Text omit this verse. It is found in Western texts, including the Latin tradition”)

Patristic Quotations

"Philip declared that this was Jesus, and that the Scripture was fulfilled in Him; as did also the believing eunuch himself: and, immediately requesting to be baptized, he said, I believe Jesus Christ to be the Son of God." Irenaeus (115-202 AD), Against Heresies 3.12

"In the Acts of the Apostles: Lo, here is water; what is there which hinders me from being baptized? Then said Philip, If thou believest with all thine heart, thou mayest." Cyprian (200-258 AD), Treatise 12. 3

"The eunuch believed on Christ, and said when they came unto a certain water, See water, who doth hinder me to be baptized? Philip said to him, Dost thou believe on Jesus Christ? He answered, I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. Immediately he went down with him into the water." Augustine (354-430 AD), Sermon 49


Chromatius (388-407 AD) was a bishop of Aquileia. He quotes Acts 8:37 (36-38) in its entirety:

[PAGE 235] 7. Finally, the Ethiopian eunuch was also found to be a dove in the present reading, as you, dearly beloved, heard. He had come to Jerusalem and, returning, he was sitting in his chariot, reading the prophecy of Isaiah when the Spirit said to Phillip, “Go near and stand by the chariot.” And he went and stood near, and Phillip said to him: “Do you think you understand what you are reading?” And the eunuch said: “How can I understand, if there is no one to explain the scriptures to me?”9 And when Phillip sat with him, he explained the prophecy of scripture that he had read, showing and indicating the Lord Jesus Christ. And when Phillip had explained this to him, at once the Eunuch believed him and said to Phillip: “Here is water; what is there which prevents me from being baptized?” Phillip said to him: “If you believe, you may. And he said: I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. And they descended into the water, and Phillip baptized him.”[Acts 8:36-38]
8. Therefore, this eunuch was chosen as a dove, but Simon the magician was rejected as a raven. This is because one believed with his all his heart and all his faith, but the other came doubtful in spirit and full of treachery. For this reason, the one was received, the other rejected. One esteemed, one damned. Therefore, since we have been called to the knowledge of God, to the grace of Christ, with all our heart and all our faith we ought to believe in Christ in order that we will not be rejected with those full of [PAGE 236] doubt and impiety, but merit to be received with the saints and elect of God into future glory by Christ the Lord. Amen.

Unless otherwise noted the text used for these translations was from: Chromatii Aquileiensis Opera, eds. and trans. Raymond Étaix and Joseph Lemarié, CCSL, 9A (Turnholti: Brepols, 1974), All translations (and any errors) are my own. Chromatius, Sermons. Ed. Joseph Lemarié. SC Vols. 154 and 164. Paris: Les Editions du Cerf, 1969-1971. [1]


Textus Receptus

See Also Acts 8:37 Complutensian Polyglot 1514

Desiderius Erasmus


Stephanus (Robert Estienne)

Theodore Beza

See Also Acts 8:37 Beza 1598 (Beza)

  • 1604 (Beza Octavo 5th)




  • 1894 (? ????? ???T???)

Other Greek

  • 1857 (Tregelles' Greek New Testament)
  • (Tischendorf 8th Ed.)
  • 1881 (Westcott & Hort)
  • (Greek orthodox Church)

Anglo Saxon Translations

  • 1000 (Anglo-Saxon Gospels Manuscript 140, Corpus Christi College by Aelfric)
  • 1200 (Anglo-Saxon Gospels Hatton Manuscript 38, Bodleian Library by unknown author)

English Translations

  • 1535 (Coverdale Bible)
  • 1745 (Mr. Whiston's Primitive New Testament)
  • 1770 (Worsley Version by John Worsley)
  • 1790 (Wesley Version by John Wesley)
  • 1795 (A Translation of the New Testament from the Original Greek by Thomas Haweis)
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  • 1911 (Syrus Scofield)
  • 1912 (Weymouth New Testament)
  • 1918 (The New Testament Translated from the Sinaitic Manuscript by Henry Anderson)
  • 1923 (Edgar Goodspeed)

Foreign Language Versions


  • ‎فقال فيلبس ان كنت تؤمن من كل قلبك يجوز. فاجاب وقال انا اؤمن‏ ان يسوع المسيح هو ابن الله‎. (Arabic Smith & Van Dyke)


  • (Aramaic Peshitta)


  • Eta erran ceçan Philippec, Baldin sinhesten baduc eure bihotz guciaz, ahal aite. Eta ihardesten çuela harc erran ceçan, Sinhesten diat Iaincoaren Semea dela Iesus Christ.


  • 1940 (Bulgarian Bible)


  • 1 腓 利 说 : 你 若 是 一 心 相 信 , 就 可 以 。 他 回 答 说 : 我 信 耶 稣 基 督 是 神 的 儿 子 。 ) (Chinese Union Version (Simplified))
  • 1 腓 利 說 : 你 若 是 一 心 相 信 , 就 可 以 。 他 回 答 說 : 我 信 耶 穌 基 督 是 神 的 兒 子 。 ) (Chinese Union Version (Traditional))


  • (French Darby)
  • 1744 Et Philippe dit : si tu crois de tout ton cœur, cela t'est permis; et [l'Eunuque] répondant, dit : Je crois que Jésus-Christ est le Fils de Dieu. (Martin 1744)
  • 1744 (Ostervald 1744)


  • 1545 (Luther 1545)
  • 1871 (Elberfelder 1871)
  • 1912 Philippus aber sprach: Glaubst du von ganzem Herzen, so mag's wohl sein. Er antwortete und sprach: Ich glaube, daß Jesus Christus Gottes Sohn ist. (Luther 1912)


  • 1649 E Filippo disse: Se tu credi con tutto il cuore, egli è lecito. Ed egli, rispondendo, disse: Io credo che Gesù Cristo è il Figliuol di Dio. (Giovanni Diodati Bible 1649)
  • 1927 Filippo disse: Se tu credi con tutto il cuore, è possibile. L’eunuco rispose: Io credo che Gesù Cristo è il Figliuol di Dio. (Riveduta Bible 1927)



  • 1527 (Erasmus 1527)
  • 1527 (Erasmus Vulgate 1527)


  • 1996 (Pidgin King Jems)


  • 2010 (Biblia Traducerea Fidela în limba româna)


  • 1876 Филипп же сказал ему: если веруешь от всего сердца, можно. Он сказал в ответ: верую, что Иисус Христос есть Сын Божий. Russian Synodal Version



  • (RVG Spanish)


  • 1917 (Swedish - Svenska 1917)


  • 1905 At sinabi ni Felipe Kung nanampalataya ka ng buong puso ay mangyayari. At sumagot siya at sinabi: Sumasampalataya ako na si Jesu-Cristo ay Anak ng Dios. (Ang Dating Biblia 1905)

Tok Pisin

  • 1996 (Tok Pisin King Jems)


  • 1934 Phi-líp nói: Nếu ông hết lòng tin, điều đó có thể được. Hoạn quan trả lời rằng: Tôi tin rằng Ðức Chúa Jêsus Christ là Con Ðức Chúa Trời. (VIET)

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