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782 ἀσπάζομαι aspazomai as-pad’-zom-ahee

from 1 (as a particle of union) and a presumed form of 4685; Verb.

AV-salute 42, greet 15, embrace 2, take leave 1; 60

1) to draw to one’s self
1a) to salute one, greet, bid welcome, wish well to
1b) to receive joyfully, welcome

Used of those accosting anyone; of those who visit one to see him a little while, departing almost immediately afterwards; to pay respects to a distinguished person by visiting him; of those who greet one whom they meet in the way (even not in the East, Christians and Mohammedans do not greet one another); a salutation was made not merely by a slight gesture and a few words, but generally by embracing and kissing, a journey was retarded frequently by saluting.

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