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Bernard Pyne Grenfell (1869–1926) was an English scientist and Egyptologist and a member of The Queen's College, Oxford.

With his friend and colleague, Arthur Surridge Hunt, he took part in the archaeological dig of Oxyrhynchus and discovered many ancient manuscripts known as the Oxyrhynchus Papyri, including some of the oldest known copies of the New Testament and the Septuagint. Other notable finds are extensive, including previously unknown works by known classical authors. The majority of the find consists of thousands of documentary texts. Parabiblical material, such as copies of the "Logia of Jesus" (words) were also found.

In 1908, he became Professor of Papyrology at Oxford and was part of the editing of The Oxyrynchus Papyri and other similar works.


  • B P. Grenfell, A. S. Hunt, Sayings of Our Lord from an early Greek Papyrus (Egypt Exploration Fund; 1897).
  • B.P. Grenfell, A. S. Hunt, and D. G. Hogarth, Fayûm Towns and Their Papyri (London 1900).

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