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4486 ῥήγνυμι rhegnumi hrayg’-noo-mee or ῥησέσω rhesso hrace’-so

both prolonged forms of rheko (which appears only in certain forms, and is itself probably a strengthened form of agnumi [see in 2608]); Verb

AV-burst 2, tear 1, rend 1, break 1, break forth 1, throw down 1; 7

1) to rend, burst or break asunder, break up, break through
1a) to tear in pieces
1b) to break forth
1b1) into joy, of infants or dumb persons beginning to speak
1c) to distort, convulse
1c1) of a demon causing convulsions in a man possessed
1c2) to dash down, hurl to the ground (a common occurrence in cases of demon possession and epilepsy)

For Synonyms see entry 5850

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