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3801 ὁ ὢν καί ὁ ἦν καί ὁ ἐρχόμενος/ἐσόμενος ho on kai ho en kai ho erchomenos/esomenos

A nominative phrase combining 3588 with the present participle and imperfect of 1510 and the present participle of 2064 by means of 2532; the one being and the one that was and the one coming, that is, the Eternal, as a divine epithet of Christ. (Each "and" (2532) was ommited from the phrase because of limited space.):—which art (is, was), and (which) wast (is, was), and art (is) to come (shalt be).

1) He who is, and was, and is coming
2) He who is, and was, and shall be

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