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One of the major Indian languages (covering the border region of India and Pakistan) Punjabi is now the fourth most common language in Canada. In 1815, William Carey was the editor for a team that translated the New Testament into Punjabi. Various portions of the Old Testament were translated by later missionaries associated with Carey’s mission. The entire Bible was published in 1852. In 1868 the Bible was published in Gurmulshi Punjabi. This was the same language as Punjabi but with a different script. This was the script of the Sikkhpeople. This Bible was revised in 1949. It is often called the old Punjabi Bible and is still available today. This work was supervised by a national leader in the Anglican Church, Chandy Ray. It is not clear what source text was used in the work. In 2007, a “Easy to Read Version” was released. It is clearly Critical Text.

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