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Philip Powell is a Welshman. He and Kathleen met in Manchester, UK where they married in 1966. They have three sons and a daughter and four grand children. They launched Christian Witness Ministries in 1994, when they began to publish the bimonthly journal entitled "Contending EARNESTLY for THE Faith" (CETF) out of Hamilton, New Zealand. This is a faith venture, which has prospered under the good hand of the Lord to the point that there are now clearing offices in Australia and Britain as well as in New Zealand.

Philip is a preacher of the Gospel from age fourteen. In 1959 he pastored a Church in Brisbane, Australia when he was twenty. With Kathleen he pastored a Church in Britain for sixteen years, two Churches in Australia for a total of ten years and pioneered and pastored a Church in New Zealand for twelve months. In addition he has lectured in Bible Colleges and traveled extensively in itinerant ministry and short term missionary work in a number of countries in both hemispheres. From 1989 to 1992 he served as National General Secretary of Assemblies of God in Australia and Editor of the monthly Australian Evangel for most of that time. Philip and Kathleen Powell carry out an itinerant faith ministry with no regular means of financial support.

Powell supports the Textus Receptus and has published articles defending it over other Greek texts.

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