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John Worsley (born 30 March 1696 Hertford - died 16 December 1767 Hertford, Hertfordshire, England) was an English schoolmaster and scholar of classical Greek. He made a translation of the New Testament, which was published in 1770.

He was for fifty years a successful schoolmaster at Hertford, and author of grammatical tables (1736, 8vo) and of an able translation of the New Testament, published posthumously by subscription (1770, 8vo), edited by Matthew Bradshaw and one of the author's sons, Samuel Worsley (born 22 September 1740 - died 7 March 1800).[1] Another son, also called John Worsley (born 5 Jul 1738 - died Oct 1814), was his successor as schoolmaster, and this son was the father of Israel Worsley.

In circa 1727, John married Grace Hughes (born 2 November 1696 - died 23 October 1786), great-granddaughter of George Hughes (clergyman).


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