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John Chortasmenos (Ιωάννης Χορτασμένος; 1370–1437) was a Byzantine monk, mathematician and astronomer.

Chortasmenos was a notary of the patriarchal chancery, teacher of Mark of Ephesus, Bessarion and Gennadius Scholarius. He was the author of philological, historical and philosophical works.


In 1406 he had the Juliana Anicia Codex of Dioscurides restored, rebound, and a table of contents and extensive scholia added in Byzantine Greek minuscule.[1]

Beside the same problem in Diophantus' manuscript next to which Fermat would later write his famous marginalia (Fermat's Last Theorem), Chortasmenos wrote, "Thy soul, Diophantus, be with Satan because of the difficulty of your other theorems and particularly of the present theorem."[2]


Further reading

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