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4523 Σαδδουκαῖος Saddoukaios sad-doo-kah’-yos

probably from 4524; Noun, Masculine

AV-Sadducees 14; 14

Sadducees  = "the righteous"

1) a religious party at the time of Christ among the Jews, who denied that the oral law was a revelation of God to the Israelites, and who deemed the written law alone to be obligatory on the nation, as the divine authority. They denied the following doctrines:
1a) resurrection of the body
1b) immortality of the soul
1c) existence of spirits and angels
1d) divine predestination, affirmed free will*
  • "Predestination" in this sense is not to be confounded with the term "preordination," applied to the moral agents as predetermining either election to eternal life or reprobation. This latter view of predestination, held by Christian and Mohammedan theologians, is foreign to Judaism, which, professing the principle of Free Will, teaches that eternal life and reprobation are dependent solely upon man's good or evil actions. 1

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