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Greek Concordance

3928 παρέρχομαι parerchomai par-er’-khom-ahee

from 3844 and 2064; v; TDNT-2:681,257; {See TDNT 259 }

AV-pass away 12, pass 10, pass by 3, pass over 1, transgress 1, past 1, go 1, come forth 1, come 1; 31

1) to go past, pass by
1a) of persons moving forward
1a1) to pass by
1b) of time
1b1) an act continuing for a time
1c) metaph.
1c1) to pass away, perish
1c2) to pass by (pass over), that is, to neglect, omit, (transgress)
1c3) to be led by, to be carried past, be averted
2) to come near, come forward, arrive

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