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English Bible Versions

Today's New International Version is an English translation of the Bible developed by the Committee on Bible Translation, or CBT. The CBT is the same organization that translated the New International Version (NIV) in the 1970s. The TNIV is a new translation based on the NIV. The deuterocanonical books are not part of the translation. The TNIV New Testament was published in March 2002. The complete Bible was published in February 2005. The rights to the text are owned by the International Bible Society (IBS). Zondervan, an evangelical Christian communications company, publishes the TNIV in North America. Hodder & Stoughton publish the TNIV in the UK and European Union.

The translation took more than ten years to complete. Thirteen evangelical scholars were dedicated to doing the translation; Dr. Ronald Youngblood, Dr. Kenneth Barker, Professor John H. Stek, Dr. Donald H. Madvig, Dr. Richard T. France, Dr. Gordon Fee, Dr. Karen H. Jobes, Dr. Walter Liefeld, Dr. Douglas J. Moo, Dr. Bruce K. Waltke, Dr. Larry L. Walker, Dr. Herbert M. Wolf and Dr. Martin Selman. Forty other scholars, many of them experts on specific books of the Bible, reviewed the translations teams work. They all came from a range of Evangelical denominational backgrounds.

Supporters and Critics

Denominations supportive of the TNIV include the Christian Reformed Church (CRC), which officially endorsed the TNIV as an acceptable translation for use, the Evangelical Covenant Church and the Free Methodist Church of North America. Scholars from the Free Methodist Church of North America had a varied response from it "constitutes no threat" to "most accurate ever".

Evangelical leaders supportive of the TNIV include: Ronald F. Youngblood, Herbert M. Wolf, Mark L. Strauss, Tremper Longman III, Alan Johnson, Dennis Okholm, Gilbert Bilezikian, Paul E. Koptak, Linda Belleville, John Ortberg, Robert C. Andringa, John Armstrong, Adam Hamilton, John Stek, Emeritus Bates, Donald H. Madvig, Kenneth L. Barker, Ted Haggard, Gordon Fee, Richard T. France, Karen H. Jobes, Walter Liefeld, Douglas Moo, Martin J. Selman, Rob Bell, Bruce K. Waltke, Craig Blomberg, Darrell Bock, Don Carson, Jim Cymbala, Peter Furler, Bill Hybels, Erwin McManus, Ben Patterson, Ben Witherington III, Terry C. Muck and others.

Authors supportive of the TNIV include: Lee Strobel, author of The Case for Christ; John R. W. Stott; Philip Yancey; Rob Lacey, author of The Word on the Street; Diane Komp, M.D., author of A Window to Heaven; Dan Kimball, author of The Emerging Church and Emerging Worship; Terri Blackstock; Ken Davis and Scott Evans.

In June, 2002, over 100 evangelical leaders signed a 'Statement of Concern' opposing the TNIV. The Presbyterian Church in America and the Southern Baptist Convention passed resolutions opposing the TNIV and other inclusive language translations.

Evangelical scholars and pastoral leaders critical of the TNIV include J. I. Packer, James Dobson, Jerry Falwell, Wayne Grudem, Mary Kassian, D. James Kennedy, Josh McDowell, Albert Mohler, John Piper, Dennis Rainey, Pat Robertson, R.C. Sproul, Joni Eareckson Tada, Joe Evans and others.

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