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Rex Cobb writes:

“Michele Bass is working with two national pastors, native speakers of Akei and a lady, Rose, in the village who has is very helpful. Rose is somewhat educated. Michele also works with one of the pastor’s wife to check the translation. I’m not sure if you could say that Michele is heading up the translation, but the pastors listen to her. Michele follows the King James, for the most part, and the pastors use both the KJB and the French Ostervalt. They may learn a little more on the French because their primary education was in French, I believe. One pastor speaks English better than the other one. They are working on the Gospel of John and probably have a rough translation of most of it by now. There is another young woman about 30 or so named Honorine who is very interested in helping with the translation. Akei is her first language but she is fluent in Bishlama (the trade language, a type of Pidgin English/French), French, and English. Hono is a very spiritual person and she is very interested in helping her people have a good Bible. She will graduate from a Baptist Bible College in Fiji in November. The school is run by some native men who were trained at Heartland BBC in OKC. She loves the KJB. We are in the process of trying to get her to BBTI for at least the Bible Translation course in the spring. We are trying for a R-I visas, but they are much harder to get than in the past. I think the course will help her, but it will also give her more clout with the pastors on the translation team. They would be more likely to listen to her opinion if she has some training in translation. I am very optimistic about the Akei project.”

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