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The Reina-Valera is a Spanish translation of the Bible, first published in 1569 in Basel, Switzerland and nicknamed the "Biblia del Oso" (in English: Bible of the Bear). The facsimile reproduction of this historic text was published by the Spanish Bible Society (1970 ISBN 84-8083-073-5). It was not the first complete Bible in Spanish; several others, most notably the Alfonsina Bible, were published in previous centuries. Its principal translator was Casiodoro de Reina, an independent evangelic theologian compare: Rosales, Raymond S. Casiodoro de Reina: Patriarca del Protestantismo Hispano. St. Louis: Concordia Seminary Publications. 2002. This translation was based on the Hebrew Masoretic Text (Bomberg's Edition, 1525) and the Greek Textus Receptus (Stephanus' Edition, 1550). As secondary sources Reina was aided by the Ferrara Bible for the Old Testament and the Latin Edition of Santes Pagnino throughout. For the New Testament he had great aid from the translations of Francisco de Enzinas and Juan Pérez de Pineda. The 1569 version included the deuterocanonical books in the Old Testament.

This Bible, as central to the perception of the scriptures by Protestants in Spanish has seen several editions, the first of which took place in 1602 under the editorial eye of Cipriano de Valera. This edition was printed in Amsterdam. The 1602 revision moved the deuterocanonical books to a section between the Old and New Testaments called the Apocrypha.A facsimile edition was produced by the Spanish Bible Society in 1992.

Next was the revision of 1862, followed by revisions in 1909, 1960 and 1995. Modern editions often omit the Apocrypha.

Since the 1960 revision was released, there has been much debate among conservative Christian groups which use the Reina-Valera Bible. However, the 1960 revision became the common Bible of many millions of Spanish-speaking Christians around the world, surpassing the 1909 in its reception. Almost all Hispanic Fundamentalists use it, despite further attempts to revise it.

Other Revisions
  • The 1602 Purified Bible done in Monterrey, Mexico.
  • Another Revision of the Valera Bible was made in 1865 by Dr. Ángel H. de Mora of Spain and subsequently printed by the American Bible Society. The ABS continued to reprint this Valera edition until the 1950s. It was then reprinted again in the year 2000 by Local Church Bible Publishers of Lansing, Michigan and also the Valera Bible Society of Miami, Florida.
  • The Reina-Valera-Gomez Bible, done in Matamoros, Here Comes Gomezcompare: What About The Gomez Bible?
  • The Trinitarian Bible Society is working on a revision of the Valera 1909 at this time.
  • In September 2009 The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints published their first official Spanish edition of the Bible based on the 1909 Reina-Valera edition, with "a very conservative update of outdated grammar and vocabulary". Church Edition of Spanish Bible Now Published Santa Biblia

LDS Edition of The Holy Bible in Spanish [1]


List of Spanish translations

  • Biblia Alfonsina, 1280.
  • Biblia del Duque de Alba, 1430.
  • Antiguo Testamento del rabino Salomón, 1420.
  • Antiguo Testamento de traductor anónimo, 1420.
  • Nuevo Testamento de Francisco de Enzinas, 1543.
  • Ferrara Bible, 1553.
  • Nuevo Testamento de Juan Pérez de Pineda, 1556.
  • Reina o "Biblia del Oso" (RV), 1569, revised in 1602 by Cipriano de Valera (see Reina-Valera).
  • Biblia del padre Scío de San Miguel, 1793.
  • Valera1865, Valera 1602 reprinted by the America Bible Society, revised by Dr. Ángel de Mora, 1865.
  • Versión Moderna, 1893.
  • Biblia de Petisco y Torres Amat (1º TomoGenesis to Ruth), 5º TomoIsaiah to Ezekiel, 1825.
  • Nuevo Testamento versión hispanoamericana, 1916.
  • Biblia Nácar-Colunga, 1944.
  • Biblia Bóver-Cantera, 1947.
  • Nuevo Testamento de monseñor Straubinger, 1948.
  • Nuevo Testamento traducción del Nuevo Mundo, 1963. Translation from English.
  • Biblia de Jerusalén, 1966. Translation from French.
  • Biblia traducción del Nuevo Mundo, 1967. Translation from English.
  • Biblia de Editorial Labor, 1968.
  • Biblia edición pastoral para Latinoamérica, 1972.
  • La Biblia de editorial Herder, 1975.
  • Nueva Biblia Española, 1976.
  • Biblia Interconfesional, 1978.
  • Dios Habla Hoy o Versión Popular (DHH), 1979.
  • La Biblia al Día, 1979.
  • Biblia el libro del pueblo de Dios, 1980.
  • Nuevo Testamento de la Universidad de Navarra, 1983.
  • Biblia de las Américas (BLA), 1986.
  • Biblia, versión revisada por un equipo de traductores dirigido por Evaristo Martín Nieto. 1989.
  • Reina-Valera Actualizada (RVA), published by the Editorial Mundo Hispano, 1989.
  • Biblia Casa de la Biblia, 1992.
  • Biblia del Peregrino, 1993.
  • Nuevo Testamento versión Recobro, 1994.
  • Nueva Versión Internacional (NVI), 1999.
  • Nuevo Testamento traducción de Pedro Ortiz, 2000.
  • Nuevo Testamento la Palabra de Dios para Todos (PDT), 2000.
  • VALERA1865, revised by Dr. Ángel de Mora, 1865, reprinted by the Valera Bible Society, 2000.
  • Traducción en lenguaje actual (TLA), 2003.
  • Reina Valera Gómez 2004 Publicada por Iglesia Bautista Libertad.
  • Biblia la Palabra de Dios para Todos (PDT), 2005.
  • [2] Santa Biblia Valera 1602 Purificada, publicada por Sembrador de la Semilla Incorruptible, 2007.
  • Nueva Biblia al día (NBD), 2008.
  • Nueva Traducción Viviente (NTV), 2009. (New Testament only; full Bible available in 2010)
  • Santa Biblia: Reina-Valera 2009, 2009 Published by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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