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Editio Regia

Scrivener used Editio Regia as a standard of Textus Receptus. Many scholars in the present day used Editio Regia as a stadard text of Textus Receptus. Text of Editio Regia is very often - even now - used as a basis for collation. Some authors use text of Nestle-Aland for collations, but NA-text evaluate (26th edition was different than 25th edition, 27th was the same, but 28th edition will changed in 250 places) and it is better for the manuscripts of Alexandrian and Western tradition. KJV used Geneve Bible (very close to Editio Regia). I do not know how many differences between edition of Elzevirs nad Editio Regia, but I know there are about 400 differences between edition of Elzevirs from 1624 and from 1633. Last edition (1633) is closer to the Polyglotte text.

I am not expert, and it is not my field, but I think this site should support Editio Regia. This site should explain all differences between Erasmian text and Editio Regia, and other differences. This site should explain differences between Textus Receptus and majority text (1800 differences), differences between old Byzantine (Family Pi) text and late Byzantine text (Kappa text - 3000 differences). It will not easy. It is task for many years. Leszek Jańczuk 15:01, 28 June 2009 (UTC)


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