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There are two translations that are currently being used in Cambodia. The first one was started in 1923 by a Christian Missionary Alliance missionary by the name of Arthur L. Hammond. After 21 years of translation work, the first Cambodian Bible was printed in 1954. This is the current translation that missionaries who adhere to the King James Version would use, but it is out of print. It does have translation problems in some portions, but was translated from the Textus Receptus, but Mr. Hammond also used the American Standard Version for clarification. Some portions, therefore, will read like the American Standard Version. But the Hammond Bible does not leave out any verses at all, and it includes no side notes next to any of the verses that the new versions leave out.

The second Bible in Cambodia is called the Modern Language Bible. It basically reads and was done in a manner like the Good News for Modern Man Bible, it is very shallow in its language. This Bible was started in France in January of 1985 with the help of the French Bible Society. This Bible was headed up by a Father Francois Ponchaud and three other Cambodians, one of which was a pastor. The New Testament was finished in October of 1993. Four years later the same Father Francois and three women along with a Cambodian pastor finished the Old Testament. It has also been revised recently.

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