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The Defined King James Bible is an edition of the King James Bible with extensive glosses added to help readers.

The Bible was privately published in 1998, by the ministry of D. A. Waite, Bible For Today, and was edited by his son, D.A. Waite, Jr.. There have been a number of editions which vary in the annotations provided.

An article is included in the Bible to promote the King James Only position of D. A. Waite.[1]

The glosses (annotations) are intended to help the reader understand words that may not be understood, or be misunderstood, owing to the change in meaning and language since the 17th and 18th Centuries. Whilst the exercise may appear to be simple enough, it is in the choice of replacement terms, or explanations, whereby errors can be made, or a doctrinal position forwarded. These also attract criticisms.

Paul Becker an Independent Bible College graduate raises a number of issues on his website.[2]


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