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2597 katabaino kat-ab-ah’-ee-no

from 2596 and the base of 939; TDNT-1:522,90; v

AV-come down 41, descend 18, go down 17, fall down 1, step down 1, get down 1, fall 1, vr come down 1; 81

1) to go down, come down, descend
1a) the place from which one has come down from
1b) to come down
1b1) as from the temple at Jerusalem, from the city of Jerusalem
1b2) of celestial beings coming down to earth
1c) to be cast down
2) of things
2a) to come (i.e. be sent) down
2b) to come (i.e. fall) down
2b1) from the upper regions of the air
3) metaph. to (go i.e.) be cast down to the lowest state of wretchedness and shame

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