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Family K1 is a small group of the New Testament manuscripts. It belongs to the Byzantine text-type as one of the textual families of this group. It has five uncials, and several early minuscules. It is one of the smallest subfamilies of the Byzantine text-type, but one of the oldest.



The group was discovered by Hermann von Soden and designated by him with symbol K1.<ref>Hermann von Soden, Die Schriften, I/2. </ref> Wisse included this group in Kx, according to him it is only subgroup or cluster of Kx.<ref>Frederik Wisse, The profile method for the classification and evaluation of manuscript evidence, William B. Eerdmans Publishing, 1982, p. 41, 50.</ref> But opinion of Wisse based on small sample size (only three chapters of Luke - chapters 1; 10; 20). Based on age alone, it appears that K1 is independent of Kx.<ref>Encyclopedia of Textual Criticism</ref>

According to von Soden the group K1 the oldest form of the Kappa-text. It was descened from the 4th century and it was a result of the Lucian's recension.<ref>H. von Soden Die Schriften, I/2, p. 718. </ref>

According to Hermann von Soden it represents the earliest stage of the Kappa-text. The group is close to the Family E.

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  • Hermann von Soden, Die Schriften des Neuen Testaments, in ihrer ältesten erreichbaren Textgestalt hergestellt auf Grund ihrer Textgeschichte, Verlag von Arthur Glaue, Berlin 1902-1910, pp. 713-757.

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