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2233 ἡγέομαι hegeomai hayg-eh’-om-ahee

middle voice of a (presumed) strengthened form of 71 Verb

AV-count 10, think 4, esteem 3, have rule over 3, be governor 2, misc 6; 28

1) to lead
1a) to go before
1b) to be a leader
1b1) to rule, command
1b2) to have authority over
1b3) a prince, of regal power, governor, viceroy, chief, leading as respects influence, controlling in counsel, overseers or leaders of the churches
1b4) used of any kind of leader, chief, commander
1b5) the leader in speech, chief, spokesman
2) to consider, deem, account, think

For Synonyms see entry 5837

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