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D. A. Waite

Donald A. (D. A.) Waite is pastor of Bible For Today, an Independent Baptist Church in Collingswood, New Jersey, a leading spokesman for the authority of the King James Version of the Bible, and author of numerous books explaining this position. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in classical Greek and Latin from the University of Michigan in 1948, a Master of Theology in New Testament Greek Literature and Exegesis from Dallas Theological Seminary in 1952, an M.A. in Speech from Southern Methodist University in 1953, a Doctor of Theology in Bible Exposition from Dallas Theological Seminary in 1955, and a Ph.D. in Speech from Purdue University in 1961.

Waite airs the church services, featuring expository preaching, on his web site and posts them to SermonAudio.com. In addition to the church services, the ministry also has a fifteen-minute program "Just For Women" by Waite's wife Yvonne, and has begun posting sermons by Baptist pastor Joshua Wallnofer of Klondike Baptist Church in Pensacola, Florida. Waite is also the head of the Dean Burgon Society, which is closely linked to the Bible For Today ministry.


Defence of Textus Receptus

During the first 100 years after the New Testament was written, the greatest corruptions took place to the Received Text used by the early church. The Codex Vaticanus, Codex Sinaiticus and 43 another manuscripts are the result of such corruptions. Some of the heretics operated in this period.[1] Westcott and Hort used these corrupted manuscript to his New Testament. They made 5 604 changes to the Textus Receptus, 1 952 of these Waite found to be omissions, 467 to be additions, and 3 185 to be changes.[2]

Historical evidences for the priority of the Textus Receptus:[3]

Manuscript evidences:[4]

Personal Conviction and Belief

“It is my own personal conviction and belief, after studying this subject since 1971, that the words of the Received Greek and Masoretic Hebrew texts that underlie the King James Bible are the very words which God has preserved down through the centuries, being the exact words of the originals themselves. As such, I believe they are inspired words.” D. A. Waite. - (Defending the King James Bible, pp. 48–49.)

Dr. D.A. Waite stated:

“In 1881, two theological heretics (posing as conservatives) from the Anglican Church (Church of England), Westcott and Hort, published their Greek text that rejected the Textus Receptus in 5,604 places by my actual count. This included 9,970 Greek words that were either added, subtracted, or changed from the Textus Receptus. This involves, on the average, 15.4 words per page of the Greek New Testament, or a total of 45.9 pages in all. It is 7% of the total of 140,521 words in the Textus Receptus Greek New Testament.” D. A. Waite. - (Defending the King James Bible, p 41.)

Waite and BJU

Waite's son, D. A. Waite, Jr., is a graduate of Bob Jones University.

Waite, Sr has recently begun expressing his views about how BJU does not uphold the King James Only position, and does not subscribe to his views on the textual history of the Bible. See, for example, an open letter to the school's president. Waite also authored BJU's Errors on Bible Preservation.


Waite both writes original material, and republishes hard-to-find, out-of-print material, especially from the 19th century figure Dean Burgon.

Notable publications:

  • The Four-Fold Superiority of The King James Version is a presentation of his basic position, also available online.

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