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(Textus Receptus, Novum Testamentum, Theodore Beza, 4th folio edition. Geneva. 1598)

  • Luke 20:30 And the second took her to wife, and he died childless.

(King James Version, Pure Cambridge Edition 1900)

  • Luke 20:30 And the second took her as wife, and he died childless.

(King James Version 2016 Edition, 2016)





Textus Receptus

See Also Luke 20:30 Complutensian Polyglot 1514

Desiderius Erasmus


Stephanus (Robert Estienne)

Theodore Beza

See Also Luke 20:30 Beza 1598 (Beza)

  • 1604 (Beza Octavo 5th)




  • 1894 (? ????? ???T???)

Other Greek

  • 1857 (Tregelles' Greek New Testament)
  • (Tischendorf 8th Ed.)
  • 1881 (Westcott & Hort)
  • (Greek orthodox Church)

Anglo Saxon Translations

  • 1000 (Anglo-Saxon Gospels Manuscript 140, Corpus Christi College by Aelfric)
  • 1200 (Anglo-Saxon Gospels Hatton Manuscript 38, Bodleian Library by unknown author)

English Translations

  • 1535 and the seconde toke the wife, and deyed without children also: (Coverdale Bible)
  • 1745 And the second; (Mr. Whiston's Primitive New Testament)
  • 1770 and the third took her; (Worsley Version by John Worsley)
  • 1790 And the second took her to wife, and he died childless. (Wesley Version by John Wesley)
  • 1795 And the second taking the wife, he also died childless. (A Translation of the New Testament from the Original Greek by Thomas Haweis)
  • 1833 And the second took her for a wife, and he died childless. (Webster Version - by Noah Webster)
  • 1835 the second married the widow, and also died childless; (Living Oracles by Alexander Campbell)
  • 1851 (Murdock Translation)
  • 1858 and the second and third took her; (The New Testament Translated from the Original Greek by Leicester Sawyer)
  • 1865 and the second and the third took her; (The New Testament of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ 1865 by American Bible Union)
  • 1869 And the second (Noyes Translation by George Noyes)
  • 1885 and the second; (Revised Version also called English Revised Version - Charles Ellicott editor)
  • 1890 and the second [took the woman, and he died childless]; (Darby Version 1890 by John Darby)
  • 1902 And, the second, (The Emphasised Bible Rotherham Version)
  • 1902 And the second (Translation of the New Testament from the Original Greek by William Godbey)
  • 1904 And the second, and the third, took her; (The New Testament: Revised and Translated by Adolphus Worrell)
  • 1904 The second and third brothers both took her as their wife; (Twentieth Century New Testament by Ernest Malan and Mary Higgs)
  • 1911 (Syrus Scofield)
  • 1912 The second and the third also took her; (Weymouth New Testament)
  • 1918 and the second (The New Testament Translated from the Sinaitic Manuscript by Henry Anderson)
  • 1923 (Edgar Goodspeed)

Foreign Language Versions


  • فأخذ الثاني المرأة ومات بغير ولد. (Arabic Smith & Van Dyke)


  • (Aramaic Peshitta)


  • Eta har ciecán hura bigarrenac, hura-ere hil cidian haourric gabe.


  • 1940 (Bulgarian Bible)


  • 1 第 二 个 、 第 三 个 也 娶 过 他 ; (Chinese Union Version (Simplified))
  • 1 第 二 個 、 第 三 個 也 娶 過 他 ; (Chinese Union Version (Traditional))


  • et le second prit la femme, et celui-ci aussi mourut sans enfants; (French Darby)
  • 1744 Et le second la prit, et mourut aussi sans enfants. (Martin 1744)
  • 1744 (Ostervald 1744)


  • 1545 (Luther 1545)
  • 1871 (Elberfelder 1871)
  • 1912 Und der andere nahm das Weib und starb auch kinderlos. (Luther 1912)


  • 1649 E il secondo prese quella moglie, e morì anch’egli senza figliuoli. (Giovanni Diodati Bible 1649)
  • 1927 Il secondo pure la sposò; (Riveduta Bible 1927)



  • et sequens accepit illam et ipse mortuus est sine filio Latin Vulgate
  • 1527 (Erasmus 1527)
  • 1527 (Erasmus Vulgate 1527)


  • 1996 (Pidgin King Jems)


  • 2010 (Biblia Traducerea Fidela în limba româna)




  • (RVG Spanish)


  • 1917 Då tog den andre i ordningen henne (Swedish - Svenska 1917)


  • 1905 At ang pangalawa: (Ang Dating Biblia 1905)

Tok Pisin

  • 1996 (Tok Pisin King Jems)


  • 1934 Người thứ hai cũng lấy vợ đó, (VIET)

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