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βύβλος and βίβλος

(v. sub fin.), ἡ,


1.the Egyptian papyrus, Cyperus Papyrus, Hdt. 2.92, A. Supp. 761, Str. 17.1.15: in pl., stalks of papyrus, PTeb. 308.7 (ii A. D.).
2. rind enclosing the pith of this plant, Thphr. HP 4.8.4, etc.: generally, bark, φελλῶν καὶ βύβλων Pl. Plt. 288e, cf. Hdt. 2.96, Plot. 2.7.2. in pl., slices of the pith used as writing-material, Hdt. 5.58, Hermipp. 63.13: sg., strip of β., βύβλον εὐρύναντες ἀντὶ διαδήματος Ph. 2.522.
3. roll of papyrus, book, Hdt. 2.100, A. Supp. 947, etc.: heterocl. pl., βύβλα, τά, AP 9.98 (Stat. Flacc.); esp. of sacred or magical writings, βίβλων ὅμαδον Μουσαίου καὶ Ὀρφέως Pl. R. 364e, cf. D. 18.259, Acts 19:19, PPar. 19.1 (ii A. D.); ἱεραί β. OGI 56.70 (Canopus, iii B. C.); β. ἱερατική PTeb. 291.43 (ii A. D.); so of the Scriptures, ἡ β. γενέσεως οὐρανοῦ καὶ γῆς LXX Genesis 2:4, etc.; ἡ β. the Sacred Writings, Aristeas 316; β. Μωυσέως, ψαλμῶν, προφητῶν, Mark 12:26, Acts 1:20, Acts 7:42; β. ζωῆς Philippians 4:3 : pl., of magical books, Acts 19:19.
4. a division of a book, Plb. 4.87.12, D.S. 1.4, etc.; αἱ β. the nine books of Hdt., Luc. Herod. 1.

II β. στεφανωτρίς flowering head of papyrus, Theopomp. Hist. 22c, Plu. Ages. 36. [ ῠ, A. Supp. 761.] (βύβλος, βύβλινος, βυβλίον, etc., are the original forms: βιβλ- seems to have arisen in Attic by assimilation in βιβλίον, and is found in earlier Attic Inscrr., cf. IG 2.1b, etc., and prevails in Ptolemaic papyri; Inscrr. vary, βυβλία Test.Epict. 8.32 (iii/ii B. C.); βιβλία IG 5(1).1390.12 (Andania, i B. C.); in Roman times βυβλ- was restored.)

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