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The Van Dyke Arabic Bible (sometimes known as the Smith-Van Dyke Bible) is based upon the Received Text.

The translation of the Arabic Bible began in 1848 in Beirut, Lebanon, by Dr. Eli Smith using the Hebrew and Greek texts. After Dr. Smith’s death in 1857, the translation work was taken up by Dr. Cornelius Van Dyke. He completed the work in 1864 and it was first printed in 1865. Smith normally used the Received Text, but occasionally departed. In 1910, Henry Jessup, (Fifty Years in Syria),.writes about Van Dyke’s work: “As the American Bible Society required a strict adherence to the Textus Receptus of Hahn’s Greek Testament, Dr. Van Dyke revised every verse in the New Testament taking up the work as if new.” He was aided by Sheikh Nacif al-Yaziji.

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