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Minuscule 1152 (in the Gregory-Aland numbering), also known as the Nicolaus Gospels, or Goodspeed Ms. Grk. 11. It is a Greek minuscule manuscript of the four Gospels, dated paleographically May 4, 1133.



The codex contains the complete text of the four Gospels, and contains 15th century Lectionary tables of Synaxarion and Menologion.

It is currently housed at the University of Chicago Library(Ms. 129).


It was written in Édhessa, Greece (Macedonia), on May 4, 1133.

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  • Caspar René Gregory, Textkritik des Neuen Testamentes (Leipzig: J.C. Hinrichs, 1900-1909), vol. 1, p. 243; vol. 3, pp. 1131, 1474. no. 1152.

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