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Greek Concordance

868 ἀφίστημι aphistemi af-is’-tay-mee

from 575 and 2476; v; TDNT-1:512,88; {See TDNT 116 } Verb

AV-depart 10, draw away 1, fall away 1, refrain 1, withdraw self 1, depart from 1; 15

1) to make stand off, cause to withdraw, to remove
1a) to excite to revolt
2) to stand off, to stand aloof
2a) to go away, to depart from anyone
2b) to desert, withdraw from one
2c) to fall away, become faithless
2d) to shun, flee from
2e) to cease to vex one
2f) to withdraw one’s self from, to fall away
2g) to keep one’s self from, absent one’s self from

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