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The Japanese bible page was designed to be a new TR version, but someone came along (I am not sure who) and have put in the 1928 Naoji Nagai version which is TR based, which is ok, but I will change this later, to be it's own version and the TRV page will be separate, but this will take a small bit of computer programming.

Someone did some work in 1 John but it was scorned by others as very poor. So the link page below is a little bit muddled, but I thought I would let it flow, because no one else seemed to be working on it. I figured if the 1928 is in the website, then that can be a good base to translate from.


I know several people who are interested in the Japanese "TR" project. Basically it will be a Japanese "KJV" project. Some make large distinctions between the TR and KJV, but I am also collating the 1598 of Beza and comparing the 1881 of Scrivener. There is very little difference.


A new TR version is available on this website http://www.bible-jp.com/ss/snt.html

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